Sooty And Co.: Izzy, Wizzy, Soo Gets Busy!
by Naughty Panda ([email protected])
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Soo catches Sweep spying on her in the bath and decides to have some fun with
the well-hung pup! The slutty panda ends up fucking cousin Scampi and jacking
off Matthew as well!

Soo sighed deeply and stretched out in her hot rose scented bath, breathing
deeply and running her paws slowly down her soft furry body. "Ooh, Sooty,"
she murmured as she squeezed her tits. She was thinking about her rogueish
bear friend - how she longed to feel his hard yellow cock deep within her! -
but alas it could never be as the BBC wouldn't even let them touch. She
contented herself by pawing at her tight panda pussy and mumbling sexy
nothings to herself.

Suddenly she was stirred from her sexy bath fun a by a strange noise coming
fom the airing cupboard, like a tiny mouse's squeak. Suspicious, Soo got out
of the bath and walked towards the cupboard door, water dripping from her wet
fur and pooling around her dainty footpaws.

"Is there somebody in there?" said Soo, nervously. There was no reply. She
swung open the door, and a startled squeak came from inside the cupboard.
"SWEEP!" shouted Soo indignantly, "You filthy little mutt! How dare you spy
on me in the bath!!"

Shame-faced, Sweep squeaked an apology as Soo grabbed his floppy ear and
dragged him into the bathroom. The dog was covering his crotch with both

"What were you doing in there, Sweep?" asked Soo in a harsh tone. "Were you
looking at my lovely furry titties?" The dog shook his head furiously. "You
filthy little mutt. Why don't you show me what your hiding under there?"

With that the angry panda babe whipped Sweep's paws away from his crotch as
the dog squeaked in protest. Her eyes widened as a huge grey cock sprang into
view and pointed straight at her. "Ooh, you bad, bad doggy. You were playing
with your dirty penis and looking at my titties weren't you?" Sweep nodded,
ashamed. "Well, now that you're here I might as well put you to use. The BBC
never said I couldn't touch you! On your knees, doggy!" Without warning, she
forced the aroused Sweep down till his head was in her sopping wet panda
pussy. "Tongue me, Sweep! Thrust your hot doggy tongue into me!"

Sweep couldn't believe it! He thought Soo would have stormed off to tell
Matthew, but here he was, face to face with the object of his desires. His
cock was harder than ever! Looking up he saw steam rising off Soo's big furry
titties with their hard dark nipples, and between them her angry face staring
sternly and expectantly down on him. "GET TO WORK!!!" shouted the domineering
panda, and without further ado he stuck out his tongue and started to lap at
the panda's plump wet pussy, as she leant back on the bath and wrapped her
big furry thighs around the lucky dogOs head. "Stick it up me!" she

He pushed his tongue between her tightly clutching pussy lips, and began to
force it inside, savouring the taste of her freshly squeezed panda juice. She
groaned as he started to push his tongue in and out of her juiced up cunt and
started to moan deeply. "Make me come and I'll give that big hard doggy prick
a good sucking. YouOd like that, wouldn't you, you dirty little bastard?" She
humped Sweep's sticky face as he squeaked his agreement into her most
precious place. In response the dog started to tongue her more furiously as
her clam-like gash started to loosen up a little, letting him probe deeper
inside. "Ooh, Sweep.. Make me come, make me squirt all over your face, you
disgusting mutt!"

A few strokes later, she suddenly tightened her vice like grip on the pup's
face and the lucky dog squeaked in surprise as girly-panda-cum started
squirting out of her already sloppy pussy, coating the panting dog's upturned
face in fragrant juices. The sexy panda screamed and jerked as she came again
and again, grinding herself on her dog-slave's tongue as her wet pussy
spasmed wildly. "Oooohmmm," she moaned as the throes of passion slowly

"Well, a promise is a promise," she admitted as she released Sweep's
surprised wet face from between her powerful, furry thighs and pulled his
ears till he was upright. Then she made him sit on the edge of the bath where
she had been sitting, and dropped to her knees betwen the excited dog's legs.
She let out a little gasp as she came face to face with the stupid dog's
impressive hunk of cock-meat, pre-cum pooling on the fat blunt tip as her hot
breath danced across his man hood. She reached out one furry paw and felt his
cock jump with excitement as she held it for the first time.

"You're as hard as a rock, you pervy little bastard. Do you want me to
suck you off so you can spray all over my big furry tits?" Sweep nodded
enthusiastically as the gorgeous panda lowered her head till her mouth was
just millimetres from his straining cock, the squeaked in excitement as
she stuck out her little tongue and swirled it experimentally around his
throbbing cock-tip. It didn't taste too bad! Then she opened her little
mouth as wide as it would go, and lowered her head further, letting her wet
lips stretch around the hard meat and taking him into her mouth. She had to
breathe through her nose as Sweep's fat cock filled her mouth completely,
and her pussy start to drool at she imagined taking the beast into her tight
little virgin panda-pussy.

Sweep shuddered in ecstasy as the pretty panda sucked gently on him, rolling
her cute little tongue around the underside of his throbbing doggy-cock.
Instinctively, he placed his paws on the back of her head and started to hump
her face, his cock sliding in and out of her hot little mouth, the tip
occasionally pushing at the entrance to the panda babe's throat. She moaned
louder and gagged a little, incredibly aroused by the generous mouthful of
cock she was recieving. Suddenly Sweep thrust harder and his fat cock pushed
its way into Soo's throat, making her moan around him as her eyes widened in
shock. The surprised panda couldn't breathe as the eager dog started to fuck
her tight throat, forcing his whole length into her mouth, and she could only
moan and rub at her pussy as the sensation overwhelmed her. When she could
take no more, she placed her paws on Sweeps hips and forced herself off him,
gasping for breath as his cock, harder and fatter than ever, popped out of
her freshly fucked throat. The dimwitted continued to thrust plaintively as
she took her mouth off him, and squeaked pleadingly at her, desperate for

"You filthy, bad doggy, how dare you fuck my throat without permission?"
asked Soo, still gasping as she recovered from the oral invasion. "Now I want
you to stick that huge cock deep inside my hot wet pussy, and you'd better
make me cum again, or I'll tell Matthew you were perving on me." With that
she turned around, still kneeling and bent over, sticking her big furry ass
out and swaying it sexily back and forth to tempt the dog. Sweep needed no
further encouragement and leapt forward, mounting his sexy panda friend and
inexpertly jabbing his big cock against her tight, resisting pussy, trying
to gain access. Soo reached between her trembling thighs with both paws and
grabbed at his thick shaft, at the same time spreading her puffy pussy lips
to help him enter her. She held him against her tight virgin tunnel and
commanded him to thrust, then screamed as the dog gave an almighty shove,
forcing his fat cock tip into the horny panda's tight hot pussy, then ramming
into her, more than half of his length forcing its way in all at once. She
screeched as he tore through her hymen, then used her paws to slow him down
as he excitedly started to thrust into her. "Oh, fuck," she shuddered as his
cock forced her wide open, her pussy oozing thicker juices to help lube her
up, "you bad, bad doggy, fill me up with that big hard cock." She relaxed her
hold on the dog as her cunt started to get used to the invading dog cock
stretching her to her limits, and Sweep began to fuck her harder, his cock
squelching as it rammed home again and again, making the prone panda shake
at the full sensation, as another orgasm begin to build deep within her.

Just then, there was a knock on the door! Soo was startled - Matthew and
Sooty had gone into town, and should have been out for hours! Afraid of being
caught in the act, Soo told Sweep to get off her, but the dog was oblivious,
and continued to ram her as the bathroom door swung open and little cousin
Scampi sauntered in. When he saw his two furry friends in the act of hot
animal love, his little school cap fell off in shock - He had longed to see
his cousin's girlfriend in the nude since he had first met the cute panda,
and now here she was, bent over on the batroom floor getting screwed by her
boyfriend's best friend! What a whore!! His bear cock grew instantly hard as
his eyes fixed on Soo's big furry tits swinging back on forth, then her furry
pussy getting speared by Sweep's impressive shaft.

"Scampi! Its not what it looks like!" protested Soo feebly. The horny bear
closed the door behind him and walked into the bathroom, unzipping his
trousers and freeing his hard cock. Soo gasped at the little bear's trademark
impudence as he waved his cock in her face, then gave in to her slutty nature
and took him into her mouth. His cock wasn't as big as Sweep's monster, but
it was hard as a rock, and she groaned loudly, becoming even more turned on
as she was spit-roasted like the dirty panda whore she was. Scampi was in
heaven as Soo slurped on his shaft, taking his head into her throat and
letting her drool trickle down his hard cock as she gagged.

More aroused than ever, Soo pulled her mouth off Scampi's twitching cock and
twisted round so she could push Sweep to the floor, her juicy cunt still
impaled on his massive doggy cock. as she straddled and rode him. "Scampi,
shove that hard cock up my bumhole!" commanded Soo. "I want to get fucked by
both of you at once!" She reached behind her and squirted shampoo into her
ass crack, then pulled her big round asscheeks apart, the delicate fur
parting to reveal a tiny dark hole that winked at Scampi enticingly. Amazed
at the sluttiness of the usually prim panda, the eager Scampi grabbed her
hips as she rubbed the shampoo into her dark hole, then pushed his cock up
against Soo's sticky anus.

"Shove it in! Spear my little starfish with your big hard scampi!" cried Soo,
and the bear obediently forced the tip of his cock into her bumhole, watching
the tight rim slowly stretch to accomodate his girth. Pushing harder, he
encountered extreme resistance as his cock nudged against the wall between
her ass and pussy. He could feel Sooty's gigantic dong pistoning in and out
of the slutty panda, making his progress harder. Sensing his difficulty, Soo
lifted herself off Sweep to allow the bar easier access to her back passage.
Scampi happily pushed his cock into the gasping panda's poop-chute, sinking
slowly into her and making Soo moan as she took him into her big furry butt.
When his cock was buried inside her, she once more impaled herself on Sweep's
monstrous dog cock, gasping as she was completely stuffed full of cock in her
ass and pussy. "Ooh, boys, you are naughty. Ram me hard, shoot your spunk up
my holes! Aahh!!"

Sweep and Scampi both thrust their rock hard cocks into the soft furry panda
babe, feeling her holes clench around them. Both her pussy and ass were much
tighter now that they were filled simultaneously, and Sweep began to squeak
more frantically as his climax started to build. Suddenly Soo's eyes widened
and her cries doubled in volume as she felt the base of Sweep's cock start to
expand in her already wide stretched pussy. The dog's knot was growing inside
of her as he got ready to shoot his load! "Oh fuck, its getting even bigger!"
gasped Soo. "I can't take any more!" Still the knot grew, stretching her
beyond her wildest beliefs and sending the wailing panda babe over the edge.
She shook with the most intense climax she had ever experienced and ground
herself shamelessly against the two cocks lodged within her, giving in to the
overwhelming orgasm and pumping her furry friends for all they were worth.
Sweep let out a long shrill squeak as her pussy spasmed around his big
throbbing pole and he started to frantically squirt his load inside her,
grabbing her hips with his paws as he violently came. Soo moaned as hot spunk
squirted deep into her pussy again and again, filling her completely. At the
same time Scampi pounded her tight ass harder, and started to spurt his seed
into her ass. The delicious feeling of being pumped full of spunk made Soo
come again, and her pussy spasmed once more, milking her friends of the last
of their loads as SweepOs knot gradually went down inside her.

Just then the exhausted Soo looked up, only to see Matthew's big bearded face
staring down at her in obvious shock. "Soo, what are you doing?" he asked in
disbelief, staring as the panting panda looked up at him embarrased. Sweep
and Scampi quickly fled the bathroom. Soo collapsed on the floor, thick spunk
oozing from her sore, slowly closing pussy and asshole and matting her soft

"Oh, Matthew, please don't throw me out!" protested the ashamed panda. "I
was just so... lonely! I didn't mean any harm by it! Please --" suddenly she
stopped, staring in astonishment as something huge came through the window.
It was Matthew's cock, rock hard from seeing Soo dripping with her furry
friend's spunk! "Matthew, its enormous!" exclaimed the randy panda as the
head came towards her.

"Lick me, you filthy little whore," commanded Matthew. "Wrap your paws around
my cock and lick at the head." Soo, shocked at the reaction she had caused,
reached her paws out and touched the gigantic cock head, gasping as it jumped
and bopped her on the nose. She stuck out her tongue and began to lick at the
gigantic glans, mesmerized by the sheer size of Matthew's hard member. As she
left trails of saliva on his head, she instinctively wrapped her foot-paws
around the treetrunk shaft, feeling the underside of his cock throbbing
against her freshly-fucked cunt and thrusting against her big soft titties.
Matthew tensed, and the little panda's weight was lifted by his cock, picking
her up and dumping her rudely into the bath tub. The enflamed presenter began
to thrust his cock against her warm furry body, pressing her against the
bathtub so she slid up and down on the tremendous cock. He groaned at the
delightful feeling of fur on his cock, and looked down as SooOs slutty tongue
lapped at his bulbous head.

"Are you going to come for me too, Matthew?" asked Soo wide-eyed as she gazed
up at him. He nodded in response and continued to thrust against the sexy
little panda babe.

"I want you to open your dirty mouth wide and hold it right over the tip of
my cock so I can spray into your mouth. I want you to taste my cum, you
filthy panda whore!!" he grunted as his orgasm fast approached. Obediently,
Soo opened her mouth, sticking her cute little tongue out and getting ready
to be blasted. "That's right, prepare yourself, slut" groaned Matthew as she
tightned her furry grip on his gigantic shaft in eager anticipation. "Oh God,
I'm going to cum!" he gasped. "Keep your mouth wide open and get ready to
swallow my spunk!"

Suddenly Soo felt the massive shaft pulse against her, and an instant later a
gigantic stream of spunk squirted from Matthew's cock-head, shooting straight
into and around her mouth. Instantly her throat and mouth were filled with
hot salty spunk, and she was forced to swallow it all as the remainder slid
down between her furry tits. Immediately the next squirt splatted into the
gagging panda's face, coating her pretty features, going up her nose and in
her pretty eyes. Reaching down into the bathroom, Matthew grabbed his shaft
and aimed the next spurt at SooOs tits, coating both in copious amounts of
cum, most of which slid off her and pooled around her as the tub began to
fill with cum. Again the huge cock jumped, this time spraying her well-fucked
cunt and clit, giving the shocked panda babe another orgasm. He squeezed the
last few drops over her pretty head as she tried to rub her eyes with her cum
soaked paws, then admired his handiwork.

The panda slut lay in her cumbath, gasping, coated in thick spunk that matted
her fur together. In a final act of slutty abandonment, she rolled over and
started to drink sperm out of the half filled tub, vast quantities of the hot
spunk sliding down her throat. "Oh Matthew," she gurgled, "Thank you for your

Just then there was another noise at the door, and Soo gingerly opened her
red eyes to see who had walked in. She jumped up in shock, but slipped and
landed back in the tub with a splat. The door closed again. "WAIT! Sooty!"
she cried. "Its not what it looks like! I just used too much bubblebath!!"

* * *

To be continued?


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