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Date: 10/24/2006

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Female/female sex, male solo sex, voyurism, male/female sex, strong
language, graphic violence

Categories: Het, slash, bi

Pairing: Firestar/Man-Wolf/f

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Summary: Spider-Man, Iceman and Firestar -- in their secret identities --
attend a Halloween costume party at J. Jonah Jameson's house that is in honor
of Jonah's son, John Jameson (aka the Man-Wolf).

Other Notes: This story is based on a Firestar portrait by an artist named

Dedication: Happy Halloween to all of my family and friends! -- ATK 2006

Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends: Night Of The Man-Wolf
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

My name is Angelica Jones and as far as the rest of of the world was
concerned, I was also known as the heroic mutant named Firestar, who once
allowed herself to join her two newfound friends, Peter Parker (Spider-Man)
and Robert 'Bobby' Drake (Iceman) in becoming a group of super-powered heroes
known as the Spider-Friends.

Look, I know that it sounds corny right now. But it didn't sound that way
to the three of us back then. Anyway, there's this one story that I really
should had told someone, but I was unable to do so, because of the fact that
it might cause me to blow my secret identity and everyone else to call me a
liar, for there are still some folks out there who truly believe that
werewolves simply do not exsist.

And I ought to know, because I was one of those non-believers. But that was
before the 31st day of the month of October -- the certain holiday known as
Halloween -- at the home of Peter's grouch of a boss at the Daily Bugle,
Mister J. Jonah Jameson, who had just invited all of his paper's office
staff -- including Peter -- and their friends to a costume party that he was
holding in honor of his son, a young and handsome astronaut named Colonel
John Jameson.

But then, after Jolly Jonah had introduced his son, I was surprised to
discover that his beloved fiancee was a best friend from my college days
named Kristine Saunders, who had turned her eyes toward me, allowed a
smile to appear on her lips and waved her hand towards me.

And after they had walked themselves over to me, both Kristine and I had
given ourselves a great big hug just before she had introduced John to me
and I had introduced Bobby and Peter to her.

But then, after the guys had decided to go ahead and mingle, Kristine had
taken a deep breath, placed her gentle hand on my shoulder, turned her head
towards me and asked, "Say, Angelica? Could we please go somewhere and have
ourselves a little talk? There's something about John that is bothering me
and I need to get it off my chest."

And after I had suddenly figured that something bad had unexpectedly happened
to either one of them, I had placed my gentle hand on top of Kristine's and
nodded my head in response to her question just before the both of us had
placed ourselves inside one of the guest bedrooms.

And then, after we had sat ourselves on the bed and I had noticed that the
look on her face has changed to that of pure worry, I had gently placed my
hand on Kristine's shoulder and asked, "What's the matter, Krissy? Are you
feeling okay? Is there something wrong between you and John?"

And of course, it was that last question that had caused a saddened Kristine
to let out a sigh, turn her head towards me and answer, "That's just it,
Angel. I'm afraid that there's something wrong with John and that it had
suddenly started after he had returned from a secret mission to the moon.
You see, it was while he and another NASA astronaut named Ralph 'Rocks'
Sarson were collecting some lunar rock samples, John had suddenly came across
a glittering red gemstone."

"Don't tell me, Krissy. Let me guess. John had told you that it was unlike
anything else that he had seen there. Am I right?" I had asked my poor
friend just before she had nodded her head and said, "Anyway, it was at the
successful completion of the mission that John had began to feel a strange
compulsion to possess that unique gemstone. And so, with the assistance of
'Rocks', John had recovered it from quarantine and made it into a pendant
before taking an extended leave here in New York. After that, there been
some strange things going on and... I really just don't know what to do now!"

And after I had figured that poor John might actually be suffering from a bad
case of cold feet due to his and Krissy's soon-upcoming wedding, I had placed
my gentle hands on her cheeks, allowed a small smile to appear on my lips and
said, "Look, Krissy. Please believe me when I tell you that as soon as you
guys get over the both of you having cold feet, you'll see that it the both
of you really do need to be together, because you really do love each
other... and if that's not the truth, I really don't know what is."

But then, after we had looked and smiled at each other and gave ourselves a
big friendly hug, both Krissy and I had looked at each other's eyes, placed
our hands on each other's cheeks and kissed each other ever so passionately
on the lips just before we had stripped off all of our clothes and I had
allowed her to start licking all over my bare-ass naked body -- all the way
down to my hot, wet pussy and carressing my firm breasts.

That was before a curious John had carefully stepped into the room, took off
all of his clothes and started stroking his stiff cock while he was watching
both me and Krissy having hot and steamy sex with each other just before she
had turned her head towards her nude fiancee, allowed a smile to appear on
her lips, raised her hand up to him and asked, "Hey, Stud. What are you doing
there by yourself? Why don't you come over here and join us? We really don't
mind sharing."

And then, after he had let out a smile of his own and moved himself closer to
us, John had placed his stone hard dick inside Krissy's asshole and his hands
on my bare shoulders just before I had placed my hands on her bare shoulders
and said, "Aaaahhhh, yeeeessss! That's it! Do it, Krissy! Touch me! Touch me
there! Suck my wet pussy dry, while John fucks you in the ass! Aaaahhhh!"

Then, after he had taken his stiff cock out of Krissy's backside and allowed
me to start sucking on it, I had suddenly realized that I was experiencing
the one thing that I had never experienced with another couple before, for I
was experiencing pure and untamed erotica... and enjoying every minute of it.

Just then, after John had placed his stone hard dick inside Krissy's pussy
and started licking on my snatch, I had started sucking on her tits and
caused a sexually-energized Krissy to place her hands on my bare back and
yell at the top of her lungs, "AAAAHHHH, YES! THAT'S IT! DO IT, JOHN! DO IT,

And then, after we had started moving ourselves harder and faster and our
lovemaking has finally made it to its own Halloween party, John, Krissy and
I had came and collapsed due to exhaustion and fell asleep with our naked
arms in a lover's embrace.

Meanwhile, back in the party room, a confused Bobby had looked at Peter and
asked, "What do you mean by John Jameson is the Man-Wolf? I mean, are you
really bullshitting me or what?"

"Look, Bobby. I know what this whole thing sounds like, but I'm telling you
right now that as long as he keeps on wearing that pendant...!" Peter had
answered Bobby's question just before he had turned his eyes towards the
moon in the night sky and made the terrifying discovery that it was full.

And just then, at that exact moment, John had woken himself up and carefully
removed himself from the bed and started sneaking himself towards the door,
only to have the pendant had began to glow brighter and brighter and it had
caused a frightened John to have no other choice, but to raise up his head
and let out a really loud howl.

That howl had caused Peter's spider-sense to suddenly go off just before he
had ran out of the party room, change into his Spider-Man uniform and started
charging his way towards the room that Krissy and I were still sleeping in
and aware that John has been transformed into the Man-Wolf.

And just as the savage creature with white-fur and red eyes was about to sink
his fangs and claws right into us, Krissy had suddenly opened her eyes and
let out a frightful scream at the sight of the Man-Wolf just before
Spider-Man had smashed his way into the room, fired some web out of his
webshooters and pulled the savage Man-Wolf out of the room.

But as soon as the savage beast had used his powerful furry claw to smash
Spider-Man really hard against the wall, the horrific Man-Wolf was about to
use his claws and fangs on my poor helpless friend, only to have Bobby arrive
just in time to use his Iceman powers to freeze the Man-Wolf right into a
block of ice.

Just then, after the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents had taken the ice-covered Man-Wolf
away, I had given poor Krissy a big hug and told her not to worry, for with
any luck at all, her beloved John would be returned to her... and also that
the night of the Man-Wolf would never be experienced ever again.



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