Scarecrow And Mrs. King: The Capture Of Mrs. King
by Flyboy ([email protected])

Amanda King was given another simple message pickup by Mr. Melrose, but
since Lee Stetson was out of the county on top secret agency business and
would not be able to go with her to the drop site. Mr. Melrose elected
Francine to guide her through the passwords and counter signs, that the
contact man would give her. Francine was not pleased to be babysitting
Amanda, but when Mr. Melrose strongly suggested that she should go, she
finally said yes. They left the International Federal Film, which was the
cover for the agency. Mrs. King was driving the family station wagon, and
while Amanda was driving she saw Francine make a face that translated that
she wouldn't be caught dead in a car like this. She told Francine that this
car was a good cover for them, and that who would think that they worked for
the government.

To this Francine replied, that she worked for the government and that
Mrs. King worked for them on a part time basis. That ended the conversation
between the two women, as she drove to the pickup point, both women were
very quiet. As they arrived at the pickup point, there was no one in sight,
Francine suggested that they park. They waited; the contact man could be
late. As they waited a car pulled up and parked across from their car. After
a few minutes, three large men exited their car, and started towards the
women's car. Francine yelled, It's a trap. Amanda started the car and was in
the process of shifting the gears, and backing out when another car blocked
their escape. Before Francine had a chance to pull her gun, one of the men
leaned in and grabbed her gun away from her, at the same time opening the
car door and spilling Francine onto the ground. As this was happening on the
passenger side, another man, open Amanda's door and pulled her from the car
and onto the ground. Both men twisted the women's arms behind their backs.
Then two other men searched for weapons, they started to touch and grope
both women's breasts. Fourth man said, this dark hair one has nice firm tits.

Amanda started to protest, by kicking out wildly. She's a wildcat! I bet
she's real good in bed! PLEASE DON'T! Amanda yelled. As she was kicking,
she catches the fourth man with a glancing blow to the head. The man was
stunned for a moment, then said BITCH! And backhanded her across the face.
Amanda lost all fight as the other man started to choke her into submission.
The third man said, you get all the fun. The fourth man started to rub
Amanda's pussy through her pants and she just started to sob.

Francine was having not any better luck than Amanda was she had a couple
near rapes, but she had always gotten out with a minimum damage.

So as they started to paw her, she kicked the one that was pawing her in
the balls. He let out a grunt, and doubled over. This gave her the
opportunity to elbow the other holding her in the stomach. He relaxed his
grip for a moment, but the man she kicked recovered and hit her with his
balled fist. This made her see stars; the man she elbowed grabbed her
roughly and put her into chokehold until she passed out. The two continued
to paw Francine's limp body, the second man said BOY! THIS ONES AN ICEBERG!
But we can warm her up. Get them in the car. They lifted Francine into the
back seat of the car, pushed Amanda in behind the limp body of Francine.
They were wedged inbetween two of kidnappers in the back seat with no chance
to escape.

They were driven to a small warehouse on the outskirts of D.C. They
saw what had happened to their contact man. He was hanging from a beam. He
was nude and he had been brutally tortured. A pool of blood was forming
underneath the tortured man man's body. Amanda saw this and said OH MY GOD!
Francine saw the contact man with little interest. He told us all before,
he died.

Now we are going to have a party and the two of you are the cake. He
said, with a lustful grin. Release them, the men did as they were ordered.
Now take off your clothes! Francine was looking for a way out, but there
was none. Do It! And You may survive this, Don't and my men can get really
nasty. A look pasted between the two women, as they slowly stripped off
their clothes. There were wolf calls and lustful stares, as Amanda went
down to her panties. One of the men remarked, nice firm tits, as she slipped
off her panties, she tried to cover herself. Even Lee hadn't seen her like
this. As Francine stripped, her large tits popped out. The men crowded
around the women, touching and squeezing. Amanda could see that Francine
was now down on her knees giving one of thugs a blowjob, while the other
men started to jerk their cocks in her face.

Now Baby! Give me a blowjob too. As head thug's cock sprang out it almost
hitting Amanda in the face. She had not seen a cock this large in a long
time. She had little experience in oral sex. She looked over to Francine who
was bobbing her head back and forth on the thugs' cock and she was jerking
off two others with her hands. Amanda gripped the cock that was in front of
her face; she took both of her hands to encircle it. She started to jerk the
foreskin back and forth. The head thug said, suck it like a Popsicle. She
started lick the entire cock, which brought a groan from the thug. He gripped
her hair and forced the cock down her throat. Amanda started to gag, but the
rapists didn't let up. She started to get into the rythum of sucking the
rapists cock. The man who was raping Amanda's mouth started push deeper and
faster into Amanda's mouth and after a dozen strokes, he came filling
Amanda's mouth. All she could do was swallow and swallow. The head thug
slipped out of Amanda's mouth and another thug lifted her off her knees and
positioned her over another thug's cock and was told to staddle the man lying
on the floor. His cock was erect and pointing straight up. She started to
ease down on the cock, when the thug grabbed her hips and slammed into her
pussy in one stoke. This brought a yell from Amanda; the large cock going
into her pussy made her wet.

She couldn't help it; she had always needed large cocks to fill her
pussy. She started bounce up and down on the cock. She started to pinch her
erect nipples. OH GOD! OH GOD! FUCK ME! HARDER! The rapist on the bottom
started to slam his cock harder and harder in Amanda's pussy. Then one of
the thugs grabbed her head and started to slam his cock into Amanda's warm

Another thug came behind her and pulled her asscheeks apart and inserted
two fingers into her asshole. This caused her moan loudly, which made the
man fucking her face, slams his cock into her mouth harder. The rapist behind
her started to slip his fingers into Amanda's virgin asshole. The man behind
her pulled her asschecks apart and inserted his cock into her asshole, which
drove her wild; she was getting fucked three ways. OH GOD! You're so tight!
Cried the man fucking her asshole. Amanda came with the two rapists, one who
was fucking her pussy with his large cock, and the other fucking her tight
virgin asshole. YESSSSSS! I'm GOING TO CUM! He then shot his cum into
Amanda's abused cunt. The other man started to fuck her tight asshole harder,
making Amanda scream that his cock was too big and that in was tearing up
inside, he paid no to Amanda's screams as he pushed his cock deeper and
deeper into Amanda's asshole. On the last stroke, he blasted a load of cum
into her tender ass. Then the thug that had his cock in her mouth came too.
Unloading a big stream of cum down Amanda's throat. The three thugs lay on
the floor exhausted.

Amanda wobbled over to Francine, who was sucking a large cock and being
buttfucked. Amanda reached under Francine and started play with her cunt
lips; she put three fingers in Fancie's pussy and started stroke them in and
out. As she was doing this Amanda sucked on the large breasts that were
swaying in front of her. Amanda's other hand was not idle, she started to
finger fuck herself. Francine came, and Amanda the two remaining thugs were
not far behind. The two thugs lay on the floor trying to catch their breath.

As Francine stumbled over to Amanda, she started to kiss and lick Amanda's
engorged tits, Yes, Amanda it's been a long time since a woman fucked me.
Francine worked her way down Amanda's chest to her bellybutton, then onto
her wet cunt. As she started to lick and suck Amanda's cunt, one of the thugs
had recovered and started to jam his cock in between Amanda's lips. Amanda
started to moan and the thug increased his tempo. With a grunt he pulled his
cock out of her mouth and shot his cum all over Amanda's face and hair.
Francine was stroking three fingers into Amanda's cunt and had all the
fingers of her other hand in her cunt. Amanda came again, and Francine was
not far behind, when she had her orgasm.

Francine started to suck one the thug's cocks back to life, and Amanda
reached over to the thug with the largest cock and started to deep throat
him. As Francine was able to get the thugs cock erect, she staddled him.
And lowered herself onto the large cock. She started to bounce up and down,
while pinching and squeezing her engorged tits. FUCK ME HARDER! The thug
came, and then Francine came. She slipped off the exhausted thug and started
fingering herself as she watched Amanda get buttfucked. PUSH IT ALL THE WAY
IN! The complied and Amanda had never been so filled before. Her ex-husband
had never buttfucked her. The thug said,I'm COMING. And filled Amanda with
so much cum that in started leak out of her asshole. Amanda had all her
fingers in her cunt trying to bring herself off. After jamming her whole
hand into her cunt and wiggle them around, she brought herself to another
climax. Francine had one hand in her pussy and another pinching her tits,
which brought her to another climax.

As one of the thugs started to rise off the ground, Francine grabbed one
of the thug's guns and shot him right between the eyes. Then walked to the
other thugs and shot them between the eyes. She walked over to the pile of
clothes laying on the floor and carefully wiped her fingerprints off the gun
and laid it next to one of the dead thugs. OKAY Amanda! Get up we need to
get dressed and out of here before the police come to investigate. Slowly
Amanda put her clothes on, not making eye contact with Francine. Yes, I had
kill them all, we would have been compromised. We would never be allowed in
government service again. I like being a government agent and can't risk
this being exposed to our families. You were raped when you working for the
government and you enjoyed it.

We need to clean ourselves up and invent a good cover story. We can't
go to my house, replied Amanda. There would be to many questions, and I
have a nosey landlord for us to go to my place. So we will have to go to a
motel and clean up, and bribe the desk clerk to keep his mouth shut. So
Francine hot-wired one of dead thugs cars, and as she drove a thousand
thoughts when threw her head. What if where're stop by a cop, the I.D.s are
in Amanda's car. And what about our appearance. Francine turned to look an
Amanda, she straighten her clothes up and brushed back her hair; she was
looking straight ahead. She's holding up very well.

As they rode along, Francine looked at Amanda, and said I know what you
thinking Amanda. I shot those men in cold blood, let me tell you that after
they raped us, they would tourted us for any useful information then killed
us. And yes its called survival. And no Amanda, you're not a lesbian, if
that's what you're thinking about. Every woman has had a lesbian encounter
or has thought about at one time or another. I had mine in college; slightly
older women student started the affair. She only used me to improve her
grades, and then she dumped me. And no I'm not bisexual or a switch hitter
as some are fond of saying now a days. I meet a wonderful man after college
and he taught how to love.

Amanda this is not in the agency manual, but there are courses for the
women agents to teach them how to fuck like a whore or make love like a
lady. Surprise! Sometimes other methods need to be used to get information
from an enemy agent. And why Lee has not made his move on you yet. He's
afaird of commitment, If the other side finds out and grabs you, or your
sons or even your mother. They would have a terrific hold on him. Amanda
was silent for the rest of the drive, trying to absorb what Francine had
just said.

Francine turned to Amanda when we reach the motel, let me do all the
talking and god's sake don't make eye contact with him, you'll give
everything away. Amanda just nodded. As they step up to the counter,
Francine realized they had no money, no credit cards, and couldn't call
Amanda's house or Mr. Melrose for cash. Until the desk clerk started leer
at them, and Francine catch their reflection in the motel window. GODS! We
look like two hookers that just back from all night party. Now what will
we do, the desk clerk suggested a payment in kind. Both of you for use of
the room. What choice do we have? The desk clerk put a sign in the window,
OUT TO LUNCH! The man opened the door for them and grinned like a boy
with his first new toy. He closed the door, and said both together or

Both looked at each other and started to undress, the desk clerk already
had his clothes off and his cock was half-erect. He told the women to get
on the bed and to spread their legs. A blush of red came to Amanda's face
as she opened her legs, she was wet and was ready to be fucked, while
Francine played with herself, the clerk started to lick and maul Amanda's
tender tits. Which brought a low moan from Amanda. The clerk started to
lick lower and lower, until he got to her wet pussy. He licked like there
was no tomorrow, Amanda started moan loader, and Francine rolled over and
placed her cunt over Amanda's mouth. She started to tongue Francie's pussy,
Francine crying out FUCK ME WITH Your TOUGUE!

Francine was triwing and pulling her engorged tits. Suddenly Amanda shook
with a violent orgasm. The clerk seeing that the dark hair woman had cum, he
stepped on the bed and told the blonde to suck his cock. Which she did,
Amanda could only see a little bit the action, because of Francie's pussy
in her face. Francine was sucking cock like a pro.

Amanda reached down and started to finger herself. Her two fingers
slipped easily into her wet pussy. As Amanda licked on Francie's trimmed
pussy, she started to stoke her two fingers in and out of her pussy faster
and faster until she came again. Francine was sucking the clerk's dick
like a whore, trying to get him to come. YES BABY! YOU SUCK SO GOOD! And as
so as she started rub the clerk's enlarged balls he came. HE IT COMES! He
started to pump his cock harder in to Francie's warm mouth. As the clerk
came, Amanda stuck her tongue as far as it would go into Francie's pussy
and reached around and stuck two fingers into her ass. This brought Francine
to a shattering climax.

He removed his cock from Francie's mouth and told Amanda to suck his cock
back to life, she reached over and put half-erect cock in her mouth and while
Amanda was sucking the clerk's dick, Francine was on the side of the bed
fucking herself with her fingers. As Amanda was sucking the cock she could
feel the cock growing bigger in her mouth. The clerk suddenly pulled his
cock out of Amanda's mouth and now I'm going to fuck you both. He told them
to lie side by side, and he inserted his large cock into Amanda first. Gods
YOU"RE TIGHT! It had been few hours ago that she been fucked by such
largecock. She found that she needed to be fucked hard. PUSH ALL WAY IN! She
cried. And with one push in jammed his large cock into Amanda's tight pussy.
YES YES FUCK ME NOW! and with that the clerk started to slide his cock back
and forth in her pussy. It was getting easier to slide his cock; Amanda
pulled her legs apart for better access to her pussy. Francine was amazed;
Amanda was acting like a whore, as she stoked her fingers in and out of her

Amanda cried, OH MY GOD! And came again. The clerk not finished yet
moved over to Francine. He moved her fingers out of the way and inserted his
cock into Francine. FUCK ME HARD! FUCK FUCK! And Francie's talented pussy
grab hold of the clerk's cock and they both had a mutual orgasm.

As he rolled off the bed, and started to put his pants on. Francine said,
find us other clothes to wear. He grinned and said he would try. Several
minutes later, he knocked on the door with a suitcase in his hand. This was
left behind; there should be some clothes for you to wear. He grinned at the
women, who wore nothing but towels around them. Francine noticed the look
and told Amanda to go into the bathroom and when she closed the bathroom
door. Francine said, so you want another reward. Removing the towel, she
said here it is. The clerk removed his pants and Francine grabbed him by his
dick and led him over to the bed.

He lay on his back while Francine gave him another blowjob. He reached
behind her head and started to push more of cock down Francie's throat. She
started to bob her head on his cock, and Francine said how about a tit fuck.
Francine lay down and started squeeze her breasts together. And the clerk
staddled Francine and place his cock in between Francie's tits and started
to stoke between the plum mounds. As the cock peeked through the other side,
Francine opened her mouth and licked the head. After a couple of minutes of
this action the clerk said I'm COMING! Which Francine reached up and grabbed
his cock and opened her mouth to catch the cum coming out.

He spurted into her mouth, over her face and breasts. OH MY GOD! THAT'S
GREAT! Francine rolled off to the other side of the bed and clerk started
to put his pants back on. How long will you be staying? Just for another
hour or so! Sorry.

The clerk left and Francine locked the door and told Amanda she could
come out now. Amanda face was flushed and Francine knew the sign that Amanda
had been listening and been jacking off. It's nothing too ashamed about she
told her. Now we both need a shower and to change of clothes, you better go
pee first, they peeded and was a sigh of relief at emptying their bladders.
They both went into the shower together and let the spray hit both of them;
they let it soak into every pour. And Francine started to srub Amanda's back
and rear, which brought a moan from Amanda. Francine took her soapy fingers
and inserted them into Amanda's pussy, and started to stoke them in and out.
Amanda came in a mini climax and turned around and put her tongue in
Francie's pussy, which caused a grunt from her. Amanda said, did I hurt you,
no dear! Amanda put her tongue as far in Frncie's cunt as it would go and
wiggled it until in hit Francie's magic spot and Francine went wild. YESSSSS!
OH! OH! She pushed Amanda's head tighter to her pussy. I'm COMMMMMMMIING!
So powerful was the organism that Francine had to lean against the wall for

As they got out of the shower, Francine said, put on the clothes the clerk
gave us. Don't leave anything that can be traced back to us. They picked up
all their ruined clothes and Francine wiped everything of fingerprints. They
went to the car and thank goodness the clerk was nowhere to be seen. As they
left the parking of the motel, now I will drive you back to your car, I will
remove the fingerprints off this car and dump it far away from the pickup
point. Follow me while I drop this car off, then drop me off at my apartment
and the you drive straight home.

Make sure to get rid of you clothes, rip them up, and burn them. I will
call MR. Melrose and tell him no one showed up for pickup, and after an hour
we went had something to eat. And we came straight home. And not a word to
anyone; your mother, or Lee. He would go ballistic.

So this are our secret! Yes Francine our secret. From then on Francine
was a little nicer to Amanda.

And the D.C. police had the torture death of one man and the shooting
deaths of five others and no leads and no suspects.

An unsolved multiple homicide that is still on there books.


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