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Author's warning: this story contains extreme humiliation stuff, don't read if you feel offended by this.

Sword Art Online: Black League Owns Kirito (Mm,Mmm,oral,anal,humil)
by Dagger

Kirito wandered through the fields, returning from another quest, when the two men crossed his path. They were both black. One of them, tall and skinny, wore the warrior's outfit, while his comrade, short and fat, wore the red rope of the mage.

"Who are you and what do you want?" he asked, noticing that these man have some business with him. Maybe they're looking for fight? But none of them looked much stronger.

"We're Black League" said the dark skinned, tall man as he looked at the Kirito. "And we were hired to take care of you."

"What do you mean?" asked Kirito, revealing his sword. Now, it seemed that it wasn't peaceful meeting. But he wasn't afraid. Being high ranked player made him calm.

"It means that you made some mess and someone decided that it's time to take care of you" said another man, he was short and quite fat.

Kirito looked at them with contempt. They weren't looking particularly dangerous. He met much more dangerous monsters and enemies in this game.

"Well, if you're looking for fight, you'll get it" said Kirito. "Let's see if you're something more than just talk. Stay back."

"Mwhahahahaha..." laughed fat man. He rose his sword. Kirito took the battle stance. And that's when this thing happened. Kirito was shocked when the shining handcuffs appeared on his ankles. Blast of the magical energy shook his body, sending him on the knees.

Kirito tried to free his hands from the magic cuffs, but another blast of the energy almost knocked him senseless. Tall man approached him and took his sword, to break it on the knee. He lowered himself upon the Black Swordsman and smiled.

"You're down, loser. Now, be a good boy and remove your moral code"

"Never!" cried Kirito.

"Oh, this pansy still has some fight" tall man smiled. "Then we'll make you" he said and produced small bottle. He poured the green liquid right into Kirito's open mouth.

"What's that... hey... this... tickles!!!!" Suddenly Kirito felt his entire body itches. It was like billions of small creatures biting every single inch of his skin. He wanted to scratch himself, but cuffs prevented him to do so. Itching was getting stronger and more intensive. He begun to roll on earth, but nothing could stop it.

"Remove the moral code and we'll make it go" said the tall man. Kirito denied. But moment later he was about to go crazy. Every single inch of his skin was killing him with incredibly intensive itching.

"Ohhhh.... Ohohooo!!!! Pleassseeee!!! Stoooopppp!!!! Nooooo!!!! Noooo!!!!!!" he cried.

"Call me when you'll change your mind" said the tall man and turned back. Kirito saw him leaving and panicked.

"No!!! Please! Take it away! Stop it!!! I'll do it!!! Remove morraaaalll coddddeeeeee!!!" he cried, and instantly the protection gone. Man turned back to him. He grabbed Kirito and forced another drop of some liquid into his mouth. Itching stopped instantly.

"Very good boy" fat man said as he approached Kirito as well. "Now, we can start the fun"

Tall black man and his fat pal undressed Kirito. He yelled and cursed, but magical cuffs kept him weak and powerless. Both man laughed when they saw his cock.

"OMG, what's that? What a small, cute thing..."

"Don't you think it's cock? It looks like a clit!"

"Now, this is so funny!"

Fat man produced some frilly, girly panties from his pocket. He made Kirito wear them, with a tip of his small cock poking. Black man rubbed Kirito's dick, making the small thing harder. Kirito blushed, feeling stranger rubbing his dick.

He was always straight, at last he thought so. It seemed impossible that the man's handwork made him hard. What happened?

"Shit, they called him Black Swordsman, but it's a femboy. Look, he has almost no body hair."

"And his ass is pretty nicely shaped too"

"Let's give it some spanking!"

Kirito found himself on the fat man's lap. Moment later a big palm fell down on his ass.


Kirito tried to keep silent, but soon he was crying from pain and begging to stop. He ass received twenty hard slaps and turned red when the man finished spanking.

"Now, Kiri-chan" he said "I want you to suck my cock"

"What? No way, I'll never.... Aiiiieeee!!!!"

Kirito found himself on his lap again and ten more stingy slaps hit his ass. Tall man held his legs and started to tickle his soles. Kirito cried and laughed at once. When they finally finished, he was tossed on earth.

"Will you suck my cock now?" asked the fatty. Kirito said nothing in return, he was shocked and dazed. But he opened her mouth in the wordless answer.

"Very good bitchboi" said fat man and revealed his prick. Kirito's eyes went wide when he saw how huge the schlong was. Black man noticed that.

"Pretty big, isn't it? Nothing like your cute little stuff. Now, suck it!" he said and stuffed the dick inside Kirito's open mouth.

A monstrosity filled Kirito's mouth. He did his best to suck, bit this thing was really huge, stretching the corners of his mouth. Tall man knelt behind him and begun to play with his nipples, twisting and turning them. Poor Black Swordsman moaned as the two black men played with his body. He never felt so powerless before. But to his utter shock, his body was responding. He was clearly aroused because of this humiliating situation.

His mouth ached, spread painfully wide by the big cock. Ballsack slapped against his chin as the dick worked in and out of his mouth. Kirito was completely dominated. And that girly panties... Why they were doing this to him? They could kill him if they wanted.

Soon after the man came, hot sperm filled Kirito's mouth. He had no choice but to swallow thick cum, coughing as he did.

"Our cute Kiri-chan is such a nice sperm drinker" grinned fat man, making sure that not a single drop was wasted. In the same moment the man behind him tightened his fingers on Kirito's nipples and rubbed Kirito's small dick through the material of the panties. Humiliation struck Kirito like a thunder as he came as well, his small cock shot a pathetic load of sperm in the same moment when Kirito swallowed the last drops of semen.

"Oh look, his clitty shots some pussy juices!" laughed the tall man. His finger poked Kirito's ass. "Does your boipussy wants something inside?"

Kirito was positioned on his fours. He trembled from humiliation and fear. He never considered himself a gay, but he just came from the man's touch. He could still feel the disgusting taste of the cum in this mouth. The tall man removed panties from his ass and caressed his asscheeks. He spit on his thumb and pushed it into Kirito's ass, lubricating the way.

"No... pleasse...." Kirito begged, cum dripped from his mouth. "Let me go..."

"You were a Black Swordsman, right?" asked the fat man. "You will be a Black Cock Slut now"

"Arrrrgghhhh!!!!!" Kirito's cry was loud when the big, black cock entered his virgin ass. He struggled and rocked, but couldn't do much when the tall man rammed his tight anal hole.

"Oh my, it's truly a virgin boipussy" grinned his rapist, thrusting deeper. Kirito never felt so powerless and defenseless in his entire life. The black cock battered his insides. It felt horrible but his own cock twitched with every thrust. It went hard again. The small size of his own cock compared with these huge dicks of the Black Guild members made Kirito feeling even more pathetic.

"Oooooch!!! Aaaaach!!! Aiiiiee!!! Not that haarrrrrd!" his cries were high, almost girly.

"Listen, boi, if you don't want having your ass spanked again, say "Fuck my boipussy" only, do you understand?" said fat man, looking into Kirito's pain filled eyes. Kirito was shocked, but the the idea of being spanked made him shiver from fear.

"Ooooh!!!!! Fuuuuck my boipusssyyy!!!" moaned Kirito. The pain was excruciating, but he was afraid of another spanking even more. "Fuck my boipusssy!!!!"

Fat man grinned, listening to Kirito's cries. Seems they did a perfect job, turning the famous Black Swordsman into BBC whore. His pal finally came, filling Kirito's bowels with rich load of his warm semen. When he took his dick out of Kirito's ass, the cum oozed from the wide spread anal hole.

"Here, ladyboi, taste your own ass-pussy" said the tall man to Kirito. Kneeling, Kirito had no choice but to lick the cock clean, the same cock that just raped his ass. The taste was vile, but he couldn't do much against it. Fat man positioned himself next to him, telling Kirito to give him a handjob. Defeated Black Swordsman jerked huge cock, while polishing another mammoth sized cock with his mouth. Both man altered positions and at the final, they made Kirito jerk their both cocks, till they both loaded their sperm on his face. Fat drops of sperm dripped from his chin, nose, mouth and cheeks.

"Whoa, seems we really did a number on this pussyboi" said the fat man, looking at the defeated Kirito. His face was almost completely covered with sperm, his small cock twitched between his legs. He lay there powerless. His rapists drank a beer, looking at their victim.

"Calling this slut a swordsman was a bad joke" said the tall one, as he reached to the Kirito's small cock. "Damn, this thing, even harder, is smaller than my thumb! He wouldn't be able to fuck a girl. Hey, bitch, what's that?" he asked Kirito, pointing at his small dick.

"That's... my... penis..."

"Penis? Don't make me laugh. It's a clit! Answer me again properly, or I'll spank your booty!"

"That's... my clit..." said frightened Kirito. This made both members of the Black Guild laugh.

"Name yourself properly... Kiri-chan, right? Now, answer me again, or I'll spank your ass. And try to make it nice and girly"

"That's... Kiri-chan's clit" said Kirito with high, girly voice.

"What are we gonna do with this boibitch? Kill him?"

"Nay, it would be too easy. You know, he's kinda famous."

"Right, he's funny. Hey, Kiri-chan, lick my toes clean" said the fat one, as he took off his boots and socks, revealing his big, sweaty soles. He neared them to the Kirito's mouth. "Or do you want another spanking, pussyboi?"

Just a mention of spanking was enough to put Kirito's tongue into action. Humiliated Black Swordsman begun to lick sweaty toes of his rapist, like it was the most tastiest thing he ever touched. He obediently licked his both feet clean, despite the feeling like he's about to vomit.

"Damn, this bitch is really useful. I agree, we shouldn't snuff him. We'll find the better use of this pussyboi".

The next day found Kirito walking with the two members of the Black Guild. Kirito wore a black heels, stockings, very short black pleated skirt and short, tight black blouse, with "I love cocks" written on. Panties were prohibited for him. None ever heard about Black Swordsman, but the world was about to learn his new name - Black Cocksleeve.

Game Over


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