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Author's warning: this story contains netorare and extreme humiliation
stuff, don't read if you feel offended by this.

Sword Art Online: Suck Art Offline (mf,Mm,mc,oral,humil)
by Dagger

Kirito and Asuna walked through the park, chatting freely and enjoying their first date after a long time. Kirito already planned to start another game and was hyped about it. Suddenly Asuna walked away. Kirito stopped, looking with surprise as she ignores him and walks to the tall, fat guy that stood nearby. A man waved his hand on Asuna as she approached him.

"Hey, Asuna, what's up?" Kirito had bad feeling about this. But his eyes went wide when he saw that man embraced Asuna with his arm around her waist and whispers something to her. He couldn't stand it anymore and run towards them.

"What is the hell..."

"Shut up and follow me, you loser," said the man. His face was ugly and hairy. Kirito, to his surprise, found that he can't say anymore. He followed man and Asuna, watching helplessly as this ugly man gropes the ass of his beloved girl. He led them to the bushes nearby. Asuna acted like she was his girlfriend, letting him fondle her body.

"You probably can't remember be, sucker. I had a luck to be in Asuna's guild. And it was you who stole her from me," said the man, playing with Asuna's tits. "You took her from us and claimed to be your so called wife, right?"

Kirito couldn't move nor say anything, despite his growing anger and hate towards this man. But he had no idea what was going on. What power made him obey this man's commands? And what happened to Asuna?

"There was something wrong when I was disconnected from the game," continued the man. "Circuit break or maybe some kind of hack, I dunno really. But when I returned to myself, I found myself having a unique power. I can control other humans. Great power, isn't it? Thanks to this I can make you lick my shoes. Now, do this."

Moment later Kirito found himself on his fours, licking man's shoes clean.

"Of course, it's not a god's power or something. I learned that I can control only two people at once and only for some time. Yes, still it's awesome power. I could make my life easier thanks to that. But you know what? I had only one wish. To make the man that took Asuna from me, regret."

The man unbuttoned Asuna's blouse and freed her round breasts from her bra. She giggled and moaned, acting like it was totally ok when strange played with her boobies in front of her boyfriend. His shoes were already shining clean, thanks to Kirito's efforts.

"You, undress yourself," commanded then man and Kirito, unable to disobey his commands, did what he was told to, stripping himself naked. A man laughed, seeing Kirito's small cock standing hard.

"What a small dick," he grinned. "It looks more like a clit. I'm surprised that Asuna was staying with you in the real world. Or maybe you never ever fucked her before. We'll find soon. Now, strip her panties for me."

Kirito moved his hands under Asuna's dress, stripping her panties. He could feel that they were already soaked with her juices. Stranger's hand moved to her pussy, fingering her slowly. Asuna groaned as his fat fingers played with her womanhood.

"What are you waiting, small dick? Put them on yourself. You looks so effeminate that girly panties will fit you."

Once again Kirito had no choice but to do what he was told to. He pulled the pink, moist panties on his crotch. His cock formed a small bulge on the front of them.

"And this too" a man tossed him Asuna's bra. Kirito needed some time to put it on his chest. But he finally managed to snap it properly. His cheeks were red from embarrassment and his head was full of hate against this man. But he know that he'd endure this humiliation. He had to make sure that Asuna will be unharmed.

"He he he..." stranger laughed, looking at Kirito. "You look totally like some kind of sissy fagot I heard that you acted as s trap before in some game, right? So it's nothing new for you. I bet you sucked the other guys for money and items, didn't you? So, show me how you can do this"

Once again Kirito fought with all his might to disobey evil man's command. And once again he failed. Dressed in his girlfriend's lingerie, he crawled to this man and knelt in front of him. He unzipped him and revealed his cock. It was huge. Kirito looked at this stuff with disbelief. Moment later he started to kiss the tip. It tasted vile, Kirito could hear wet sounds as man shared a long french kisses with Asuna.

Kirito had to open his mouth as wide as possible to accept large, fat cock inside. He never before did anything as disgusting before. The man was partially right, he used his special avatar few times to trick the guys, getting extra stuff, but he never did anything like this. He gagged as the big, veiny cock invaded his mouth. Saliva dripped from the corners of his mouth, down his chin. He hoped it's just a bad dream, but it was way too real to be a nightmare only.

"You look totally on your place, with a big cock in your mouth, dressed girly and kneeling in front of alpha male. They called you Black Swordsman? What a joke," said the man as he broke another wet kiss with Asuna. "Now, you can stop polishing my spear" Kirito breathed with relief as he moved back, taking the schlong out of his mouth. Strings of precum dangled from his lips.

"Asuna, I bet you have some make up stuff in your bag. Every girl carries some of these. Make this loser look like a girl. Give him some lipstick and stuff."

Asuna took her bag and did what she was told. She knelt in front of Kirito and applied some make up on his face, using her pink lipstick, eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow. She used some rouge on his cheeks took. When she finished her job, Kirito looked totally girly. He could only watch as she doing all of these. Even if she was fully aware inside, she was acting calm and normal, doing whatever this man told her to.

"Now, Kiri-chan" stranger mocked the helpless Black Swordsman "I want you to kneel behind me and lick my ass clean. I'm gonna fuck Asuna and you're now worthy of watching this."

Crying and cursing inside his man, Kirito obediently crawled behind the man. He saw his big, hairy ass. Shiver went down his spine. Moment later he heard a moan, when man impaled Asuna on his cock.

"What are you waiting for? Do your job, sissy!" he said and Kirito's tongue started to lick his ass.

"Hey, a virgin blood! So I was right, you never dared to touch her! Or maybe you tried, but you couldn't do this with this small dicklette of yours..."

Kirito wanted to cry and scream as he licked man's hairy ass and anus. I was probably even worst than when he had to give this man a blowjob. He had to listen to Asuna's moans of pleasure and delight. She surly enjoyed every moment of being roughly fucked. Man rammed her pussy with his huge cock while Kirito's tongue explored his smelly ass.

"Hey, you sissy! I want you to play with your dicklette while you lick my ass. Remember that sissies can only cum when they touch the bodies of the real men! And let me listen to some girly, sissy moans of yours!"

Kirito's palm walked between his legs and started to caress the bulge in the panties. Moment later he started to make moans in high pitched, girly voice. He grabbed his micro penis and jerked it, joining Asuna's moans in unison.

Man fucked Asuna with long, deep thrusts to finally came inside her, filling her pussy with his big load. In the same time Kirito came as well, spurting his cum into the panties of his girlfriend. Asuna moaned like a bitch in the heat when she climaxed. A flood of sperm dripped from her pussy. Man turned back and let the last drops of him cum pour in Kirito's face.

"Damn, that was something I dreamed since a long time. Now we can move to the grand final..."

Kirito knelt on the ground. Panties were lowered a bit, to reveal his small cock. His face was clean of man's sperm, but Asuna applied some make up again here and there. Man also made him wear Asuna's stockings. The man held his phone and started recording.

"I'm Kiri-chan, the sissy fuckslut" said humiliated Black Swordsman. He started to rub the tip of cock with his little finger while saying this. His voice was high and girly "I'm a pathetic cocksucker and I love sperm. I'm a total fagot and I enjoy being fucked by the older, dirty men. My small cock squirts sissy juice every time I think of the big cocks fucking my ass pussy. I like wearing girly clothes and being treated like a girl, he he he... Ohhhh... aaahhh... I'm cumming!!!" his dick shoot out a small load of cum.

"All right, listen to me, sissy" said the man. "You'll wear Asuna's dress and go away. I think that my control will last for an hour, maybe bit more. You'll go to the nearest sex shop, buy yourself a big dildo and return home. Fuck your ass pussy with this dildo till you regain control over your body. But behold, do not ever try to move close to Asuna. She is mine. I claimed her today and took her from you. I also copied all the contacts from your phone. If I'll ever see you close to her, I'll send this confession you just made to all the people in your contacts list. Play your fuckin' games, suck cocks and do whatever you like, but stay from her. And don't try to be smart, or next time you'll find how merciful I was today."

Kirito did what he was told, burning from shame, humiliation and fury. He knew that this disgusting man held him in absolute control. As he was going away, he saw Asuna kneeling in front of the man and sucking his cock like a possessed. But he had to hurry, to find the nearest sex shop... the evil mind control made him walk away as fast as possible.


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