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Date: 02/27/2005

Rating: NC-17

Category: Slash

Pairings: Samantha/Barbara Dare, Charlotte/f

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Other Notes: This AU story is a birthday gift to Barbara Dare, who was born
on February the 27th, 1965.

Summary: Samantha describes in a remorseful letter why she was unable to keep
Charlotte out of trouble at her friend, porn star Barbara Dare's birthday

Warnings: Female/female sex, drug use, strong language, bondage

Dedication: Happy Birthday to Barbara Dare!--ATK 2005

Sex And The City: I'm Sorry, Charlotte
Author: Andrew Troy Keller
Email: [email protected] com

To: Charlotte York

From: Samantha Jones


If you're able to get this note from either Carrie or Miranda, I'm asking you
to please read the whole thing, because it's the only way for me to explain
everything that happened on February the 27th to you.

You see, it was on that day that I've told you, Carrie and Miranda about this
wonderful birthday party that one of my friends, a porn star named Barbara
Dare was throwing for herself and asked which one of you girls would like to
go with me.

Well of course, Carrie had said that she has already got a date with Mister
Big and Miranda had said that she's way too busy, but I was so glad that
you've said 'yes' to my invitation and went to the party with me.

Anyway, after we were each able to get a gift for our hostess and arrived at
Barbara's place, the birthday girl had walked over to us with a big smile on
her face, wrapped her arms around me and told me how good it was to see me

After that, I've given her the birthday gift that I've got for her and
introduced you to her, just before she had moved herself over to you, gently
placed her hand on your cheek and said, "I'm glad to meet you, Charlotte. You
could call me 'Barbara'."

And then, after she had told us to make ourselves at home, Barbara had placed
her hand on my shoulder and asked me to join her in her bedroom, causing me
to leave you in the living room and at the mercy of some of Barbara's other

Anyway, after we've stepped into the bedroom, Barbara and I had looked at
each other's eyes for a minute or two, wrapped our arms around ourselves and
kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips, just before we've removed
all of our clothes and placed our nude bodies on the bed.

"Aaaahhhh, yeeeessss! That's it! Do it, Barbara!" I've said, after Barbara
had started licking all over my body -- all the way down to my hot, wet pussy
and carressing my firm breasts. "Touch me! Touch me there! Suck my wet pussy
dry! Aaaahhhh!"

And then, while Barbara and I were enjoying our moment of pure erotica,
you've walked over to the indoor bar and ordered yourself a drink, unaware
that one of her friends named Kandy Kane had walked up to you, tapped on your
shoulder and introduced herself to you.

And while the both of you were enjoying a pleasent conversation with each
other, Kandy had just slipped some white powdery stuff into your drink an
waited for you to take a sip of it.

After you had done so, you've suddenly began to feel woozy and your head had
started spinning around and around, causing you to excuse yourself and take a
few steps away from the bar.

But after you had taken those few steps, you've became so dizzy that you've
had no other choice, but to fall down to the floor and become unconscious.

Meanwhile, back upstairs in her bedroom, after she had placed herself in
front of me and we've started rubbing our pussies against each other, Barbara
had placed her hands on my bare thighs and yelled, "AAAAHHHH, YES! THAT'S IT!

And then, after we've started moving harder and faster and our lovemaking has
reached its final fashion show, the both of us had cum and collapsed due to

After we were both finally able to catch our breath, Barbara had placed her
head on my chest, let out a sigh and asked, "Well, Samantha? Are you now
ready to go back downstairs and see the special treat that my friends had
prepared for us?"

And after I've looked at my good friend with a big smile on my face, I've
gently placed my hand on her head and answered, "You know me, Barbara. I
always like surprises. "

And then, after we've each gotten ourselves out of bed and put on a bathrobe,
Barbara and I had gone back downstairs and into the living room, just in time
to see you stripped naked, tied to a large table and being fucked in the ass
by a raven-haired bitch with a two-way plastic dildo strapped on her.

And after I've seen what that bitch was doing to you and the tears that were
running down your cheeks, I've gotten so pissed off that I've ran over to the
scene, shoved that fucking whore off of you and told that freaking bitch that
if she was to ever come within a few feet of you, I'm going to get a baseball
bat and smash her head at least 26 times with it.

After that, I was able to untie you and help you get off the table and walk
over to Barbara, who had looked at us with the look of sadness on her face,
told us that she was sorry for what had happened and offered Charlotte some
nice clothes for her to wear.

And after we've left Barbara's place, I've drove you back to the house that
you live in with your husband, Trey MacDougal, where you've forced yourself
out of my car, gazed at me with the look of pure hate in your eyes and
demanded that I should stay away from you -- forever.

After you've ran into the house and slammed the front door behind you, I've
drove myself a few yards away from your house, stopped the car, placed my
head on the steering wheel and started to cry.

I'm sorry, Charlotte.

I'm sorry for what had happened to you at Barbara's birthday party.

I should've been there with you, so that I would make sure that it wouldn't
happen in the first place, but I was unable to do so -- and that's because
I'm unable to find the right words to say, except that I really do hope that
you'll be able to forgive me for even talking you into coming with me to the
party in the first place.

Please get in touch with me soon, because Miranda, Carrie and I really do
miss you.




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