I am not a huge fan of this series, but I find the girls on it to be
interesting and sexy, so based on the few episodes I've seen (and the fact
that a SATC story is being requested) I decided to make my very first Erotic
Story (let alone a Celebrity erotic story) based on SATC. I would love to
hear any feedback positive or negative (though please be constructive).
Anyway enjoy the story!

Sex And The City: Sex And The Clitty Part 1 (MF,FF,F-mast,M-mast)
by Grave Robber ([email protected])

Samantha had always been attracted to men she had always been an attractive
and seductive woman and never found it difficult to find a date, or a really
good fuck. Usually that was all she wanted men for, a fuck. She constantly
thought about sex, it often overlapped with her job and it was her only hobby
(aside from shopping). She had had cocks of all shapes and sizes, had had
orgies of 3 or 4 guys at a time. She was a sexpot to the core. Despite being
in her late 30s Samantha never had trouble attracting younger men, in fact
her favourite hobby was seducing teenage guys and taking their virginity,
teaching them the joys of sex and making them into her own personal sex

Samantha was lucky enough to have 3 friends who, with the exception of
Charlotte, were just as open, yet not as experienced in the realm of sex.
Carrie was the honest, dating kind of girl, who could never use guys simply
for sex. Charlotte was the most elegantly beautiful of the 4. Charlotte was
also bit of a prude, though Samantha knew that deep down Charlotte loved sex
just as much as the other 3. Lastly there was Miranda, Samantha had always
thought Miranda might be a lesbian or at least bisexual, from her short
firey red hair, to her deep female voice, to her tough persona.

A new club was opening in New York. The new club was called "The Pussy Cat",
a lesbian bar. Samantha somehow had got an invitation to its opening, and
being one never to miss a good party she needed a date. Samantha had never
considered herself gay, she loved cock way too much for that, But she was
not opposed to ANY sexual situation if it came up. She needed a date, and
the first person she turned to was Miranda.

Miranda and Samantha met for coffee in one of New York's trendy coffee
houses, to discuss varying girl issues. Samantha slowly worked into the
conversation the new club, and asked if Miranda would like to come. Miranda
figured it was a lesbian bar and at first she did not want to go. Everything
in her mind said no, it was wrong, it wasn't right. But the way Samantha
said "come", it echoed in her mind, she stared blankly at Samantha slowly
feeling her pussy getting wetter, mental flashes of herself face first in
Samantha's crotch, then being fucked by Samantha with a strap on. "Well?"
Miranda was quickly brought back to earth. "Yes" Miranda replied, out of
breath and blushing. Samantha smiled. That night, Miranda's dildo was given
a very lengthy and enjoyable workout.

* * *

"You're what?!?" shouted Charlotte over the phone at Miranda, Miranda told
Charlotte that she was beginning to find Samantha attractive and that they
were going to a lesbian bar together. Charlotte was shocked, "Well, if that's
what makes you happy." Charlotte was raised in a very conservative household
and though via her relationship with Carrie, Samantha and Miranda she had
been exposed to new sexual encounters, she was still deep down a prude.
Charlotte hung up the phone and headed to the bathroom to wash her face, she
found the door slightly open and peered inside, she almost fainted. There
was her impotent newly wed husband, Trey jacking off a full erection to a
porno magazine. Disgusted Charlotte snatched the magazine away from him the
magazine was called "Chicks with Dicks, Boys with Boobs" a Shemale magazine.
Charlotte was even more disgusted, the page her husband was looking at had a
Blonde "woman" with huge breasts a slim figure and a 9 inch cock. Confused
and angry Charlotte left, still clutching the magazine...

* * *

Carrie had decided to spend the night in with her new boyfriend Aidan. Aidan
had brought some Chinese take out, earlier he had placed an exotic Chinese
aphrodisiac in the soup. While Carrie and Aidan had had sex already, Aidan
was a big fan of anal sex, something Carrie was horrified by. Aidan decided
tonight was the night Carrie Bradshaw lost her anal cherry, and it was
replaced with a nice load of his cum. After dinner, Carrie began to feel a
little dizzy and very horny. Her panties were soaked and she needed relief.
Aidan and Carrie retired to the couch. Where Carrie rested her head on
Aidan's crotch slowly massaging his cock. She unzipped him with her teeth
pulling out his 7 inch painfully erect cock and slowly began to suck. Aidan
groaned in pleasure. She sucked him like a young girl would suck a lollypop,
her head slowly bobbing up and down while her tongue massaged the underside
of his cockhead, every so often sucking extremely hard on the tip then
pulling off making a "pop" noise. Aidan looked at her and smiled, she replied
with a face that just oozed sex. Aidan decided to turn on the TV to the
"porn" channel for a double dose of pleasure, but when he turned on the TV
it was on some channel about the New York night life, covering the opening of
a new lesbian bar, "The Pussy Cat". "hmmm lesbians and a blow job. Life is
good" as he watched something caught his eye, Miranda and Samantha were there
arm in arm! "holy shit, he thought. I always expected Miranda, but Samantha?"
just as he thought that Carrie took his hand and led him to the bedroom.

* * *

At the opening, Miranda and Samantha walked down the red carpet into the
club. It was set up like a fancy strip bar, there was a stage, with two
dance polls, a large dance floor, which spread over 2 levels a small
restaurant area and a bar. Miranda looked around and was shocked to see the
amount of butch female lesbians, certainly not the Lesbians who appeared in
her dreams the night before. "Come on, lets go get a drink" announced
Samantha. Over at the bar, they found none other than Stanford, Carrie's gay
friend, who apparently knew the owner. Samantha stopped to talk to him while
Miranda went to get the drinks, The Waitress, was a beautiful Blonde girl,
tall with large breasts and a beautiful body.. Miranda instantly became wet
when she saw her. Miranda ordered the trio's drinks as the Waitress put them
down she blew Miranda a kiss, Miranda almost fainted, she quickly drank her
Martini, and noticed that under the glass was a note, which read "hey
sweetheart, if you want to have a really great time meet me at 12.00 by the
bar". Miranda put the note in her handbag and rushed over to give Samantha
and Stanford their drinks.

Meanwhile, Charlotte found herself in the back of a Taxi, crying her eyes
out. Was her husband gay? Did he just have a strange fetish? Either way she
couldn't understand why he couldn't satisfy her, yet got a boner when he saw
a Girl with a 9 inch dick? She knew Miranda and Samantha were out being
"gay". So she decided to turn to the only friend still "normal", Carrie.

Carrie and Aidan had been fucking for an hour already. After reaching the
bedroom, Carrie performed a slow strip tease for Aidan, slowly drawing down
her soaked panties and wrapping them tightly around Aidan's dick then giving
him a hand job, smearing her pussy juice and his pre cum into the silky
cloth. Just as he was about to come she removed her hand, with the panties
sticking to it and brought it up to her cute disjointed nose and took a deep
breath, she then forced them into Aidan's face. Slowly he began to lick her
from her face down to her toes, ignoring all the sensitive areas, making
Carrie hornier and hornier. He then rose back up to her breasts and slowly
sucked on each of them, his tongue making slow seductive circles around each
of her inverted nipples. He finally lowered to her pussy, liking around her
shaved outer lips then darting in and out of her sweet fuck hole and finally
sucking her clit to bring her to a huge, yet fast orgasm. When her body had
finally stopped thrashing he lowered slightly more to lick that thin part of
skin that connects her pussy to her ass. Slowly getting lower and lower
until his tongue reached her asshole. He had tried this before but Carrie
quickly moved away, but this time the aphrodisiac made her so horny she
didn't care when hole was used, as long as it was one of them. Her asshole
tasted like ginger, it was clean and her little brown rosebud looked so
beautiful. Before ANY Boyfriend came over Carrie always made sure to shower
and use the toilet to make sure she didn't fart around her boy. His tongue
began slowly to insert into her asshole, exploring where no man had explored
before. Carrie was loving it, her pussy began to get even wetter, as she
begged for it to be filled with cock. Finally enough was enough and she
flipped Aidan onto the bed and began to ride him■ "AH YES HARDER FUCK ME
AIDAAAAAANNNNNN" Carrie screamed as she was riding Aidan's cock, her Small,
handful tits bouncing up and down, as her tight wet pussy clenched on
Aidan's throbbing dick. Aidan desperately wanted to cum, He had been jacking
off all day to build up the man mustard in his balls so he could cum in her
ass, and was not about to waste that now. He flipped Carrie over onto her
back and began to fuck her doggy style, reaching up and man handling her
breasts while whispering how much he was going to pleasure her ass.. "I'm
gonna fuck your ass, carrie, I'm going to take you were no man has ever
taken you, your ass is going to be filled with my white man cream, there
will be so much that you'll shit it for days", this dirty talk made Carrie
cum again■ "OHHHH AIDAN FUCK MY ASS, HONEY". Aidan smiled and pulled his
dick out of Carries worn out cunt and began to tease her asshole■

At the "Pussy Cat Club", Samantha was getting very bored. She didn't find
the Lesbian pole dancing or the women attractive or sexy at all. She had
always preferred the cock, Stanford felt the same way. Miranda on the other
hand was dancing on the floor with some butch lesbian who kept feeling up
Miranda's nice butt. Samantha felt disgusted by Miranda's "dumping of her"
and decided that she and Stanford should leave to another bar. They left
without telling Miranda who was too busy being felt up on the dance floor.
Miranda continued to Dance with any girl who would say yes, each one made
her wetter and wetter thinking about what would happen at 12.00 that night,
when she would have her first lesbian experience. The idea was just too much
for her, and she decided to go chat to her future lover by the bar. "Hi"
Miranda said with an enthusiastic smile, "hi honey, my name's lisa."
Miranda shook her hand and they began to talk about day-to-day things, like
the weather, etc■ gradually the conversation got to the antics that would
follow later that night. Lisa told Miranda she had a little "show" she had
to put on as part of the Club's opening ceremony, and after than she was all
hers. Miranda smiled and told her she couldn't wait■

Back at Carrie's apartment, Aidan was furiously fucking Carrie's tight warm
asshole. Every thrust forced a shriek of pain and pleasure out of Carrie.
Aidan continued to talk dirty to his new anal princess whore

"you fuckin slut, you love feeling my cock up your tight virgin ass don't


"You want my dick don't you?"


The aphrodisiac had removed any and all of Carrie's inhibitions, leaving her
nothing more than a cock hungry slut. With each thrust Carrie wanted another
cock. She wanted to be surrounded by dick, one in each hole, Ass, pussy,
mouth and 2 in her hands, she imagined the entire room surrounded by naked
guys with dicks of all shapes and sizes, each guy jacking off eventually
covering herself and Aidan in their cum, leaving them both a white sticky
mess, continuing to fuck, constantly. Aidan couldn't believe how nice
Carrie's ass was, he'd fucked many an asshole, but this one was so tight, so
warm. His balls were huge, swinging back and forth slapping Carrie's flowing
cunt. He reached down and began to play with her moist pussy bringing her to
another orgasm. Carrie felt like her insides had been ripped apart, never
had she felt so much pleasure at any one moment, her juices spurted from her
cunt all over the sheets, in the process her asshole contracted, bringing
Aidan to his largest orgasm, ever. He shouted an earth shattering moan and
came for at least half a minute, cum was flowing out of Carries ass and down
her thighs and with each final pump, a sloshing sound could be heard shooting
cum out of Carrie's ass and all over Aidan's balls and thighs. They were
exhausted, but little did they know they were also being watched■

What will happen to Miranda?
What will happen to Samantha and Stanford?
Where is Charlotte?
What will happen to her Marriage?

Find out in Part 2


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