I am not a huge fan of this series, but I find the girls on it to be
interesting and sexy, so based on the few episodes I've seen (and the fact
that a SATC story is being requested) I decided to make my very first Erotic
Story (let alone a Celebrity erotic story) based on SATC. I would love to
hear any feedback positive or negative (though please be constructive).
Anyway enjoy Part 2.

Sex And The City: Sex And The Clitty Part 2 (MF, M-mast)
by Grave Robber ([email protected])

Charlotte knocked on Carrie's door, no one ansered. She knocked again and
was greated by none other than Mr Big, Carrie's ex-boy friend. "Well hello."
he said with that big smug look on his face, Charlotte looked at him, still
teary eyed over her marriage troubles. He welcomed her into Carrie's

"Is carrie here?"

"Yes, but you probably don't want to disturb her."

"Oh, I know its late, but its important."

Big walked over to Carrie's bedroom door and showed Charlotte, there was
Carrie fast asleep with her current flame, Aidan on top of her, they were on
top of the covers, and despite the dim lighting, Charlotte could just make
out Aidan's huge heavy balls hanging from Carrie's ass. He had fallen asleep
cock deep in her newly fucked asshole. The covers were obviously cum stained.
Charlotte felt like she was about to vomit, Big smiled, "she never let me do
that to--"

"I DON'T want to know," Charlotte interjected, raising her voice and the
lowering it, so as not to disturb her content friend. Big and Charlotte
walked back into the lounge area. "So why are you here anyway?" Charlotte
asked Big, curious as to if he had been in on the action.

"Carrie had some of my stuff left here, and I wanted to pick it up, I knocked
on the door and no one answered. Usually I would have left, but I heard
Carrie screaming, so I broke in using this little Master key I found in
Paris, opens anything." Big once again said with that big goofy expression on
his face.

"And so thatís when you saw Carrie and Aidan... well. You know," Charlotte

"Oh Butt fucking? yeah.. They were really going at it, man I couldn't help
but admire that guyís endurance. I would have--"

"NO MORE!" Charlotte screamed. Then nervously looking around to make sure no
one had woken up.

Big smiled, "Well, while we're here, how bout we finish off this left over
Chinese food, Iím just heating up some of the left over soup."

Charlotte smiled, she knew Big was a smart ass, but he had a calm gentlemen
like charm, similar to what had first attracted her to her husband, images of
him jacking off at the she-male magazine flashed through her mind and despite
her disgust, she couldn't deny she was a little moist at the thought of it.

"So how come your here so late? Havenít you heard of morning?"

"I was in the area. And tomorrow I go on a business trip for a few weeks. So
why are you here anyway? Havenít you heard of morning." Once again that goofy
smile returned to his fat face, and once again charming Charlotte.

"Its a long story" she said, her frown once again returning, "Marriage
troubles, you know?"

Big nodded knowing full well the difficulties of a broken marriage.

"BEEP BEEP" the microwave went off.

Big went and took out the soup, "ta da, this should cheer you up."

Bringing Charlotte a bowl of soup. They ate in silence, but something odd was
happening to Charlotte, the more she thought of her husband, the wetter her
panties were getting, she didn't understand it, mentally she was disgusted by
the whole idea of it, emotionally she was broken by it, yet sexually she was
extremely turned on by it. She began to feel dizzy, as the hidden Chinese
aphrodisiac kicked into over drive.

What Aidan didn't know, was the aphrodisiac only brought out the users own
sexual fantasies, thus it couldn't make a straight woman want to have sex
with a girl, unless she deep down really wanted to. Carrie thus, secretly
desired to have her butt stuffed with cock, but was never gutsy enough to
admit it.

Charlotte began to feel extremely dizzy and very horny. She felt like she
desperately needed sex, yet that wasn't quite what she wanted, more images
of her husband stroking his hard, long, erect and stiff cock began to go
through her head, she sat in her chair and felt as though ever single one
of her limbs was being torn in a new direction, as she closed her eyes and
focused on her mental fantasy. Her panties becoming wetter.

Big sat across from her sipping his soup, "What on earth is she doing?" he
thought watching as Charlotte simply sat back with her eyes closed, she had
leaned back against the chair and her b cup breasts stuck out. Big couldn't
help but notice her nipples were erect, as was he, painfully so, he could
feel his balls being filled with his jism. Big had to have Charlotte and he
had to have Her now...

* * *

Meanwhile Samantha and Stanford had found a nice "normal" restaurant and had
ordered a late dinner. Samantha continued to ramble about how disgusted she
was that Miranda would dump her at the bar for a bunch of Dykes. Stanford,
who had experienced his fair share of Homophobia, told Samantha that if
Miranda wanted to try it with a girl, then she was only exploring herself,
just as Samantha was when she went after any guy who said yes. The two moved
away from Miranda, and discussed varying topics, like fashion, food and back
to clubbing. This Saturday night was the first in a long time where Samantha
hadn't already bagged herself a cock for the night and she was beginning to
get impatient.

"So, Stanford..." she said in that seductive tone, she had perfected as a
teenager, "Have you ever. Been attracted to a woman before?"

Stanford was shocked. "Well, I had a few relationships with girls in high
school. But deep down I knew I was always gay". Samantha felt disappointed.

"Sure, but did you ever FUCK any of the girls?" Samantha raised her voice on
"fuck" gathering the attention of most of the restaurant.

"Um well no.." Stanford said blushing.

"Well how do you know you don't like pussy, if you've never had any?"

Stanford was again blushing, he knew he wasn't attracted to Samantha, but a
guy his size, bald and with his looks didn't usually get laid very often, and
truth be known he hadn't had sex in well over a year, any hole would do for
him. "I don't. So. Ummm, what are you suggesting?"

Samantha smiled, she wasn't very attracted to Stanford, but the idea of
fucking a gay guy just turned her on. "Iím suggesting perhaps we return to my
apartment, to see if you prefer roast cock or moist fish."

Stanford smiled.

* * *

At The Pussy Cat Club, Miranda had found herself a group of lesbian friends,
and they all sat around discussing various issues of the day. Miranda felt a
little out of place and for the first time in her life, she didn't interrupt
any interesting conversation. Eventually the other women noticed her shyness
"What's a matter, darling,? You a virgin?" the rest of the table laughed.

Miranda blushed and didn't say anything.

"Whoa," shouted another, "We got some fresh fish right here."

Miranda told the group of how she got there and how she was beginning to
think she might be gay, in her 30s no less. All the girls offered to "help"
Miranda out, but Miranda told them she already had someone, pointing to the
stage. "She's supposed to put on a little show," she said with her toothy

"LISA? Wow your one lucky chick.. Iíve been trying to get her in bed for
weeks, she used to work at another bar before coming here."

Miranda smiled, figuring she had a good catch.

The lights went down and the Announcer, a big butch woman, came to the
microphone. "I know you've all been waiting for her, hell so have I, so here
she is, LISA!"

The Music hit the speakers, blaring out Kiss' "Crazy Nights". Lisa slowly
strolled out in a leather dominatrix out fit, slowly dancing to the music;
the girls in the audience began to cheer. Miranda looked confused, yet
entertained, she was in a new world, and was once again feeling out of
place. Then she began to notice something. Most of the screams were actually
moans; she looked around and saw that most of the girls were masturbating!
And openly too. Clothes piled up on the floor as the over powering aroma of
female sex began to waft through the air. Miranda was extremely turned on,
but she couldn't handle how open it all was. She may be gay, but she wasn't
about to scream it from the rooftops. She quickly grabbed her handbag and
ran out, almost crying.

* * *

At Carrie's apartment, Charlotte was lost in her fantasy. While Big sat there
amazed. The dead silence of the apartment made Charlotte's heavy panting
louder and more noticeable. Big wasn't sure whether to interrupt her or to
watch. Charlotte eventually lost it, for the first time ever in her life; she
came without even touching her genitals. She opened her eyes shocked, her
shock increased when staring right in front of her, smiling was Mr. Big.

"OH MY GOD! Iím so sorry. I just... I just," Charlotte couldn't believe she
just came in front of her best friend's ex.

Big smiled and calmly asked, "Enjoy yourself?"

Charlotte was still horny and she needed sex and she needed it now. Charlotte
had never been one to "sell herself" she had never even asked a guy out,
always relying on the old fashioned way of a guy asking a girl out. She began
to think of what Samantha would do, "So, why do they call you Big anyways?"
she said in her most seductive voice.

Big just laughed. "Look Charlotte if you want to fuck lets just go back to my

She nodded her head, and the two left, quickly and quietly.

* * *

Samantha and Stanford made it back to her apartment via a cab. She calmly
led him into her bedroom, locked the door and spun around, giving him her
infamous "come fuck me" look, which countless men had seen and lusted for.
Stanford was unsure what to do, so he merely stripped, in a most "un-sexy"
fashion, again his shyness showing in more ways than one, his cock was
shrunken and all he could do was bashfully smile. Samantha shook her head
"uh uh uh, this is not going to do." She told him to wait there and she
would return.

Stanford looked around Samantha's room, admiring her sense of design, when
he realized she would NOT be happy, he sat on her bed and began to furiously
masturbate, to no avail. Girls just didnít turn him on, and the nervousness
of not pleasing Samantha and it getting back to Carrie, frightened him more
than anything else. He continued to stroke his limp cock, thinking of the
hottest guy he could think of, and his dick began to rise.

Samantha returned with a box. She returned wearing crotch less panties,
leather boots which came up to her thighs and nothing more, her tits showed
little sign of sag despite being close to 40. Stanford sat admiring her body.
She smiled, "I see we've made progress."

She bent down onto her knees moving his hands away from his dick and
examining his 5 inch penis. She gave him a long hard lick from his balls
right to the tip, and then swallowed his entire penis. She began a slowly
suck him, massaging the underside of his dick with her tongue.

Stanford was in heaven, he'd never had a blowjob before, most of the times
he was the "bitch" in the relationship. Stanford couldn't believe how well
Samantha knew his cock; she knew exactly when to lay off, when to suck more,
when to lick.. She gave better head than he could ever hope to give. Stanford
quickly began to shout, "I'm... I'm gonna cum."

Samantha heard this and quickly grabbed Stanfordís balls and squeezed. The
pain was horrible, yet pleasurable at the same time. She continued to suck
and every time he tried to cum, she would painfully stop him. Eventually
Samantha got bored of this and stopped.

"W-w-why'd you stop?" he asked again his shyness coming through.

"Shut up!" Samantha retorted. She bent over, putting her deliciously firm ass
in Stanford's direction. She stood up again holding 2 pairs of handcuffs.
"Stanford get on your stomach NOW!" she ordered, he did as he was told.

She handcuffed his hands and his ankles to the bedposts so that his ass
pointed straight in the air. His cock painfully caught between the bed sheets
and his flabby belly.

"So you like it up the ass do you?" Samantha playful inquired. She began to
put an oil around his puckered asshole, slowly rubbing it in as it began to

"uhh.. That stings," he whined but had no way of stopping her.

She then began to slowly shave all his ass fur off, taking care not to cut
him. "There, good enough to eat off," she said sinking her teeth into his
left cheek, drawing blood. "Mmmmm, I hope your cum will taste just as good,"
she playfully spanked his ass, until they were a nice shade of red "more of
that later."

She slowly began to rim his asshole, noticing it was remarkably tight for a
gay man. "Hmmm so you haven't had much fun in awhile?" Samantha pouted,
sticking her long feminine tongue right up his ass.

"Oh Samantha that feels great. Please give me more."

Samantha walked over to the box and searched through her collection of
various dildos, until she found what she'd been looking for. A double-ended
dildo, each end had a vibrater. The speed of vibration was determined
according to how fast the couple were fucking, if they fucked fast, it didn't
vibrate so much, if they were slow, it vibrated ALOT. That way neither of
them was ever not feeling pleasure. Samantha had long wanted to sodomise a
guy, but none of her previous men had wanted to go along with it. Now she had
the perfect "victim".

She walked over to Stanford and ball gagged him and put a blindfold over his
face... Stanford smiled, guessing what was about to "cum".

* * *

Charlotte and Big burst into her apartment building. It was closer than
Big's. On the cab ride over they had been quite busy feeling and fondling.
Charlotte quickly stripped out of all her clothes and Big did the same; the
two only reached the living room before they fell to the ground. Big began
to suck on Charlotteís small, but erect pink nipples while she began to jack
off his dick. Charlotte wasn't so much looking forward to fucking Big, but
as to watching him jack off, just like her naughty husband was.

Big went straight to eating Charlotte's beyond wet pussy. She was going nuts;
he stood and looked down to see her clit, which was HUGE. Big wasn't sure if
he should ask what was going on or get stuck in. He chose the later. The
second his mouth and Charlotte's clit touched she came, her juices gushed all
over his face.

Carrie had told Big about Charlotte's opposition to blowjobs, so he instantly
climbed on top of her and began to fuck, and fast. Big was not exactly a
"sexpert", what he lacked in sexual knowledge he made up for in size, his
dick was around 8 and a half inches. He was actually amazed at how easily his
dick had slid into Charlotte, usually most girls took a bit of adjusting
time, but Charlotte's pussy despite its supreme tightness, accommodated him
very nicely. "Your cunt is amazing" Big groaned.

Charlotte smiled, yet looked a little bored. For some reason Big's cock
wasn't pleasing her. She had already accepted she had a fetish for guys
jacking off, but she couldn't wait anymore. Charlotte climbed off big,
"What? You wanna try a new position?"

She shook her head.. "I want you to jack off for me." She felt dirty for
saying it in front of him, but she knew that was what she wanted. Big looked
at her blankly, finally agreeing to do it. "Start off slow, I want to watch

Charlotte sat on her knees inches away from Big's man meat, and patiently
watched with a big wide grin as his hand began to slide up and down, up and
down. Big began to become extremely turned on by his performance, slowly
speeding up until he couldn't handle much more, without warning he let loose,
stream after stream of warm sticky man goo spurted all over Charlotte's face,
neck and breasts. Some landed in her mouth, which utterly disgusted her. When
he was finished Charlotte's face was practically white. She looked up at him,
shocked and confused.

Big looked at his watch it was 4 am. "Holy shit, I need to get home and get

He quickly got dressed grabbed his things and left, leaving Charlotte a wet
sticky mess. It was only then that she realized that Trey should still be
home, yet he was nowhere to be found.

* * *

Samantha continued to fuck Stanford's ass. This had been going on for over
two hours, Stanford had come 5 times, and Samantha had lost count.

"When will she stop?" Stanford cried, his balls practically completely empty
and his asshole beginning to ache.

Samantha continued to scream and shout, "Oh! You like that don't you? You gay
little man, you think Iíve got a cock? Iíll show you my cock," she kept
ramming his ass. "Youíre mine now, Stanford."

And that could not have been closer to the truth.

* * *

Miranda arrived home at 5 am. She had been on a long walk thinking about her
life. She had reached the conclusion she was gay. But still couldn't accept
it. "Why now?" she had always been attracted to girls but never in a sexual
way. And now she wanted to eat pussy. She sat crying on her couch, she slowly
drifted to sleep.

The End of Part 2

Poor Stanford, how much more can he take?
Miranda is gay, how will her friends accept it / what will she do?
Carrie likes anal sex?
Charlotte loves watching guys jerk off and has a giant Clit?

How will this all end? Find out in Part 3


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