Saved By The Bell: Tori's Big Surprise Part 2 (mff,inter,herm)
by Lisa Welles

Lisa's parents were out of town that weekend and she arranged for Zack and
Tori to come over after the dance. When they walked in Lisa immediately
kissed Tori pushing her tongue into Tori's mouth. Zack removed his clothes
and sat on the couch slowly stroking his hard cock. He and Lisa had been in
several threesomes and even orgies and he always loved watching her eat
pussy. She used to lick Kelly's pussy while he fucked Kelly's beautiful ass.
Now he was going to watch her get Tori ready for her first fuck. He watched
as they removed each other's tops and bras then Tori unzipped Lisa's short
skirt and slid it and her panties down her chocolate colored legs. He took
in Tori's sexy half dressed body, her firm small breasts topped by two small
pink nipples. Then down her smooth stomach. She dropped to her knees in front
of Lisa just as his eyes reached her crotch, for a moment he thought he saw a
bulge like she had a hard on. He shook his head and thought `I must be
imagining things.'

Tori pushed Lisa onto the couch next to Zack still licking her sweet black
pussy. She looked up and saw Zack lean over and take Lisa's hard nipple into
his mouth. She felt Lisa's hips moving as she licked lower until her tongue
passed over her puckered asshole. Lisa moaned and lifted her hips as she felt
Tori's tongue slip into her ass. Zack slid his hand to Lisa's pussy and
rubbed her clit. Lisa was moaning loudly as her body was being ravaged by
Zack and Tori. She reached down and took Zack's throbbing cock in her hand
and slowly stroked him.

"You two are driving me out of my mind." Lisa moaned as Tori continued her
I'M CUMMING!!!" Her hips jerked and her pussy contracted forcing her hot
sweet cum to flow onto Tori's face. Tori quickly moved her mouth to her pussy
so she could swallow her sweet nectar.

As Lisa recovered from her orgasm Tori crawled between Zack's legs and licked
his cock from his balls to the head and back again. He moaned as she sucked
one of his balls into her mouth and her tongue gently massaged it. She
licked back to the tip then in one move she swallowed his seven inch cock
completely. His hands were on her head and he lifted his ass trying to force
his cock even farther down her throat. But it was no use, her nose was buried
in his pubic hair and her chin was against his balls. She lifted her head
till just the head was left between her lips; her tongue was licking just
under the head causing his body to shake. Then she moved forward very slowly
taking him back into her throat.

"Jeeze Tori, you're awesome. I can't believe you know how to suck a cock
like this but you've never been fucked." He groaned trying to fuck her mouth
faster. "Oh fuck if you keep that up I'm gonna fill your mouth with cum."

Tori thought for a moment, she really would love to swallow his hot cum but
she knew the time had come to let him know why she hadn't been fucked. She
pulled her mouth off his cock with a pop and said. "Zack I want you to know
why I've never let a guy fuck me before we go on. Then if you still want to
you can fill my mouth and hopefully my pussy with your hot cum." She stood
and turned her back to him then quickly slid her jeans and panties down her
legs. Lisa watched Zack's face for any sign that he might be upset or maybe
even become violent when he saw Tori's cock.

"Ok Zack close your eyes." Lisa said as she slowly stroked his cock.

"What the fuck? You know I have seen my share of pussies before." He groaned
as he covered his eyes.

Tori turned around and stood in front of him with her hands on her hips and
said. "Ok you can look now."

She was ready to run when he opened his eyes and shouted. "HOLY SHIT, YOU'RE

"No I'm not a guy or a girl, I'm both." Tori said as she spread her pussy
lips with her fingers.

"Oh my god, I've never seen anything like that. I mean I've seen she-males,
you know guys with dicks and tits. But you have a pussy too?" He said as he
felt his cock jerk in Lisa's hand. "I don't understand. How could this

Lisa breathed a sigh of relief when she felt his cock jerk in her hand. She
knew that he was excited looking at Tori and she began slowly stroking him.
Tori stroked her cock while she watched Lisa's hand sliding up and down
Zack's throbbing cock. She looked him in the eyes and said. "I was born this
way, but does it really matter?"

He leaned forward and slid his finger into Tori's tight wet pussy, causing
her to moan. As he fingered her he could feel her pussy gripping his fingers
and he knew he had to feel her pussy wrapped around his cock. He pulled her
to him so she was straddling his lap. Lisa lined his cock up as Tori lowered
her wet pussy onto it. She moaned as she felt a real cock slide into her for
the first time. She lowered herself till his cock was buried completely in
her then she started moving up and down feeling his cock throb and jerk as
the walls of her pussy gripped it.

"Fuck, your pussy's tight." He moaned as his hands gripped her ass moving her

Tori smiled as she slammed her pussy down on his cock then began moving
around and around, rotating her ass, feeling his cockshaft stretch the mouth
of her cunt even farther. She moved up and down, lifting herself and then
settling down again.

"Ride me Tori, feel my hard cock fucking your wet pussy."

Her legs were getting tired and she slowed her movements then rolled off him
falling to the floor flat on her back. She was quite a sight lying on her
back her legs spread, her wet slit a bright pink and her hard cock standing
proud from her crotch. Zack climbed between her legs and slid his cock back
into her wet cunt.

Lisa was tired of being left out so she straddled Tori's face and pressed her
hot black pussy onto her mouth. She moaned as Tori's tongue slipped into her
pussy then flicked across her clit. She leaned forward and took Tori's cock
in her mouth and sucked. What a sight they were, Zack fucking Tori's hot
pussy while she ate Lisa's pussy while she sucked Tori's cock.

Zack could feel the cum rising from his balls as his cock slipped through the
velvet glove of Tori's pussy. She was moaning into Lisa's pussy then she felt
his cock swell and jerk as spurt after spurt of his cum bathed the walls of
her pussy.

She pulled her mouth from Lisa and screamed. "OH YES!! FILL MY PUSSY WITH

yelled as his cock pumped what felt like a gallon of cum deep into her cunt.

Her pussy gripped his dick hard and Lisa moaned as Tori's cock erupted in her
mouth. Lisa swallowed as Tori's cock jerked again and again filling her mouth
with hot sweet cum. Tori's screams were muffled by Lisa's pussy as she
pressed it against her face. Lisa kept swallowing till she had drank all the
cum Tori could give her. Zack fell from between Tori's legs collapsing onto
his back, his cock softening after his mind numbing orgasm. Lisa saw his cum
leaking from Tori's cunt and quickly moved so she could make sure it wasn't
wasted. She licked and sucked the cum from Tori's pussy till Tori had to push
her away, the feelings were just too intense and Tori had to rest.

Lisa sat up wiping her chin with the back of her hand and said. "I don't care
who does it but somebody get over here, put a dick in my pussy and fuck me."

Zack looked at Lisa and saw her on her back, legs spread and three fingers of
her right hand buried in her pussy and his cock immediately sprang back to
life. He also looked at Tori seeing her cock lying limp on her crotch and
said. "Well it looks like it's up to me. Never let it be said I let a woman
down." He grinned as he crawled between Lisa's widespread legs.

"Oh yes, fuck me Zack. Stick that big cock in me and fuck me till I scream."
Lisa moaned as she felt him slide into her completely.

Tori felt her cock hardening as she watched Zack fuck Lisa with long hard
strokes. Lisa's ass was lifting to meet each of Zack's thrusts. Tori was
sucking Lisa's right nipple when she felt a hand on her cock. She was shocked
but thrilled when she saw Zack's hand stroking up and down her hard cock.

"Oh Zack your hand feels so good on my cock."

Zack was enjoying the feel of stroking someone else's cock. He had often
thought about messing around with Slater or even Screech but had never had
the nerve to try it. He could feel Lisa's pussy gripping his cock and he
knew she was about to cum. He let go of Tori's cock and grabbed Lisa's ass
with both hands lifting her up as he hammered her pussy. He felt her legs
grip his waist tight and she squealed as her orgasm rocked her body.


Lisa collapsed, she was completely satisfied, the world could end right now
and she wouldn't care. Zack smiled when he saw Tori slowly stroking her cock.
His cock jerked when he replaced her hand with his and said. "Let me help you
with this."

Their lips met and they kissed as they jerked each other off. Zack broke the
kiss and licked down Tori's neck to her small breasts taking first one then
the other nipple in his mouth. Tori was shocked when she felt him kiss down
her stomach then his mouth opened and her cock slipped inside. They both
moaned as his head bobbed up and down her cock, this was the first cock he
had tasted but he knew it wouldn't be the last.

Tori moved them into a sixty nine and she swallowed his hard cock in one
move. He tried to take all of her but he gagged as it hit the back of his
throat. They were sucking each other wildly and Zack slipped two fingers
into her pussy. She pulled her mouth from his cock and moaned. "Oh Zack
this is wonderful. You're gonna make me cum if you keep doing that."

He stroked her cock and fingered her cunt and said. "Do it Tori, cum in my
mouth. Oh please shoot your hot cum let me taste it."

He took her back in his mouth and sucked hard as he felt her pussy grip his
fingers and her cock jerk then his mouth filled with her hot cum. He wanted
to savor the flavor and the feeling but he had to swallow as spurt after
spurt coated his tongue. As he swallowed he moaned and his cock swelled and
erupted filling her mouth and almost choking her.

"HOLY SHIT!" Lisa said as she watched Zack and Tori swallow all the cum the
other could give them.

The three of them were exhausted and fell asleep in each other's arms. Nobody
would believe the night they had just had but why would they tell anyone.
They knew this was just the first of many wild times to come.
_ _ _

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