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Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow:
Sky Captain And The Flight Of The Valkyrie - Franky's Price Part 3
by She-Wolf Of Tel Aviv

Franky slowly and gingerly raised herself off him and walked funnily over to
her desk.Dex's cum was pouring out of her pussy like water leaving a trail
from the chair to the desk. She placed her hands on top of the desk and
leaned against it. Never ever had Franky been fucked like that. Not even when
her father Duke Cook and her brother Edward both now dead from the War had
taken a virgin 16-year-old Franky and sandwich fucked her taking both her
cunt and ass cherries at same time.

"Thank God, Dex, isn't part of some Pirate Band or a Mad Scientist bent on
taking over the World." Franky told herself. Had she been captured by both
over times and had escaped to crush their plans. But if Dex was one of them
she could see herself sitting naked chained at his feet a willing slave slut.

Then without warning two hands came from behind to grab her wrists and yank
her hands behind her. Franky couldn't catch herself and she slammed down
fully on top of her desk flatting her battered and bleeding tits. Anger over
came her and her breath was driven from her body. She felt two cruel hands
grab her ass cheeks and firmly pull them apart. Fear shot throught Franky as
she knew what was going to happen next.

"Ohh Godd!!! No, No, No, No, No, No!!!" she said staking her head.

Then without a word Dex grabbed his cock and guided it to Franky's rosebud.
Not stopping Dex rammed his cock into her asshole all the way to his balls
in one move.

"Ohhhhh...Gooooddddd....Nooooooo Youuurrrrr Killlliiiinnnngggg MMMeeeeeee!!!"
Franky screamed at the top of her lungs, but due to the sound proofing in her
office no one outside could hear. She felt as if a telephone pole had been
shoved fully up her ass. Only Edward had been in her ass and when he was
killed in France every hole she had but that one was well used. Still through
the anger rose that strange pleasure and joy Franky felt when ever she was
tortured and/or raped.

"Hurt me! Hurt mee! Hurt me! Hurt me!" Franky chanted as Dex rammed into her
harder and harder. She began banging her forehead onto the desktop matching
with each thrust. Franky felt her butt channel tear and her blood begin to
fill it and drip on the floor.

"Fuck Me..Fuck Me..Fuck Me..Fuck Me..Fuck Me..Fuck Me!!!" Franky begged
totally enslaved to the mix of brutal sex and pain. She never wanted it to
end. She was no longer a Naval Commander or a Duchness, but a mindless pain
slut. Something for her master to fuck and treat cruelly.

Dex had been fucking Franky's ass for a full hour. In that time her screams
had become mindless moans. Then finally he filled her ass with sweet hot cum.
Gasping for air Dex slowly pulled out.

Franky tired, rose up and turned to him. "Well, now that was fun. When you
rest up a bit you've got to meet the rest of my All Girl Squadron." Franky
told him.

"What do You mean?" Dex asked hopefully.

"As the Commander, I have to sprend the weath." Franky stated.


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