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Shy Captain & The World Of Tomorrow:
Part 4 - Franky And Polly's Girl Talk Part 1 (no sex)
by She-Wolf Of Tel Aviv

Polly Perkins stepped off the Gyrocopter onto the deck of Commander Cook's
Skybase. Sky Captain was worried about Dex being late returning to Base and
while Joe couldn't question Franky, Polly could.

"The Commander is waiting for you on the Sky Office," a Royal Navy Ensign
told Polly.

Since this was Polly's second trip to Skybase Manta she didn't need to be
told where Franky's Quarters where, but she was surprised that she was
allowed to wander over England's most secert weapon unescorted.

Franky's door was in front of her so Polly knocked.

The voicebox buzzed and said, "Come in!"

"Well, well, Miss Perkins welcome back to Manta Station have a seat."
Franky's voice came from behind Polly.

As she sat Franky stepped into the room and Polly was stunned and shocked.


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