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Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow:
Part 5 - Franky ANd Polly's Girl Talk Part 2 (FF,BDSM,fist,ncon)
by She-Wolf Of Tel Aviv

Dripping water with her long black hair unbounded falling in a coal black
waterfall over her nude body down to the top of her ass as Franky left her
shower. But the nipples of Franky's huge ta-tas poked out from her hair.
Franky was using a towel to dry herself off and tossed her hair back exposing
her body. As if Polly wasn't even there, she pulled on her boots and put on
her cap leaving her still mostly nude. She walked over to the office's large
window overlooking the Hanger.

Polly tore her eyes from Franky's empty eye socket and studied the Amazon's
body. Faint scars covered her body and healing cuts was there to. Yet they
seemed to belong on Franky and only added to her beauty.

Turning Her head to look at Polly Franky said, "One way window. Now what can
I do for you, Polly, that I can't do for Joeseph?"

Polly gulped then dived in. "Well..Errr..Joe was wondering what's your plans
for Dex?"

Franky grasped her hands together and rested them on her ass then turned to
face Polly as if she was in full uniform instead of just a naval cap and
knee-high boots.

"Why I'm humping the dear boy like a mink in heat for the soul purpose of
getting a bun in my oven. Then I'm counting on Dex to do the right thing by
Little Franky." Franky replied.

Polly was shocked as she stared at the nude woman calmly standing in front of
her. 'Jesus is her tits huge! Her's makes mine look like I'm a boy," Polly
thought to herself. She tried to push the unwanted train of thought down and
demanded. "Why?"

Franky reached down on her desk and flipped a switch. A large wall map rolled
down showing the whole of Europe and nearby Nations. England and her
Commanweath was in Red, which covered England Norway, India, parts of China
and Australia. France was a tiny Green spot in Southern Vincky France and
Indo-China. The German Empire Grey was from the North Sea in the West to the
Volga River in the East in Russia. From the Baltic Sea in the North to the
Med Sea in the South shallowing Italy Africa and the whole Middle East. In
the Far East Japan, half of the Pacific Islands and almost half of China was
German Gray.

"We had a chance to win the Great War when you Yanks were in. Then that
damned flu almost wiped your army out and caused your nation to break up into
little countries. When Germany captured Moscow and took Russia out of the War
She turned and over ran most of France all of Italy and Africa. Japan tried
to help us in the Far East and got gassed into conquest by the German

"Now," Franky sighed, "Stalin is unhappy that Germany sent the Valkyire to
save and recover the Russian Royal Family. So four months ago Stalin went to
War with German."

A second map rolled down; it showed most of the Russian Army trying to cross
the Volga. However in the East there was almost no Red Army Units and the
Germany Army had attacked from Japan and German China and was driving deep
into Asian Russa. Franky went on.

"When Stalin's German attack bogged down, Germany attacked the Far East
Russia from China and Japan capturing more Russian land in four momths than
They did in six years of WWI. Hearing this Stalin tried to reforce His
Far-East Army with most of His attcking Army. The German Army East counter
attacked in the Middle of Russian Army West Move. The whole Russian Army is
no more, all Experts says that in under a year Germany will add all of Russia
to It's Empire." Franky sighed and threw back Her shoulders. "Now the King of
England wants to start a War to save Russia."

"But that's insane!" Polly broke in wondering why nobody had heard of this

"My King believes that Germany will need all it's resources to shallow
Russia." Franky answered.

"Do you know what was England's losses during WWI? Only 1 out of ever 1000
men sent to the front returned. For awhile there was a question if the
British Race would even make it and we only did because a law was passed
ordering all classes to fuck like bunnies."

A grim grin came over Franky's face and she went on. "The Cook family sent 8
men 14 teenage boys and 22 women in the Support and Moral Sevices and Army,
not one of them returned. I'm the last of the Cooks and the Goverment had
a plan for every English woman and girl to breed our population back from the
War. What we didn't add in was that the Germans were doing the same damn
thing plus taking the widows, women and girls without men and adding them to
their breeding program. I think their motto is 'FUCK ONE FOR THE FATHERLAND'.
I need Dex to keep the Cook line alive. England needs Dex's brains to hold
off the German's attack or I'll be spending the rest of my life under some
fat sweating Hun."

Polly sat shunned. Her stood a woman that was calmly telling her of her
possible enslavement and rape. A woman that had a strange effect on her
totally confusing Her. As she sat there unsure Franky lustfully looked down
at her. Polly Perkins reminded her of the pure simple country lasses back
on her estates that she preyed on.

'Goddess, I'm a evil dyke,' Franky thought as she moved silently foward. As
she told Polly what would happen to her if England went to war with Germany
images of her being held down as she was brutally, savagely, painfully
gangraped popped into Franky's head. She felt her tits harded and her groin
grow hot and damp. Franky knew she was the last in a sick preverted depraved
line and she loved it. From pass acts on the female and male tenants on her
estates she knew now was the time before Polly could think or create a

Franky reached down with both hands to grab Polly's hair to hold her head
still. Then she bent at the waist to kiss the confused blond on the mouth
hungrily. Polly's eyes widen and she opened her mouth to protest, but
Franky's tongue shot in to silence her. Polly's mind was in a total wirl.
'What was Franky doing? I'm a girl." she thought.

Franky's hand slid down to cup Polly's harding tit. Polly put up her hands to
push off Franky but missed and both of her hands grabbed Franky's boobs. With
minds of their own the hands began cupping and squeesing the bare breasts
rubbing Polly's palms over Franky's rock hard nips.

'I've got her, I've got her," Franky grinned to herself. Taking both her
hands to the front of Polly's suit jacket with a deeping kiss Franky ripped
both the jacket and blouse apart sending buttons everwhere.

"UUUUUUUUUUNNHHHHHHHHH!" Polly moaned loudly events were overtaking her to
fast for her to mount a defence or even a thought.

Franky pushed in hard almost knocking the chair Polly was in backward. Franky
began kissing her way down Polly's body. She tore the bra from Polly's chest
and she kissed her way down the rise of Polly's breasts to her nipple. She
slipped the harden nub inside her mouth. Then without warning she bit down
hard on the nip.

"AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHH!" Polly screamed arching her back forcing
more of her bleeding tit into Franky's sucking mouth.

'A pain slut I knew it,' Franky thought as she gnawed on one boob while
brutally twisting the other.

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!" Polly begged helplessly but her hands
gasped behind Franky's head to pull her closer.

Franky slowly stood up dragging Polly. Standing up her teeth locked on
Polly's nip. She tasted blood before she released Polly then threw her
cruelly onto Polly's back. Polly laid there gasping as she looked up at
this one eyed Amazon standing over her. She watched as Franky picked up
a swagger stick off her desk. Then again without warning Franky hauled
back back slammed the stick across Polly's defenceless tits.

animal while arching her back to present her tits as a better target.

Franky struck again and again as hard as she could stripping Polly's breasts
with red marks as Polly kept up a amost unending scream of pain and lust.

Finally the stick broke and Franky stepped astride Polly's body. She jumped
up and crashed down her ass fully smashing down on Polly's painfilled tits
bringing them to full agony. Polly gasped for air as the breath was driven
from her. Franky reached down and grabbed Polly's hair, yanking her face into
her groin.

"Lick me! Eat your Mistress's holy cunt pain slut. Bury your bitch nose in
my cunt." Franky snarled as she reached back and ripped the rest of Polly's
outfit off.

Polly took one hesitant lick as Franky leaned back running her fingers around
in the blond cunt hair. Suddenly a impluse came over Polly as she licked
Franky's little boatman. Without warning Polly bit Franky's clit hard enough
to taste blood.


Spearing her fingers Franky rammed her right hand deep into Polly's cunt all
the way up to Franky's enbow.

she felt Franky's hand enter her womb.

"Oh yesss! You, you, you, you, Yannnnnkkkeeeeee sslllluuuuuutttttttt
bbbbiiiitttttteeeeee meeeeeeeeeeeeee... bleedddddddd..... OOOhhhhhhhh
Goooooodddddd theeeee painnnn...the ..the..the sweeeeeeeetttttttttt
wonndderrffuuuullllll painnnnnnnnnnnnn." Franky screamed like a joyfully
pained crazied animal.

She drove her arm up into Polly but to the elbow and tickelled Polly's tubes
with the tips of her fingers. Polly Herself was near drowning in the mix of
blood and woman's lube pouring from Franky's much a abused cunt. Both women
shook as if lightning had hit them and they screamed their cumming to the

Slowly Franky removed her arm from Polly with a loud pop and rolled off her.

"You..You..You raped..raped..RAPE ME!" Polly gasped still unable to move.

Franky slowly raised her head and gave Polly a tired grin. "Only a taste of
what's to come if you join Joesph and me on our quest to stop WWII. You will
mostlikely be gangraped by both men and women, tortured almost to death and
mostlikely will have sex with animals before the mission is over." Franky
told her.

"Yes, but what a story." Polly said.


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