Strange Days At Blake Holsey High: Tentacle Monster (fff,inter,ncon,demon)
by Hamster

Corrine and her roomate, Josie, quietly ignored each other as they did their
homework in the room that they shared at Blake Holsey High. The pair had
largely ignored each other since they Monday because they were getting on
each other's nerves. Corrine was a very pretty black girl, Josie had red
hair. They each had very nice legs that peeked out from under their skirts.
They were both very cute teens.

Unfortunately for them that was just what the demoness Angela was looking
for when she stepped through the worm-hole into their school. Niether girl
noticed the breeze or heard the light footfalls as Angela stealthly
approached their bed. Angela resembled a human except that her skin was
blue she had horns and a mass of tentacles extending from her wrists. These
tentacles all ended in little cock heads. Angela's breasts were large and
very well rounded.

With the suddeness of a snake strike, tentacles shot forth grasping the
startled girls' limbs each had a tentacle shoot into her mouth plugging it
so they could not scream.

"My, my, my what a pair of sweet little pussies, which to fuck first
hmmmmmm." She place a finger to her chin as she considered this.

Without warning tentacles launched themselves at the girls stripping both
girl's panties away. Both girls struggled violently but the tentacles were
far to strong. Josie grunted her protest as a tentacle forced its way into
her virgin anus. She trried to scream but the tentacle in her mouth made
it far to difficult. It was icredibly painful feeling the thick monstrous
appendage snake its way up her ass and as far into her bowels as it could.
With an added bit of cruelty Angela whipped her tentacle about causing
causing poor Josie to become more and more impaled on the demonic appendage.
Angela laughed mockingly as tears streamed down her victem's eyes. Every
struggling moment of Josie's ordeal caused shockwaves of pleasure to rock
Josie's body.

Corrine let out a muffled scream as a tentacle ripped through her hymen,
and painfully began fucking her virgin pussy. Angela's eyes rolled back in
her head, she massaged her own tits as she mercilessly fucked the two school
girls. Her tentacles forced their way deeper into the girls' bodies. Corrine
and Josie whimpered pitifully as they felt their insides explored by the
gross appendages. Josie especially was in significant discomfort as the
tentacle crawled into her bowels.

Angela stared at Corrine,"when I take my tentacle out of your mouth you had
better not scream. If you do your a dead little slut, do you understand?"

Corrine nodded, teary eyed.


Angela removed the tentacle from the crying girl's mouth and moved her so
that her face was in front of Josie's pussy.

"Lick her twat, slut." Angela commanded.

Awkwardly Corrine obeyed her new mistress and licked Josie's pussy as
best she could. Josie's eyes rolled back and she moaned softly as Corrine
awkwardly pleasured her cunt. Tentacles slid in and out of them rapidly
they would switch out sometimes and sometimes double up on a single hole.
Soon enough Angela came, shooting her gooey sperm inside her victims'
orafices. Corrine and Josie both also came despite their fear and
humiliation. Angela was hoping she'd impregnated at least one of the
little sluts.

"My time here is limited so we must make haste." Angela announced.

The worm hole opened and Angela dragged them both through so that she could
make them her personal sex slaves.
_ _ _

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