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Authors note: This story is set during the episode "Lock it up" I'm just having a little fun with the idea and Rocky is 16.

Character in story: Rocky Blue

Story codes: Mf, inter, oral, anal

Shake It Up!: Rocky's Hospital Hijinx
by Money

Ending up in a coma wasn't how I thought my day would go, but tripping over a cat and falling down a flight of stairs seems to do the trick. I can still hear just fine responding, will have to wait though. I knew I was in a hospital from the noises, I just hope it wasn't the psych ward since a candy stripper named Rocky was locked in the same room with me and she wanted out worse than I wanted to wake up.

"This is bullshit open the door I'm fine." she said.

She was stuck for 6 days and I was sure she would lose her mind way before that she sounded cute the name was a bit familiar I think she was on some local teen dance show. I had nowhere to go so ended up hearing her yammer for hours while trying to think of things to do to pass the time.

"Oh Mr. Money I'm your favorite candy stripper? Well I do find you hot too maybe we can play doctor sometime," she said.

I was laughing myself silly even though Rocky couldn't see it the girl was clearly repressed in the sex department day after day she became a little crazier, which was fine by me. I enjoyed the attention even if it was playfully faked.

The poor girl was going insane locked in here with me, her fun loving personality was eroding into something else. From what I could hear it seemed a bit on the kinky side that she rarely let out of its cage.

"You're so hot. I would bang your brains out." she whispered

I could feel her wrapping her arms around my neck shifting her body where Rocky's perky boobs rubbed my chest even for as small as they were when I heard something different.

"Bum, bum, bum. (snap) da dum." she cooed.

I wasn't sure what she was doing until I felt her rub up on me with her ass. Then it hit me. She was doing a striptease and I was missing it. This was beyond cruel.

"Wish I had a boom box with some music for this." she purred.

Not seeing her was torture as she continued her little escapade opening more buttons on her uniform dry humping my leg and putting her fingers on my lips.

"I'm sure your fantastic in bed...soon my pet," she said

I wasn't sure what was on my legs as Rocky laid across my chest on her back when I realized it was her top my imagination went into overdrive while she placed my hands on her boobs feeling herself up moaning like a cat in heat.

"Oh if only you were awake." she moaned

I couldn't take it the little minx was almost out of control and I couldn't do anything but lay there if I didn't wake up soon I would lose my mind.

"As much as I would like to see what you're packing...I think some mystery is good for now," she said

That was all I needed to hear to make me crack. Once I was awake I planned on wrecking this chick 6 ways from Sunday, when I felt her skirt on my feet I knew she was naked.

"Well maybe tomorrow you will wake up," she said

Later that night

I settled in for another night in my coma when Rocky crawled into the bed. She had been sleeping on the floor lately, so may have been looking for a change. The smell of her hair was ok being cinnamon and apples but it was really strong in my nose.

"This would be more fun if you were awake you just look so adorable," she said.

"I am now and you're not half bad on the eyes either." I said

My eyes were still adjusting to the lights but I could see enough that Rocky was young around 16 or so, drop dead gorgeous with some great legs to go with her cafe au' latte skin and dark hair the candy stripper uniform just made her look sexier.

"I'm so busted for everything the past few days," she said.

"I didn't see anything. I just heard it. If you did that striptease a few days ago for real, I wish my eyes worked then." I said.

Rocky got a cute smirk on her face remembering how she was having fun talking to me then doing some silly antics while undressing. Even though I couldn't see her when she did it, she did drop her uniform shirt on my feet.

"That was just a fantasy," she said.

"From what I heard I could make it a reality." I said.

I could tell she blushed being stuck together for a few more days did present an interesting solution on how to pass the time from her earlier antics. It was clear she thought I was cute and I hadn't had sex for a while before going into the coma, so Rocky was looking really good as an option.

"Well, we can't leave yet. You still need a checkup," she said.

"You just want to play doctor?" I said.

Rocky pulled my gown up getting a look at my thick 12 inch cock under it before going down to lick it, then easing it into her mouth getting more down her throat.

"Mmmphffff!" she moaned.

"So sexy," I said.

My gown was quickly on the floor followed by Rocky's uniform as we got into a 69 she was really tight as I licked her pussy. The blowjob I got was fantastic making my tongue go further inside her.

"Oh shit, I can feel you inside me...uhhnn!" she said.

"Not done yet." I said.

The girl was clearly letting go. Her repressed sexual urges showing on the surface. Rocky was evolving into a sex crazed dynamo and she didn't care while stroking my dick.

"Feels so good," she purred.

"Get ready," I said.

My tongue ripped a strong orgasm out of her body with a spasm fit and girl cream on my face while I erupted a huge load of spunk down Rocky's throat. She sucked it all down not missing a drop.

"Stop teasing me with that thing and let me ride it," she said.

"I love it when you talk dirty," I said.

Rocky straddled my waist easing my thick shaft into her pussy. Facing me her contorting face was an indication she had never felt anything my size before inside her yet and was loving the stretching feeling to go with it.

"So thick," she purred.

"Just wait," I said.

Rocky was slamming her hips down at a reckless pace. Bouncing on my dick I had to hold on to keep her from falling off the bed by gripping her perky boobs made her speed up even more.

"That monster is penetrating my womb. Good thing I'm in a hospital already," she said.

"Can't hold it," I said.

I erupted what felt like buckets of cum into Rocky's suddenly overstuffed pussy. Her orgasm was rather intense where I had to keep her from screaming and alerting the entire floor staff something was happening, so I pulled out plastering her boobs and abs in my sticky goo before it went limp.

The Next Day

Gotta admit she had talent in a lot of areas and great potential for more later. Rocky was awake keeping herself busy in the bathroom and I really needed a shower so jumped right in.

"Oh good, shower time! I'll come with!" she said.

"Not even waiting for an invite," I said.

The shower stall was smaller than I thought with barely big enough for both of us to fit. The bench took most of the space which forced us closer. Rocky didn't seem to mind as she dropped her uniform on the floor showing off her curves.

"I love this big candy cane between your legs," she purred.

"Go for it," I said.

Rocky was way tighter than I thought she would be as my thick meat went in her ass making her go rigid and breath rather hard while putting her hands on the tile wall.

"If I was a bit smaller this would really hurt," she moaned.

"Just relax," I said.

Her darker skin tone was an interesting contrast to my own lighter shade making the current situation even more naughty as I pumped even more meat inside her.

"I can feel your pulse in my ass," she said.

"Somehow I like how that sounds," I said.

I slowly increased my pace making Rocky's legs go wide as she started fingering herself. I groped her boobs and kissed her neck sending shivers down her spine as we made out.

"Harder!" she purred.

"Dirty girl," I said.

My thrusts became harder. The soundproof room was a big advantage as Rocky was nearly screaming from the guest in her rectum while she continued fingering her pussy.

"Gonna cum...real soon!" she panted.

"Maybe this will help," I said.

I lifted her legs up pistoning in and out of Rocky's ass making her yelp on every stroke. Inside her muscles were spasming. Her arms where she hit the hot water tap spraying us both.

"I'm CUMMMMING!!!" she squealed.

"Me too," I said.

I blasted a huge load of baby batter up her ass so thick it almost got stuck in there. Rocky's own orgasm was impressive between the shaking and the swear laced screams. She didn't stop till after I had pulled out drained of what little energy had left.

* * *

I was allowed to leave after signing some paperwork. Rocky was sweet to me and I hoped to get her again if I ended up at the hospital for something else, but those are stories for another time.


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