Slyvan Learning Course (mf)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Jack Webster was a young high school student. He was fairly good looking.
Jack was having trouble in certain a subject. His parents got him into
Slyvan Learning.

Jack's first meeting was with Debbie Harker, middle age lady. They went over
his math course. Jack couldn't consintrate. Debbie asked, "What's wrong?"

Jack told her he was a virgin. Bells went off in Debbie's head, "YOU! You are
a good looking kid." She touched his hair and she smiled caressing his face.
"Tell you what" she said, "You get this problem right and I'll do something
for you."

Jack soon was working the problems. Debbie was taking off her clothes until
she was naked. She began to take his off, too. She saw his young cock and her
mouth watered. Down she went on him like a wild woman. Slurping sounds filled
the room. She sucked and began playing with his ass hole. Her finger going in
and out. Jack was in prue heaven. Debbie took him deep, pushing her finger
into his ass, too.

Soon Jack was no longer a virgin for he had fucked her on the table and the
floor. In weeks to come Jack was a straight A student, but Jack was no longer
"straight". Debbie became his pimp thanks to the Slyvan Learing Course.


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