If your under 18, this story is not for you. It contains descriptions of sexual acts and situations that are meant for 'adult (over 18) audiences'. This is a story of fiction and is not intended to imply the sexual activities or preferences of the people described herein. The subjects of my stories may or may not be 18 years old. If that offends you, please stop reading now.

This is my first attempt at writing a male/male pairing.

This is sort of my idea for a follow-up to 'Brotherly Love'.

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Starring :
Zack Martin (Dylan Sprouse)
Cody Martin (Cole Sprouse)

Suite Life Of Zack And Cody: Another Brotherly Encounter (mm,inc)
by jackjohn 2009 ([email protected])

Zack and Cody had experienced their first sexual encounter with one another. While wrestling with each other one afternoon, Zack discovered Cody had developed a hard-on. They ended up getting naked together and one thing led to another. With their curiosity getting the better of them, they first made out with one another. Zack ended up jacking off Cody while Cody took it one step further and gave his twin a blowjob. Even though they were both totally attracted to girls in every way, neither of them could not forget the feelings they felt before, during and after their session together.

A while had passed since this happened and both boys were comfortable being alone with each other, and with the passage of time, were sure that this was a one time event that just happened in the heat of the moment. Though they were both fine at the time it happened, slowly they became a bit more self conscious about it as their interest in girls took over, and they avoided the subject. Then one night as the boys were getting ready for bed, the subject came up again. Zack, with his usual bravado, started to rationalize the event to Cody. "Hey Cody, look at it this way, we've been naked together hundreds of times before and we never did anything. I'm sure we could get naked again and we'd be fine with it."

Cody was a still a little uncomfortable talking about it, but agreed with his twin, hoping he would drop the subject. "Sure", Cody agreed, "I bet we could and not even notice it".

With that said, Zack went to their room as Cody got ready for his shower. He looked to make sure Zack was gone before he took off his robe and got in the shower. He tried to clear his mind of their talk as he soaped up his young body that was beginning to show signs of development into young manhood .

Zack sat on his bed, listening to the shower run. He wanted to prove to Cody that what they said was true. In his usual take charge, do before you think style, Zack was going to do just that, prove that everything was just as normal as it should be with them. He stood up and approached the bathroom, opening the door and stepping in. Cody didn't hear Zack come in over the noise of the running water. Zack removed his pajama bottoms and tee shirt and stepped towards the shower. Cody let out a yell as the shower door flew open to reveal a naked Zack standing on the other side of it. "Wha... What the heck are you doing?!" Cody stammered. "Why are you in here, naked?"

Zack calmly stepped into the shower with his brother, "Just proving what we said is true, that's all."

Zack grabbed the soap from Cody and began to wash his own body. Cody was still stunned by his brother now being naked with him in the shower. "You ... You better get out before Mom comes in and finds us in here together," Cody said, trying to cover his nakedness with his hands.

"What's to worry?" Zack replied, "She's down doing her shows in Club Tipton, remember?" Cody swallowed hard, realizing their mother now left them alone to take care of themselves when she had to work in the club after they finally convinced her they were to old to keep having a babysitter.

Cody couldn't help watching Zack as he rubbed the soap all over himself. 'Oh no', he thought, as he felt a slight stirring in his balls. Cody turned his back to his brother so he wouldn't see what
effect him being in the shower... naked... soaping himself... was starting to have on him. Cody tried to suppress it but was failing. His young cock was getting harder by the second. 'Oh NO'!

Zack, misreading why Cody turned away, just grabbed the washcloth and soap and started to wash Cody's back. Cody shivered at his brother's touch. Zack started to talk as he washed. "See Cody, we can be comfortable with each other without any worries."

But, problem was, as soon as he said that... 'Oh NO!' ... Zack began to feel his dick start to harden. Within a few seconds, Zack's cock was fully erect, pointing straight at his brother. Zack tried to think of anything he could to make his dick soften, girls..., basketball..., girls..., skateboarding..., girls ..., but nothing was working. Zack continued to wash Cody, his washing making Cody nervous and extremely horny at the same time. He grew more excited as Zack dropped the washcloth but continued to soap him bare handed, his soapy hands drifting lower and lower. Soon Zack's hands had made their way to Cody's ass cheeks. Zack soaped and squeezed Cody's soft butt cheeks with his hands.

Cody moaned as he felt Zack's hands exploring his ass. He couldn't help it. Cody turned off the water and leaned forward, now giving Zack permission to take his washing where ever he wanted. Zack let one of his soapy hands slide between Cody's ass cheeks, running his fingers up and down the crack, down to his ballsack. Cody took one of his hands down from the wall, reached between his legs and took hold of his stone hard cock. He slowly started to stoke himself in rhythm with the strokes of Zack's fingers in his ass crack. Zack continued this for a few moments, quickly adding more soap to his hands. Cody's head raised up and he let out a guttural moan as Zack's fingers made their first contact with his asshole.

Cody glanced meekly over his shoulder at his brother. Their eyes met briefly and nothing had to be said. They both knew where this was going and neither of them were going to stop it. Zack ran his soapy fingers over Cody's asshole again and again, Cody moaned with each pass. Cody felt a slight pressure as Zack started to push a finger into him. Cody felt a few in and out strokes, then a pause. Then a bit more pressure as Zack added a second finger, opening him wider than before. Cody almost fainted when, as Zack fingered him, he leaned forward and planted a few light kisses on his back.

As if their 'twin telepathy' had taken over, Cody positioned himself at a perfect angle for his brother. Zack took a hold of his engorged prick and took aim at Cody's puckered asshole. Zack
ran the head of his cock up and down over Cody's asshole a few times before finding the perfect
fit. He pushed forward ever so slightly, feeling the resistance. He let Cody take control for now.
Cody relaxed himself as he pushed backwards to meet Zack. He felt the head of Zack's cock start
to slowly spread him open. Cody moaned as the cockhead of his brother pushed inward.

Zack felt his cock begin to slide into Cody. Heat enveloped his shaft as it penetrated deeper into his twin. He slowly started to rock his hips forward and back, sliding a bit deeper with each forward push. Cody felt only mild discomfort as Zack's cock inched deeper into his anus. The pleasure he was experiencing overpowered any pain he might have expected. Cody pushed himself back to meet each forward thrust. Soon all of Zack's young dick was buried inside Cody.

Zack gripped Cody by the hips and slowly moved his cock in and out. Zack looked down to watch his cock as he stroked it in and out of his brother. He marveled at the way Cody's tight, young ass cheeks jiggled each time his pubic bone slapped into them, and the moans Cody made each time he pushed his cock all the way into him. The sensation of Cody's anus gripping him, milking him as he moved in and out, Zack couldn't help but to moan right along with Cody as his excitement grew.

Cody moaned louder as the pleasurable feeling he felt began to increase with each stroke. He felt his own cock reacting to the ass fucking he was receiving. He could feel his balls beginning to tighten. He knew from his experience when he masturbated that this was a sure sign he was going to cum. The slap of flesh meeting flesh also got louder as Cody started to drive his ass back to meet Zack, taking Zack as deep as he could.

Zack could feel his own balls start to tighten as Cody drove back to meet his thrusts. His moans changed to grunts as he increased the speed of his thrusts, the need to cum starting to overtake his body.

Cody sensed what was about to happen. He bent himself a little more forward and braced himself. He felt Zack's cock head and shaft swell inside him. With one last guttural moan, Zack released a flood of thick, hot semen into Cody's bowels. Zack's entire body quaked at the sudden release of his seed. He pushed his cock as deep as he possibly could as spurt after spurt of cum pulsed into his brother.

The sensation of Zack's hot cum splashing up inside him pushed Cody over the edge. His own cock exploded. One rope of cum after another burst forth from deep inside, slashing onto the tiles of the shower wall, painting them with his white hot essence. Cody felt as if he wanted to collapse, his knees seemingly not wanting to hold him up, his legs shaking violently.

Cody felt one of Zack's arms encircle his waist from behind, as if to help steady him. Zack's other hand made it's way down between Cody's legs. He gripped Cody's still pulsing member in his hand and slowly stroked it up and down, milking the last of his seed from the shaft. Zack again planted light kisses on his brother's back. The brothers remained like this for a few minutes. Cody and Zack's cocks eventually softened and Zack finally slid out of Cody. Their breathing finally returned to normal.

Cody eventually stood upright. He turned the water back on so the shower started flowing again. He turned to face Zack. For a moment, they just stared into each other's eyes and then Cody leaned forward and kissed Zack on the lips. Zack responded by extending his tongue into Cody's mouth, their tongues met and swirled together. After a few seconds, they broke the kiss.

"Well", Cody spoke first, "I... I guess your theory was wrong Zack," he said as he dropped his gaze to the shower floor. Zack put his hand under Cody's chin, lifting his head to look at him.

"Mom always tells us we have special bond between us because we're twins. I guess us being together like this once in a while is that special bond," Zack responded.

The boys didn't say anymore as they cleaned up from their encounter together. They finished showering, got out and dried themselves off. With the need for modesty between them now gone, both boys went into their bedroom naked. Cody sat on his bed as Zack threw himself onto his. Cody went about his usual, folding his clothes and picking out the pajama set he would wear to sleep in .

"Hey Cody, can I ask you something?" Zack finally breaking the silence.

"Sure, I guess," Cody replied.

"Well, err... ahh," Zack stammered, "how was it, you know, in the shower there... err... was it o.k.? did I .. uhmm ... did it hurt when I... ahhh... you know... when we did it?"

Cody looked at his brother for a few seconds before he answered. "To be honest, it really didn't hurt as much as I thought it would," Cody said. "And yeah, I guess I could say it was o.k. if I had to use a phrase to describe it."

Zack moved over to Cody's side of the room and sat on his bed, asking more questions. "Would you say you... ahh... enjoyed it?" he asked.

Cody pondered the answer to this question as he thought back to what he felt. "Well, I think I would have to say I think I did enjoy it," Cody replied.

Zack moved closer to Cody and asked yet another question. "What did it... uhh... feel like when I... uhh... shot my stuff inside you?"

Cody looked at Zack. "It actually felt really nice, like it was I felt something special," Cody answered. Cody felt a hand in his lap. He felt a finger from that hand trace along the outline of his dick.

"Do you think I would like it if I tried it?" Zack asked him.

Cody turned and looked into his brother's eyes. Cody leaned in and, for the second time tonight, kissed his brother on the lips. This time it was Cody's tongue that darted out and into his brothers waiting mouth. Again, their tongues swirled around one another's. Zack wrapped his arms around Cody and drew him down to the bed as he lay back, never breaking their kiss. The brothers laid next to each other, face to face, chest to chest, penis to penis. Each brother could feel the others excitement growing, not only by the hardening cocks touching one another, but by the intensity of their kisses and the way their hands had begun to explore each others bodies.

Cody broke their embrace for a moment and reached over to his nightstand. He took a bottle of body lotion off the stand and squeezed some into his hands and offered some to Zack, squirting a liberal amount out into his hands also. The boys applied the lotion to one another, using this opportunity to explore each other. The boys enjoyed this and paid special attention to lotioning each other's cock and balls. Their bodies glistened from the lotion Cody positioned himself so Zack was lying flat on the bed with his legs slightly parted, feet planted on the mattress. Cody knelt between Zack's legs looking down at his twin. Cody reached out and took Zack's cock into his hand, gently squeezing as he slowly began to stroke it up and down. Zack reacted by pushing his hips upwards with each downward stroke.

Cody picked up the lotion bottle once again with his free hand and squeezed out an amount that splashed down over Zack's balls. Tingles of excitement coursed through Zack from the sensation of the cool lotion making contact with his hot nut sack and as it streamed further down, making it's way between his ass cheeks. Cody continued to slowly stroke Zack's cock as his free hand now worked the lotion down between his brother's legs. His lotion coated fingers found their way further down, lightly passing over Zack's asshole several times. Zack nearly passed out from the tremendous sensations his body was now experiencing, his only response sounding like a series of whimpering moans and sighs.

Like his brother had done to him in the shower, Cody gently started to insert his middle finger into his brother's rectum, slowly to the first joint, then beyond, until his finger was buried inside. He stroked his finger in and out several times, feeling Zack's sphincter muscles tighten and grasp at the digit. Cody added a second finger, slowly stretching Zack open a little more. Cody felt his own body reacting by now, His cock had swollen to it's maximum and throbbed to the point of almost hurting. The primal urge was now taking over.

Cody withdrew his fingers from inside Zack. He looked at his twin. Cody reached back and grabbed each of Zack's legs, placing one on each shoulder and leaned forward. Zack placed a hand behind each of his knees and drew his legs inward towards his chest. Cody felt empowered. He usually followed Zack's lead all the time but at this moment, he was totally in charge.

Cody grabbed his own cock and started to rub it up and down over Zack's exposed asshole. Zack shuddered with anticipation and excitement as he felt Cody's cockhead make contact. Cody worked the head of his dick into position, applying a gentle but steady pressure. Ever so slowly, Cody's cock started to spread Zack's asshole, the crown starting to slide past the resisting muscle.

Zack let out a deep grunt as he felt the cockhead slip through the muscle ring and enter his anus. Like Cody, he was a bit surprised and relieved it was not as uncomfortable as he had braced for .

With his cockhead now in, Cody slowly began to thrust forward and back, putting a little bit more of himself inside his twin with each forward motion. Zack locked his feet together behind Cody's head, freeing his hands. One hand to caress Cody as his other made it's way between them as he grasped his own swollen member. He began to stroke his cock in rhythm with Cody's thrusts. By now, Cody was now able to put his entire length inside Zack. Each time he did, he could feel the skin of his lower abdomen making contact with the cushion of Zack's ass cheeks, and it felt wonderful to him. Cody was able to look between their bodies and watch as Zack furiously jerked his cock while he could see his own dick pistoning in and out of his brother. Also, being in this position, allowed Cody to lean forward and plant another kiss on his brothers lips. Zack's mouth greedily accepted Cody's tongue as it speared between his lips. The brothers had become fairly good kissers, getting better with each girl they had dated, and they were now putting all that learning to good use. The harder Cody drove himself into Zack, the more urgent his kisses became. Zack sucked on Cody's tongue for all he was worth while feverishly jerking his dick.

Zack felt a deep moan escape Cody's throat and vibrate inside his mouth. He knew Cody was getting close to cumming and this started his balls tightening with the same anticipation. Cody moaned again, this time grunting 'I'm gonna cum Zack', as he furiously started bucking his hips and pushing his cock to the deepest depth he could reach. Zack unlocked his ankles and moved his legs from behind Cody's head and wrapped them around his waist, his heels on Cody's ass, pushing in rhythm with his thrusts, helping Cody drive his member hard and deep. Cody grunted as he pistoned harder and faster, his balls bouncing off Zack's ass.

With one last gasp, Cody unleashed an eruption of semen. He drove his cock deep and arched his back, scalding Zack's bowels with the fluid core of his loins. Even though he had cum earlier in the shower, the amount of semen Cody released was flooding Zack's rectum.

Zack felt the white hot seed blasting from Cody into his body. That triggered his own cock to start spewing string after string of his own cum between their bodies, splashing on both of their chests, some hitting him on his cheek, and some even hitting Cody under his chin. Cody started to slowly thrust again, letting the tightness of Zack's rectum milk the last of his semen from his shaft. Zack jerked his cock several more times, making sure his shaft had given all it had to offer. He then reached up and took Cody's face in his cum slicked hands, drew him down, and hungrily planted his mouth over Cody's. Their tongues attacked each other as if in a violent fight.

The urgency of their encounter started to slowly diminish. Their kissing became less demanding and more caring. Their cocks started softening. Cody's dick started to slowly retreat from inside his twin. Zack now lightly ran his hands up and down Cody's back, as he enjoyed the feel of Cody as he kissed him. As Cody finally felt his cock slip out of Zack, he broke their kiss and opened his eyes, seeing Zack looking back at him. "That... that was amazing!" Cody stammered. Zack could only nod in agreement. Amazing pretty well said it all.

After several more minutes, the brothers broke their embrace. Their skin pulling at spots where the cum had dried between them. Cody rolled off of Zack and onto his back. He sighed a deep sigh of contentment. After several minutes of just lying together, Zack broke the silence.

"You know Cody," Zack said, "I guess these things that happen between us are meant to be, like I said before, a special way we share our bond as twins."

Cody thought about this for a moment. He knew his brother was right. He knew from time to time, this was going to happen again. And he was fine with that. Cody leaned over and kissed Zack one more time.

The End


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