Suite Life Of Zack And Cody:
Cupid's Valentine's Day Vengeance Part 34 (Fg,ff,magic,voy)
by Hamster ([email protected])

Bob was a cupid, one of the many archers charged by Venus with the important
duty of spreading love and lust around the globe. Unlike his fellow cupids
Bob found the more common, easy, typical pairings to be both boring
unappealing. So Bob specialized in the sort of pairing that were more on the
controversial side. He especially loved lesbians, incest and other taboo
forms of lust. For this reason Bob was patrolling the Tipton hotel in the
city of Boston. He was looking for some people in need of some hot nasty
loving. Fortunately there was no shortage of them at the Tipton.

First and foremost there was that little friend of the twins who loved to
dance. The twins’ mom also needed to get involved in some hot action. But
before he could get to work. Bob needed to get Max to Carey's room and to
get rid of the twins. Bob was a cupid and he had a plan. It was a very bad
plan so he ditched it and spied on the family while trying to come up with
a better plan.

Zack picked up a phone. "Hey Max do you want to come over and play some video
games?...Great see you soon."


New plan. Cupid drew two sleep arrows.


Zack and Cody both dropped like rocks.

"Hmm. Shit, what do I do with them?" Bob pondered.

Bob grabbed Zack and began to tie him up with a length of rope he kept with
him for special occasions. He then tied up Cody. He dragged the twins into a
closet and waited for Max to show up. Max finally arrived and knocked at the
door. Carey stepped out of her room and opened the door.

"Hey Max." Carey said.

"Hi Carey." Max replied.

"Boys, Max is here to see you. Boys?...Boys?" Carey called.

Bob, who was invisible to them, snickered. He notched two lust arrows.


Max and Carey both yelped. They were then suddenly filled with a powerful and
inescapable lust for one another. Neither of them had a clue how to act on it
though. Bob leaned back and got ready to watch the show.

"You know Max, it doesn't seem like the boys are around but I'm glad you are
here anyways." Said Carey.

"Really?" Said Max hopefully.

"Oh yes." Said Carey. "I think WE can have more fun together than you can
have with the twins."

"How?" Asked Max nervously.

Carey knelt and then kissed Max on the lips. Max was very surprised but she
was also very excited. Carey slipped her tongue in Max's mouth. The two
began to French-kiss. Carey grabbed Max's sweet little nicely curved ass and
squeezed. Carey felt up the young teen's body lustfully as they made out.
Carey grew bolder and pulled off Max’s shirt. Carey leaned forward and sucked
on Max's nipple good and hard then gave it a light nibble. Carey then stood
up and took off her own shirt. She took her bra off and chucked it aside. Max
was in awe of the woman's tits. She wished that she had a nice set like that.
Carey took her belt off and wiggled out of her tight jeans. She took off her
green panties and stood before Max buck naked.

"I showed you mine now you show me yours." Said Carey.

"OK!!!" Said Max excitedly.

Bob was getting excited. "Now that's what I'm talking about."

Max took off first her camo pants and then her little pink panties. Carey
grabbed her by the wrist and led her over to the couch. She continued to make
out with her while rubbing the girl's pussy.

"Mmm, mm that feels so good." Moaned Max.

"Really? Well hold on a sec because I have a REAL surprise for you." Said

"What?" Max popped her eyes open as Carey stopped strumming her cunt.

"Just wait a second it will be worth it trust me." Said Carey.

Carey went into her room and came back with something that Max'd never seen

"It's a vibrator." Carey said.

"Holy cow." Said a wide-eyed Max.

"I'm going to stick it in you. Trust me, you'll love it." Carey said. Max was
really nervous but was enthralled by the sight of the pink monster that Carey
was planning to violate her with. "Come here baby."

Carey pinched Max's ass and kissed her again.

"What do you want me to do?" Asked Max.

"Just lay down on your back baby, I'll do the rest." Carey said.

Bob flew in closer for a better look. Max got into position on the couch.
Carey took her vibrator and put it in her mouth. She coated it in saliva
completely. Next she placed it between the girl's legs at the entrance of
her virgin pussy. Carey pushed the vibrator into the girl's tight little
pussy very slowly. Max's back arched and she gasped as the monstrous device
entered her body. When the Vibrator finally mad contact with her hymen she
gasped loudly. Carey smiled evilly as she changed tacts and rammed the
vibrator into the girl like a charging Rhino.

"EYOWCH!!!" Max cried.

She flicked the vibrator on and Max was over come by the sensation of the
big device vibrating in her tight little pussy. Carey quickly straddled her

"Now baby start licking my pussy. Make sure that you go nice and deep
inside." Carey ordered.

She sat down on Max's face. She savored the frantic lashings of her tongue,
which were mad even more frantic by the giant vibe in her pussy. Carey began
to rock back and forth atop Max's face. She felt the electricity flow from
her pussy and through her body then explode out her mouth in a passionate
cry. She kept riding Max until the girl shook from her own orgasm. Their
sexual encounter was quite suddenly cut off.

There was loud banging from the closet.

"Help! Help us!!" Cried Zack.

"We're locked in the closet." Cried Cody.

Max and Carey rushed to get dressed.

"Just a minute." Carey said.


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