Suite Life Of Zack And Cody: Maddie's Curiousity
by KHenne3572 ([email protected])

Zack and Cody Martin were 12 year old twins who lived in a suite at the
Tipton Hotel in Boston. They were also a handful when they were alone. There
mother Carrie was the lounge singer for the hotel. She was divorced for about
3 years. She preformed 7 days a week Sunday thru Thursday till 11pm. Friday
and Saturday night she finished up by 2am. Maddie Fitzpatrick was a high
school Freshman who ran the coccession stand parttime in the hotel lobby. She
was approached by Carrie one afternoon prior to her performance. The regular
babysitter had resigned due to health concerns. They worked a schedule for
her. She was willing to spend the night on weekends. Maddie needed the money
for school. The boys drove her nuts the first week but she handled them
firmly. It became a work in progress. She helped them with there homework
while doing her own. Cody and Zack both though Maddie was beautiful. The boys
enjoyed when she stayed over on weekends.

This one Saturday night the boys were being petsy. The boys had showered and
were having a snack. They were having a argument over something stupid. Zack
threw his glass of soda at Cody, who ran behind Maddie. The glass of soda hit
Maddie in the chest. Zack was apologizing to Maddie. Cody grabbed a dish
towel and started to dry off Maddie chest. He felt her breast before she
stopped him. She told both of them to go to bed now. She removed her blouse
and bra and put on one of Carrie's tee shirts.

A little while later she checked on the boys. Zack was sleeping and Cody
awoke when she came near him. He noticed that Maddie nipples were erect. Cody
told her "he was sorry for the incident". They never apoligized cause they
were sent to bed. He pulled off the covers and hugged Maddie. When they broke
apart she noticed his hard-on out of his pj's. Cody pulled the blanket back
on him.

Maddie departed the room and sat and read a book. The book was a distraction
to her and put it down. Maddie upzipped her jeans and slid her hand into her
panties. The jeans and panties were by her feet on the floor. She had been
masturbating about 6 months. As she laid on the couch she was thinking of
Cody's cock. Her fingers danced slowly over her clit and then picked up
speed. A finger slipped into her slit and it was wet. Cory got up to go to
the bathroom as he approached the bathroom he heard a moan. He went into the
living room and found Maddie masturbating fast. Her eyes were closed and her
breathing became fast.

Cody grabbed his cock and started to jerk off. He groaned which made Maddie
open her eyes and pull her finger out of her pussy. He was very aroused and
she was mortified about being seen. She reached down and pulled on her
panties. She never had given a blowjob before the videos she had seen the
men enjoyed themselves. Maddie gave Cody a kiss on the lips and then got on
her knees. She took his 4.5 inch cock into her mouth. She looked up at Cody
and he had a hugh smile on his face. Maddie slowly deep throated him and she
liked it.

Cody was in heaven the girl of his dreams was giving him great pleasure. She
knew he would not last long. Cody's breathing changed and his cock swelled in
Maddie's mouth. There was no warning for Maddie. He blew his load quickly and
she swallowed 3 loads. Maddie cleaned him off he had a smile on his face.
Cody fixed himself up and Maddie told him this was a one time thing. He went
off to bed and slept soundly.

Maddie lied back down on the couch and started to masturbate again. When her
finger touch her clit it was like a shot of electricity. She lasted about 5
minutes and had the biggest organism of her life.

* * *

Carey came in from work and found Maddie spread out on the couch naked from
the waist down. She was asleep Carey took in the view for a few minutes. She
went to the boys room and there were asleep. Carey had not been with a
girl/woman in about 10 years. She had 3 one time experiences with woman which
she had enjoyed. She awoke Maddie and told her come to bed. Maddie sleepwalk
to Carey's bedroom as is. Carey reminded herself Maddie has to make the first

The next morning Maddie awoke and Carey was awake already. She was embaressed
to look at Carey. Carey told Maddie, "Its alright don't be embrassed I
understand what happened. You had a strong orgasm and past out. Just next
time come in here and do it."

Maddie hugged Carey and it was slow to break. When it broke they were looking
deep into each others eyes. Carey leaned in and kissed Maddie softly. Maddie
opened her mouth and accepted Carey's probing tongue. The kiss lasted about 3
minutes. Carey broke off the kiss and apoligized to Maddie. Maddie told her
there was no reason to it was a dream come true. Carey was confused by the

Maddie told Carey, "One night I was masturbating and you came into my
thoughts. I became very aroused and hot and had a strong orgasm."

Carey was shocked by this. She liked Maddie and the boys enjoyed it when she

Chapter 2

Carey stripped down in front of Maddie who removed her tee shirt. They held
hands as Carey told Maddie this for education purposes only it will be a one
time event and denied if word ever gets out. They kissed softly as Carey led
Maddie to the bed. Carey spent the next hour exploring Maddie's body. Maddie
screamed into the pillow "ughh holy crap!" as the orgasm raked through her

When Maddie recovered she told Carey she wanted to return the favor. Carey
allowed her to return the favor. She enjoyed returning the pleasure to Carey,
who helped her talking her thru it. She told Maddie, "Yes daughter eat your
mommy's pussy." She kept Maddie's head pressed hard to her snatch. Carey
never came so hard until that morning. Maddie had a talented tongue. They
finished up and kissed deeply for 10 minutes before sleeping in each other's

When they awoke 2 hrs later they showered up together and Carey shaved Maddie
bald like her. She told her guys like this better. She told her she was
beautiful and guys would be tripping over each other to date her.

When she left Carey's room she walked home proud and happy. She was whistled
at once by a older man. A few guys looked at her as she walked home.

The next month when she was at work she let her eyes wander around the lobby.
She would find one person a day and then masturbated that night. The majority
were men but a few woman came to mind. Maddie found herself one week thinking
about her co-workers. Estaban might be good to seduce for experience of a
older man. When she though of Mr Moseby Maddie soaked her panties.

It was a slow day at the hotel. Maddie decided to restock all the shelves.
She was reaching up to get supplies when the shelving collasped and started
to fall on Maddie. She never saw Estaban arrive the shelving falling on him.
Maddie didn't know how she got out of the room. Estaban suffered a cut on his
head which she quickly bandaged.

Maddie asked him, "How can I ever repay you."

He told her he wanted to make out with her. They worked out a time Estaban
got off duty and met Maddie.

They snuck into a spare room. Estaban was a little nervous being with Maddie.
They kissed softly for a few minutes. Maddie decided to heat things up. She
worked her tongue into his mouth he took the hint. He kissed her hard and
deep they were against a wall and moved to the bed. It didnt take long for
them to be dry humping. Maddie was turned on and matched his strokes. When
she awoke a few hours later she was nude and a little sore. It was after
midnight when she arrived home.

When she reported to work the next day Estaban winks at her and smiles. She
had to decide whether or not to report it as a rape or was it she was horny
and let him break her in. Maddie decided she was horny and gave him her

He met with her later in the day she told him, "You raped me last night."

He told her, "You wanted it. Told me to 'stick my big cock in you'."

She knew he didn't wear a condom and she was not on birth control pills yet.
She reached out to Carey and did her best describing the problem without
giving away details. Carey supported her and took Maddie to see her BOGYN
doctor and got her on birth control pills. The doctor told Carey to stay
they needed to talk. He told her Maddie was raped. Maddie broke down on the
way home and told Carey.

When she returned to school in September the nuns noticed a more confident
Maddie. That confidence lasted about 2 week. Maddie reported to work after
school on a Monday. She got called into Mr Moseby office. He looked at her
and told her we need to talk. She didn't want to get Estaban into trouble.

What Mr Moseby told her was worse news then she expected. Mr Tipton has
enrolled London into Maddie's school. She would be responsible to get London
through the school year. He enclosed a check for $10 Thousand dollars a year
as payment to Maddie. He told her the hotel would cashed by the hotel and she
would be given an allowance.

Maddie was leaving for school the next morning when Mr. Moseby called her and
told her to swing by and get London. London Tipton was a spoiled rich girl,
who needed an education. She had been thru 5 schools so far. They got to
school and Maddie warned London this is a private school run by nuns. She
went with Maddie to all her classes. The nuns were tough on all the students.

London recieved the address of where to get the uniform. Maddie went with her
to the store. They took her measurements and gave her uniforms. She tried
them on and didnt like the color.

The next day they went to school together in her limo. It took London about
an hour before she got into trouble for talking. They had a few classes
together. Maddie found herself occasionaly looking at London. London was
having a bad day at school. she excused herself from math class when she
returned to class she was more relaxed. She came up after class and asked
what did I miss. London listened to Maddie and ran her tongue across her
lips while staring at her.

That night Maddie masturbated to the thought of London and came hard like she
did when she was with Carey.

Chapter 3

One night Maddie couldn't watch the boys, so she got London to do it in
exchange she had do London's homework for a week. Zack and Cody knew this
would be interesting. The boys devised a plan to get London to give them
money they got more then expected. They told London they were hungry and
wanted grill cheese. She cooked them grill chesse and nearly started a
fire. London broke down crying in the living room. The boys tried their
best to comfort her. They were both able to feel a breast each. London
kissed both boys hard and deep she removed her blouse and bra. They stared
at them first and then attacked a breast each. A few minutes later she put
her bra and blouse back on and took them to dinner. When they arrived home
the boys went to bed and jerked off.

When Carey arrived home about 2:30. She found London asleep on the couch.
She tried to awake London with no success. The boys told Carey that London
was a good sitter for them. Carey approached London during the week and
asked her if she wanted to sit alternate weekends with Maddie. London told
her, "No I sat as a favor for Maddie."

Carey saw a very lonely girl who was insecure about herself. She told London
if you ever need to talk you can always call me.

A few weeks later London's world came crashing down. Her father was missing
he was last seen leaving his office 2 nights before. She was hysterical at
times in her hotel suite. Maddie tried talking with her but London was to
upset. A few hours later Carey was able to calm her down.

The next morning she was told by Mr Moseby her father was being held in jail.
He was being charged for allegely defrauding the goverment. His assest were
frozen. She would have to leave the hotel. London made a few phone calls but
her "friend" shied away from her. Maddie stepped forward and told her she can
stay with her.

The two weeks London stayed at Maddie's house were the best she ever had.
London learned what real life was. She became responsible for chores to be
done. The third night she was there she awoke to a strange noise. The noise
turned out to be Maddie calling out her name as she masturbated. London got
up and went over to Maddie's bed and whispered in her ear, "Let me help your
dream come true."

Maddie's eyes opened quickly and locked on London. She slipped off her
nightgown and crawled into bed with Maddie. Maddie could see that London's
nipples were stiff already. Maddie leaned in to to meet London's lips and
her tongue slid into Maddie's mouth. They kissed deeply for a few minutes.
She was surprised at how good London kissed. Afew minutes later she was
suprised by London's finger teasing her breast.

The teasing lasted a few minutes and darted down her belly. Maddie grabbed
London's hand and brought it down to her sopping wet pussy. London fingers
worked Maddie's clitoris expertly. Maddie moaned in London's mouth as her
climax built up. When Maddie's organism struck London had 3 fingers in her
pussy and a thumb planted her on clit. Maddie's ass and back arched up as
her orgasm struck her. She had never cum like that in her life.

When she recovered Maddie told London thank you. London pushed Maddie down
on the bed and told her, "You're not done."

London spent the next hour touching Maddie. She enjoyed London eating her out
as much as she had with Carey. She knew she could not tell her about Carey.

Maddie told her, "I would have never thought."

London said, "One of my nannies was and decided I would be a good one to
teach. She made me feel special and I wanted to learn more we met every
Friday night for 6 months. There is not much I have not done."

Maddie kissed London hard and deep. She slid down onto the bed as Maddie
touched her. Maddie worked London into a frenzy and she exploded hard and
held Maddie's head to her pussy till her orgasm subsided.

They kissed deeply and London told her, "You should be over your curosity
now." Maddie asked London if she was a virgin. London said, "When it comes
to men 'yes' I'm a virgin. I lost it at 10 to her with a dildo. I still use
one twice a week." London asked the same question to Maddie.

Her eyes dropped to the floor and London moved her chin up with her finger
and Maddie told her, "Two week ago I lost it to Estaban." London was shocked
at her choice. Maddie looked at her and told her, "At first I though he raped
me. The more I thought about it I led him on."

The rest of the 2 weeks there they shared a bed each night. They enjoyed the
feelings that came out from each other. London's last night there after they
had made love she told Maddie she loved her. Maddie had the same feelings
towards London. The two weeks there London learned responsibility. She
improved as a student which Maddie took as a reflection of her.

Chapter 4

The third day of the next week London grabbed Maddie and dragged her into the
bathroom stall. They kissed deeply and London's finger slid under Maddie's
skirt and into her slit. It took about 3 minutes for her juices to be
flowing. She soaked two of her fingers in Maddie's juices and stuck them into
her mouth and cleaned them. She teased Maddie and left her horny. London
kissed her quickly and told her come up friday night around 9 pm.

The next class the nun awoke her from her daydream. She had stuck a finger in
her slit and was sucking on her finger thinking.

That friday night she went up to London's suite. The door opened and Maddie
walked in when the door closed. They kissed deeply for a few minutes. When
the kiss broke off she noticed London's leather outfit. She told Maddie off
with these clothes and assume the doggie postion on the bed. Maddie followed
directions without question. London went into the bathroom and put on the
strap-on over her outfit. She brought lube just in case.

London licked and kissed Maddie's pussy until it got moist. She then fingered
her to the edge of orgasm and stopped. London lubed up the dildo and rubbed
it a few times up and down Maddie's pussy lips. She whispered into Maddie's
ear "Think about whom you want to fuck you and he will."

Maddie tells her, "I'm ready about a minute later."

London leans forwarded and slowly works the large dildo into Maddie's pussy.
It takes Maddie a few minutes to adjust to its size. London gets a nod from
Maddie and starts to build up speed. Maddie can't believe how good this
feels. Maddie moans "Yes, Mr Moseby, fuck me!"

London had known this and had a black dildo strapped on. She fucked Maddie
for 15 minutes and Maddie told her to stop after her 3rd orgasm. They rested
up and London helped Maddie get set up. She switched to the white dildo while
Maddie licked the black one clean. London got on the bed and told Maddie to
fuck her in the ass. London tells her, "I'm ready" as she removed her anal

Maddie lubes up her ass which is moist already. Maddie worked the dildo
slowly into London's ass. A few minutes to Maddies surprise its completely
buried in London's asshole. A few minutes London is moaning "yes daddy fuck
my ass I'm a bad girl!"

She fucks Londons asshole for 20 minutes. London tells Maddie to stop and
London masturbates herself to an organism with the dildo deep in her ass. A
short time later they fuck each other with a double headed dildo to multiple

When they awoke the next morning Maddie asked London, "So are we like a
couple now?"

London tells her, "No, we're bestfriend with benefits."
The next night in between shows Carey is walking to the ladies room when she
spots Maddie hanging out in the hotel lobby. Carey comes out and walks over
to Maddie sitting in a chair crying softly. She knows something is wrong.
Maddie wipes away the tears and says "Hello" to Carey. Carey tells her, "We
need to talk."

Maddie nods and they go into the employee lounge which is empty. Carey is
furious with Maddie for failing to stay with her kids last night. Maddie
tells Carey how sorry she is and tells her, "I spent the night with London."

Carey asked her, "Doing what each other nails and stuff?"

Maddie tells her, "No, we made love a few times."

Carey is shocked. She asked Maddie, "Is London a lesbian?"

Maddie tells her, "I'm not sure." She tells Carey, "This will never happen
again. I'll always take my responsibility for the kids first."

Carey gets up to leave and Maddie grabs her hand and asked if she is
forgiven. Carey pulls Maddie to her feet and tells her, "You're forgiven."
They hugged and Carey whispered to Maddie, "Does she know?"

Maddie whispered back, "No."

They break the hug and Maddie leans in and kisses Carey for about 3 minutes.
During the kiss an employee walks in to them and backs out quickly.

The next day both of them are called into Mr Moseby's office. He looks at
them and says, "I hear the two of you were making out hot and heavy last
night in the lounge last night."

Maddie looked at Mr Moseby and tells him, "I was curious to see the
difference between a men and women's kiss. Carey was the woman would you
like to be the man?"

He looked at her and decided to go for it. When he kissed her softly he was
surprised how quickly his tongue probed her mouth seeking out her tongue.

Chapter 5

"The rumors started within minutes about you two. We can't have employees
making out while at work. So you have two choices you can resign from the
hotel or you can sleep with me."

Carey cancelled her show for the night stating a sore throat. Maddie was
suppose to be sitting the boys tonight. She got London to sit for her. "I'll
be there around 1 am the latest."

Carey and Maddie went to Mr Moseby house where he joined them a few minutes
later after find a parking spot. Mr Moseby asked the ladies to kiss for a few
minutes for him. It took him about 30 seconds to get a hardon they broke the
kiss off about 3 minutes later.

The ladies discussed it for a few minutes. Carey asked Maddie if she can
handle this.

Maddie told her "I get very wet thinking about him."

Carey went first and gave him a first class humping. Carey matched him
stroke for stroke and talked dirty to him. "Yes fuck me with that black love
muscle. Fuck your white slut, bossman!"

Maddie could not believe what Carey was saying. Carey had need this she had
not been laid in 2 months. He blew 3 loads into her. Maddie was sopping wet
and more then ready. While Mr. Moseby relaxed Carey waved Maddie over and
she went down on her. He got reenergized quickly and slid behind Maddie. She
spread her lips for his condom covered cock. Maddie stopped licking Carey
for a few minutes and let out moans and vocal pleasures. "Mr Moseby your
cock feels so good in me!"

Carey grabbed her head downward and told her finish it off. Carey's ass and
back arched to the ceiling holding Maddie's head as her orgasm struck her.
Her pussy had Mr Moseby cock in a vice grip. "Damm bitch your tight like a

Maddie moaned, "I was a few minutes ago."

Moseby fucked her hard for about 15 minutes. Carey saw Maddie had tears in
her eyes from the pain. Ther locked eyes and Maddie whispered, "I'm okay."
Maddie told Moseby, "I'm cumming again." He blew his load seconds later.

When they recovered Maddie asks Moseby, "Does this mean we keep out jobs?"

Moseby told them, "Most defintely." He kissed both deep for few minutes as
they departed.

They got back to the hotel and went to Carey's room. London noticed both of
them beaming. They noticed also she was glowing. Carey went to check on the
boys. Maddie told London, "You look radiant."

London asked Maddie, "Will Carey get mad I gave the boys a early birthday
present? I slept with both of them."

They hugged and slowly broke it staring at each other. London leaned in and
kissed Maddie softly. Carey watched the kiss develop and last a few minutes.
She cleared her throat they seperated quickly.

Carey told London "Thank you the boys have hugh smiles on there faces." She
kissed London deeply for a few minutes. When they seperated Carey told them
"This stays here. We will seal it with a kiss."


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