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Note 1: Shout out to Hamster whose stories inspired this one and for allowing me to write this sequel.

Note 2: Maddie and London are both 16

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Codes: ff, BDSM, nc-->cons, torture, violence

Suite Life Of Zack And Cody:
Maddies Indentured Servitude Part 3 - Maddie's Revenge
by Tricksterson (I got Hamster's permission, you can check with him if you

Maddie Fitzgerald had a reputation as a "good" girl and by and large it was
a deserved one. But it wasn't out of the goodness of her heart that she had
invited London Tipton to stay at her parents house after the heiress father
had lost all his money and she had been thrown out of the Boston Tipton
Hotel. It was revenge.

For as long as she had worked at the Tipton Maddie had been subject to
various petty humiliations from the other girl without London even realizing
that she was doing it. Sometimes the pain was assuaged by the money the
heiress threw her way but it still hurt. The final straw had come when the
blond working girl had wound up owing the wealthy bubblehead $250 and had
been turned into her slave.

Her sex slave.

What increased the humiliation in Maddie's mind was the degree to which she
had enjoyed it. Nice Irish Catholic girls weren't supposed to enjoy sex,
especially not sex with other girls. She had even liked some of the bondage
parts although she really didn't want to admit that, even to herself. Of
course even when London had been rich Maddie had always had at least one
advantage over her, the fact that she possessed a cerebral cortex. Now she
decided to put that advantage to work.

The first thing she had done was to get the young heiress to strip naked. Why
London had asked why she had simply said that that was how all poor people
sleapt, in order to save money on clothes. Since to London, anyone who
actually worked for a liveing was considered "poor" and she had absolutely no
knowledge or interst in how they lived, she bought it hook, line and sinker.

As they undress Maddie used the opportunity to cast an appreciative eye over
her disrobing roomie. She had, over time, come to terms with the fact that
she found the other girl attractive. She'd never had the chance to observe
her naked body at leisure before. her gaze roamed up the shapely legs, the
swell of the hips, the dark haired patch framed by tan lines, then the narrow
waist and up to the small, firm tits and the face above.

Which was looking at right at her, doing exactly the same thing she was.

"You know, you're really quite pretty." For a moment of good feeling for her temporary roomate, an upwelling that was thoroughly
squashed by the next words out of the Asian girl's mouth, "in a big nosed,
pasty faced way that is."

The need for revenge came back full force. What made it worse was that London
didn't say or do these hurtful things out of deliberate cruelty but out of
ignorance and indifference to Maddie as a person. If she had actually been
trying to hurt the blonde girl she could have dismissed her statement as
simple malice. As it was, part of her was left wondering if her frenemy was
right, which only increased her need to strike back at the pretty dimwit.

"Do you remember when I owed you twohundred and fifty dollars?"

"Yeah, what about it?"

"Do you remember what you made me do?"

A smile lit up the ex-rich girl's face and she bounced up and down slightly.
"Oh yes! We had fun!"

Maddie resisted the urge to slap her forehead in frustration. The girl was
clueless. She has no idea how humiliating and painful it had been for the
other girl to play the bottom in that arrangement. Well, she would find out
soon enough.

"Yes, well the shoe is on the other foot now." The blond girl immediately
regretted her choice of words because London then looked odwn at her feet and
said, "I'm not wearing shoes silly."

Maddie took a long, slow breath and let it out before continuing. "What I
mean is that now I have the power and you don't. If you don't do what I say
I'll have my parents throw you out into the cold to sleep in the dirt and
rats will eat your toes!"

Of course her parents would never do that even if Maddie asked them but the
former rich girl wasn't likely to figure that out.

The bluff worked. London's honey colored face paled and she instinctively
curled her toes inward.

"Okay, what do you want?" the Asian girl asked sullenly.

Lie down on your bed and put your hands over your hed," Maddie said sharply.
After the other girl obeyed she went to her closet and took out a large
cardboard box, out of which she took several pairs of handcuffs and a very
expensive looking silk scarf.

"Hey, those are mine!," London protested. You could take the money away from
the girl but it seemed you could never take it *out* of her.

"Not anymore." In fact it was seeing the box of toys among London's
possessions as they were being put out on the sidewalk and being picked over
by the hotel staff that had planted the seeds of her plan for revenge.

Maddie moved over to London's bed and manacled her ankles to the bedframe.

"What are youowww!" The heiress' complaint was cut off by a hard slap to the

"Shut up rich girl! I'm in charge now!"

"You're not the boOWW!" this time her cry of pain was caused by a hard twist
to one of her nipples.

The little scene was momentarily interrupted by the voice of Maddie's mother.
"Are you two girls fighting?"

London almost called for help But Maddie's raised fist and the thought of
hungry rats shut her up. Besides, when the other girl had twisted her nipple
it had hurt but in a way part of her liked. She was scared but intrigued as
well. So she kept her mouth shut while Maddie told her mother that they were
just having a discussion about where London's stuff should go. Since the
Fitzgerald family tended to have one or two "spirited discussions" a week
over matters both major and minor, Mrs. Fitzgerald readily bought it.

Once that was dealt with she moved away from her victim-lover, went to the
radio and turned on 104.5FM loud enough to drown out the sound they would be
making, or most of them anyway, but not loud enough to make her parents
complain then returned to her prey.

She straddled London and this time secured her wrists to the bed then gagged
her with the scarf.

"You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that. But don't worry, I'll take
it off later, so you can eat my pussy." She reached down to stroke the other
girl's cheek. "You've been a bitch to me ever since we've known each other,
so first you have to be punished." London's eyes widened with surprise,
making Maddie sneer. "You don't even realize the shit you put me through, do
you? I bet you thought we were friends." The gentle fingers turned into claws
and raked across the cheek she had just been stroking, leaving bright red
scratch marks, though drawing no blood. "Then you'll make me feel good and
then, maybe, I'll make you feel good." In token of the last part she leaned
further down and licked her tongue along London's neck then got up once more
and went to the toy box.

She took out a trio of sharp-toothed clamps then went back to the bed where
she fastened two on to London's nipples, making her wince. She then reached
down between the Asian girl's legs and started rubbing her dark-furred pussy

"See?" Maddie said as she felt the other girl's twat getting moist. "I can be
nice. Very nice." She pushed two fingers inside and felt the warm inner walls
of London's vagina close around her fingers as they moved in and out. The
young heiress' breath came faster and more raggedly through the gag, her
hands clenched and unclenched, matching the rhythm of Maddie's fingers and
her hips lifted in anticipation of orgasm.

One that never came. Maddie pulled them out and smiled in mock sympathy as a
squeal of frustration came from her captive then licked the other girl's
juice off them.

"No, no, you don't get to cum yet. Not until I let you." She took the third
clamp and fastened it's sharp teeth onto London's throbbing, swollen clit.
This time it wasn't a squeal but a shriek of agony that came from her slave
and the newbie dominatrix was glad that she had gagged the other girl or her
parents would have been up there, music or no music.

Once again, she climbed on top of her victim-lover and, bending low and
whispering into her ear said, "I'm going to take the gag off so you can eat
me. If you do a real good job, I'll take off the clamps. If you don't..."
She left the threat hanging, knowing that the other girl's imagination would
supply warse things then she could ever come up with.

Just before she removed the gag Maddie added, "Oh, and from now on, whenever
we're alone you will call me Mistress and your name isn't London any more,
it's Sex Toy. You understand?" The other girl nodded and Maddie could tell
from the fear in her eyes that she owned her completely. For now at least
and she heself was so caught up in the situation that she was willing to let
later take care of itself.

She removed the gag and then swiftly straddled the former rich girl's face
and lowered herself onto it.

She had told her new bottom to make it good and Sex Toy complied. Her tongue
flirted along the join of thigh and crotch the teased the blond hair, darker
than what was on her head, surrounding Maddie's slit before pushing between
the Irish girl's nether lips and licking up and down her slit.

Maddie braced herself against the frame of the closet the bed came out of and
groaned rapturously.


Sex Toy's tongue probed deeper and deeper propelled not just by fear but lust
as well. At first the clamps on her nipples and pussy had brought only pain
but at some point the sensations they provoked crossed and blurred the line
between pleasure and pain and her mind, not the sharpest tool in the box to
begin with became unable to tell the difference. At the same time things that
Maddie had said began to peetrate the dim, shallow depths of her mind and
part of her began to think that maybe the blond girk was right and she
deserved anything she did to her.

Oblivious to the thoughts passing through her toy's brain Maddie was
wallowing in ecstacy. "Ohhhhyessss! Good little Sex Toy! Gooood!!" Maddie
maoned, barely keeping her moans and groans to a managable level as she
ground her pussy against her slave's face.

"Fuuuuccckk! Yessss! Cummmmmiinnng!"

True to her word, when Maddie was back in control of her body she removed the
clamps one by one, first from the nipples, soothing and licking them with her
tongue them sucking them gently which once more blended pain and pleasure in
the tiny prain of her captive , then letting her hand drift down to remove
the one on her love slave's vagina. Gently, as if a switch had flipped in her
brain, changing her from vicious dominatrix to tender lover, using just the
tips of her fingers, she massaged the Asian girl's vulva, caressing up and
down the labia at the same time her lip's were kissing their way down the
erstwhile heiress' body.

As her mistress' tongue licked lightly over her still aching clit Sex Toy
gasped, whether from agony or ecstasy even she wasn't sure. In fact she
wasn't sure she even knew the difference any more. She only knew that,
whatever her owner was making her feel, she wanted it. As fingers joined
tongue inside of her she writhed within her chains, but not to escape
because they felt like part of her now, a part that belonged.

"Please, Mistress," the willing slave whispered urgently. "Let me cummm.

"I will," Maddie said, raising her head and smiling at her prey. "But you
have to be quiet when you do it." Then she went back to her work, taking Sex
Toy's tender clit between her lips and sucking. After all she didn't want her
mother rushing in to find her naked daughter with her head buried between
another naked, not to mention manacled, girls legs, did she? That would be A
Not Good Thing.

Mostly the slave was quiet. Her back arched off the bed as she came and a
loud, drawn out hiss came from between but nothing the background music
didn't cover.

* * *

As she got up and put the clamps away Maddie considering leaving her slave
chained up over night but dismissed the idea. One of her parents would be
sure to check in to see if they needed anything and anyway she definitely
didn't want to have to clean up or explain if London/Sex Toy soiled herself
during the night.

After she had released the former rich girl, put the cuffs away and turned
off the lights she climbed into bed. Just as she closed her eyes she heard
her roomate say, "Mistress?"


"Thank you."

She considered asking why she was being thanked but decided that with London
it was better not to ask.


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