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Suite Life Of Zack And Cody: Tipton Nights
by Apple Bigirl ([email protected])

London crawled over to Maddie, who lounged on the bed nude, she sat back on her haunches and did her best puppy dog impression, and she even let out a couple low whines. Maddie just rolled her eyes and continued to ignore the begging London. Being persistent London leaned forward and nuzzled her hand, trying to get a little attention, but Maddie just pulled her hand away. Feeling rejected London hung her head and crawled back over to her dog bed. She lay down, and pouted in Maddie's direction.

Maddie knew what London wanted, but was determined to make the spoiled rich bitch suffer a little longer. She flipped through a magazine laying on the night stand, channel surfed for a bit, and even stopped on a porn, one that showed a large breasted Asian woman being double penetrated by two black men with huge cocks. She heard London begin to whimper in earnest again, an evil smile crept on Maddie's face. She finally decided to give London what she wanted.

Maddie stood stretching her fully nude body, save for one large 13" purple strap-on, designed to stimulate the clit with a small vibrator when used. She thrust her large tits up in the air towards London, who immediately jumped from her bed and trotted over to Maddie as fast as she could. Maddie looked down at London, the sweet little Asian girl smiled, her tongue hung out, and she panted loudly.

"Okay London, I guess it's time for your walk." Maddie knelt and tied a leash to the leather collar, London's only clothing except for a set of chains that forced her to walk on all fours, around London's neck. Maddie grabbed a silk robe from a chair, draping it over her bare shoulders, and tying just enough to give passers-by a tantalizing flash of her nipples, the small patch of heart shaped pubic hair she kept trimmed, and of course the bright purple fake penis. She moved to open the door, when London a low whine, Maddie glanced at her puzzled for a second, then snapped her fingers.

"Oh, baby I'm sorry I almost forgot." Maddie went to the nightstand and removed a small black egg shaped device. Upon seeing it London practically howled in excitement, Maddie just grinned at her enthusiasm. She knelt and slipped the tiny vibrator into London's already sopping pussy, then pulled the remote for the toy from the nightstand. "Is this what you wanted?" Maddie teased, London just barked and nodded her head. Maddie turned the remote on its lowest setting. The soft buzz of London's favorite toy filled the room; Maddie picked up the leash and led London out into the hall.

"Okay, London, let's go see the boys." Maddie tugged gently on the leash as the two girls moved to the elevator. London's suite was on a private floor, but the elevator was public use, and also one of Maddie's favorite places to show off her pet's tricks. Maddie pressed the button and waited patiently for the elevator to reach the top floor. Standing there, she felt London's soft tongue begin licking her foot; she closed her eyes and moaned as London ran her pink velvety tongue in between her toes.


Maddie opened her eyes, tugged on London's leash and stepped into the elevator. As they rode the elevator down London went back to licking Maddie's toes. The elevator moved down three floors, before it stopped, the doors opened and in stepped a well dressed black man, he paused for moment seeing the nearly naked Maddie, and the leashed London.

"Uhh, am I interrupting anything?" He asked a hint of excitement and nervousness in his voice.

Maddie looked him up and down, "Not at all, my puppy here was just practicing her tricks." Maddie tugged on London's leash, the girl looked up at new man, then back down shyly. "Want to see one? Up, London, up!" Maddie jerked the leash hard enough to make London yelp. London sat up on her knees, bringing her face equal with the man's crotch.

"Hell yeah." He reached for his zipper, but Maddie stopped him, and then tugged on London's leash. London waddled over on her knees and took his zipper in her mouth, with a few quick moves she had his already hard cock out, it stood straight, angled upward a full 8 inches. Maddie smiled appreciatively, and then tugged on London's leash again. London leaned forward and took the man's balls into her mouth. He moaned as leaned back as London rolled his balls around in her mouth making sure each one was thoroughly washed. Maddie walked over behind the man and stared into London's downcast eyes.

Smiling Maddie reached around and took the man's cock in her hand, she began stroking softly, as London moved up from his balls and started licking the underside of his shaft, her tongue running over Maddie's fingers, and then up to the head she ran her tongue lightly over the slit. Suddenly, Maddie grabbed the back of London's head and slammed it all the way down; London's nose was buried deep in his pubes. Maddie held her there for a few long moments, the man moaned with the feeling of London's throat trying to gag around his cock. Maddie let go of London's head, and the little Asian girl pulled back gasping, her eyes welling with tears, Maddie started jerking his cock hard, the man groaned his cock spasmed and he sent globs of cum spraying across the elevator wall and London's face.

"Wow, that was--," The man could barely talk he was breathing so hard. Maddie moved over to the button panel and pressed the open button, the doors chimed.

"No need to thank us, just get out." With one hard push the man stumbled out into the hallway his pants falling around his ankles, Maddie grinned and waved and the elevator doors closed. Turning back to her pet, Maddie leaned down and patted her on the head. "Good girl, London, now clean up and you can get your reward." London yipped excitedly and began licking the cum off the elevator wall, and catching what ran down her face with her tongue eagerly gulping it all down. By the time the elevator reached their target floor, London had managed to clean almost the cum, save for a last glob slowly running down from her hairline over her eyebrow.

The doors opened and Maddie led London to the suite given to the Martins. They didn't see anyone on the way there, Maddie was a little disappointed, but also a little glad, she was ready to get to the real fun of the night.

When she reached the suite she pulled out a master key card (a gift from Esteban after a fantastic blowjob), and let herself, and her pet into the room. The lights were off, Maddie saw Carey asleep on the pullout sofa, she had forgotten that it was Carey's night off, oh well; she could still have some fun. Tugging on the leash, Maddie led London over to Carey's prone form.

"Okay London, let's give Ms. Martin a nice dream." London crawled onto the bed, Maddie pulled down the sheets covering Carey's body, the slightly older woman was attractive enough, she still had her athletic figure, long gorgeous legs, and short blond hair, but now she was sleeping in flannel pajamas, completely unsexy. London eased the pajama bottoms down; Carey stirred, but didn't wake. London managed to get the bottoms down to Carey's ankles, then off completely. Underneath Carey was nude, Maddie smiled at the sight of her cleanly shaven pussy, she gave London an encouraging slap on the ass. London bent her head and began to slowly lick Carey's pussy. Her small pink tongue began at the outer lips, moving in a slow circle. Carey moaned lightly at first, and then as London's tongue moved further in, she became louder, and spread her legs. Maddie feared that she would wake, almost wanted it, but knew that bringing Carey into her games would take some time. She felt her pussy get wet; watching London really diving into the milf's pussy was turning her on. She began to stroke her faux-phallus starting up the small vibrator, staring almost envious as Carey shuddered in orgasm, once again Maddie's heart began to race at the thought of Carey waking up, but instead she lay down and snored softly, a smile on her face.

"Come London." Maddie tugged on the leash, leading London into Zack and Cody's room. The boys both slept soundly, Maddie shut the door, tied London's leash to the knob, dropped her robe, and went to Cody's bed. She slipped into bed beside him, the strap-on brushed against Cody's leg.

"Zack come on, you pitched last time." Maddie smiled at that thought, as Cody rolled over and opened his eyes. A look of confusion crossed his features, followed by terror, Maddie quickly pulled him into a kiss, to keep him from getting loud and waking anyone up. Cody eagerly pushed his tongue into Maddie's mouth; she felt his small cock harden against her stomach. London sat on the floor and watched eagerly, the soft buzz of her vibrator loud in the otherwise silent room. Breaking the kiss, Maddie nuzzled up to Cody's ear and whispered:

"Would you like to fuck something other than Zack's ass?" Cody started to nod, his mouth hanging open in surprise, Maddie kissed him again, and moved her hand to his throbbing cock, where it immediately exploded shooting cum all over her hand and stomach. Disappointment filled Maddie's face.

"I'm sorry, I was just so..."

"Shhh, it's okay London will clean it up, but this means I get to go first." Maddie stood and unlatched London from her leash. "Okay London clean Cody's cum, then get him ready." As London crawled up on the bed, Maddie turned up the speed on her vibrator, London's legs buckled as she came. Grinning she began to lap the cum from Maddie's stomach she held off from swallowing until she had gotten every drop from Maddie's tight stomach and hand, then still holding the cum in her mouth, she moved to Cody.

"Roll over Cody, let London do her tongue magic." Looking both nervous and excited, Cody turned his ass towards the two older and very sexy girls. London leapt to the bed and started tonguing Cody's asshole, she used her tongue to push his own cum nice and deep into his ass, Cody began moaning and thrusting backwards, after three minutes he was fully hard again and ready to fuck his first girl, by Maddie had other plans. "Move London, it's time for me to get in there."

Cody grinned at the thought of Maddie licking his ass, but when he felt her breath on his neck, a pit formed in his stomach, he had seen the size of her strap-on, and it was much bigger than Zack. But, he forced himself to relax as Maddie eased the plastic cock inside him; she got about halfway and pulled out, then starting thrusting moving in a little deeper each time, she moaned as the vibrator picked up speed with her thrusting. As Cody grew used to the feeling, Maddie reached around and began to tickle his balls and stroke his cock alternately.

"You are such a little bitch; you know that, you're almost as bad as London. I mean really, do you just roll over and let anyone put anything up your ass?" Maddie begin to berate Cody as she bottomed the strap-on out in his ass, her vibrator going full speed. She pumped her hand faster on Cody's cock, and pressed her breasts against his back. "You know, I don't think you're worthy of me yet, I may let you have London, but if you want a piece of my pussy, you're going to have to earn it." With a final thrust, Maddie came she squeezed Cody's cock tight in her fist and felt his cock spasm again shooting a diminished spray of cum on the bed, pulling out of him, Maddie let him fall into the puddle with an audible *Splock* Standing from the bed, she turned to London to find her puppy, grinding herself against the floor, her vibrator still on full. Maddie turned the toy off, and slipped it out of London's sopping pussy, much to the girl's whimpering disappointment.

"London, clean Cody's mess, then you two can play together; Cody can have your pussy." As London jumped up on bed with Cody, Maddie moved across the room to Zack, who had woken and was staring with obvious enjoyment. "Well, let's see it." Zack flew from the bed, already naked, his small cock jutting straight. "Don't worry; you're still a growing boy." She laughed as Zack's smile fell, his feelings obviously hurt. "Now, you're brother got my cock dirty, clean it." Zack hesitated, but dropped to his knees, and took the purple plastic phallus into his mouth. Maddie was burning with desire, watching Zack's lips wrapped around her cock, moving back and forth, he could only take so much; Maddie resisted the urge to grab a handful of his blonde hair, and force it into his throat. Next time, she thought to herself. Glancing over her shoulder, Maddie watched as Cody humped away at London's pussy, he was obviously enjoying himself; London looked pleased with all the attention. Feeling a warm wetness on her foot, Maddie looked back to Zack, his cock slowly shrinking, a glob of cum on her toes.

"Dammit, I just had those spit shined."

"Sorry, Maddie."

"Don't be sorry, be cleaning." Before he could protest, Maddie slapped him hard across the face; he looked up with tears in his eyes. Maddie raised her hand, but Zack dropped his head and started cleaning. He felt his face flushing with embarrassment; he had never felt so humiliated and turned on at the same time. "Wow, you're better than London. Yeah make sure to get between all the toes, that's it." Zack moved away, and Maddie examined her toes, finding them satisfactory, she turned to her puppy. Cody lay spent and drifting into sleep, as London lay curled at his feet.

"Now London that's not fair, you can't sleep until Zack gets reward for doing what he was told." London slipped off the bed and turned to present herself to Zack. In what seemed like a blink of the eye, Zack had slammed his cock into London's wet and loose pussy. Maddie stood smiling, he was so focused he didn't hear her approach. Maddie leaned down and whispered to him:

"Just one more thing before I go, you need to get what your brother got." Trying to be easy and not let her lust overpower her, Maddie shoved the cock up Zack's ass, she heard him groan in pleasure, then felt his body convulse as he came in London. Maddie kept him pinned there between herself and her now very tired puppy. She pumped away, growing speed and her vibrator hit full force, when she finally came she collapsed, her weight bringing the whole trio down into a clump. Breathing heavily, Maddie rested for a minute, the pulling out of Zack she stood and stretched.

"That was fun boys, maybe if you behave yourselves I'll let you play with me and my puppy again."


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