by the Evil Twin
Codes AU, ff
contact: [email protected]
other: If you are under 18, do not read this. Thanks to Hamster for helping me with the sex scenes.
 She noticed that Maddie was looking very bored at her candy counter. Maddie had a pretty face, she had a very nice bust, her hair was beautiful, and finally she had sexy legs that were exposed below her skirt. London really didn't think she could find anyone much hotter to be her date.
"Hi Maddie." London said.
"Oh, hi London. How was Amsterdam?" Maddie asked.
"Don't ask. Do you have any plans this weekend?" London asked.
"Let's go shopping." London said.
London grabbed Maddie's hand and led her out the door waiving good-bye to Mr. Moseby as she did. Moseby waived helplessly as he watched his candy counter girl and his boss’s daughter disappear out the front door. There was nothing he could do. If London wanted Maddie to go shopping with her, on the clock, then London was going to have her way. She almost always did.
London and Maddie got into London's Limo and drove to several expensive clothing stores.
"London I can't afford any of this." Maddie said.
"Don't worry about that. Daddy is paying for everything." London said as she flashed a credit card.
London went about selecting different dresses for Maddie to try on. London listened to Maddie's opinions on the various dresses patiently. She then disregarded anything and everything the blonde said. London finally selected a beautiful black strapless dress for Maddie. It was a massive turn on for London to dress Maddie like her own personal Barbie doll.
"I love this one." London said.
"I can't breath in it." Maddie said.
"Then it's perfect." London replied.
From there London's Limo took them to a shoe store where London picked out some knee-high high-heeled leather boots for Maddie. They were painfully uncomfortable and hard to walk in because of the extreme arch.
"I don't know if I can dance in these." Maddie began to protest.
"Thank you for the dress and the boots." Maddie said.
"Oh, we aint done yet girlfriend." London said.
"What?" Maddie asked in surprise.
After all the splurging London had just done Maddie could not imagine what else London could possibly want to buy her.
"We need to ice you up. Driver take us to Krystal's Jewelry." London said.
"OK." Maddie said in a hurry.
"Great! You are going to look super hot at the party." London said.
"Wait. Do I need a date?" Maddie asked.
"Oh don't worry about that. It's been arranged for." London Said.
On the day of the party Maddie was picked up by limo at her house.
"Hey Maddie." London said.
"Hey London." Maddie said.
"So are our dates meeting us there?" Maddie asked.
"Oh, I meant to tell you. I'm your date we are going to a lesbian party." London said.
"What?" Maddie asked angrily.
"Yeah. I didn't have a date and I needed a girl who was hot enough to make all the other rich lesbian princesses green with envy." London said.

"Wait. You think I'm hot?" Maddie asked.
 The guests at the party were wall-to-wall wealthy, attractive, young women.  Maddie had no idea so many rich young lesbians lived in the Boston area. London noticed that Maddie wasn't having much fun, so she walked over to her.
"Hey Maddie do you want to dance?" London asked.
"Sure." Maddie said uncertainly.
London took Maddie's hand and led her to the dance floor. Maddie danced with her friend back to front. She moved in time with the music and was rubbing her ass against London's naughty bits. This was starting to really make London hot. Maddie's hands were in the air and London's hands were on Maddie’s hips.  Maddie was having such a good time that she didn't even notice that London was caressing her hips and waist.  London got her some punch and then they went back to dancing. They didn't know that several minutes ago another one of the guests had spiked the punch. Late into the night one of London's friends, the party's host, approached her.
"London your date is absolutely yummy looking." June said.
"She isn't she?" London said.
"Why don't you use my Jacuzzi up stairs?" June said.
"But I didn't bring a bathing suit." Maddie protested.
"That's perfect." London said.
London put her hand between Maddie's legs and stroked the blonde's pussy. London loved the sound of Maddie’s soft babyish whimpers. While she fingered her London put her hand on one of Maddie's boobs and squeezed it. Maddie was really breathing hard while her friend savored every inch of her body. Maddie sigh and her body shuddered. London knew that she'd made her cum.
"Maddie?" London said.
  If we can do that again." Maddie said.
"That and a lot better." Said London before she kissed Maddie passionately.


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