Suite Life Of Zack And Cody: Part 1 - Brotherly Love (mm,inc,hand,oral)
by George Francis ([email protected])

Zack and Cody were home alone. Maddie was supposed to be babysitting, but she
got a call off her cellphone and said she had to go. She wouldn't be back for
the rest of the night. She told the boys to behave and not to tell their mom
they were left alone. And so the boys were left alone, and naturally chaos

The two boys ended up on the floor wrestling each other. And it got quite a
bit heated, it wasn't long before the ol' dirty tricks were pulled out. Zack
decided it was time to defeat his brother and unleash the dreaded...MELVIN!!!
He reached down his brother's pants and tried to pull the boxers up. But he
wasn't able to grab the waistband. He tried three more times but found his
hand batted away before he could get optimum grip.

On the fifth attempt when he reached his hand down he was surprised to feel
something hard in his brothers pants.

Zack:What The hell?!? Do you have a boner?

Cody: I don't know, you kept shoving your hands down there and it just got

Zack: Are you gay?

Cody: No! It's just because you kept rubbing against it. Haven't you ever
rubbed yours?

Zack: Well?...yeah!

Cody: It's the same thing except instead of it being my hand, it was yours!

Zack: What's it feel like?

Cody: Weird...but good!

Zack: Cool. You know I've always...kinda...been curious know?

Cody: too.

They say that twins are in sync with each other, that they're atuned
emotionally, that they share some type of mental link. Well that must have
definitely been true between Zack and Cody because not another word was said.
They just looked at each other and walked to the opposite sides of the room
as they slowly got undressed.

As the two boys removed their clothes they sheepishly glanced across the
room to each other. Untill they were both completely naked and they were left
staring at each other. Their stomachs were flat and their bodies hairless,
except for patches of blond pubic hair above their erect penises. Zack and
Cody knew that they were looking at a mirror image of themselves and that did
nothing but increase their arousal.

Zack was always the more risk-taking of the two so it was he who made the
first move. He walked up to Cody and simply hugged him. The siblings heads
rested on each others shoulders as their hands explored each others bodies,
but not resting in anyone place for long. Cody turned his head, looked Zack
in the eyes and kissed him. Zack was shocked to find his normally pushover
brother taking the initiatuve, he was even more surprised to find that he
was enjoying having his twins tongue in his mouth. The kiss that had
developed helped ease the boys nerves and they let instinct take over.

As the twins swapped spit, Zack's hands moved to Cody's crotch. He rubbed his
hand against Cody's hard cock and could feel his brothers moan in his own
mouth. Zack knew his brother was enjoying this, so he took his brothers dick
in his hand and starting jacking off Cody with long, slow strokes. The
sensation Cody was feeling was like none he had ever experienced before, and
the only way he could show Zack how great it was,was to do the same for him.
Cody copied his brother and so the there they were the two twin teen brothers
embraced in a kiss, rubbing each other.

It wasn't both boys backs were glistening with sweat.Cody was the first of
the two to weaken. He finally broke from the kiss to let out a moan. He
released his hand from his brother's cock and started rubbing Zack's smooth
chest deciding to let his brother take over full-time. Cody felt like he was
going to explode, he had his head face facing towards the ceiling, his eyes
closed and his mouth open.His brothers hands had brought him to the edge.

Cody's face scrunched up and he let out a gasp as his dick shot out streams
of his young spunk. Cody shot his load all over Zack's right leg. When he
brought his head down, and opened his eyes all he could do was look at his
brother and give him a big toothy smile.

Cody: Oh man, that was great!

Zack: Yeah, and messy! (raising his eyebrows)

Cody: Sorry about that but seriously. Woah!

Cody grabbed his brothers head, and kissed him again. This was different from
the first one it was more hormone fueled and passionate. Again, Cody grabbed
his brother's dick and started jerking Zack's manhood. Cody broke from the
kiss and got on his knees. He looked Zack in the eyes and beamed him another

Zack looked down at his brother and watched as he engulfed his dick. He held
Zack's dick in his mouth and ran his tongue around his helmet, then he would
take it out and, starting from the bottom, would run his tongue along the
shaft of his cock.

The expert blowjob that his brother was giving him sent shivers down Zack's
spine. He reached down to Cody's head and ran his hand affectionately through
his blond hair. Cody, spurred on by his brothers gentle petting, decided to
quicken his pace. He took all of his twins cock in his mouth and started
moving his head pack and forth.

Just like Cody did before, Zack's face scrunched up and he let out a gasp.
After his brother's orgasm had passed, Cody stood up. All along the left side
of his face was a streak of Zacks cum. On his chin, the corners of his lips,
his cheek, his forehead. There was even some in the fringe of his hair. When
Zack saw his cum-covered brother, all he could do was laugh. The laughter was
infectious and Cody found himself laughing his head off aswell.

The twins decided to get themselves cleaned up, they were both sweaty and
covered in each others semen. Cody more so than Zack! They both shared a
shower and washed each other, both paying particular attention to their
lower regions.


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