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So Little Time: Cupid's Valentine's Day Vengeance Part 24 (ff,inc,exhib,mc)
by Hamster

Chloe and Riley walked along the the beach hand in hand discussing boys they
liked at school. They were completely alone on the deserted beach. That is
except for the horny cupid ogling their sweet twin asses. Bob the cupid
wanted to fuck them so bad that he couldn't stand it. But he didn't want to
get in more hot water with Venus so he settled for the next best thing.

He tagged each girl with an arrow causing their momentary surprise. They
looked around to see what had stung them then suddenly locked eyes. They
stared at each others sweet young bodies and pretty faces for just a moment.
They suddenly got so horney that they couldn't stand it. And the immediate
object of their lust was each other.

"Oh Chloe! I want to eat your pussy so bad," Riley moaned, "Oh yeah!"

"Oh fuck that sounds good." Chloe responded.

Chloe acted first, pulling off her shirt and unfastening her skirt. Chloe
then whipped her bra off. Chloe's luscious bouncy boobs were out in the open.
Riley just stood staring at her sister's lucious boobs. Riley looked her twin
sister right in the face and smiled the biggest smile. Riley smiled at her
sister and proceeded to take off her long skirt followed by her shirt. Riley
was left in her bra and panties. She discarded the bra first then slid down
the panties. The crotch stuck to her wet pussy, clinging to it briefly before
revealing it's full glory. Chloe stared at the deliscios pussy, she liked
what she saw and licked her lips as she took off her own panties.

When Chloe sat down on the sandy beach, she was totally naked. Riley sat down
right next to her. Chloe put her arms around her twin and they kissed. Chloe
opened her mouth and let Riley's tongue inside. Their apple-size tits were
mashed together as they kissed passionately. Both girls were so turned on
they couldn't stand it any longer.

"Chloe, I just have to taste your pussy," Riley said

Chloe laid down on the sand and opened her legs for her sister. Riley stuck
out her tongue and ran it along the length of Chloe's pussy. Chloe let out a
low but sensual moan. She was in ecstasy. Riley stuck her tongue as deep into
her sister's cunt as she could. She put her whole mouth over her sister's
snatch and sucked hard at her twin's pussy.

Chloe began moaning loudly and bucking her hips wildly while Riley ate her
pussy. Finally, Chloe couldn't keep it in any longer and screamed as she
arched her back and gushed the biggest orgasm of her life right into her
sister's mouth. Riley swallowed all she could and what she didn't swallow
ran out of her mouth and down her chin. Chloe sat up and kissed her sister,
licking and sucking her own juices from her sister's face.

"Mmm, yummm mm" I'm so deliscous. She pulled back and smiled at her twin

"Yes you are Chloe, I hope I taste just as good." Riley stated.

"OK sis, its now your turn. Lay down," Chloe said. She was so horny she felt
like her cunt was burning.

Riley laid down on the sand and parted her legs wide for her twin. Chloe
didn't waste any time. She dove right into her pussy. Riley was so wet, she
almost came at first contact. Chloe loved the fllavor of her twin sister's
cunt and began licking and sucking her cunt like a woman possessed. Fuck
they should bottle this stuff, I'd drink it everyday. Chloe began sucking
in Riley's clit like a mad woman. Riley was moaning so loud you could almost
hear it outside. Riley was in heaven.

When Riley came, her hips bounced up and down and she cried out to the
heavens. Chloe did her best to swallow it all but Riley's sweet orgasm was
so huge that there was no possible way Chloe could swallow it all. Most of
it came gushing out of her mouth and down her chin and dribbled onto her
boobs. Chloe sat up and kissed her sister on the lips again. They hugged
and held each other for the better part of an hour before finallu getting
up off of the sand.

"That was so good." Riley said. "Fuck I want you to be my girlfriend."

"Oh shit Riley." Replied a teary eyed Chloe. "I want to be with you forever!"

They kissed again before heading home to figure out how they could continue
fucking each other in secret.
_ _ _

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