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Just when you guys thought I wasn’t going to write anymore, I go and
surprise you by writing. Just a quick, as Princess Koriand’r says PWP(Plot,
What Plot?) fic to keep y’all begging for more. What can be said, let’s
see. I quite frankly haven’t been that amazed by anything coming out
lately. Either video games or tv, there doesn’t seem to be much in the way
of inspired stuff out there. So rather than looking forward into what is, I
decided to derive some inspiration from the past.

* denotes thought

Super Mario Brothers: 8-Bit 80s Part 1 - Who The Hell Ordered This Pizza?
by Some Random Bastard

“All right, so let’s go over the plan once more,” Luigi said to his brother
Mario before they entered Bowser’s last castle.

“Well I’m going to go in alone, jump over pits of lava and into all these
hoops, then we’re gonna fight Bowser with fireballs from my hand, and if I
die then you try to do the same,” Mario said to his brother, as though it
was the most natural thing in the world.

“Oh right, how could I forget?” muttered Luigi. “Look Mario, while you do
that I’m gonna sneak around back and order a pizza, you know, for the

“Oh that’s-a good idea! What do you think she’ll-a want on-a her pizza pie?”

“Some hot thick Italian sausage would do her some good,” Luigi muttered

“What’s that Luigi?”

“Oh nothing, good luck with the whole flaming balls in your hand thing,”
Luigi said as he walked away from his brother.

* * *

“I’ll get you Bowser, with my supah shot!” Mario yelled at the giant lizard
as he let out a barrage of fireballs at him.

Growling in response Bowser lunged at the Italian plumber, nearly hitting
him and reducing him to tall Mario.

* * *

“Let’s see, this should be the place,” Luigi said as he entered the room.

“What? Who the hell are you?” asked Princess Toadstool, heir to the throne
of Mushroom Kingdom, tied naked to a chair less than ten feet away from

“Ma’am I’m the plumber, and I’m here to check the pipes,” Luigi said with a

“How long have you been waiting to use that line?” Toadstool said rolling
her eyes.

“Longer than you might think,” Luigi said.

“Well are you going to help me or just stand there?” Toadstool asked

“Well, given the options...” Luigi said.

“JUST UNTIE ME!” Toadstool screamed.

* * *

“Well, it’s about time you died Bowser. I really hope you don’t come back
to life and haunt me and mine for another twenty video games. Now it’s off
to save the Princess,” Mario said as he walked past Bowser, tripping on a
scale fragment and losing fire power.

* * *

“Finally!” Toadstool yelled as she stood up, stretching her weary limbs.
”I’ve been stuck here for weeks!”

“So Bowser brought you here, stripped you naked, and tied you to the chair?”

“No, actually he uh...caught me...bathing, when the guards weren’t around,”
the Princess said cautiously.

“Right,” Luigi said as he tried to hide his rock hard boner, which was
uncomfortably and obviously bulging in his farmer jeans.

“Speaking of which, what happened to Bowser?” the Princess asked as she
tried to inconspicuously peek at Luigi’s monkey wrench. Bowser had caught
her in the middle of a furious masturbation session, one which she had
never climaxed from.

“Oh, my brother is taking care of that, I figured we could take some time
to...get to know each other,” Luigi said with a smile.

“Well you did save me...” Toadstool said, her standard in men considerably
lowered from being tied naked to a chair for weeks. *At least he’s got it
going on,* she thought.

Wasting not a moment Luigi passionately kissed the Princess, his throbbing
member achingly rubbing against the material in his pants and against her
leg. She lifted her hand to it, amazed at it’s size and length, it was
nearly a foot long and as thick as her dainty arms!

Breaking away from the kiss, the Princess moved her hands up, in a flick of
the wrists Luigi’s pants were undone, and only moments later a quiet thud
landed them off as Luigi’s fourteen inch pipe pointed towards the sky like
some glorious rocket boldly going where no man has gone before…or at least
for a couple weeks.

“MMM,” Toadstool said as she licked her crimson lips, the slightest
moistness gathering as she bent down, to get a closer inspection of his
member. Grabbing the tip with one hand and the base with another, she
slowly began to rub her hands over his thick veiny member, feeling it pulse
and vibrate with each move. She glided her tongue along the bottom, feeling
with delight as Luigi shuddered in pleasure. Teasing him, she gave him
small kisses and licks over his throbbing blue balls and thick Italian

“I can’t take it anymore!” Luigi cried out as he took the tip of his member
right to the Princess’s small mouth and glided it in. Toadstool would have
smiled if her mouth wasn’t stuffed with his member. Gliding it in, she
quickly gulped as much as she could. Inch after inch disappeared into her
hot tight wet mouth as the Luigi bit his lip to hold himself from moaning.

Never one to leave hands idle, the Princess used her hands to massage his
balls, making his cock squirm that much more as she toyed with, playfully
squeezing his meatballs as she stuffed more sausage down her throat. With a
sudden jerk Luigi stopped, pulled back a little, and rammed it back it.
Toadstool gurgled as again he fucked her mouth, sending more than half of
himself in her mouth.

He started slowly, his ability limited by his concern for Toadstool and her
tight mouth, but as he began to set a rhythm and her throat loosened he
quickly lost all concern except for his climax. Luigi moaned aloud as he
furiously fucked Toadstool’s mouth, she could barely breathe. Finally Luigi
grabbed onto the Princess’s blond hair in handfuls and jammed his cock as
far as he could as he let stream after stream of hot cream directly into
her stomach. Pulling out the Princess was surprised to receive a few more
blasts on her beautiful face.

“Holy smokes! What are you-a doing Luigi!” Mario cried out as he entered
the room.

“Really! The least you can do is give a girl a heads up,” Toadstool
complained as she ran her fingers over her face, licking the sticky goo.

“What’s it look like I’m doing Mario?” Luigi said, his member still hard.

“This your brother?” The Princess asked, the notion of banging brothers
already getting her wet.

“That’s a me, Mario!” Mario said.

“Not exactly the brightest light bulb,” Luigi said.

“It doesn’t matter what’s up top,” The Princess said, walking towards Mario
“It matters what’s down below,” she said, firmly grabbing onto Mario’s junk.

Mario didn’t need to be told a second time, and his plumbing gear was off
in a few seconds.

“Hey looky here, a bed!” Luigi said, pointing in a dark corner of the room.
*Looks like Bowser had other plans for the Princess,* he thought with a
chuckle. Mario and Princess followed him over, inspecting the bed. Well,
Toadstool was inspecting the bed, Mario was getting excited at the prospect
of fucking.

“Lie down Mario,” she said, looking at his ten inch member. *Big dicks must
run in the family,* she thought. Jumping on the bed, she positioned her
soaking snatch on Mario’s bulging unit, then dropped down, her tight twat
instantly being filled by Mario’s meat. Not even stopping to let her catch
her breath Luigi got on the back of the bed, taking his still hard member
and placing it at the entrance to her tight puckered anus.

Licking his fingers a few times he did what he could to try to lubricate
the entrance, his member still wet from his blow job. Starting off slow he
began to finger bang her ass as Mario was just getting a steady rhythm down
in her vice like tight slit.

“OH YEAH!” Toadstool moaned in ecstasy as Luigi hammered away at her
backdoor. Her favorite type of sex was anal, and these Italian plumbers had
something to keep her wanting more. “Don’t tease me, I need the real thing!”
she cried out.

“Super Mario Bros. to the rescue!” Luigi cried out as he rammed his thick
cock into her tight brown eye, despite his attempts he could barely get in
her. Using all the power he could muster he forced his way deeper into her
bowels. As he fought for every inch his brother Mario was furiously
screwing her, jack hammering into her twat like there was no tomorrow.

“Harder!” she cried as Luigi pressed forward, almost six of his fourteen
inches buried in her bunghole. Grabbing onto the bedpost the Princess
braced herself as she pushed back, forcing even more of the brother’s dicks
inside her.

“MAMA MIA!” Mario cried as he came, his cock buried deep in her love canal
as he emptied a load in the Princess. Moments later and triggered by Mario
the Princess violently spasmed as the most powerful orgasm she had in her
life ripped through her system. Every muscle in her body tightened as she
shook from the pleasure, it felt as though every cell in her being was
struggling to deal with the pleasure as it tore through her.

*Damn, that has to be the hardest cum I’ve ever seen,* Luigi thought as he
watched the Princess’ climax. *Yet,* he thought with a smile. Placing one
hand on either side of her round white globes, Luigi pulled back a little,
and just as the Princess looked back he pushed it back in a little bit
deeper, eliciting a cry of delight from her hoarse voice.

Mario looked up, in his excitement he had all but forgotten about his
brother. Pausing for a moment he considered his options. “Excuse-a me,”
Mario said, excusing himself quite randomly as he pulled his shaft out of
the Princess’s soaked twat, his hot sticky cum mixed with Toadstool’s
juices poured out, running against her leg.

Moving himself around to the head of the bed, the Princess soon saw Mario’s
ten inch member, covered with her own juices and some of his mere centimeters
away from her face. Without even a word the Princess opened her mouth,
happily accepting his johnson in her mouth, tasting her own juices salted
with his cum as a thrust forward from Luigi sent her forward.

Acting almost instinctively, Mario thrust forward, meeting his brother’s
call. The Princess could only stay where she was as the brothers Mario
thrust in and out of her body like some mad accordion in a polka band. Only
moments after having been in her mouth Mario’s full member was buried in
her throat, his other moustache tickling her nose at every other thrust,
her lower lip rubbing sloppily against his balls at each turn.

Mario grabbed onto Toadstool’s head, steadying himself as he continued to
cram more and more into her hot little mouth, every thrust emitting a
muffled yelp of pleasure. Luigi on the other hand found that the Princess’s
tolerance ended at about eight inches, but that didn’t mean by any chance
that he wasn’t going to do what he could with those eight.

Luigi pulled it out a little just to tease her, then thrust it in hard,
just to tease the Princess. She could only close her eyes and to be
enthralled by the action, she felt like a piston in a burning hot sex
machine that would never stop. Back and forth they would go, their pace
rapidly increasing to warp speed. She could feel her orgasm building with
each move, the continuous cycle was driver her closer and closer.

With a labored grunt Luigi unloaded a torrent of cum inside the Princess.
Moments later Mario did the same. With both ends receiving such a fucking
and now being filled with cum, she came harder than she ever had. Mario
pulled his member out, covering the Princess’ face and hair with his second
load of cum. Luigi followed his brother’s lead, pulling his member out of
Toadstool’s clenched, writhing body he blew his load all over her ass and
twat, white washing her.

Minutes later, the moans were replaced with heavy breathing. Mario and
Luigi looked down on Toadstool, the night’s activities had sapped all her
energy and she had passed out.

“Hey Luigi,” Mario said

“Yeah?” Luigi asked, lighting up a cigarette

“From now on you make the plans,” Mario said with a smile.
_ _ _

Well, what to say about this. That part one might clue y’all in there will
be more parts. Don’t bet on them being anytime soon, but who knows sometimes
you just get the right kind of inspiration and it’s all good. And what’s the
right kind of inspiration? Feedback, that’s right.

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