Disclaimer: This story contains content that should not be read by people
underneath the age of 21. It is 100% fiction and has no bearing on reality
whatsoever. 100% fiction means real life rape is WRONG. The author does not
condone illegal and immoral actions described. If you feel rape in the real
world is a good thing, bend over in a prison and whistle dixie. While I'm
disclaiming, racism, homophobia and other bigotry of any kind are also really
fucking stupid. I don't own any of Nintendo's characters and make no profit
from this story. Please read the story codes above to ensure that you are not
going to be offended by, or otherwise dislike, the content.

Description: Communism reaches the mushroom kingdom in a bloody revolution,
leaving Princess Peach to suffer the vengeance of the oppressed proletariat
in the form of a brutal plant rape.

Additional Credit: The idea for this came from an internet discussion with
reikorikku and Deathstalker.

Content Codes: Plant/F, nc, snuff, asphyx, pain

Super Mario Bros.: Princess Peach - Reds Under The Flower Bed
by JD ([email protected])

Princess Peach was led into the magnificent greenhouses to the rear of her
palace. Loyal Toads from Toad Village worked on projects from preserving some
of the Mushroom Kingdom's rarer plants, to growing the most beautiful blooms
for display around the royal palace. A heavy smell in the air indicated the
contribution of Yoshi and his kind to the fertility of the plants.

The Toad Gardner led her through to a fortified area of the greenhouse.
Strong magics were said to prevent anything from breaking the glass. Here,
the hostile plants of the Koopers and Bowser were studied and kept. They
strained and pushed against their bindings, some peaceful, others trying to
blast fire balls through their muzzled maws.

The cute blonde princess was led past all of these to a small door at the
very rear. The Toad Gardeners had insisted she come to see the latest
captured plant in person. As two of them pulled on a heavy chain to open the
door, a burst of cheerful, happy music sounded out. It made Peach want to
clap and sing. The entire floor-space behind the door was filled with mud,
and in the centre was a flower with a happy smiling face. It looked like
hundreds that existed peaceably around the Murshroom kingdom.

"What is this, Toad? What has Bowser done to this poor bloom?" she asked, as
she leaned in for a closer look.

Unseen behind her, the small gardener held up a wand, and pushed it under her
pink skirt. The Princess shrieked with agony as it touched her cunt through
the silk of her panties. Magic flowed up into her body with the agony of an
electric shock. It felt as it would to be hit in the snatch with a live
cattle prod. Her hair stood out and her arms slammed against the door frame
mindlessly as waves of sheer, mindless agony flowed through her being.

The gardener pulled the wand away. The princess dropped to her knees and the
greenhouse fell silent, but for the happy sound of cheerful mushroom kingdom
music. Peach moved her hands to her cunt and sobbed on the floor, as Toads
came through the greenhouse and dragged her into the small room. She looked
up through tear bleary eyes into cruel faces without a trace of kindness.

"Princess Peach, you are deposed as ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. We're
setting up a people's collective. Long live the People's Mushroom Republic!"

He spat in her face, and the toads left the room. Peach watched the heavy
door close and heard it being locked. She cried in the mud for several
minutes, until the remains of her dignity forced her to her feet. She stood,
and felt tenderly under her skirt. The magic had not physically harmed her,
but it had hurt worse than anything ever inflicted on her before.

The dark glass walls of the small room buzzed, and the shading turned to
transparent magic glass. Outside she saw gallows, from which hung Mario and
Luigi. A bloody red sign above their beaten, non-moving bodies denounced them
as enemies of the people's republic. A row of green heads on hastily erected
spikes showed that the Mushroom Kingdom wasn't taking any more trouble from
anyone. Gathered around the small greenhouse alcove were hundreds of Mushroom
Kingdom citizens, all cheering at the sight of the crying princess. She
couldn't hear them. All she could hear was the cheerful music, which
seemingly emanated from the flower.

As light streamed through the now transparent walls, the plant shivered, and
the smiling faced flower rocked back and forth on it's stalk. It turned to
face Princess Peach directly, though it's expression did not change.

"Are you a prisoner too? Will you help me, friend?" she asked, stepping
towards the flower.

Thick green vines burst out of the dirt surrounding the smiling faced flower,
two, then four, then eight, then sixteen. More flowers emerged around it, all
happy, all smiling, all playing the same cheerful tune. The toad Gardeners
had been planning this for some time.

Peach yelped as emerged tendrils surged towards her helpless body. The vines
wrapped tightly around the Princess's forearms and pulled her arms apart.
Simultaneously the strong sinuous vines wrapped tightly around her lower
legs, painfully gripping her ankles and calves, and dragged them apart too.
She strained futilely against them with her pale skinned hands bunched into
little fists, but the plant's strength far outweighed her own.

She cried out as the vines finished pulling her legs into a mid-air splits.
Thinner vines pushed down the neck of her dress, and tore it from her body.
Princess Peach was suspended before her former subjects in only a white silk
bra and panties, and pale pink high heeled shoes. She squirmed helplessly as
more of the strong green vines wrapped around her limbs and squeezed

"HELP ME! SOMEONE HELP ME!" she screamed uselessly. Outside, the gathered
mushroom kingdom folked cheered loudly as they saw her shake her head and cry
out. A static buzzing cut through the cheering, and then the Princess's
screamed distress was broadcast out over the crowd from within the
greenhouse. Many burst into laughter at her. Here and there in the gathered
crowd some toads were overcome by their arousal. Small groups gathered around
females in the massed crowd and dragged them to the ground, tearing the
flimsy clothing from their bodies.

Meanwhile, two slimy vines emerged forward and rubbed their slick bulbous
heads against the crotch of Princess Peach's panties. She moaned and stared
down, eyes locked on the molesting vines. She realised with mounting horror
that these had thorns, like those of an oversized rose, spaced along their
length. More vines approached and rubbed against her breasts. The Princess's
large udders were mauled roughly by the gripping green plant. She squealed as
two wrapped painfully tightly around the base of her breasts. Thorns
punctured the toned flesh and blood began to drip down her chest, quickly
running into streams down her stomach.

The two at the blonde's crotch pulled back for a few seconds only to surged
forward suddenly and brutally. They tore through her panties and into her dry
cunt and tight virgin ass. The crowd outside was momentarily silenced by the
broadcast piercing scream, which the excruciating agony of her thorny
violation brought from the princess. She screamed and screamed as they forced
deeply inside of her, tearing the sensitive membranes with their brutal

Then the plant pulled them out, and began to fuck the princess with it's
vines. The blood which began to pour from her torn up cunt and ass provided
scant lubrication as the plant pleasured itself in her shuddering, screaming
body. Peach's breasts were darkening red and bruising in their bra as the
plant continued to roughly squeeze the succulent titmeat with it's thorny
vines. Peaches head shook from side to side and she wept at the agony of her
pain. She just wanted to die, to end her suffering. There was no Mario, no
Luigi, no hope of rescue. The squelching sound of her bloody violation was
relayed to cheering crowd.

The plant wrapped a vine around her neck, and choked off her voice.

Peach's eyes started to bug out as she fought for air. There was none. The
plant sped up it's thrusting, enjoying the pleasurable squeezing as Peach's
asphyxiation slowly caused her body to respond. She looked through wide eyes
as the smiling plant face moved towards her, and then darkness filled her
vision as it pressed into her face. The petals wrapped into her blonde hair
and gripped tightly as it's vines continued to pump into her spasming cunt
and ass.

Peach felt pleasure building even through the agony of her ruined cunt and as
her brain started to fog over she felt a powerful orgasm tear through her
body. The plant's vines exploded inside her with hot milky sap, filling into
her womb and bowels with an explosive plant climax.

It was the last thing she ever knew. A stream of piss blasted from hotly from
her urethra as her body twitched in death. Peach's corpse hung limply in the
air as the plant finished blasting her with sap. The vines pulled back
towards the muddy earth, and another cheer went up as her body was dragged
under the ground.


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