Super Mario Bros.: Rescue The Princess? (F-best,anal)
by Hamster

The princess was once again in the hands of king Koopa. Mario knew what had
to be done. With all his might the little plumber unscrewed the pipe leading
into Koopa Castle and climbed into the festering, stinking hellhole. He
worked his way down the muck-caked pipes into the foul smelling sewer water
below almost instantly he was accosted by a quartet of humanoid turtles.

Mario sighed; it was never easy when King Koopa was involved. Mario threw a
hammer pegging the first koopa troopa, he jumped on the second one's head
knocking it out of it's shell.


With a discus motion he threw the shell at the lot of them bowling them into
a wall. Mario dusted his hands off and wondered what else King Koopa had in
store for him.

* * *

King Koopa held Princess Toadstool firmly by the waist. He brought his
cock-head to her pussy lips and with a powerful pull he speared his giant
scaly dick deep inside her. Toadstool felt the big hard prick plunge into
her threatening to split her in half.


Using both hands to firmly grasp her hips, he rammed his cock in and out
thrusting with such great force that toadstool's arms and head flailed about
wildly. Her pussy was super tight against his prick and she felt every inch
of it as he enthusiastically pumped her silly. Finally he bellowed a powerful
orgasm and flushed her insides with a forceful jet of cum. Toadstools body
rocked with her own mighty orgasm. Koopa pushed his large but half-limp penis
to the princess lovely face.

"Lick it clean baby, lick it clean." Koopa moaned.

Toadstool ran her tongue over his dick licking up his sperm and her own pussy

Suddenly Koopa's chamber doors burst open.

A livid Mario stormed into the chambers hammer in hand.

"How dare you, you..."Mario began.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE???" Toadstool shouted as she wiped the
sperm away from her lips.

"B-But" Mario stammered.

"NO! For the LAST time, I don't like you. I'm in love with King Koopa, he has
a giant satisfying cock, and you have a tiny little limp noodle, you could
never satisfy me the way Koopa can, your too big a wuss, your afraid to do me
in the ass and you call yourself a plumber, or to lick my pussy, your a
fucking wimp now go away and leave us alone!" Toadstool shouted, stamping her
foot angrily.

Mario hung his head low, tears streaming from his face. On his way out he
passed the koopa troopas he beat up in the sewers who where coming in. The
lead troopa went to King Koopa and whispered in his ear. King Koopa smiled

"Princess, your little stalker Mario gave these poor troopas a savage
beating. Perhaps you could give them a piece, you know in the interest of

"Why of course honey. Oh poor little troopas, did Mario hurt you?" Toadstool
asked sympathetically.

One of the troopas got on the ground on his back, his cock erect. Toadstool
went over to him and sat on it, ramming his cock into her tight little

"Eeeoooomph" She squealed as the thick little log filled her ass.

A second troopa stepped over to her shoved his dick into her sex. He
vigorously pumped her like a machine. The third troopa stuck his penis
between her tits as she squeezed them together. The final troopa stuck
his rock hard cock to her mouth. He licked the shaft and sucked on it

She felt like she was in heaven as the four troopas gave her a vigorous
fucking. The one in her mouth shot his load, which she drank down. Soon
enough the Ones in her ass and pussy shot their loads as well. The one
getting titty fucked pulled his dick up a bit so he splattered his cum
all over toadstool's face.

"Oh Koopa" the princess moaned "I'm soooo happy.

* * *

Mario walked into the bar where his friends hung out. Still wiping tears from
his grief stricken face. Donkey Kong, Wario, Luigi and Toad who were sitting
at the bar took one look at him and knew what had happened. So they promptly
laughed their asses off.
_ _ _

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