She-Ra and Fisto Part 1
Copyright @May 17, 1997 by Jennifer Thomas

Adora Randor fled from the arms of the pirate captain down to the
base of the sleeping volcano. Her tiny bare feet, and partly up to her
ankles, were black with soot. The captain eyed her carefully.
Ay, she was a sight to behold, draped in nothing but her flashing
red hair. It fell like waves down the folds of her back, crashing
against her bare buttox.
Finding a smooth rounded piece of coal, Adora hailed him
with a graceful arch of her hand. He raised his arms in defense, but
the stone missed him. "Hey!" he cried. "Fight fair!"
She turned to him, revealing her hard, plump breasts, her
dazzling blue eyes, and a radiant smile. He had seen her standing
there that way if not a thousand times, yet never having grown
immune to her charm and beauty. "Come on, sailor boy, I'm not
such an easy catch!"
"Oh!" he grinned, "just wait till I get my hands on you!"
And he continued after her with his hands raised as if to strangle
her. She laughed, all the way down to where the waves of the red
sea crashed against the land. A massive sailing ship peered through
the mists. When he caught up with her, Adora found herself
trapped, unless she was about to swim. He grabbed her arm and
turned her. "All right," she said puffing, "you caught me.
I guess I'm all yours. It's useless to resist now."
"Yes," he smirked, "might as well lay down and enjoy it."
"Yeah," she smiled, looking into his eyes. "After you!" and
with a flip of her wrist, Sea Hawk found himself lying flat on his
back, she standing over him.
"Adora, must we always play these games!" he grunted,
cocking his head up.
"Yep!" she said, landing on his crotch with him between her
legs like a horse, or better yet, a pegacorn.
"Oof!" he tried to sit up.
She pushed him back down. "Now sit back and relax."
"Er . . . ok, but play nice."
"I will," she said softly, ripping the buttons from his shirt.
Then she dove into him like an eagle, brushing her nose against the
hairs of his chest and up to his lips. "I love you," she whispered,
kissing him.
"I love you too," he said, pulling her closer and tasting her
again. He started to undo his belt.
She stopped him. "Wait," she said, looking around. "Are
you sure its safe?"
"Of course!" he said, "would I bring you here if I didn't
think it was safe? And besides . . . what in all the world could
She-Ra be afraid of? In the belly of a monster you wouldn't be afraid."
"I know . . . but," her lips trembled, she looked at the ship,
"are the crewman away?"
"Adora, you know they are, you saw them leave yourself."
"O-Ok," she said.
"Come on," he said, pulling down his pants, "let's get on
with it!" She punched him in the face, bloodying his nose. He
pushed her off. She rolled to the ground in a lifeless heap. "What
the Hell was that for!" he said, getting to his feet, his pants still
hugging his ankles.
"Oh," she said, with all the love of a mother, "I . . . I'm so
sorry!" She reached toward him on her knees, half of her skin, the
other half black.
He carried his nose and stepped back. "That's the third time
you've done that! What's wrong with you!?" he asked.
"Let me see it," she walked toward him.
"N-no, it's fine!" he cried. "Just get away from me."
"Please," she begged with shimmering eyes. "Forgive me, I
don't know why I keep doing this!"
"I swear, Adora, every time we make love . . . you're either
this crazed nympho, or sexphobic!"
"So what's gonna happen now?"
"I dunno," he mumbled, "let me think."
"Do you still want to . . ."
"The question is, do you want to!"
"Of course I do! You know I love you!"
"So what's wrong? Don't you trust me?"
"Of course I trust you!" she said.
"So what's the matter? Adora, please, I'm trying my best
here . . ."
A cold breeze blew in from the North. It made her shiver
and she hugged herself. She turned from him, hiding a tear.
"Sea Hawk, th-there are things you just don't . . . you don't . . "
"What!?" he cried. "Tell me!"
"There are things you just don't know about m-me."
"Oh come on, I already know you're She-Ra, what bigger
secret can you have? Wait, it's not another man is it?"
"No," she said flatly.
"Then what is it? Whatever it is, Adora, I swear, I'll
understand. I'll love you no matter what."
"I . . .," she broke down. "I don't think so," she mumbled
between sobs.
"Please?" he asked gently.
She turned to him, frightened, wiping away the tears.
"All right, but it won't be easy. Sea Hawk, I . . ."
Suddenly, the two were surrounded by seven solemn figures
dressed in red robes. Their hands were hidden beneath long hanging
sleeves, their faces masked by the shadows of their hoods.
"Wh-who are you people!" cried Sea Hawk, glancing about.
Adora crashed to the ground and started digging.
One of the figures stepped from the circle, addressing him in
a dark brooding voice, "We have come for you."
Adora found a sword buried beneath the dirt, she pulled it
free. The figures did not seem to mind her.
"Me? Wh-what do you want with me?" he asked.
"I sense you wish to know who we are. Come, Sea Hawk,
look into my face."
There was a strange rattling sound as Sea Hawk
hypnotically approached. Gazing into the darkness there, what he
did behold terrified him, and he screamed.
Adora found her boots, her golden brassier, her eagle
feather headdress, gloves, belt, scabbard, and her white loin cloth.
Soon she was dressed and ready for battle. But when she stood
again to face the strangers, they were gone, and nothing but a
statue of Sea Hawk remained with a terror stricken expression on
its face. She touched its shoulder with her hand. "For the Honor of
Greyskull!" she cried, "they have turned him to stone!"
So focused was she on her beloved, that she had neglected
to see the portal they had left for her. It was a glowing, jade
doorway. "It's a trap," she said to herself, "they want me. But I
can't let them get away with this." She unsheathed her sword. Its
sharp edge played a lovely tune. "They will pay for what they have

Upon walking through the gate, She-Ra found herself in
another world. Sheer rock walls rising hundreds of feet flanked her
on each side. She was standing in the middle of a dried river bed.
She touched the walls. There had been no erosion for thousands of
years. Where am I, she thought? Dark clouds raced across the sky
hiding patches of sunlight. Though it appeared night, this was day.
Behind those clouds were two discs, one a deep azure, the other,
larger ultra-violet disc, masked one fourth of the sky. "Eon and
Infinity," she addressed them as if old friends. "I am in the Dead
Zones of . . . Eternia. And . . .," she looked up through the heavy
cloud cover again. "Daylight, I am on the Bright Side."
A voice ushered forth from the shadows, "Only one from
the Dark Side knows the true meaning of the word 'night.'" It was
the red cloaked figure. Seven of his companions joined him forming
a semicircle. She-Ra was in the middle backed against the wall. She
released her sword. They moved in closer as if to suffocate her. She
counted them over and over. "Ok," she said, "who dies first?"
"You do," the voice said calmly.
She watched them closely. Two of them broke formation
and approached. She tightened her grip on her sword; the handle
became slippery with sweat. She stared hard to penetrate the
darkness, to catch a glimpse of their faces, but she could see only
emptiness. It frightened her. It reminded her of another time, a time
when she was without a sword, in the same darkness, backed
against a rusted iron wall, where she could not move, when the
thing that went bump in the night wasn't just a child's fanciful
imagination. "I'm not afraid of you!" she screamed.
"Oh but you are," he said. A long, black, forked tongue
slithered from one of their hoods. She spotted it. The figure who
spoke raised his empty sleeves. "Get her!" he commanded. A red
scaly hand with long black finger nails reached out from behind the
robe. It crumpled to the ground. There was a man with red and
yellow patches of skin, a long tail that rattled like a tambourine,
a head like a serpent, small, soulless eyes, and puffy pink gums
holding six inch fangs. The head lashed out to strike her. She
stepped aside and swung with all her might. Blood washed over
her. His decapitated body lay face down in the dirt. To her right
came the second, blue and purple snake man, striking out with his
long and venomous tongue. But she caught his tongue in her fist. It
wrapped around her knuckles like a whip, and she lifted him above
her head and smashed his skull in against the ground. "All right!"
she spit, "whose next!"
The dark figure clapped, but she could not see his hands, if
he had any. "Very good," he said. "Now . . . let me introduce you
to my pet." The figure raised his arms in triumph. An eighteen foot,
two-legged dinosaur with tiny, underdeveloped forearms stepped
out of the shadows and tromping over the dark figure's head,
lurched its enormous mandibles to devour her. She-Ra leaped out
of the way landing on her side, as the tremendous beast chomped
down on vacant air. As she lay there on the ground, Adora put two
fingers in her mouth and whistled. The sound of her whistle was
followed by the sound of a neighing in the distance. The dark figure
looked up to see a light blue, winged unicorn with wings of many
colors. The mighty majestic steed swooped down from the heavens
and grazed the dinosaur with its horn. She-Ra got to her feet
waving her arms, "Swift Wind! Over here!" she called.
"I don't think so," said the dark one. And then there was a
deafening screech. A pterodactyl like a hawk came down and
snatched up the flying unicorn. It hooked its sharp talons into its
prey and carried it to the ground where it began to peck at the already
bleeding body with its pointed beak. "No!" screamed Adora, and with
that the winds picked up and there was a flash of lightning.
The tyrannosaurus attacked again. She-Ra warded it off
with her swinging blade but she could only nick at its hide.
Seeing her efforts futile, she started to run but it was quick to follow.
There was the boom that followed the lightning when She-Ra
wedged her high heels between its bottom teeth and placed her
hands to the roof of its mouth. The t-rex struggled to collapse its jaws
around her but she forced them apart with all her immortal strength.
The curved serrated edges of its teeth bit into the palms of her hands
making them bleed, but she did not give in. Then, just when the dinosaur
was to spit her out, its bottom tooth became loose and she lost her
grip and fell in. The mouth closed and the reptilian beast thundered off
contented. The dark figure laughed as the sky grumbled and the
pterodactyl continued to feed on the dying animal.
Suddenly, the t-rex croaked, and fell over dead. Its tongue
hanged lifelessly over the edge of its open mouth. And out from
that dark cave came She-Ra, wet with saliva.
"I guess I'm pretty hard to swallow."
The dark figure accosted her. "She-Ra!" he cried. "You will
pay for this! Do you know how long it took me to raise him!"
"About as long as it took to potty train him?"
"Don't mock me wench!" He reached out his sleeve and
instead of a hand coming out to grab her, came a snake. She fell in
retreat hacking at it with her sword, but it jumped back into his
robe. "What are you?" she asked.
"Allow me to introduce myself." He parted his robes and
lowered his hood and peering from the darkness came many pairs
of eyes, glowing like fireflies. He was nothing but snakes, writhing
from waist up, five snake heads. Each snake spoke in the same
single voice, "I am King Hiss of the Snake Men."
"Why did you turn my boyfriend to stone? Change him back
or I'll kill you!"
"Ah, such harsh words from such pretty lips. Let me kiss
them," and the five snakes attacked. The Sword of Protection
danced in her hands fending off each head, until at last catching one
in the mouth. The snake bit down on the blade and held it. She tried
to pull it free when the central, larger snake sunk its fangs six inches
into her waist, leaving two bloody holes in her six inches apart. Her
face suddenly turned pale; she dropped the sword, and collapsed. It
started to rain.
Another red robed figure joined them. This one spoke in a
raspy yet female voice. "Is she dead?"
"The deal was, she dies. Finish her now."
King Hiss morphed into the guise of a handsome, middle
aged man. "There is no need. None are bitten by King Hiss and live.
And in all the universe there is no cure for my venom."
"I thought you said death was instantaneous?"
"It is. I carry within me five poisons. But I wished to make
her suffer for killing my pet." He looked at her, twisted, contorted,
vomiting. "Do you hear that, She-Ra? Now you will learn the
meaning of pain. What you have in you now is a poison that will
slowly make you die, one limb at a time. First you will feel your feet
growing numb, then your legs, then your arms, perhaps. Each time
a part of you dies, you will feel this that you feel now, only worse.
And when finally on the morrow, your head dies, you will know the
worst pain of all!"
Shadow Weaver picked up the sword. She cradled it in her
arms like a newborn. "Ah, yes, I can study this. I can learn from its
Adora tried to stand but her feet would not obey her.
"Wh-why?" she asked.
"Why did I do this? Simple, the Snake Men are interested in
gold. We need it, you see, to build a space ship that will take us to
our home world. There we shall revive our once great Empire, and
proceed to take over the universe! And the Horde promised to
contribute a huge sum of money to this little project if I were get
rid of you. Speaking of which," he turned to Shadow Weaver.
"Where is the money?"
"All right," she replied. "Follow me."
Adora reached up her hand, "Mother! Please, help me!"
"Sweet child," the old crone rasped. "I'm not your mother
anymore." The rain picked up.


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