Superman: The Secret (MMM,MF,tv)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Superman just got done doing battle with a being from another galaxy. The
being took it out of him too, and thus he was due a long rest. As he was in
his apartment he took off his ripped up suit. Luckly he healed fast, the
being may have broken a couple of ribs.

He walked into the shower, turned on the hot water, the water stung a bit but
it soon soothed his muscles. He was no longer Superman but Clark Kent. Clark
washed his jet black hair, then preceded to wash the rest of his body. His
massive chest which was hairless, down to his wash broad stomach. His fingers
ran through the dark hair around his massive cock. Clark took his cock, in
his hand and began to stroke it, til it too was hard and a full twevle inches

With a soapy palm, he stroked himself rubbing his thumb across the tender
cock head. It soon sent a shock wave through him, he soon shot a massive load
all over the shower wall. With his knees buckled, he rubbed his cock head
which was very tender. Clark`s hand had his cum all over it. Clark raised
his finger up to his mouth, stuck his tongue out to taste his own cum. Clark
was licking his cum from his fngers, which in turned got his cock hard again.
He jacked his cock again til he came.

Clark got out and dried off. Clark went to the closet to get a robe and there
he seen a long blue dress. Clark took the dress out, he held it up to him. He
wondered if it still fit. Clark laid the dress on the bed, went to his drawer
and pulled out a pair of black silk panties, a dark blue garter belt, and a
bra with a pair of sheer hose.

Clark soon was dressed, he looked at him self in the mirror. His hair was
slicked back. Clark finished the final touches on his eye make up, put on a
pair of heels, and went out to a club to relax.

He walked in and got some looks. Clark sat at a table and ordered a drink,
but he couldn`t get drunk. As he sipped his drink, a couple of guys came up
to him and asked to sit down. Clark told them they could. He used his x-ray
vison to look at their cocks. Seeing they too were hung, he felt their hands
on her thigh.

"How about we go to my place?" Clark said.

They soon left and arrived at Clark's apartment. Clark fixed them drinks.

"Well, lets have some fun," one guy said.

He began to unbuckle his belt, and undid his pants. He pulled out his large
cock. "Why dont you come here and suck me off," he said.

Clark walked over to him and knelt in front of him. Took his cock in is hand
began to stroke it. Clark could feel the blood run through it as it got
harder. Pulling up til he could see the precum ooze out, hs stuck his tongue
out and licked the cum off. The guy groaned with pleasure. Clark was soon
sucking his cock.

The other guy got behind him, pulled his dress up seen his tight ass. He ran
his hand all over his ass and pulled his panties off. Clark was taking his
guy deep in his throat. The other soon found Clark had a MASSIVE HARD ON.
"Oh God," he said, "SHE is a HE!"

"Really?" he asked Clark.

Clark took the cock out of his mouth. "Yes, I am does it really matter?" He
went back to sucking the cock.

"OH, HELL NO!" he groaned.

The other guy was stroking Clark's cock til it too was hard. Soon they were
all naked in bed. Clark had one in his mouth and the other was in his tight
ass. A hand was jacking his cock, "Oh, I got to taste that," he said.

Clark felt a tongue around his cock, and was sucking his balls. The guy was
sucking his cock while Clark sucked the other. They soon made a triangle they
all had a cock in thier mouths. They all groan at the same time they shot
huge loads, into each others mouth.

Clark laid in bed, his ass full of both of thier cum. Clark soon rose from
bed went to shower. He heard foot steps and looked through the wall and saw
Lois Lane. Clark grabed his dress and underthings. He opened the door to see
Lois standing their in a brown skrit and black blouse.

"Perry wants us to look into a story," Lois said sitting on the bed.

Clark went to dress, came out, and Lois had a pair of panties in her hands.
She held them up to her nose. She could smell cum from a man.

"These yours?" Lois asked.

Clark just stood there.

Lois walked to his drawer and found them full of panties. "Well, well," she
said, "Clark Kent a cross dresser."

Clark could have over powered her easily, but he just sat on the bed.

Lois went to the closet and found it full of dresses. Blouses and skrits,
Lois pulled out a medium length skrit, and a silk blouse. "Here. This will
do just fine," Lois pulled out a pair of beige panty hose. Clark soon was

"Oh, wow!" Lois said, "You make me so hot."

She sat down raised her skrit, pulled off her panties and opened up her
pussy. Clark could see the juices of her pussy dripping down. Clark knelt
bewteen Lois legs sucking on her pussy lips, then he sucked her clit and
that made Lois cum so hard. She almost fainted. Then Lois was sucking
Clark's big cock.

"Oh, you have to fuck me with that," and Clark did just that.

Clark fucked Lois twice in her pussy, then once in her ass, and again in her
mouth. Clark soon made Lois forget what she had seen and they went off to do
their story til Clark had to once again turn into Superman.

The End?


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