This story features characters from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine; the worst
you'll find here is adulterous sex with an alien. People looking for
brutality, incest, and/or pedophilia had best look elsewhere -- hit "n" now.

I like Quark and I decided to make him a vehicle for female-oriented erotica.
By my reckoning a Ferengi male is rather good at sex, especially since he is
equipped with a penis he can inflate at will and is capable of being "ribbed"
-- and being in complete control of ejaculation. Also, Ferengis can't get
non-Ferengi women pregnant, or give them STD's. Thus, for women who are
willing to put up with ugly looks and annoying habits, a Ferengi is the best
and safest lay to be had.

A FERENGI AFFAIR part I. by Trogon.

"Miles, why do you spend so much time in the bar?" Keiko was saying to
O' Brien as he walked into Quark's.

"I just need to work off the stress after a long day's haul with these
Cardassian computers," he said, heading for the bar.

"But why can't you spend more time with us? With your daughter? With your
wife??" she pleaded.

"Maybe because I don't like your nagging!" he retorted and stalked off.

She watched him retreat in a state somewhere between fury and shock.

Quark took this opportunity to sidle up to her. "Mrs. O' Brien, Keiko, isn't
it? Why don't you have a seat?" He took her arm and guided her to the bar.

"Now what can I get for you?"

"I'm not hungry after the fight I just had with Miles."

"Oh, do you fight a lot with him?"

"It's been getting worse and worse..." she looked down and away, trying to
hold back tears.

"Here, let me get you something to drink. Computer, ginseng tea."

"How did you know I like ginseng tea?" Keiko started. From exposure to her
student Nog she had gained a healthy respect for the crafty scheming of

"Oh, I've studied a little of the old Earth ethnicities... and I just
assumed... I hope you're not offended?"

"No, I guess not." She sipped the tea, which was hot and soothing.

"Now, what's going on between you and Miles? You can confide in me. I'm the
bartender, I'm everyone's counselor," the Ferengi said as he leaned over the

"Well, we've always fought. From day one."


"And, well, it's been getting worse."

"How so?"

"I shouldn't tell you this..." Keiko hesitated.

"You can tell me. I'm all ears," Quark gestured at his large Ferengi ears.

"Well, it's rather private."

"I can see you need to talk about this with someone. Why don't we go to
my office." Quark jumped up and led her to the back rooms. He took the
distraught Keiko into his office and punched a code into the door's keypad.
"Just making sure that fool Rom doesn't walk in during our chat" he laughed.

The office was small but comfortably furnished. Keiko sat down on the large
couch. He settled in the chair across from her.

"Now, what exactly is the trouble. Your problem is sexual in nature, I
assume?" Quark said in a professional tone of voice.

"Well, yes . . . It's Miles . . . He doesn't seem to - he just doesn't - he
doesn't make love to me anymore!" Keiko burst into tears.

"Oh, there, there!" Quark leapt chivalrously to her side and put his arm
around her shoulder. He pulled a hankerchief out of his fancy green jacket
and dabbed at her tears.

"He doesn't even touch me anymore!" she sobbed.

"And why is that, do you think?" he said, grabbing her hand.

"I don't know! I wish I did! I'm so lonely! What's wrong with me?" she
continued to cry.

"Oh, nothing that I can see..." Quark patted her hand. "There's nothing
wrong with you at all." he began caressing her hand.

Keiko tried to pull away from him. "What are you doing? I'm a married

"You're married to a man who neglects you. Why don't you give yourself a
break and get some attention from a Ferengi who knows what he's doing." Quark
grabbed her hand and squeezed it, then kissed it.

"I shouldn't. I have a daughter!"

"No one needs to know besides us," he said as he moved his finger up her
forearm and around to her elbow. He caressed her arm with his knuckles and
then began touching her hand with his. He was warm, and the warmth was
spreading through her body. She stared at his knobby hand moving over her
fingers. "No one needs to know..." he put his hand on her knee, trailing his
hand along her thigh. He leaned up and kissed her
neck, and then gave her a loving bite.

"Oh!" she gasped. Keiko sat there, dazed, not knowing what to do. Her
body was in raptures, but... she was married, and besides, she taught this
Ferengi's nephew! What if Nog found out? "But Quark, what about Nog?" she
said, unsuccessfully trying to push Quark away.

"What about Nog?" he murmured as he went to work on her hand again. He began
sucking her fingers, one by one.

"I'm his teacher! If he found out about this, he'd lose all respect for me!"

"Nog won't find out. I don't discuss my romantic affairs with anyone." he
said between licking her palm. Keiko visibly melted when he went to work on
her other hand. Quark took this opportunity to get her to lean back on the
couch and deftly raised her legs up. He leaned on top of her. "You won't be
needing this." He undid the buttons on her blouse, slowly, brushing over the
flesh that was revealed. Then he pulled the comb out of her hair and watched
it fall around her fine shoulders. He had an appreciation for long, dark

"Or this" he undid her bra. Keiko moved to cover her breasts. At that, Quark
laughed. "What are you trying to hide? Computer, dim lights by half. Oh,
so modest..." He began kissing her neck and chest, working around her
protective hands. She still wouldn't take her hands away.

He cocked her head at her. "Perhaps I'm wearing too much clothing?" Quark
sat up and took off his jacket and his shirt and leaned back onto Keiko. He
put her hands onto his chest. Then he started stroking her lovely black

Keiko felt the firmness of his chest and abdomen... something which Miles
definitely lacked. Quark had some soft hair or fur there, very nice to the
touch. She explored his alien physiognomy with her hands. She liked his
slender build. He didn't crush her with his weight.

Her fingers wandered around to his back, up to his neck, and to the back of
his head. He guided her to his ears. "Ahhhh" he sighed and laid on top of
her. The feeling of her uncertain feather-light touch on his lobes was
heavenly. His sighs turned into pants and groans as her caresses grew more
bold and she began using her mouth. His warm body trembled, writhed on top
of her.

[Wshhh] -- the door to the office slid open. "Brother, what are you... oh,
sorry, sorry!" Rom saw his brother's form on top of somebody else, with
feminine hands on his ears. He quickly exited before he caught hell.

"Oh God!" breathed Keiko. She pushed Quark off and despite his protests
hooked her bra and buttoned her blouse. She gave the Ferengi a strained,
pleading look before she ran out.

"That idiot!" Quark fumed as he searched for his misplaced jacket. "How
the fuck did he get my entry code??"


It was right as he was closing the bar when Mrs. Keiko O' Brien walked in.

Rom was upstairs cleaning the third holosuite. Quark motioned for Keiko
to follow him up to the holosuites and punched the access code for the
executive 'suite. "Go inside, I'll come back later" he whispered.

"Oh Rom? Why don't you call it quits tonight." he called into 'suite #3. A
couple of Klingons had been using the Fanta-Orgy program with the Super
Amazon option. They had ended up shooting sticky, smelly, pink semen all over
the floor and walls. The cretins had left a few dents in the walls, too, but
that would have to be repaired later. Quark had been happy to give Rom the
task of cleaning up the 'suite after ruining his encounter with Keiko. Now
he wanted his brother to leave the premises so he wouldn't find out about
her. He was sure Rom would rather spend the night spanking the monkey instead
of sponging up Klingon jizm.

"Oh, thank you brother, thank you!" Rom slipped on the floor and fell into a
pink puddle. Quark tried hard not to laugh as he picked the fool up.

"Go take a shower and get some sleep," Quark patted his brother on the
shoulder, thinking to himself that Rom would as usual get many hours of
self-enjoyment before catching some shut-eye -- while he would be busy making
love to an officer's wife. Some people were just destined to have better
lives than others...

Quark returned to the executive 'suite after locking the bar up.

When he entered, he stepped into a world of swirling clouds. He made his
way through the iridescence to the huge bed that was the only constant in the
'suite. Keiko lay there, naked, waiting for him.

Quark took a moment to gaze down at her. She was slender and brown-skinned,
and her straight black hair fanned over the pillows. Her brown eyes looked
up at him expectantly. "I like what you're wearing," he said.

Keiko whispered "I want you. Now."

This was all the encouragement he needed. He clambered up onto the bed and
stretched out next to her. She began removing his clothing, and with his
help she had him down to his underwear, a gaudy pair of boxer shorts.

Keiko viewed them with appreciation, since all Miles would ever wear were the
standard issue "tidy whities" -- so boring. She looked at his legs which
were slim, not flabby. In this light she could see the greyish hair which
covered his chest. She caressed him, running her fingers through this hair.
She bent her head down and sucked at one small nipple. Quark giggled.
Evidently he found it ticklish, not erotic. At least he would let Keiko try
-- Miles was so tight-assed, he couldn't even deal with the thought of having
his nipples played with.

"I hope you're not ticklish here!" Keiko smirked as she pulled down his
underwear. Revealed was his penis, flaccid and covered in more of that grey
fur or hair. "I'm sure I can help you get excited!" She lightly stroked his
inner thighs, then his balls, then his shaft. Now it was beginning to
stiffen and enlarge. She flicked her tongue around his balls, then on the
head of his reddening cock. Pleased with his sighing response, she put the
head in her mouth.

"Ah! Oh yes, do that!" Quark gasped. Keiko drew more of his cock into her
mouth. She tried to suck on it, but it was rapidly growing to large for her
to manage. She disengaged and suddenly noticed the rings that were forming
just underneath the surface.

"Quark, I'm surprised at you! You're so... large, I can't fit my mouth
around you!"

"But fortunately I won't have that problem with you!" and with that Quark
moved down and pushed her legs apart. His ears brushed against her thighs.
He kissed the top of her pubic mound and then the outside of her labia. He
took the time to get to know her, to enjoy the smell of her. But she
evidently thought he was too slow, for she spread her labia with her fingers
and thrust her pelvis into his face.

"Now, now," he laughed. He pushed her fingers away and brought his own to
bear. He put one finger into her vagina and another on her clitoris. Her
vagina was slick, open, not tight as he had guessed. Then he began lapping
at her entire vaginal area with his long, skilled tongue. Her hole was
larger than he would have guessed. 'Miles must be well hung.' he thought. He
pushed two fingers inside her and licked her clit until her bucking motions
started hurting his ears.

"I'm driving you crazy, aren't I," Quark gloated up at her, his face moist
with one part perspiration, three parts Keiko juice.

"Fuck me, Quark. FUCK ME!" she hissed through clenched teeth.

"Oh, alright, if you insist." Quark sat up between her legs. He guided his
large cock into her. It slid in easily.

"What are you doing? FUCK ME!" she demanded.

He rose to meet her demand. Quark was talented at blood-flow redirection,
even by Ferengi standards. He inflated his cock as far as he could, knowing
that the rings would be extremely prominent. He grew large enough to make
Keiko stretch a bit. He pressed in and out, slowly, but roughly. He
increased the pace. He hammered into her unmercifully, as if he were trying
to pound his way into her womb.

She was gasping, clutching at his back, digging her nails into his back. Her
orgasm came in shuddering waves that squeezed at his cock. The unbearable
tightness released his own orgasm.

"You're not finished yet!" Keiko rolled him over and sat on top of him.

"Ooh, dominate me, woman!" Quark laughed at Keiko's efforts to keep his
now-limp dick in her slick hole.

Keiko slapped him. "Get it up, asshole!"

He sobered up and brought the blood down again. He wasn't going to shoot off
again for a long time, but he could still maintain an erection -- as long as
he didn't tire out.

Keiko bounced up and down on his thick cock, rubbing herself on the rings.
Quark reached up and pulled at her nipples, which were small but extremely
hard. She came again, in an even longer series of spasms.

"Had enough?"

"No!" Keiko yanked him up by the ear. "Fuck me from behind! Now!" She got
down on hands and knees, reddened cunt displayed in a most inviting fashion.

"I hope you're not this severe with Nog, Mrs. O'Brien," he shook his head as
he once again penetrated her. The position made her a little tighter. He
decided to take the risk of inflating to full size again. You could never
tell which ones wanted it rough, he mused.

"Go!" she screamed and bucked her hips into him.

Quark was straining now with the effort of trying to make himself bigger and
shove his bloated cock in and out of her. He was starting to feel dizzy with
the effort.

"Why don't you get on my lap" he panted. She pushed him back on the cushions
and sat on his lap, facing him. He sucked on her breasts as she smashed down
on him with as much effort as she could muster. Finally she climaxed again,
her muscles jerking around him.

"Are you finished having your way with me, you ravisher?" Quark sighed.
Keiko sank into the cushions beside him. She didn't answer him, just looked
at him. The expression on her face was one of supreme satisfaction.

She left him lying exhausted on the 'suite bed. Quark spent the rest of the
night there dreaming of silky black hair.


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