Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: A Hungry Targ Part 2 (F-best,MF,oral)
by ErosTrek ([email protected])

The days passed and Jadzia became more and more restless. She began making
mistakes at her console that would have made a rookie ensign's ears burn with
intense embarrassment, yet she just sat there with a faraway look on her
face. When she directed a heavy freighter into a dock reserved for shuttle
size craft, Captain Sisko realised she was overdue for a vacation since she
seemed to be under a lot of stress lately. After ordering her to her
quarters, he contacted Dr Bashir and asked him to go and check up on Dax and
see what was wrong with her.

Sisko would never have imagined the real reason behind Jadzia's sudden drop
in performance of her duties. It wasn't work related stress, it was something
much more personal. Jadzia was constantly daydreaming about something that
had occurred to her less than a week ago. Something that had shocked her
deeply. Her first reaction to the event had been one of disgust and anger,
but slowly these feelings had changed to interest and curiosity. In its seven
lifetimes the Dax symbiont had been through a lot of things - planetary and
interstellar wars, murder and love, hate and friendship - and hundreds of
sexual partners, both male and female. However, there was one thing it had
never experienced and the internal argument that it created between the
symbiont and the host was the cause of Jadzia's current condition.

It had all begun a week ago, when Jadzia had been alone in her quarters. She
had decided to work out on an exercise bench, but in the end had been so
tired that the bench's auto-massage function had relaxed her into a dream
filled slumber. She had woken up later thinking that her husband, Worf, had
come home and was performing oral sex on her. Since Worf didn't do this often
and when she convinced him, not very willingly, she had been pleasantly
surprised and let him do as he pleased without even opening her eyes. Imagine
her even greater surprise when Worf called out from another room while she
still felt his tongue within her. It turned out that the person performing
cunnilingus wasn't in fact a person, but an animal, Worf's pet targ - a
pig-like creature with a single horn on its forehead that was a common food
animal on Kronos, the Klingon home world.

Her first reaction had been of intense disgust and anger at having been
violated in such a way. Jadzia wasn't a prude when it came to her sexuality.
She was thought to be a nymphomaniac by most of the people on Deep Space 9
that had gotten to know her, and she enjoyed the frequent sexual encounters
she had with both male and female members of the crew proving that there was
some truth to this rumor. However, she had never had sex of any form with an
animal and the emotions that this event had left in its wake had wreaked
havoc with the state of her mind. The problem was this - Jadzia's negative
reaction came into direct conflict with the Dax symbiont's desire to
experience new situations which it stored in memory to pass on to the next
host. Slowly and inexorably the Dax symbiont would win. It always had been
like this. As the days passed, Jadzia Dax, Trill joined with symbiont, became
convinced that the past encounter with the targ had to be repeated - just as
a one time experiment of course - and this time on her terms. The decision
had been taken just minutes before Sisko ordered her off-duty which had been
a lucky break because she had just been about to ask to be relieved and the
reason for which she wanted to go would have been quite difficult to explain
to Benjamin.

The turbo-lift from Ops to the habitat ring seemed to take an eternity. When
she finally reached her quarters, she felt flushed with excitement and
expectancy. She made sure that Worf wasn't there, and that he wouldn't be
returning anytime soon, then she stripped off her uniform till she stood
totally naked. She had a stunning figure, tall, perfect body with largish
breasts, a flat, well toned stomach and long, shapely legs. Her Trill spots,
markings that ran from her forehead, down her neck to her ankles, always
drew attention and were considered by many to be very erotic, especially when
they saw her nude for the first time and realised the spots diverged at her
hips to her pubic area. However this time her statuesque beauty wasn't going
to be of much use since she doubted it would make any difference to the targ.
Undressed, she strode purposefully to the room where Worf kept the animal and
touched the panel that opened the door. Before the doubts she still felt deep
inside her came to the fore, she called to the creature in the commanding
voice she heard Worf use when he called it to come to its food. The Targ
trotted towards her obediently, expecting a bowl of thick, juicy, blood
worms. It was going to get something vastly different and probably much more

"Here, come here, follow me," Jadzia growled, trying to keep her voice as
guttural as possible, in an imitation of Worf. It seemed to be working
because the targ followed her into the living room where Jadzia threw a pile
of cushions from the couch onto the floor and turned around to look at the
targ. It was still a young animal, because it wasn't much larger than some
of the dogs that some Star Fleet humans kept aboard the station. Full grown
targs were enormous, fearsome creatures ... even Klingons respected them -
hunting a large targ and killing it was considered to be an honor.

When Jadzia turned around the targ had continued towards her and was now just
inches away from her legs. Its horn pointed menacingly at her stomach and she
shivered slightly, hoping the animal remained calm and didn't move its head
violently. Its snout reached to just above her knees and it proceeded to
snuffle curiously at the bare skin of her thighs. Jadzia stood still
considering her next move. Having come this far, she had absolutely no idea
how to initiate sex with this creature. Suddenly she began to giggle as an
image formed in her mind of Worf coming in right now seeing his newly wed
standing naked in front of his pet. "Ok, get a grip on yourself, Jadzia," she
whispered to herself, "now that you've decided to do this, you can't stop
now." Meanwhile, the targ had raised its head slightly and was snuffling
further up Jadzia's legs. It had smelt something familiar, dimly remembered
from a week ago, of a hot, tasty fluid that was much better than food.

"Little targ," Jadzia crooned, "do you remember me? Do you want to lick my

The animal just stood there, beady eyes staring blankly at her, nostrils
twitching as the scent of Jadzia's vaginal fluids began to reach them, but
wary of doing anything about it. Suddenly Jadzia realised that last time she
had been lying down asleep and now standing up six feet above the targ, she
was probably scaring the creature. She sat down amongst the pillows she had
spread on the carpeted floor and hesitantly opened her legs. This time the
targ took a step forward without any coaxing and placed his snout directly
on her mons and snuffled loudly. It was a very unusual sensation, but Jadzia
realised that it wasn't unpleasant especially since her labia parted slightly
of their own accord as she became aroused. The targ's long tongue flicked
out, licking at her crotch in an upward motion. Jadzia sighed with pleasure.
Yes, she finally understood why she had wanted to experience this again. The
targ's tongue was more flexible and coarse than a human tongue, and she felt
that much more sensation even with the slightest touch. Not that the targ's
touch was slight ... after the first few tentative licks, it was slobbering
away at her cunt with a gusto she had never experienced before and she
realised that she was going to lose control again unless she reasserted
herself. It would be silly having an orgasm from a tongueing just like last
time, when the purpose of her "experiment" was to actually have sex with the

Jadzia leaned over, resting an elbow on a pillow until her face was on a
level with the targ's stomach. Between its hind legs she could see a large
bulge which she assumed was the targ's balls and penis still covered by
coarse-haired skin. As she examined the bulge visually, the tip of the penis
emerged slowly from its sheath, demonstrating that the taste of Jadzia's
juices were having some effect on the targ. The Trill smiled. No one could
resist her sexual allure! Slowly so as not to startle the animal, she touched
the tip of the penis with a finger. Immediately, the hairy skin seemed to
expand and at least two inches of bright purple colored, wet-looking penis
emerged. Surprised, Jadzia snatched her hand back then grinning sheepishly,
she took a deep breath and touched it again. It was very different from a
human's penis or a Klingon's penis at that. The color was slightly similar to
Worf's probably because both his blood and the targ's was a purplish color,
but the similarity ended there. It was soft and flexible, and had a wet
clammy feel to it. While she had been studying and feeling it, it had grown
and grown and was now at least ten inches long. It didn't seem to get any
harder though and it was a rather amusing sight as the long dick dangled
towards the floor.

"When they're soft you blow them," Jadzia said to herself, but she wasn't all
that sure of giving the targ a blowjob. Either she was going to go through
with this or she wasn't, and unless that penis stiffened up, she wasn't going
to be able to. Trying not to feel too squeamish about it, she repositioned
herself slightly so that her face was looking up at the targ's stomach and
picked up the penis with two fingers and brought it to her mouth. As her lips
closed around the pointed head, the targ grunted loudly, stopped licking at
Jadzia's cunt and looked around in surprise. Jadzia paused, hoping that she
hadn't gone too far. When the targ finally turned around and returned to
cleaning out her vagina she breathed a sigh of relief. Now a cock was a cock
and cocksucking was something that Jadzia was expert at. She licked along the
full length of the penis with her tongue, then deep throated a good portion
of it. Her tongue constantly circled the pointy tip, probing at the tiny cum
hole there. Then she pulled it out of her mouth and again licked at it right
up to the ball sac. Slowly but surely, Jadzia's fellatio was having an effect
as the shaft stiffened considerably, so that now instead of dangling towards
the floor it was almost parallel to the stomach. As Jadzia gave a final lick
to the now very wet penis, the targ began to hump its penis at empty air,
hips spasming in an automatic motion that meant it was ready to mate.

It was now or never, Jadzia realised. She got up on her knees quickly, and
turned around until her back was facing the targ. She then got down on all
fours and waited, with both eagerness and trepidation. The targ seemed to
understand what was required of him, though Jadzia's size and anatomy were
rather different from a female targ. The position she had assumed, however,
was the same for both species and with a grunt the targ raised its body over
Jadzia's firm ass. Its front paws rested across the small of her back and
hips. The targ pressed its penis against her and began to hump insistently,
but a slight problem arose because the wet cock slid between the crevasse
formed between Jadzia's buns and didn't find her hole. The animal whimpered
slightly as it struggled to find satisfaction for its immense hardon but was
unsuccessful until Jadzia grabbed the stiff member and helped it into her

"Ohhhh, wow," she gasped, as the long cock finally pushed past her cunt lips
and drove deeply into her vagina, all the way up her love tunnel on the first
stroke. The targ squealed in happiness as its cock was completely surrounded
by female flesh for the first time in its short life and it humped wildly at
Jadzia, so fast that its hind quarters were almost a blur. "Ohhh ...
aaaah .... yes .... ooooh ... fuck me ....yes .... aaaaah," was all Jadzia
could utter as her voice blended with the targ's constant squeals and grunts.
Jadzia was in complete ecstasy. In seven lifetimes, no other sexual
experience had come close to what she was feeling now. Her previous
misgivings had disappeared completely and all she wanted now was to continue
experiencing this joining between Trill and targ. Minutes of wild animal lust
passed and Jadzia felt she was close to orgasm. The targ was probably about
to come as well, because it was tiring, head leaning on Jadzia's buttocks,
tongue lolling out of its mouth and eyes rolling around their orbits. The
targ suddenly became rigid and pushed his penis forward for the last time as
Jadzia felt pulse after pulse of wetness flow from it deep inside her vagina.
The eruption of cum brought Jadzia off and she raised her head and screamed
as she came too, her internal muscles milking the animal's cock of every
single drop of semen.

The orgasm must have lasted a minute, before Jadzia returned to her senses.
"Wow, that was something. We'll have to do this more often," she told the
targ. Jadzia moved forward on all fours because she still felt the targ on
her back and was trying to dislodge him. Now she realised that it hadn't
even withdrawn its cock from her cunt. Surprised, Jadzia reached between her
legs and tried to pull the penis out of her but much to her amazement she was
unable to do so. What Jadzia didn't know was that like most animals around
the galaxy, targs had what was referred to as a "knot" in their penis. This
knot would expand once the penis was inside the female's vagina to prevent a
"disconnection" between the two animals before all the male's semen had been
transferred. Jadzia was beginning to panic. She didn't know how longer she
would remain like this, if she was going to be seperated at all! What would
Worf do if he returned home and found her like this!

"Calm down, calm down, Jadzia," she told herself, "reason this out. Who can
you call for help?"

Worf was out of it for sure and certainly not Benjamin Sisko. He'd never,
ever talk to her again. Then who? Yes! Julian. Dr Julian Bashir. He was her
friend, and he was also a physician who was sworn to keep anything that
occurred in a doctor/patient relationship private. Jadzia could just about
reach her comm badge on her hastily discarded uniform.

"Jadzia to Dr Bashir."

"Julian here," he replied immediately.

"Julian, can you come to my quarters. There's a slight emergency."

"On my way," Dr Bashir replied, grabbing a portable medipack and medical
tricorder, fearing that Jadzia had an accident or injured herself badly while
training in some obscure Klingon martial art. He had been about to visit her
anyway after Captain Sisko's earlier suggestion that something was wrong with
Jadzia. In five minutes he arrived at Worf's quarters and let himself in with
his medical emergency override code.

Jadzia heard the door open and called out, "I'm in here Julian!"

He stepped into the living room and stopped short as if he had slammed into
an invisible force field.

"What ... but ... my ... Jadzia ...." he sputtered.

She looked at him from her rather uncomfortable position on the floor under
several hundred pounds of targ and totally naked, grinning sheepishly and
blushing deeply, embarrassed that Julian was seeing her like this.

"It was just an experiment," she began, knowing how silly her excuse sounded,
"I just wanted to experience sex with an animal and now I seem to be stuck
here. Can you help me get this animal's dick out of me, Julian?"

Dr Bashir had recovered slightly from his initial shock and began to appraise
the situation clinically.

"May I?" he said as he knelt down near the two lovers.

"Of course," Jadzia replied.

Julian studied the situation closely and understood immediately what had
happened. The targ's penis would probably withdraw automatically anytime now,
probably within the next few minutes but a sudden wicked idea popped into his
head. This situation wasn't something that would repeat itself anytime soon
and he decided to make the most of it.

He began to shake his head as if in doubt and mumbled something under his

Jadzia was worrying now. "Julian, can you get it out of me?" she almost

"Yes, yes ... let me see ..." he said reaching between the body of the targ
to palpate Jadzia's swollen cunt lips.

"Hey," Jadzia said, "what are you doing back there?" as Julian's fingers
traced circles around her cunt and lingered at the top of her slit.

Julian didn't answer her, he was busy pulling back the folds of her skin with
his index finger exposing her hard clit and rolling it between thumb and

"Aaaaaaah," Jadzia moaned as Julian played with the most sensitive spot
between her legs. "Julian... please stop ... what are you doing ... this
isn't the time for that ... just get the animal off me!" she begged.

But Julian continued, his fingers now coated in a mixture of thick pussy
juice and targ cum, as he masturbated the sexy Trill, deftly avoided the
targ penis still buried to its hilt in Jadzia's pussy.

For the second time that day, Jadzia was unable to speak beyond muttering
incoherent gasps and moans as she reached a second sexual peak this time
because of what Julian was doing to her. As she came, her pussy stretched
even widely and combined with the fact that the targ's penile knot had
decreased in size, the animal's penis popped out of her with a squelchy

"Oh god," Jadzia gasped as she realised that indeed Julian had been helping
her rather than taking advantage of her situation, or that was what Julian
intended her to think!

"How can I thank you, Julian?" she said tears brimming in her eyes, "If Worf
had found me like this I just don't know what would have happened."

"You don't need to thank me, Jadzia. I was just doing my job," he said,
"though it was a rather pleasant job if I may say so," he continued grinning
at her. Then he looked thoughtfully at her and raised the hand he had used to
excite her clitoris and which was still dripping wet. His fingers moved
closer and closer to her mouth and incredibly she opened it and and began to
lick them clean. She shut her eyes as if to savor her own juices mixed with
targ cum. Julian gasped in surprise as she shamelessly sucked his fingers
causing him an immediate, raging hardon.

"There may be something you may do for me, after all," he said hoarsely as
she opened her eyes and smiled at him, her blue eyes shining.

In seconds he undid the seal of his trousers and stood before her, an erect
flagpole aimed directly at her mouth.

"Julian," she whispered, "you really want me after what you've seen me do
with that animal?" she nodded in the direction the exhausted but happy targ
had disappeared to.

"Yes, Jadzia, you're so beautiful, I will always want you," Julian told her.

She didn't say anything else. It wasn't necessary. She leaned forward and
took his penis .... his relatively short penis, compared to the targ's! ....
into her mouth and proceeded to give him a blowjob that he'd remember for a
long time. When he came, she swallowed all his cum except for a bit that
dribbled out of the side of her mouth. The second male to be satisfied that
day, he left only minutes before Worf returned and found Jadzia cleaning up
the mess on the floor while still in the nude.

Worf seemed to be in the mood for sex and Jadzia had her third lover in a row
that day, but that's another story.


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