Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: A Special Kind Of Therapy (MFF)
by ErosTrek ([email protected])

"Coming through, make way, coming through," an ensign yelled frantically but
with little effect. He was leading another man pushing an anti-grav sled. The
crowd on the Promenade gave way slowly, not seeming to realize that there was
a prone, space-suited figure on the AG sled. "Medical emergency," he yelled
repeatedly, "let us through."

Finally, they reached Deep Space Nine's Infirmary and pushed the floating
stretcher into the emergency sickbay. A Bajoran nurse directed them to
transfer the patient onto the medibed and they had done so when Dr Julian
Bashir rushed into the room.

"What's the problem, ensign?" Dr Bashir asked the agitated man.

"There's been an accident," he said pointing to the prone figure. "She was
replacing some damaged hull panels on our ship when something happened to
her. She didn't respond to our calls and the captain had to order us out in
spacesuits to retrieve her."

"Ok, that's all I need to know," Bashir nodded, dismissing the men, while
studying the various graphs and intricate diagrams being shown on the medibed
displays. The nurse showed them out to the waiting room and returned to Dr
Bashir's side.

"Get me a laser cutter, let's get her out of this suit," he told the nurse.

She handed him the instrument and he began cutting the spacesuit off. It was
easier this way than taking it off her without her cooperation. When he
finally pulled the now useless spacesuit off he was surprised to find that
the woman was an Andorian. She had blue skin, a mane of brilliantly white
hair and two antennae on her head. Her eyes were closed and according to the
medibed's readouts she was in a coma. Though Andorians were relatively common
throughout StarFleet, having been members of the Federation for several
hundred years, it was quite a while since Dr Bashir had actually had to use
his medical skills on one.

While he waited for the medibed to complete its analysis of the Andorian's
condition, he looked the woman over in a very unprofessional manner. Dressed
only in her undergarments, she presented a stunning figure. Her breasts
filled out her bra, her stomach was flat and muscled, her hips flared nicely
and her thighs were smooth and shapely. If he were to meet her in another
situation, he thought, he'd do his best to chat her up!

The medibed finished its analysis and Dr Bashir studied the readouts. "So,"
he muttered, "we seem to have a hormonal imbalance ... a reduction in the
etegratone levels ... and a slight increase in peltassin levels ..."

"... Nurse, prepare a hypo-spray of 10cc etegratone mixed with 2cc Andorian
blood integrator," he nodded satisfied, "that should fix her."

"Sorry Doctor. The computer says we don't have any Andorian hormones and it
would take at least ten hours to synthesize them."

"What!?" Dr Bashir exclaimed. "She doesn't have ten hours! If we don't get
her hormones back up to normal levels soon she's going to die!"

Julian Bashir paced around the medibed trying to think of something,
anything. He strode over to the central computer console and queried it,
but it gave him the same reply that it had given the nurse. There were no
Andorian hormones anywhere on the station or on any of the docked ships.
They were very volatile substances and so they were only synthesized when
needed. Of course that excluded emergency situations.

"Doctor?" It was the Bajoran nurse who had suddenly had an idea. She was
fresh from Bajor's largest university and still had volumes of seemingly
useless information in her head from hours and hours of studying for exams.

"Doctor?" she repeated, louder. Dr Bashir stopped pacing for a moment to
hear what she had to say.

"I read somewhere that Andorians are very sexually active," she said,
blushing slightly, "and that generation of their hormones depends very
much on that sexual activity."

"Hmmmm ..." Bashir muttered, "that may explain why she is in this condition.
She may not have had sex for a while, thus dangerously depleting her hormonal
levels till she passed out while in zero-g. But it doesn't explain how we're
going to cure her."

"But it does, Doctor!" the young Bajoran nurse exclaimed, pleased that she
was going to out think one very intelligent doctor, who also happened to be
her idol.

"And that is ... " he prompted.

"We make her body regenerate the correct hormones itself," she replied.

"How can we do that ..." then he stopped as realization dawned on him. "You
surely can't be thinking what I'm thinking," he told her rather shocked that
his young and demure Bajoran assistant had come up with such a bizarre and
yet probably effective cure.

"Yes, I am Doctor. You ... you ..." she had some difficulty saying it, so
she took a deep breath and finally said, "you have sex with her until her
hormonal levels stabilize!"

Julian Bashir tried to keep a straight face, but inside he was grinning. This
was probably the first time in the history of medicine where the only way to
save a patient was to fuck her. Oh well, he'd sacrifice himself for the sake
of medicine!

"Nurse, undress the patient, we're going to operate."

"Yes, Doctor," she replied immediately and walked to the medibed. She bent
over the Andorian and undid her bra and pulled off her panties. She turned
towards Dr Bashir to tell him the patient was ready and gasped, the
undergarments falling from her hand. While she had been turned away from
him he had pulled down his trousers and was naked from the waist down. The
nurse's blush deepened. It was the first time she had seen the Doctor naked
and she liked what she saw even though it was still limp.

"Nurse, prepare the tool. I cannot operate in this condition."

"Wha ... what tool?" she stammered.

He was standing in front of her now, and he placed his hands on her shoulders
pushing her gently down on her knees. When she was level with his limp penis
he told her, "This tool. It needs to be hard before I can administer the
treatment you suggested. There is only one way to make it hard as quickly as
possible and that is for you to suck it. Of course ..." he continued quickly
when he heard her gasp in astonishment at what he was asking her to do, "just
remember that it is necessary for the well-being of our patient. This is a
life or death situation!"

That seemed to have convinced her because he felt her warm, wet lips
tentatively close around the head of his flaccid penis. It didn't remain that
way long. Though it was the first time she had given a blowjob, the young
Bajoran nurse seemed to be a natural cocksucker. Her tongue wet the entire
length of his stiffening cock, then circled around the head, nibbling gently
at it, then swallowing it as deep as it would go without choking her. Julian
sighed in contentment. He'd never have guessed that his shy nurse was blowing
him better than some of Quark's dabo girls.

He could have continued forever having this little vixen of a nurse suck his
balls dry, but then his patient would die! So reluctantly he put a hand on
her forehead and pushed her back until his penis was free of her mouth. It
was certainly stiff enough now!

"The tool is ready, Doctor," she said winking cheekily at him, her eyes
glowing with lust and her cheeks burning fiercely with excitement. She
certainly was turned on, her hard nipples clearly visible through her
uniform, but reaming the nurse would have to wait for another time, Bashir
thought as he climbed onto the medibed, straddling the blue-skinned
Andorian's legs. He wet his fingers and ran them through the small patch
of white pubic hair until he found her slit. He pulled the lips apart with
his fingers and rubbed the already moist flesh gently until he felt her
juices begin to flow. When he felt she was ready for him, he placed the
head of his cock against her opening and pushed himself into her.

The unconscious woman moaned slightly as he had sex with her as gently as
possible so as not to harm her. The nurse stood at the side of the bed, a
small part of her attention on the displays, and the rest fixed on Julian
as he fucked the naked Andorian.

After a few minutes, the nurse cried out happily, "It's working, Doctor,
it's working. Hormone levels are climbing slowly."

"Ugh ... yes ... that's great ... yesss," Julian replied between grunts as
he increased the rhythm of his pounding. His hands had been around the
Andorian's waist, but now he moved them up to grab her breasts, pinching
the stiff scarlet nipples between thumb and finger. The patient's moans
were louder now and her eyes had opened slightly as she slowly regained

"Doctor, hormone levels are almost normal again. Keep on just a bit longer."

"I ... I don't think I can ... ugh ... hold out any more ... agggh," Bashir
gasped. What with the nurse's blowjob, and fucking the tight Andorian cunt
right in front of his nurse, Julian was going to come!

"Hold on ... hold on ... almost there," she said watching the readouts
closely, then the nurse had an idea. If the Doctor came now it would be all
for nothing, so she had to do something to make the patient come at the same
time. There was only one way to do that and she steeled herself. This was
the way she got herself off, but she had never done it to another woman!
Today was going to be a day where she did many things for the first time,
things that would have made her teachers, who also happened to be vedecs
(Bajoran monks) on Bajor drop dead from shock. She smiled at the thought!

"What ... what are you ... aghhh ... doing," Bashir cried as the nurse put
a hand on the Andorian's stomach and moved it down to her pubic area, where
Julian's cock was sliding in and out of her vagina.

Then it dawned on Dr Bashir. His nurse had begun to rub the Andorian's clit
to make her reach orgasm and thus cause the hormone levels to peak. It
certainly seemed to be working. The Andorian woman had woken from her coma,
her eyes wide open as she tried to understand why a total stranger was above
her and fucking her. She never had the chance to ask a question because the
nurse's hand and Bashir's cock brought her over the edge to an incredible
orgasm and she moaned loudly and thrashed wildly beneath the Doctor. Julian
Bashir came too, pulling out his red hot cock and spraying white semen over
the Andorian's blue skinned stomach and onto his nurse's hand.

He imagined that she'd try to wipe it off on her uniform or on one of the
items of clothing strewn across the floor of the infirmary. Much to his
amazement she delicately put her hand near her mouth and tasted his salty
cum! Oh wow! he thought, these Bajoran youngsters are really something.
I'll have to get to know my hot nurse better. Much better! But then his
thoughts turned to the present and the patient he was supposed to be curing.
She was struggling to get out from under him, so he got off the medibed
quickly and sedated her with a hypo-spray he had prepared before. She
slowly shut her eyes again, this time falling into a natural sleep and not
the coma she had just come out of.

"She's ok now, Dr Bashir, thanks to you," the nurse told him smiling
brightly at him. Her eyes flicked down to between his legs and she licked
her lips without realising it.

Julian noticed, so he muttered, "I'll ... err ... get myself cleaned up
and ... errr ... I'll talk to you later when our patient is back on duty.
Then we'll fill up ... err ... a report together."

"That's fine with me," the cute Bajoran nurse replied grinning, "I'd love
to fill a ... report ... with you, anytime."


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