Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: A Trill And A Bajoran - Inter-species Relations (FF,anal,fist,BDSM,lact)
by Anonymous

It had been a long day for the crew on board DS9 - many ships had come to and fro through the wormhole, as well as some suspect Cardassian transports needing extensive searching. Two crew members in particular had been very busy.

"It's been exhausting today Jadzia, how about we go down to Quarks and get something to drink." suggested the Bajoran first officer, Major Kira Nerys.

"Sounds good to me! The worst part is nothing happened what with all of those security checks today, I need some action round here." replied the tall Trill, Jadzia Dax, as the two women walked towards the turbolift.

"Promenade" Kira ordered the lift.

A few seconds later, the lift arrived on the promenade, which was just starting to busy-up again as the duty shift ended and the Starfleet and Bajoran officers headed off duty. The Bar was, as ever, packed - humans and aliens drinking, playing Dabo or just having a meal. Quark immediately spotted Dax and Kira as they walked in.

"To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit from the two loveliest beings on board?" Quark was always playing the field, hoping to get somewhere with the two.

"We're here to have a drink you little troll." snapped Kira - she had no love for the Ferengi.

"Charming as ever, what'll it be Lieutenant?"

"Two Black Holes please Quark." said Dax.

"Black Hole? What is that?" enquired Kira, looking worried.

"Just trust me, it's one of my favourite drinks."

Quark delivered the drinks and then wandered off after a look from Kira.

"So, what shall we do on board entertainment central tonight?" smiled Dax.

"Well, I was planning to do... not much really, how about we have a girl's night in and watch a holo-movie or something?" said Kira.

"Sounds good to me, what holo's have you got?"

"We'll take a lucky dip I suppose, tell you what, I'll go down to my quarters now and see what I can find... meet me down there in say, ten minutes?" replied Kira, hoping that Dax couldn't see the glint in her eye. She'd been thinking about this for a long time - ever since Starfleet had arrived.

"Fine, I'll see you in ten" said Dax as Kira finished her drink and headed off.

* * *

Kira arrived at her quarters quickly and hurried inside.

"Computer, lock door and seal - open only on my authorisation, Kira Gamma Delta Two."

"Confirmed - door locked" obiediendly replied the ship's computer.

Kira walked over to the sleeping section of her quarters and stripped off her clothes in front of her mirror. She inspected herself carefully, gently carressing her breasts - pausing for a moment to gently fondle her clitoris, sending waves of pleasure through her mind. No, this must wait. She only had around five minutes before Dax arrived. Opening her wardrobe, she selected an outfit which she had designed herself on her replicator. It was made out of synth-leather, carefully cut to show a lot of cleavage and with a large hole stopping just above her pubic hairs. Yes, Jadzia would have fun tonight. She selected a whip and then laid down a strange looking device and her tricorder on her dressing table.

"Computer, after I open the door, wait ten seconds before closing and resealing to previous authorisation." she wanted to ensure Dax stayed around. But then, with a lifetime of over 300 years, she must be quite broadminded...

* * *

Dax arrived outside Kira's quarters and hesitated for a moment - there was something about the way Kira had invited her here.. she recognised it from a series of events which happened a few hundred years ago.. if her suspicions were true, then this could turn out to be quite fun. Smiling to herself, she pressed the ring button.

"Come in." said Kira.

The doors opened and Dax walked in, still in starfleet uniform, but minus the commbadge.


"Hang on a minute, I'll be out in a minute". said the major from behind a bulkhead - "Make yourself at home".

"Okay!" Dax walked in, and the the doors obidiently closed behind her.

Dax sat down on Kira's couch just as the Major walked out from her bedroom section. Jadzia's eyes went wide when she saw the older woman's outfit - then even wider when she saw the whip in the smiling major's hand.

"Kira! Do I take it that we are going to have.... fun... tonight?" smiled Dax, still quite shocked that her suspicions had been right.

"I take it from that that you're game?"


"So how far are we going?"

"Lets see what happens... you look quite well equipped there!"

"This, yeah I suppose I am... wanna play rough?"

"Sounds enjoyable to me" said Jadzia, standing up off of the couch. "But first, I think we ought to record this". She pulled out her tricorder and set it to audio/visual record mode, and positioned it in the corner of the room.

"Okay, get on the floor bitch." said Kira roughly.

Dax lowered herself gently to the floor, still fully clothed, but imagining that she would need a new uniform fairly soon.


The whip came down hard on Jadzia's buttocks, ripping the uniform where it landed, and exposing a tiny glimpse of skin. Jadzia screamed and moaned at the same time - luckily the room was soundproof.


"Yes. More."

Kira brought the whip down roughly on the younger woman's body, ripping the uniform as it went, and bringing esctasy to her.

"Turn over, now."

Dax obeyed, rolling over to expose her, as yet, untouched front.

Kira again swiped the whip on Dax's body, landing the blows across her breasts, on her thighs, and between her legs.

"Uuuugh" grunted Dax, the pain of the whip turning into pure pleasure.

Kira dropped the whip, and jumped down on top of the Trill, grabbing her head and violently kissing her - forcing her tongue into the mouth of the beautiful woman below her. Jadzia responded, rolling over so that she was on top and then reaching down below the leather suit to Major Kira's love box, roughly manipulating her clit, this sent Kira into pure esctasy - enjoying every second of it.

Keeping the game up, Kira fought beyond her pleasure, and threw Jadzia to the floor, she then grabbed the rips in her uniform and pulled it apart. This left Dax wearing nothing except her trill-spots. Kira stood up and undid her leather outfit and threw it away. Falling down on Jadzia again. Their breasts touched gently, Kira's more plentiful bosom squashing out over Jadzia's hard, but small breasts.

They kissed passionately, all the time Kira's hands racing over Dax's body, cupping her breasts, squeezing the nipples, giving Jadzia the ride of her life. Dax moaned softly as Kira moved down her body, taking her firmly erect nipples into her wet mouth, sucking them gently - then brutally biting them to produce a soft, but ecstatic, groan from Jadzia. Kira continued working her way down the trill's body, licking and pinching as she went, all the time keeping one hand or the other cupped over a breast.

Kira was not doing all the work of course, Dax was massaging the Bajoran's breasts as she worked her way down, Dax would open her hand, take the entire of Kira's tit-flesh in her hand, and then knead it - this only encouraged the Major to work harder! When she reached Jadzia's love box, she gently licked the clit, while working at her vagina itself with a finger or two.

Then an idea hit the Major - she rearranged herself on the floor, and, using Jadzia's plentiful juices, worked a finger, then two, then three, then four, and eventually her entire fist up into Dax's cunt. This send Dax into a total state of pure sexual excitement, as the Major worked her arm up into the young woman's body, a tirade of feelings hit both Jadzia and the Symbiant.

The slug inside Jadzia was totally amazed at what was happening, sure, it had happened to a previous host before, but not like this... Jadzia was just stunned with the intense feeling of fulfillment as Kira plunged her arm still further up into her channel. All of this excitement was working up to one tremendous orgasm for Dax, she tried to keep it away as long as possible, but eventually, her mind gave in.

"Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeaaaggghh" she screamed, praying that no-one was outside the door - and at the same time, hoping someone was... Dax was nearly overcome {excuse the pun :-)} by the sheer ferocity of the orgasm - she nearly passed out. But Kira wouldn't let her go, she wanted to get off too! Pulling her arm out from between Dax's legs, she grabbed the whip, and brought it down hard on Jadzia's cunt. This woke her up!

"Suck my breasts Dax, come on, suck them, get me off". She rammed a breast into Jadzia's face - Dax of course had little option but to open wide! Taking the nipple in her mouth, she sucked. Hard. A difference in physiology between Bajoran women and most other humanoid species is that the milk ducts are always ready for action - this came as quite a shock to Dax when milk filled her mouth - it was a very erotic experience though, and the milk tasted sweet and delicious.

Kira had never experienced this either, the feeling was so erotic, feeling the milk squirt out.

"Dax, I want you to try and fist me like I did you, or at least get me off."

Jadzia broke off the suck on Kira's tit, milk still dribbling out of the end, and kissed her, feeding Kira's own milk back to her.

"Okay, I'll try - lie down."

Kira complied immediately, and, taking one nipple in her hand - squeezing milk at her mouth, spread her legs wide apart. Jadzia took the other nipple and pinched it, spraying milk over her arm.

"I'll need SOMETHING to lube up with!" she said jokingly, as she finished wetting her arm.

"Okay, here I go." - she bent down, and began inserting her arm up into Kira's body, just as had happened to her a few minutes previously...

The effect on Kira was electric - as Jadzia slowly pressed her fingers, and eventually her fist up into her love tunnel, a series of mini-orgasms fired off in her mind, causing her to spasm on the floor, her brain almost overloading with pain and pleasure. Dax continued to push - it seemed that Kira's vagina would go on for ever, but eventually she reached the cervix.

At this point, Kira was sure that she would have had a literally mind blowing orgasm, but no, just incredible excitement. Sensing this, Dax began to pump her arm up and down inside the Major's body - her arm gradually getting better and better lubricated, until she was banging it in and out quickly. All of a sudden, Kira overloaded - she started to scream, and cut off in mid yell.

"Kira? Are you okay? Kira??" insisted Dax desperately - reaching for the tricorder. The device beeped to itself, and reported that Kira was merely sleeping. A few minutes later, she was awake, and with renewed energy, sat up.

"Wow, that was some orgasm Dax - I think we both got off pretty well... What's the time?"

"Wellll, we've been going at this about an hour."

"Is that all? Well, I guess we'd better take a break, and then... have some more fun - I've got a few more ideas on what we could do. A couple of whichI think you may find... interesting..."

"And what are they then?" asked Dax, licking the cum and milk away from around her face, then giving Kira's face a tongue-bath to clean that up too.

"Well, I think we may be able to play a few tricks on our good Doctor" smiled Kira.

"Julian? I suppose that could be fun, maybe later on though, it's still quite early at the moment." Dax returned the smile.

"Jadzia, come here, come on" said Kira tenderly.

The two slowly, and gently kissed, with no violence of the previous hour or so. Eventually, they broke the kiss, and embraced each other, sitting still on the floor of Kira's quarters.

"Kira, I love you." whispered Dax into the Bajoran's ear.

"I feel the same about you Dax, I have since you arrived on board, I always will."

They returned to their embrace.

* * *

Several minutes passed with the two unmoving, before Kira finally decided to get up.

"I'd like to introduce you to a good friend of mine, but first, I need to take a piss."

"Well, if I refer back about one hundred and fifty years, I think we can find a way to spice that up too." Dax smirked, then moved to kneel up by Kira's dark red pubic mound. Carefully opening her mouth, and sticking out her tongue, Dax uttered, "go for it."

"HERE?" Kira replied, shocked for once.

"Sure, it'll be really great, I for one like the taste!"

"If you're sure..." sighed Kira, relaxing her bladder and spraying a high pressure stream of piss straight onto Jadzia's tongue. Jadzia lapped it up like honey, swallowing all that she caught, before moving forwards to clamp her mouth over Kira's pee-hole. It wasn't long before Kira ran out and slowed to a dribble. Dax stood up and shared the juice with her lover - who after initially refusing it gulped it down greedily.

"mmmm, that was good, you wanna pee?"

"No, I don't need to now... about the friend of yours?" enquired Dax.

"Oh yeah" said Kira, licking the piss from her lips. "Come into my bedroom and I'll show you". The two naked women walked over the now [very] wet floor into the bedroom section. Kira picked up the strange looking device she had retrieved from her wardrobe earlier.

"What is it..? as if I couldn't guess!"

"Well, originally, it was a Cardassian torture device - it feeds high voltage electrical signals straight into the nervous system. But with a few modifications, I've found it can be used quite safely, and what's more, very pleasurably - it does have a few extra's that I'll show you..." Kira reached into her drawer and produced three small black circles.

"What are they for?"

"I'll show you. Lie on the bed please Jadzia."

"Okay." Dax lay down and without Kira asking, spread her legs wide apart, opening her soft inner vaginal-lips.

"Riight, just power this up..." Kira tapped her tricorder, the long device came to life. "Okay, it's set to zero power... let's get it into you!"

Gently, Kira worked the tube into Dax's tunnel, making sure it slid in easily by coating it in her own, plentiful, juices. Once it was fully in, and butting up against Jadzia's cervix, she picked up the black discs, and attached one to each of Jadzia's nipples, and one directly onto her clitoris which was now jutting up slightly.

"Ready there?"

"I'm ready, give it to me gently Kira!"

Kira tapped a few buttons on the tricorder, and the flashing on the end of the tube poking out of Dax's hot-box increased - at the same time, indicator lights on each of the clip on discs lit up. Dax began moaning - her mind began to become aroused with the feelings coming from her erotic zones.

"That's setting .1, ready for some more?"

"Uuuh, how, aah, higgh does it gooo?"

"Well, 10 is the furthest i've taken it - and that's where the cutoff is".

"Take me up slowly - all the way."

As the levels rose, Jadzia's body began tossing and turning on the bed with her muscles spasming from the pleasure being generated by the alien device shoved up into her most private place. She wanted to delay an orgasm as long as possible, so she decided to have Kira change the game plan slightly.

"Kiiira, I waan't you to puuut it, aaahhh, uppp myy annuuusss," she moaned through her enjoyment.

"Okay, hang on."

Kira removed the tube from Dax's cunt and checked how wet it was - not enough for an anal penetration, that's for sure!

"Computer, a glass of medical lubricant, grade one"

The computer faithfully replicated the lube, and dipped the tube into the long glass, she then turned Jadzia over. This had the effect of pressing the pleasure generators harder onto her nipples, in turn giving her an even greater level of sexual excitement.

Kira bent over Jadzia and gently licked her anus, slowly letting her tongue enter and probe the rear end of the ecstatic woman. Again slowly, she withdrew her tongue, and slapped some of the lubricant up and into Jadzia's ass using her fingers - this made a big groan. Finally, all was ready.

Ever so gently, Kira began working the device up into Jadzia's chute, reducing the power level to .1 again, she gave it one final press home past Dax's sphincter, causing it to enter in a rush.

"AAaghaahh" groaned Dax.

"Nearly there, just gotta switch on now."

The effect on Dax was amazing, she rolled over so that the device pressed even more firmly into her anus and was driven even crazier. All this was too much for Kira, she needed to get off. Again, she dangled her breasts in front of Dax's face, who hungrily grabbed them and began suckling at them, squeezing the milk out yet again. Kira was enjoying herself so much, that when she put one of her hands down to balance herself over Dax, she didn't notice the tricorder underneath. Her hand touched the panel, and sent the power output straight to 10.

Jadzia instantly orgasmed - too tired even to groan. Kira rolled her over, turned the power down on the futuristic vibrator, and pulled it out. It was coated with a thin film of Jadzia's shit and medical lube, but Kira didn't care, she wanted this beast up her ass too - she'd never dared put it up there before, and had never really thought of it. She rammed it up, and turned the power to 5, she then lay down on top of Jadzia (who was by now groggy to say the least!) and began masturbating, she inserted 3 fingers into her cunt straight away, and began pumping in and out at a great speed. She then took her other hand down there too and started tweaking her clit. Girl juices began pouring out of her vagina, and Dax started to get wet. Jadzia woke up while Kira was wanking on her, and gently put her arms round onto the Major's back, drawing her to Jadzia's mouth. The two began kissing while Kira was still wanking, this extra action only heating up the moment. Eventually, all of the excitement proved to much for Kira, and she orgasmed, sending massive gobs of cum all over Jadzia and the bed.

She then switched off and removed all of the devices from their bodies.

"We must try that again sometime," smiled Dax.

"Sure thing," gasped Kira.

The two kissed and fell asleep in each other's arms.

* * *

"Nerys, we've been asleep half an hour."

"I'm not surprised! You ready for more?"

"Sure am, and I think now would be a good time for Doctor Bashir to make a house call."

"Okay, we've gotta set this up right.... how about......." whispered Kira to Dax.

Dax laughed. "Perfect."

Kira swung around onto the bed so that she was facing upwards, and her head was pointing towards the wall. Dax climbed on in the 69 position so that her cunt filled Kira's mouth, and Kira's cunt was directly below Dax's mouth.

Kira grabbed her commbadge, and, freeing herself temporarily from the erotic prescence of Dax pressed it:

"Kira to Bashir."

"Bashir here, how can I help you Major?"

"I could use some help with something in my quarters. I would ask Chief O'Brien or Commander Sisko, but they're on duty at the moment."

"I'm on my way. Bashir out."

The two resumed the 69 position.

Moments later, the door bleeped.

"Come!" Laughed Kira. The Door opened. "In here Doctor." Kira swung back under Dax.

Julian Bashir walked into Kira's bedroom and stopped in shock at what he saw. Dax had her head between Kira's legs and was gently licking Kira's vagina, savouring the taste apparently. She looked up, and then propped herself up, letting Julian have a good view of her breasts - his eyes widened.

"Care to join us Doctor?"


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