This story is based on 2 female characters (both played by Nana Visitor)
from 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" It is pornographic and contains bondage,
rape, breast growth, milking etc. If you are offended by it tough shit. I
will be posting further installments in the cuming weeks if I get any
inspiration in the forms of pictures, ideas etc.

Star Trek - Deep Space 9: Abusing Kira Nerys Part 1
by Andy C

It was the middle of the night, when a group of Cardassians appeared in Major
Kira Nerys' room. Even though she'd not been a freedom fighter for several
years, she awoke they'd appeared. "What the?" was all she could utter as a
suspensor field was activated, and a phasor quickly incapacitated Kira.

"It's amazing," one of the Cardassians said, as they quickly got her out of
bed, "she look's exactly like the Intendant. I've always wondered what she'd
be like to fuck," using the opportunity to give Kira's large, firm breasts a

One of the others piped up, "Well, we'd better not tamper with her or the
Intendant will fry us!" Standing Kira in between them, they activated the
device that transported them to the mirror universe.

* * *

Kira awoke to find herself in her own room. "Must have been dreaming," she
thought, getting up and removing the long T-shirt and panties she slept in.
Stepping into the shower, she quickly washed away the tiredness. Stepping
from the shower, she picked up a towel. "Funny, " she thought, "these towels
are very small." Shrugging, she began to dry herself as she walked back into
the main room.

"Ah, Kira. You look good enough to eat!" said the Intendant.

Kira was startled and tried to cover her naked body with the towel. The towel
was only large enough to cover her hips, and she had to use her arm to cover
her ample tits. Two sets of arms reached around her body and pulled her arms
away revealing her nakedness.

"That's better. I always wondered what I looked like to others," said the
Intendant. The two Cardassian guards held Kira firmly as she struggled, her
large breasts swinging to her motion. "Please stop that Kira, you'll only
hurt yourself."

Seeing that her struggles were fruitless, she stared at the Intendant. "What
do you want?" asked Kira.

"Isn't it obvious," said the Intendant, standing and walking over to Kira,
"I want you!" As she said that the Intendant tweaked one of Kira's now erect
nipples. "Get her dressed!" she ordered, and sat back in the chair, one long,
high heeled leg draped over the arm, pulling the tight thin, rubber material
over her pubic mound.

The Intendant's fingers quickly found her clit, rubbing it through her
uniform, as she watched Kira being dressed. First, her arms were bound
into a single sleeve to her elbows, on her ankles were attached two small
force-field generators when activated acted like a metal bar between them,
and her red lips were stretched wide with a red ball-gag. Now that she was
fairly immobile, the guards could concentrate on dressing her.

A half-cup leather bra was fastened under her breasts, forcing her large
boobs to be lifted and thrust forward, like two flesh colored balls. A very
short mini-skirt, which barely covered her buttocks, was then wrapped around
her hips and a pair of 5-inch high-heel boots placed on the end of her long
legs. The Cardassians sprayed Kira's nipples with an irritant, which made
them become hard and erect. They then lifted her skirt and one of the
Cardassians opened Kira's labia, whilst the second sprayed the same stuff
on her exposed cunt lips and clitoris. This had the same reaction as on
Kira's nipples, her labia now became swollen, and her clit poked out from
its protective hood.

"You'll be glad to know that spray never wears off, so you'll always look
hot. We'll fit you with the nipple rings later."

A dog collar was then fastened around her neck, and an 'O-ring' that fitted
onto Kira's teeth and kept her mouth continually open replaced the ball gag.

"As you see everything fits perfectly because it was fitted to me. You'll
find the O-ring will stretch to accommodate the largest of penises."

Standing, the Intendant approached the newly attired Kira. Attaching a lead
to Kira's collar, the Intendant lead her out into the Space Station.

* * *

As the Intendant paraded her new pet along the promenade in Terek Nor, Kira
received a lot of ribald comments.

"Ah, Dukat!" said the Intendant to a Cardassian leading what looked like a
gorilla on a chain in the opposite direction. "You see I have found a
suitable pet for my station."

Dukat appraised Kira, and had to admit defeat, "Once more, Intendant, you
have outdone me. Would you mind if my pet played with yours," answered Dukat,
"I've had him trained on some of the female slaves?"

The Intendant mulled this over, as the throng on the promenade flowed around
them. "Why not!" smiled the Intendant, releasing the lead.

Trying to run on such a pair of high heels was difficult, she stumbled and
fell onto her knees, which gave the gorilla time to come closer. The gorilla
had a huge penis, at least a foot long with a diameter of 3 inches at least.
As she looked up, she saw that the gorilla had bunched one of it's hands into
a fist and struck Kira on her jaw. She was sent sprawling on the floor, her
vision blurred with the shock of the force of the blow. The crowds on the
promenade parted and stood around watching Kira's bestial rape.

The next thing Kira felt were two leathery hands turning her over onto her
tits, her nipples pressing hard on the rough concrete floor. Her breasts
acted like 2 small cushions lifting her head and shoulders from the floor.
The hands then moved to her hips, which were raised, until she rested on her
knees, the side of her face resting on the ground. She then felt the huge
head of the gorilla's penis begin to probe her cunt. The gorilla's member
stretched Kira's cunt to the limit. With each thrust she was pushed along
the ground, her huge nipples and breasts and knees rubbed on the non-slip
surface causing pain and friction burns.

After a few thrusts, Kira's head pressed against one of the walls, which
provided enough resistance for the gorilla to push his dick all the way
inside her womb. Now that Kira's body didn't move with each thrust, the
gorilla began to pick up the speed of his pumping. All the people clapped
and cheered as the creature thrust into Kira's voluptuous body. With the
increase in speed, the length of it's strokes also increased, with the head
of the penis coming out of her cunt and then being pushed all the way back

During one of the cycles, Kira slipped slightly, and when the gorilla thrust,
the head of the penis went into her arse hole. Seeing this, the crowd again
applauded, as the gorilla grunted, not expecting the resistance it now
experienced. Pushing hard, the gorilla forced open the rectal muscles and the
gorilla's penis head was sucked eagerly inside Kira's puckered anal passage.
Grunting all the time, the gorilla forced his length up her arse. By now,
tears ran freely down her cheeks, and her gag stifled the howls of pain. With
each thrust, her head banged the wall, and her nipples rubbed back and forth
on the rough floor. Once fully inserted into Kira's arse the gorilla howled
and jerked, ejaculating it's hot jism deep into her bowels. Pulling out of
her arse with a pop, the gorilla knuckled it's way back over to it's master,

"Now that's what I call a floor show!" applauded the Intendant, as Kira lay
on the floor, cum seeping from her distended anal passage and pooling on the

Getting Kira to stand by pulling on her lead, the Intendant led the still
weeping Kira into the bar.

"After all that exertion, you could do with a drink." To the large breasted
Bajoran barmaid, she said, "I think Kira would enjoy a Klingon high-protein

Nodding, she waved over one of the Klingon bouncers, and unzipped his
trousers, pulling out his flaccid penis. The woman stood in front of the
Klingon, reached into her cleavage and began to pull out each of her
pendulous tits from her uniform. The Klingon almost reacted instantly,
slowly becoming more erect. By the time she'd finished pulling out her
FF-cup tits and began playing with them, the Klingon had a raging hard

The barmaid knelt in front of the Klingon and placed the vein twisted piece
of flesh between her orbs. Pushing them together, she began to jiggle them
up and down, masturbating the organ. The Klingon stared at the Intendant and
imagined ramming his engorged dick deep into her throat, her red lips wrapped
tight around the stem of his tool. He imagined leaving his prick lodged in
the Intendant's constricting throat as she choked on it, only pulling it out
as she's about to pass out.. When the orgasm came, spunk flew from the end of
the penis, spattering the Bajoran's chin and onto the top of the huge tits.

The Klingon continued pumping, the spunk kept flowing, pooling in her
cavernous cleavage. Once he had finished, the Bajoran stood up carefully,
squeezing her tits tightly together to make sure none of the spunk leaked
out. Picking up a clear plastic tube she placed it in a glass. Pressing a
button, she then picked up a second clear plastic tube, which she used to
suck up the warm gooey white liquid from her tits. Kira could see the white
fluid pump along the tubes until it sputtered into the glass. Once she'd
finished, the barmaid pushed her still cum soaked tits back into her uniform,
her hard nipples poking through the now wet material of the uniform. Once
she'd finished the pint glass was almost full of gooey white alien sperm.
Placing the near full glass of spunk on the counter.

The Intendant removed the ball-gag from Kira's full red lips, and said,
"Drink up!"

As Kira picked up the spunk filled glass, her nose wrinkled in distaste.
Kira shrugged her shoulders and she then brought the glass to her red lips,
tipped her head back, and began to drink the thick, white liquid. Whilst they
had been waiting, the spunk in the glass had started to coagulate, and both
the Intendant and the barmaid could see that Kira was swallowing large globs
of spunk. As the first dollops of cum reached her stomach, Kira retched up
the spunk back to her mouth, and had to try hard not to be sick. After a few
more goes, she began to easily swallow the thick gooey slime. As she couldn't
drink it all down in one go, each time she lowered the glass, the spunk
slowly slid down the walls of the glass, collecting at the bottom. Bit by
bit, wad by wad, the thick alien cum slid down Kira's throat into her

Once she'd finished, she licked her lips clean of spunk putting the glass
down. The Intendant grabbed the back of Kira's head, and forcefully kissed
her, her tongue snaking into Kira's open mouth. Leaning back, the Intendant
said, "I love the taste of Klingon!" licking her own cum stained red lips.
"A visit to the doctor is required," she said, tugging on Kira's lead, "I've
always wondered what I would look like with tits like that barmaid."

Again, the party walked down the promenade, their high heels clicking on the
metalled surface of the deck, until they reached the surgery. The surgery
looked more like a medieval torture chamber, with large breasted naked women
fastened to various devices with needles protruding from their huge tits.
One woman, who was strapped in a wheelchair, had breasts the size of soccer
balls. Each breast had a needle inserted in her engorged nipple that was
attached to two bags of, what Kira could read as bovine somatropin. Each
breast was covered in veins that stood out of her skin, and Kira could see
that the woman was in sever pain, and that a white fluid seeped from each of
her nipples.

A Cardassian with a tricorder stood beside the weeping woman and spoke into
the device, "The subject has been left for 36 hours and it seems the longer
the females udders are left unmilked, the greater the pain generated. Optimum
milking time seems to be every 12 hours." Seeing his guests entering the
surgery, he turns to greet the Intendant, "Ah, have you decided on the
enlargement yet, Intendant?"

"We'll see after you've done my pet here." she said, tugging on Kira's lead.

"Excellent, I have one slot free! How big do you want her?" the Doctor asked.

"I've always thought I could do with a larger pair of tits, so I'm going to
give Kira a cup size of around the J/K mark. Each tit will be the size of
footballs, and they should be able to hold at least a pint of milk each."

The Doctor moved to a table where two prepared hypodermic needles rested. He
signalled for Kira to come towards him. Picking up one of the syringes, he
surrounded one of Kira's globes of tit flesh in his hand, and pushed the
2-inch long needle into her breast. Kira screamed in pain and tears again
flooded from her red eyes. He repeated the task on her other tit.

"The injections you've just received is bovine somatropin. It's used on
earth to increase the size of cows udders and to induce milk production.
Surprisingly it does the same to Bajoran females when electricity is

Grabbing hold of Kira's nipples he attached a pair of clamps to them. Holding
her lead he pulls her towards one of the walls. About four feet off the floor
was attached a 6 inch long tube, angled at 90 degrees from the wall. A 2-inch
diameter dildo filled the tube, and it's 3-inch diameter head sat at the end
of the tube. The Doctor pressed a button and the dildo slowly thrust out of
the tube for another 6 inches. As it reached the end of it's travel, the
entire length was 12 inches. It then retracted back into its tube. On either
side of the tube were placed four belts, two about a foot below the tube, and
the other two about 2 feet lower. Another post was placed on the ground about
4 feet in front of the tube, with 2 manacles hanging from chains about 6 foot
from the ground. A large metal plate covered the ground between the wall and
the post. The Doctor placed a box under the tube and told Kira to stand on
the box. "Okay, push your arse hole onto the dildo."

Kira turned around, bent forward hitching up her micro-mini skirt, and,
balancing on the tips of her high heels, lowered her well fucked arse hole
onto the dildo. When her rounded buttocks touched the wall, the Doctor spread
her legs, and strapped her thighs into the belts either side of the tube. He
then pulled the box from under her feet so she was hanging on the wall. He
then put her lower legs into the two lower straps and tightened them. A
grimace of pain played across Kira's face as all her weight was taken on the
tube in her arse.

"Bend forward."

As she bent forward, he manacled her wrists to the post. The Doctor then
measured 2 metal chains from the floor to the tips of Kira's extended
nipples. He then attached the chains onto the nipple clamps so that the ends
of the chain just brushed the surface of the metal plate as she breathed.
Pressing the button to start the dildo piston, tears began to stream down her
face as the tool entered deep into her bowels. Her body shuddered at each
thrust, and the two chains clanked on the metal plate. Nodding his head in
satisfaction, he pressed another button. As the chains touched the plate,
sparks appeared, and Kira screamed as her nipples felt the electricity surged
through them.

"Excellent. As your udders grow the chains will touch more often, and cause
even more pain."

As she heard the squeals of pain from Kira and watched her being fucked by
the machine, the Intendant's juices began to pour again, and her nipples
became erect, as she knew what was waiting for her if she ever had the same
treatment. As she looked at Kira's bucking body, she noticed that her once
modest tits were slowly growing, and a milk was dripping from her nipples
onto the metal plate. Feeling horny, the Intendant removed her rubber
trousers and signalled her two Cardassian guards to take out their pricks.

Using her mouth, she quickly got the two members erect, and lubricated the
two purple helmets with her saliva. Leaning forward, her high heels made her
calf muscles and thighs stand out, she spread her buttocks and showed the
guard her puckered arse hole. Placing his hands on the Intendant?s hips,
began to push the huge purple headed prick against her protesting sphincter
muscles. With the guard pushing hard and relentlessly, the Intendant's
puckered anus slowly began to widen until the head popped inside. Stretched
to the limits by the intrusion of such a large object, her anal muscles
rebelled and began to spasm. To the guard this added an extra level of
sensation as she pushed her tool deep into the Intendant's bowels. The guard
moaned in pleasure as did the Intendant, as he had finally inserted the
entire length of his prick into her.

Holding onto her breasts, the guard lifted the Intendant upright. The second
guard examined the level of lubrication issuing from her cunt. With each
thrust of the guard's prick up her arse the Intendant's cunt opened and
closed, and she moaned as the pain lanced through her body. Opening her cunt
lips wide, the guard began to insert his prick into the Intendant's ravaged
body. As the guard inserted his tool, the other one could feel it's progress
through the Intendant's vaginal and anal passage. She was now moaning
continuously, and, as he reached the entrance to her womb, she had an orgasm.

The guard's face who was fucking her arse turned to a grimace as the
Intendant's anal passage clenched hard on his prick, and had to concentrate
on not cuming then and there. The other guard began pushing against the
Intendant's cervix, and after a few thrusts, his penis head thrust into her
womb. Another orgasm swept through the Intendant's body, as both guards
slowly pulled out of their respective holes, leaving just their penis heads
inserted. One guard nodded and they both thrust their pricks savagely into
the Intendant's pliant body. Finding their rhythm the guards thrust their
huge tools relentlessly into her bucking body.

After a few minutes one guard said, "I can't hold it any longer!" and had an
orgasm himself, spraying his alien seed deep into the Intendant's bowels.

The other guard kept thrusting for a while longer, until he too began to cum
deep into the Intendant's womb. Pulling their now limp pricks out of her
body, letting her cum filled holes seep their contents down the insides of
her firm thighs.

"That's better." The Intendant said, as she pulled her rubber uniform over
her cum covered legs.

Examining Kira's now pendulous tits, the milk spattering the metal plate
below her, the Doctor released her from the straps. When she stood up
straight for the first time, she tottered forward on her high heels until
she compensated for the two soccer balls that now rested on her stomach.

"The chemicals worked better than I thought," said the Doctor as he signalled
for Kira to come towards him. She approached him, walking a bit splay legged
to stop her buttocks chaffing her well reamed arse hole. "Kneel at the

As she knelt down, he took hold of the two chains that were still attached to
her nipple clamps. Hauling on the chains, he hefted the now massive mammeries
onto the table. He pulled a tape measure from his pocket and measured Kira's
new bust.

"80KK, my, you are a big girl now, but I don't like the way they hang and
sway when you move about. I think we'll need to put them into a tit harness."

Making Kira stand up he first removed the useless half cup bra, and began
fitting the tit harness. The Doctor first strapped a 2 inch wide, steel
reinforced, Velcro fastening strap, which had a number of metal rings
attached to the edge, around the root of each breast. He tightened the
Velcro until the tit flesh was firmly held in place, and had the effect of
lifting the breasts off of the body. A second Velcro fastened strap was
placed around the rib cage just under the root of the tit. The breast root
straps were then attached to the rib cage strap with a couple of pins,
creating a hinge.

Next the Doctor chose two 4 inch diameter metal rings which again had a
number of small metal rings fastened around the edge. The big rings also
had 8 holes in them. Putting a number of 1 inch long, serrated metal pins
in his mouth he placed one of the rings on Kira's tit, so that the nipple
was in the centre of the ring. Taking one of the pins from his mouth, he
inserted it into one of the holes on the ring and pushed the pin into
Kira's breast flesh. The Doctor kept on pushing in pins until he'd attached
the ring in place. He then proceeded to do exactly the same thing on her
other tit.

The Doctor then began to attach straps to the various rings. One strap
connected the two nipple rings together. A couple of straps were passed
over the top of each tit from the nipple ring to the root strap, while
another couple of straps were fastened underneath, and two more were
fastened around the sides of each mound. A black, wire reinforced metal
gauze was then attached from the middle strap on the outside of each tit
to the strap on the inside, as well as hooking onto the root strap and
the nipple ring. Finally 2 more straps were attached to the nipple rings
and passed over the shoulders and were attached to the rib strap. Once
the Doctor had finished tightening all the straps, Kira's tits were
securely fastened in place.

Yep, it's another Andy C bondage production. As always I?m interested in
people providing pictures to my stories (I?m even willing to pay!!). Any
ideas please send them to me at: [email protected]


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