Star Trek - Deep Space 9: April Fools (MF, drugs)
by Anonymous

It had been a quiet day for Doctor Julian Bashir. With only a few scrapes
and bruises needing to be fixed up. Bashir was tired and since it WAS a
slow day he decided to get a drink at Quark's. As he rounded the bend of
the promenade he saw that Quark's was exceptionally full. As Julian entered
the gaming establishment, bar, grill, and holosuite he saw an Andorian jump
up from a table and start scratching itself. Then the Andorian's blue skin
turned a shade of bright yellow, then to a white, which matched its hair.
Bashir recognized the symptoms of Lararian poison ants. Although they were
poisonous to Lararians they were used as a gag item on other species. The
effect was temporary but it was really quite disturbing.

As Julian sidled up to a barstool next to Morn (who had a full crop of hair!)
Julian called over Quark.

"Good day doctor!" Quark piped, "Happy April Fools Day!"

Julian looked at Quark as if he had turned green himself. Quark frowned and
said, "It's an ancient Hew-Mon holiday I decided it might be exciting to have
it. It would be a great morale booster!"

Julian looked at Quark and smiled. "You mean it would be profitable," Julian

Quark looked astonished, "I never thought of that, but now that I think of
about that, you're right, it is a convenient side effect."

Julian laughed and said with a smile, "Yes, how convenient." Quark smiled and
handed Julian a drink. Julian looked at it and said, "This won't make me turn
green will it?"

"Of course not Doctor, I don't use the same trick twice."

Julian smiled and took a swig. He watched himself it the mirror for about
ten seconds. Nothing happened. He was shocked. He paid for his drink and
left, heading back to the infirmary.

Just as Doctor Bashir sat down the beautiful Jadzia Dax walked in. Julian had
been infatuated with Jadzia ever since day one but after the last three years
he realized a cold sonic shower could work wonders. Julian noticed that
Jadzia had a black eye and jumped up to look at it.

"Jadzia! What happened?" he said, sounding worried.

Jadzia smiled a Julian and said, "Well one of Quark's practical jokes

Julian was horrified, "HE HURT YOU!?!?"

Dax smiled at the sweet Doctor and said, "No it's just ink. At least that's
what he told me."

Julian touched to "ink" and sure enough it smeared off. But there was a
problem, the second Julian had touched Jadzia his stomach had started to
burn followed by his arms, then his legs and then it hit his groin area.
He whimpered and sat down. Suddenly he began sweating a clear fluid that
looked remarkably like milk. Jadzia, noticing the doctor's dilemma ran a
medical tricorder over him and found nothing. She concluded after a minute
of questioning that it was Quark's drink that had the doctor going. Seeing
as the CMO was sick she walked him to his quarters where he could rest
until she got the antidote. As they climbed into the turbolift Julian's
sweat took a turn to the acidic side. He suddenly started to smell
horrible. Jadzia tried not to gag and found that after a while the smell
grew conforting. In fact she enjoyed the smell. Soon she was sniffing
Julian all over.

When they walked into Julian's quarters she was so engrossed in his smell
that she couldn't leave. Julian's heat in his body turned to arousal with
the attentions of Jadzia. Soon Julian was a raging hormone and his dick
started to make a bulge in his issued Starfleet uniform. Jadzia, seeing
this licked her lips like she was about to eat her favorite food. Julian
made no effort to hide his boner in fact he wanted Jadzia to see it.
Jadzia's obsession with Julian's smell turned into lust and soon she felt
a wetness grow in between her legs. She felt he cum juice trickle down her
leg and soon she couldn't stand it. She unzipped Julian's uniform completely
down to his waist and pulled him out of it. Now Julian, only in a turtleneck
and boxers was at Jadzia's mercy. She saw the wonderful bulge in Julian's
pants and removed his briefs. She gazed upon the seven-inch glory, which was
Julian Bashir. His cock, was already streaming with precum and seemed to be
pulsing. Jadzia took the plunge and clasped her lips on the head of his dick
and started to lick it up and down, while squeezing his dick with her hands.
She picked Julian up and carried him to the bed all the while keeping his
yogurt slinger in her mouth.

Julian was in heaven, the woman who he had lusted after was sucking him like
he was a baby bottle. Her hot warm lips and her burning tongue was quickly
bringing him to the edge. He started to stroke Jadzia's delicate spots, which
marked her as a Trill. With this Jadzia moaned, she couldn't help it her spot
were erogenous when she was aroused. Jadzia started to remove her own uniform
as she blew the good doctor soon they were both completely naked. Julian
couldn't take much more and Jadzia, with her years of experience knew this.
She let go of his cock giving it one last lick to go. She then moved up on
Julian, sliding her large, well-rounded supple breasts up his body. When she
was eye level she started to kiss him, sucking his tongue right in. With her
legs she squeezed his cock with her thighs. Julian let out a huge groan. He
could feel her cunt juices on her legs and whimpered as his cock went diamond
hard. Then Jadzia took the next step and started to rub her swollen pussy
lips against his cock. Julian couldn't take it anymore and when he looked
down he noticed his seven incher had turned into about a nine and a half and
had grown twice as thick. He was shocked.

Jadzia wasn't worried about Julian's cock size, just that she could get on
it. With that thought she slowly positioned herself above his cock and
touched the head with her inflamed pussy lips. She started to sink down on
Julian just to realize that his cock was really, big. She had his first half
of his cockhead in her and she felt filled. She couldn't believe it, Little
Bashir had had this wonder all the time? She started to eat up the rest of
his cock with her pussy his cock rubbing exquisitely against her passage.
Half way down Jadzia bit her lip and came hard. Her pussy contracted and
constricted and tightened around Julian's dick as she swung her graceful
neck back her hair following close behind. She tightened her long and slender
legs around Julian and tried to sink down more. She was mystified on how
Julian could stand this. She looked down to see another five inches of him
awaiting her, she couldn't stand it. Was he growing as she fucked him?

Julian couldn't believe he was holding out this long, Jadzia had already
come twice and she had just reached the bottom of his dick. In normal
circumstances he would have already spurted his load. Finally after Jadzia
was used to Julian's dick she started to pull out halfway up and then drop.
She continued this, letting Julian's cock stimulate her inflamed clit. After
ten strokes Jadzia started to come again and didn't stop. Soon she came all
the way off his cock with a slurp and fell beside him on the bed. I all her
times as a woman she had never failed to make a man cum. In all her times as
a man she had never failed to cum. This human had beaten Dax. In one last
desperate attempt she licked his cock head.

Julian shuddered as Jadzia Licked his cockhead, which had turned a deep
shade of purple. With that lick his balls started to really burn and he felt
as though a stream of fire was welling up through his organs. When the fire
reached the end of his blood engorged cock he saw it tremble and with an
audible squish dick erupted. He came with a scream. Like a girl he screamed
as he experienced the most intense orgasm of his life. Jadzia was surprised
as his first load hit her breast's pink nipples and his second load hit her
in her face, the third landed in her hair. Julian kept coming until Jadzia
Swallowed his cock with her pussy again and started to ride him. For another
two minutes Julian came while Jadzia used her cum soaked body to lubricate
them both. Julian sucked on Jadzia's tits while his boner slowly shrank away.
They both passed out.

When they woke up Julian smelled like a cum soaked pig. He felt wonderful as
if he had just had sex. When he looked at the bulge under the sheets on the
other side of his bed he tried to find his combadge to announce an intruder
alert. Before he could get out of bed Jadzia sat up and looked at Julian's
naked body. They screamed at the same time. Julian suddenly had a revelation.


The Ferengi's lobes heard the outrage of Bashir and Dax's voices before he
saw them. He tried to remember which gag he had pulled on the Doctor. "OH
FRINX!" he yelled as he realized why both Bashir and Dax were coming at him.
They stormed into the bar and looked directly at the Ferengi. Quark smiled
and said, "Um, I guess you'll want a refund on that drink."


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