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Story's note: This story is based on events that take place in the alternate universe. This is only one of many encounters, Gul Dukat, will experience.

Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: Bed Of Thorns (MF,F-dom,bond)
by Jourdan Taylor Lane

The soldiers nodded as the cloaked figure entered the room with supreme assurance. With a wave of her hand, she gestured for the soldiers to leave, then crossed over to the ornate, king-sized bed where the Cardassian Gul lay bound and gagged. The leather straps that held him were primitive, however, it served her purpose. She preferred to use energy bands, but she couldn't risk his crew picking up the bands's signal with the warship's sensors, they would be scanning the sector for him; any indication of his whereabouts would be investigated. That must not happen-not until she had her revenge!

From beneath the hood of her cloak, Kira Nerys, Intendant of Terok Nor, looked down at her prisoner, Gul Dukat, her adversary, and former lover. He looked dark and ominous in his shell-like uniform as he glared at her with hatred. Not that she expects any other emotion from him-even after the intimacy she was forced to share. Has it been only five years since the night of her interrogation? The memory of his lovemaking still caused her to have restless nights, dreaming of pleasures he had made her feel, and she hated him for making her experience them.

Kira had vowed to make him pay for what he did to her, and his ambitions and lusts made it possible for her to extract her revenge. Kira knew Dukat thirsted for her power-not satisfied with what the Alliance provided for him-that is why he came to Terok Nor when he thought she was injured during a Terran revolt. A stupid mistake.

She lifted the hood off her head, letting the Gul see her for the first time. Because of the paleness of his grey skin, his surprise was evident in the darkening blue of his eyes.

She smiled at him as he stared up at her with confusion creasing the corded features.

"I know I was the last person you expected to see," she said and glanced at the bindings, which he had begun to struggle against. "Also, I know I will be the last person you ever want to see." Her head descended until her breath grazed his ear, then added, "I'll see to it."

He tried to rise, but was stopped by the bindings.

"Don't worry. I'll try not to cause any permanent damage," she promised with chilling sweetness as she removed her cloak.

Something in her voice, in the slight raspiness as she spoke, made him think otherwise. He couldn't understand why she was doing this, yet, he didn't totally object to the supposed seduction.
But he'd rather be in control, not laying helplessly on a bed, he thought, as his sex began to swell.

Noting his erection, a scowl creased Kira's face. Confidence in exacting revenge-all too fragile the past few years-surged strongly within her. Yes, he will pay for what he did. She was capable and strong enough to see that such would be the case.

Kira began to stroke his engorged member underneath his uniform, making him moan into the gag as her hands roamed and massaged at will. No longer satisfied with the barrier that lay between them, she freed his sex, made him keep the rest of his uniform on. She could see the protest in his angry gaze. She smiled sardonically at him, thinking how he had done the same to her.

He was smooth, except for the large ridge that spanned from the base of his sex to the blunt tip. Unlike Bajoran men, his sex was thick, even more so than Garak's; and because of Dukat, she found little use for Bajoran males. They couldn't fulfill her needs as Cardassian males do.

"Remember that night, Gul Dukat, how you made me..." she paused. Her chest heaved in anger.

How he made you beg! she silently berated herself.

She continued. "I have never forgotten what you did to me," she spat, gripping his member fiercely. She felt him jerk in her hands.

"You like that, Dukat? You like when I grip your sex tight?"

He didn't attempt to speak, only stared at her in awe.

"Of course, you can't answer," she laughed, then leaned close to his ear again. "How does it feel to be humbled?"

His brow cocked in response.

Her hand eased from his sex, then traced the ridge along his jawline. He stiffened. "Something tells me you don't like it very much. will."

She outlined his ear with her tongue and slowly slid down his neck cord, tasting his musk scent skin. He gasped. His hands gripped tight in a fist. The sensation was startling.

Fueled by revenge, she continued the assault on his pebbled-looking skin, grazing his throat with her tongue as her hand manipulated his sex between her fingers. She felt it throb while she stroked him with deliberate slowness.

Kira saw the determination in his gaze, knew he was fighting his pleasure, refusing to relinquish control. She laughed in immense delight.

"Your body betrays you," she cooed.

Briefly, she flicked her tongue across the blunt tip of his sex, then began to suck. The contact caused his body to spasm, he gave a muffled gasp. All resolve evaporated in wake of the sensation her tongue was creating.

Slowly, yet steadily, she slid her mouth down his ridged member, caressing him with her tongue. He jerked in her mouth. She tasted the precum that began to ooze out of the tip, and felt a bolt of satisfaction. This was what she was waiting for.

She slid up his mass, lightly grazing him with her teeth, enough pressure to imply that she was master. She felt him throb fiercely now, pulsing inside her hot mouth, knew his urgency was
building. But she didn't want him to receive his pleasure. She bit him, not hard enough to break the skin, but enough to make the once turgid member soften.

His eyes narrowed to deadly slits and shined hard upon her. Her lips warped into a grin. "You are here for *my* pleasure, not yours," she purred, then clapped her hands.

The entranceway slid open with a soft hiss. A Terran woman entered the room, her footsteps were soft against the plush blue carpet. She was scantily clad, the sheer fabric was long and flowing, barely concealing her full breasts, which appear to whisper around her slender frame as she walks. When she stood beside the bed, Dukat saw that the Terran was darkly beautiful with long braided hair. She appeared to be barely twenty years old and perfectly formed. Her face was the picture of innocence.

Smiling, Kira stepped over to her and pushed the thick braids to one side. "Her name is, Hanai. Isn't she the most exquisite creature you've ever seen," she said, then kissed Hanai.

Forgetting the dull pain in his sex, Dukat eyes widened in amazement as he watched, mesmerized, as Kira ran her tongue down Hanai's neck. If he thought he was confused before, there wasn't a doubt left in his mind. Something was wrong. Very wrong. But before he could roll the questions in his mind, Kira spoke.

"Hanai, is the favorite of all my slaves," Kira whispered. "She brings me immense pleasure." She sighed and began to massage Hanai's breasts. "Perfection, pure perfection."

Kira grinned at Dukat. "But don't take my word for it," she teased, then nodded to Hanai.

The fabric that covered the Terran slave touched the floor in a soft whisper. Dukat felt his sex began to grow hard again at the sight of her nakedness. She was exquisite, he thought, as his
eyes traveled leisurely over her almond-colored form. Nevertheless, when Hanai joined him on the bed, he became suspicious, thinking how he was viciously bitten a moment ago. But suspicion soon gave way to intense pleasure when she began to stroke his sex with her breasts, trapping him within her soft

Again, his body spasmed as she massaged him with her breasts, slowly stroking up, then down, pausing to squeeze him. He thought he would go mad from the sensations. It was incredible, an experience he hasn't enjoyed in some time.

Increasing the strokes, his sex grew rigid between her mounds. Kira could see that Hanai was bringing Dukat close to his release. She joined Hanai on the bed and began to lick the head of Dukat's member, swirling her tongue around the precum that covered the head. He bucked upwards. She knew what he wanted. She sucked the head of his sex deep inside her mouth as Hanai stroked him.

A myriad of sensations assaulted Dukat's senses, making him growl fiercely from the force of his orgasm, as he began to spill his seed in Kira's mouth. Flicking her tongue around her lips, Kira savored the taste of Dukat, sweetened by revenge.

She dismissed the slave and looked down at him. "This is only the beginning," she replied with a malicious grin.

To be continued

Bed of Thorns: Tangled Web We Weave

This is part two of "Bed of Thorns." Sorry Kiraphiles, Dukat samples Kira's just desserts in another installment.;D Now for the disclaimer. Paramount owns them, I borrow them. I respect their copyrights, so please respect mine. :)

Bed of Thorns: Tangled Web We Weave
by Jourdan Taylor Lane

Alone, in the dimly lit room, Dukat's anger hadn't improved. Still gagged and bound to the bed, he doubt that it would until Kira be made to pay for what she'd done to him. Nevertheless, he must push the thoughts of revenge aside and concentrate on his escape.

A keen gaze surveyed the modest, stark room, and settled on a wooden table. He noted that it could be used as a weapon. It was small and manageable. Not what he preferred, but it would suffice. Satisfied that at least one matter was solved, he focused on the guards, recalling their intervals and that there appear to be always two Bajoran males, who assiduously guard the entrance to the room like 'Cardassian dragonhounds'.

When he thought of the guards, the memories of his abduction returned; anger flashed through him at warp speed, reflecting bright in the cold blue of his eyes. He was about to depart Deep Space Nine after a meeting with Commander Sisko when he'd received a note delivered by a 'Mandolov' trader. The
message was brief: "Come to my shop. Garak." His first instinct was to ignore the unusual request, but the obsequious words that were scrawled on the note had peaked his interest. Why miss an
opportunity to see Garak humbling himself before him?

As he entered the clothing shop, he noticed the single light source that peered out at him from the rear of the ghastly, adorned structure. He'd started to walk toward the light, when he suddenly felt the prick of a small projectile before it embedded into his neck. The last thing Dukay remembered was
Garak's pernicious smile as he hovered over, watching him swiftly lose consciousness.

Now he was lying bound and gagged on a bed, where he was recently violated by Commander Sisko's first officer and some Terran female. What the hell was going on here? Why haven't his crew located him? Where is Commander Sisko? He'd expected the dark-skinned human would come marching into the room-with his usual austere expression-at any moment, spewing some Starfleet, regulated dogma as an explanation for his imprisonment.

Although part of him demanded an explanation, he had to be honest with himself and admit that he wasn't entirely disturbed over his dilemma, especially where Kira was concerned. But fervent fantasies have there price. So what is hers?

Old memories of power and control returned to haunt him. He wanted Kira ever since her interrogation by Odo on Terok Nor. He wished the shape-shifter had proven her guilty of the Bajoran chemist's murder, so that he could personally see to her punishment. She had exhibited such tenacity during the
interrogation; he'd surmised she would prove to be an interesting challenge. And he recalled the look of fear and loathing in her eyes when he'd seized her arm. The vivacious Bajoran despised him, but that didn't matter, it only served to fuel his cravings for her.

He sighed heavily. He could have overturned Odo's ruling, yet he'd allowed her to go free because he had other plans for her. However, those plans were thwarted when he received the command to withdraw from Bajor. Now here was his chance to fulfill his desires, except, she had the power. But not for long, he thought.

The entrance to the room slid open, and the person who was responsible for his imprisonment stepped inside.

Garak strolled casually over to him with the same pernicious smile gracing his hard features; he was proudly displaying a Cardassian military uniform. The look on Dukat's face was priceless, and exactly what Garak had expected.

"Gul Dukat, how good of you to come," Garak announced cheerfully, then quipped. "Oh, no need to thank me. I'm well-aware that the invitation has," he paused, his gaze fixed on the gag in Dukat's mouth, "rendered you speechless."

The set of Dukat's jaw told Garak that he rather see him dead. He noted the Gul's muscles tensed under the primitive bindings.

Not at all intimidated. Garak's smile had broadened. "I trust your accommodations are to your liking. The Intendant was most adamant that you be made comfortable." He lowered his head and whispered. "I'm just as adamant that you're not."

Dukat's gaze darkened dangerously when Garak brushed his neck lightly with his fingertips. His hands balled tight in a fist.

In answer to that silent threat, Garak slowly slid his hand underneath Dukat's tunic, saying, "You never did care for the pleasures a male could provide. A pity that you have denied yourself such a gratifying experience. I could show you what you've missed."

Dukat looked stunned by Garak's proposal.

Garak laughed richly. "Why, you look positively horrid, Dukat," he smiled. "I assure you, as much joy your humiliation would bring me, I must concede to the true nature of your presence here."

"And that is?" cooed Kira as she stood in the entrance of the room, flanked by two Bajoran males, holding phaser rifles. Hanai also accompanied Kira, she stood several paces behind her balancing a tray of food in her hands. Kira was wearing a black leather bodysuit which outlined every curve that rippled underneath as she walked toward the bed with catlike grace. She didn't look at Dukat, instead, kept her gaze locked on Garak who returned the probing stare with his own. "I asked you a question, Garak."

Garak rose to his full height and took a step away from the bed, then nodded. "I was about to inform the Gul that he was brought here as a gift for you, Intendant, because you required a new pet for your amusement."

Kira lowered her gaze to Dukat. "Well, that remains to be seen. I hope the Gul will prove to be quite entertaining," she said with a smirk, then lifted her eyes to Garak. "I expect you to remember 'my pet' belongs to me. You are not to touch him."

Garak nodded. "As you wish, Intendant," he gave a half smile. "If there isn't anything that you require, I will take my leave." He avoided Dukat's angry gaze.

"Go to docking bay four. A Klingon vessel will arrive shortly with a shipment of new Terrans to work the mines. I want you assist Odo with checking the Terrans, confirm that they are healthy. We can't risk another outbreak of 'klarg'.

Garak arched a corded brow. "Perhaps you will consider charging the Klingons less for their shipments since the Terrans are so susceptible to Klingon diseases," he suggested.

Kira snorted. "If the Klingons stopped sampling their stock, then we wouldn't have this problem. 'Klarg' is sexually transmitted, and they know it is highly virulent for any non-Klingon."

"Exactly my point," Garak announced. "A healthy Terran is worth far more than one who is sick and unable to fill their work quota. We must be compensated." He frowned. "Think of the costs that are involved when some of the workers must stop processing the ore to dispose of their dead."

Kira nodded. "Agreed. "Have the Captain meet me in my quarters after you've approved the shipment."

When Garak left, Kira told the guards to wait outside, then she turned her attention to Dukat. She could tell from his befuddled expression that he didn't know what was happening.

She lightly caressed the bindings around Dukat's thighs before removing the gag from his mouth. He didn't speak, only glared at her, which surprised her.

"You may speak."

That was all he needed to here.

"Release me!" he roared.

Kira laughed. "I see you're still presuming that *you* are in control? Something must be done about that." She gave a serene smile. She began to stroke his thigh with her hand, sliding slowing up to his sex. He jerked in response. Her smile widened.

"There, that's better," Kira cooed.

"When I'm free..." Dukat began.

Kira laughed again. "Free?" she asked. "Now, where did you get that foolish notion? Her eyes widen in mock surprise. "Oh, I see. You assume because I was intimate with you that I desire you." She clapped her hands in delight. "And Garak assured me that your arrogance would bore me."

"I don't give a damn how bored you may become," he roared. "I demand to know why I'm being held prisoner. Do you actually believe that you will get away with this?"

She shook her head at him "If you don't behave, I will replace the gag," she said as if admonishing a small child.

"Answer me."

"This is not Cardassia Prime. You words carry no weight on Terok Nor," she spat.

He reacted as though he'd just been struck. "What?"

Kira's admission took him completely by surprise. Suddenly, he recalled reading a Starfleet Intelligence report that Cardassian agents had intercepted. There was mention of a 'mirror' universe where Bajorans were in power and part of a Cardassian/Klingon alliance. He thought of the Bajoran guards and the references of Terrans as slaves; that would explain Kira's odd behavior. This isn't Commander Sisko's first officer, it is her alternate, the Intendant of this space station. And Garak
isn't a tailor, he is her first officer. One thing he could say about Garak, he hasn't changed in this universe; no facade of women's clothing to obscure his true nature.

Dukat wondered how he was transported here. Perhaps the light source in the Garak's shop had something to do with it? If so, then the other Garak was involved. That didn't come as a surprise, he knew Garak had plotted to have him executed since the occupation of Bajor. But what about Kira? Did she help her alternate as well?

'Remember that night, Gul Dukat, how you made me...'

No, she assumes that he is his alternate. It's the only plausible explanation for her admission. Somehow, he must use her ignorance to his advantage. Otherwise, he may never be free. He didn't know what his alternate had done to her, but he surmised it wasn't entirely unpleasant, not the way her voice had quavered in remembrance. He smiled inwardly. It was good to know that his alternate have such excellent taste in females.

Kira was puzzled over his sudden silence, but knowing how he would never concede to defeat, she surmised his mind was rippling with ideas of escape. Again, she glanced down at the bindings around his thighs: muscular, yet lean, and most importantly, they were secure.

"Hanai, I think our guest could use some nourishment," Kira flicked her hand in the slaves direction. Hanai carried the gilded tray that was laden with fresh fruit over to the bed. It was enough to provide nourishment not strength, something Dukat would need in order to escape.

Dukat gazed at Hanai intently as she strode toward him. Her sheer gown was replaced with a drab tunic that hid her slender curves instead of accentuating them. No doubt Kira ordered the change to keep him from staring hungrily at her prize, something he would have down if such a delicate creature belonged to him.

Abruptly, the sound of Kira's communicator signalled. Garak's voice bristled from the comm unit. "My apologies, Intendant, but the 'Klingon' wishes to speak to you." Kira hid a smile over Garak's frank loathing. She could hear the Klingon captain's snarling disposition in the background. She must speak to Garak about his disdain for their allies. It wouldn't do to insult them, when they so readily supply her with fresh Terrans. She instructed Hanai to see to Dukat's needs, then exited the room.

The Terran eyed the Cardassian Gul warily as she placed the tray on the table beside the bed. Her voice was light-an airy sound-when she spoke. "The Intendant said you must eat to maintain your strength.

Her voice was so soft, it was barely a whisper. He noted that her eyes were downcast once she placed the tray on the table. An obedient gesture, he thought.

"Look at me," he commanded. His gruff tone startled her into complying. He saw a flicker of fear in her gaze. His voice softened. "You must look at me in order to feed me, unless the Intendant gave you orders to undo the bindings."

She stammered. " were not my orders. I was told to feed you."

'So Kira is confident that I am secure, he thought.'

With trembling fingers, she activated a panel near the bed, causing him to rise slowly up into a sitting position. She picked a small piece of fruit from the tray and lifted it to his lips. He hesitated briefly before opening his mouth to accept the offered edible. She slid it slowly inside his mouth, and before she could pull her fingers away, he seized them with his lips. Both experienced a jolt, unfamiliar to her, but apparent to him. He wanted her. Fearing that she did something wrong, she begin to cry. He released her fingers immediately.

The tears marked several paths down her face. "There is nothing to be afraid of. I will not harm you," he said. She looked doubtful, but he sensed it had nothing to do with an actual fear of reprisal. "Hanai, did like feeding me?"

She looked stunned. The tears glistened in her hazel eyes.


His voice was silken, caressing her, coaxing her. She nodded in response.

"Then why did you stop?"

" is forbidden."

Dukat frowned. "Forbidden? I thought the Intendant ordered you to feed me."

She shook her head. The crystals adorning her braids played a short melody. "It is forbidden to take pleasure in a male's touch."

He recovered from her statement before she had time to notice. He had expected her to say something, anything, but not that. He opened his mouth to speak, but she continued.

"The Intendant has forbidden me to experience pleasure with a male, or with anyone other than her. She is my provider, the one who brings me to my haven."

Of all the emotions he could have experienced, it was laughter that had threatened to emerge. He didn't want her to construe his amusement was intended for her. On the contrary, he was laughing at himself, for wanting something he considered forbidden to him. He has met various females from a myriad of races, all were willing, even some manage to appear chaste. He didn't have any regrets being intimate with them. But he vowed never to make love to a virgin. They were more trouble than they were worth; they would experience an emotional attachment from the act of intimacy. Their pristine minds are to naive to separate love from sex, and in his position, he couldn't afford
to be embroiled in any scandalous affairs. His enemies would seize the opportunity to destroy him.

Dukat suppressed a frustrated sigh, then willed his arousal to a dull throb. "You may leave."

'Did he see disappointment in her gaze?'

"I do not wish to leave," she murmured.

His eyes widen in amazement, then suddenly darkened in suspicion. "Leave me," he commanded.

Hanai tried to still the trembling that seized her. She lifted her hand to caress his cheek, tracing the ridge underneath his eye. The texture was smooth, far different from its rough appearance. "What if I don't want to leave? What if I want to stay?"

He couldn't stop himself from kissing the palm of her hand. It was so soft and inviting, he was compelled to lick the sensitive spot on her wrist. Her heard her sharp intake of breath and smiled inwardly. Kira's Terran wanted him despite strict orders not to be intimate with a anyone, especially a male, and especially him. Perhaps making love to a virgin has its rewards. Still, this could be a ruse. Not quick to accept the treasure that she offered, he questioned her. It wasn't until he saw the desire burning deep into her eyes that he allowed his lust to take over. But there was something else in her eyes that he could not ignore. Freedom.

Dukat made love to Hanai slowly, savoring her tightness, the way it held him deep inside of her. Penetration was difficult at first, but when passion took hold, they were both oblivious to the mild pain that their joining caused her. Powerful urges rippled through them until neither knew who breathed, gasped or thrust. They were one being, two souls lost as each were being transported to a new state of unexplored rapture, where all their senses were sharpened by the pleasure of their joining. Her fingers were digging into his taut flesh. His release was near. Hanai felt the rush of Dukat's seed invade her body and with it came glorious, spreading sensations she had never known before, tingling through her in waves of pleasure. She held him fast as he twisted against her, and then gradually relaxed. His thickness was still inside her, a part of him which she wasn't quick to

But she did when she heard the applause.

To be continued

Bed of Thorn: We We Practice To Deceive


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