Deep Space Nine: Coming Of Age Part 1 (mf,inter,oral)
by ErosTrek ([email protected])

Major Kira stood at attention next to Benjamin Sisko as the large, cog-like
wheel of the docking tube rolled aside and several Bajoran passengers began
to disembark the shuttle that had brought them to the station.

Two vedecs in red and yellow robes appeared followed by Kai Winn, religious
leader of Bajor. Her eyes clouded when she saw Sisko, but she forced her
dislike of this human who had been chosen by the Prophets as their Emissary
into the back of her mind and flashed a smile. "Emissary, I am so glad that
you could find some time from your busy schedule to meet us" she said with
a hint of sarcasm.

"Kai Winn, it is my pleasure as always" Sisko told her "Welcome aboard Deep
Space 9." Kira stepped forward and bowed stiffly towards the Kai. "Major"
Kai Winn acknowledged Kira then turned back to Sisko. "Emissary" she said
"my visit to Deep Space 9 is going to be very short this time" and she smiled
as she imagined the sighs of relief that both Sisko and Kira must have made
at her words. "I have come mainly to ask a great favor of both of you. I have
a niece who has just come of age and I have brought her along with me to the
station. She has lived for all of her sixteen years protected from the world
in several Bajoran temples and she is, shall we say, innocent."

"Benjamin, what I need you to do is to keep her aboard Deep Space 9 for a
month during which she will grow from a child into a woman. I am entrusting
her to your care" and before Sisko could open his mouth to protest, she
clapped her hands twice. The shuttle's airlock slid open again and a young
girl dressed in a vedic's robe emerged. The red and yellow clothing hid her
figure and her face was bowed towards the floor. She stopped beside Kai Winn
and bowed deeply towards Sisko. "Emissary" she whispered "I am Kaela."

"Welcome aboard Deep Space 9, Kaela" Sisko told her "I hope you enjoy your

"Goodbye Kaela. May the prophets be with you" said Kai Winn and preceded by
the Vedecs, returned to the shuttle. Sisko, Kira and Kaela waited till both
airlock doors had closed and the shuttle detached itself with a burst of blue
flame from its thrusters. Kaela watched it until it became a small glowing
speck amidst the stars, then turned to Sisko and Kira.

"Major, find Kaela some nice quarters on the officer's level of the habitat
ring, please" Sisko told Kira "and get her out of these monk's robes and find
her something decent to wear" To Kaela, he said "I'll see you later on in my
quarters for dinner, I'm sure you'll enjoy meeting my son Jake. He's just
about your age". Kaela nodded meekly as Kira put an arm round her shoulders
and led her to the nearest turbo-lift. Sisko watched them both leave then
headed for his office on the command deck.

Later that evening Sisko and Jake were in their quarters preparing a meal.
Sisko loved cooking and only used the replicator when he was short on time.
Jake was preparing the table for three persons when the door beeped. "Enter"
Jake said and the door slid aside.

Kira stepped through and told Jake "I've brought Kaela."

"Come in, come in" said Sisko jovially, wiping his hands on a cloth. Slowly
a young girl came into view - Sisko cocked his head to one side and Jake's
jaw dropped. Sisko couldn't even imagine that this was the same girl that
had arrived with Kai Winn only hours ago. Kira had worked a miracle!

Kaela was slim, and had a perfect figure which was accentuated by the tight
fitting top and short leather skirt she was wearing. Knee length, black
leather bootsthat matched the miniskirt made the white skin of her legs
stand out. Her cute face was framed by short brown hair, and her amber eyes
shone in the room's light. Kira had used a sparkling pink lipstick on Kaela's
lips making them seem wet. Her small nose had the standard Bajoran ridges at
the top and dipped inwards slightly in the middle making it very attractive.
To finish off, she wore a Bajoran ear-ring on her left ear with an aqua gem
that glinted when it caught the light. "Well done, Kira" Sisko told the Major
"you've done a good job."

"Glad you like her Benjamin" Kira said "I didn't do much though, Kaela is
very beautiful. All I did was bring it out. I hope you all enjoy your dinner"
and turned to go back to her duties.

Sisko told Jake "Jake, this is Kaela, Kai Winn's niece. She'll be staying
here for the next month. You may want to show her around the station." Jake's
mouth was still open and his gaze was drawn alternately between Kaela's long,
bare legs and the small mounds rising from her chest. He stammered "Hi
Kaela .. I'm Jake .. welcome aboard Deep Space 9." Sisko smiled at them both.
She really is beautiful, he thought, and Jake seemed to be falling for her.

"Dinner is ready. Have a seat. I hope you like rice with prawns from Earth
and a Cardassian speciality, spicy meat pastries" Sisko told her.

Until now Kaela hadn't opened her mouth but she now said "I've never eaten
such food but I'm sure I'll like it. On Bajor the vedecs usually gave me
vegetables and freshly baked bread." Her voice was soft and to Jake's ears
sounded as if tiny bells were ringing when she spoke.

As they ate, they talked about Kaela's life on Bajor and how different life
on Deep Space 9 was. She had lived in vedec monasteries all her life since
her mother had died during the Cardassian occupation and her aunt had
protected her. If it hadn't been for her, she would probably have been taken
to Cardassia or up to Terak Nor, as DS9 had been called by the Cardassians,
and used as a slave. She had never been to space and was rather scared at
the thought that she was continuously surrounded by vacuum. Jake explained
that the station was well protected by thick walls and shields that kept the
air in and that she had nothing to worry about. Unusually for him he stumbled
over several words each time she smiled at him and he couldn't look away from
her amber eyes.

The meal finished, Kaela returned to her quarters which were only a few
doors away down the corridor. She promised Jake that she would meet him the
following morning for a guided tour of the station. Jake went to bed smiling
happily and had rather vivid dreams that featured Kaela prominently.

He woke up at 7 am, took a sonic shower, dressed hurriedly, grabbed an apple
from the kitchen counter and ate it and paced excitedly around the room
waiting for the time to pass. At 8.30 he rushed out of the room and ran down
the corridor to Kaela's quarters. Her door slid open as he arrived and she
walked out dressed in the same clothes as yesterday. The effect on Jake was
similar and he jerked to a stop as if he had hit a force field. "Hi Kaela"
he mumbled. "Good morning, Jake" she replied "where shall we go now?"

"The Promenade" he said "that's where most of the action on the station is"
and led the way to a turbo-lift. They arrived at the Promenade in a matter of
seconds and the sounds, sights and smells assaulted their senses. A multitude
of different aliens, mostly humanoid, went about their business talking,
squawking, screeching, warbling and growling at each other, Jake's universal
translator finding it impossible to keep up with all the different languages.
Jake and Kaela walked along the Promenade, Jake pointing out the various
shops that were around it. He showed her the stall that sold "glop on a
stick" but she passed up Jake's offer after she had gotten a good look at the
vat out of which the mixture came. They came to Quark's bar and Jake took her
inside looking for his friend Nog.

Quark, Nog's uncle, said "You've just missed him Jake. He left for duty on
board the Defiant some ten minutes ago."

Disappointed that he couldn't show off Kaela to Nog, Jake led her to the top
level of the Promenade. It wasn't quite so noisy here but Kaela told him "I'm
rather tired, Jake. I'm not used to all these people crowding together. Can
we go someplace that's quieter?"

Jake thought for a few moments and said "I know just the place" and they
boarded an empty turbo-lift. "Pylon 3, Level 72" he told the lift's computer.
Their destination was one of the six curved arms that Deep Space 9 had, three
going above the outer docking ring and three below. The pylons were used to
dock the larger spacecraft but he and Nog had discovered that Pylon 3 had
been structurally damaged years ago and was never used. They had transformed
the observation room at the very top into a sort of den and this was where
Jake was taking Kaela.

He led the way down a short corridor and they both climbed up a ladder into
a circular room. Jake looked around. Nothing had been disturbed since his
last visit, not surprisingly since only technicians were authorized to be in
these areas. He heard a gasp behind him and looked at Kaela. She seemed to
be having difficulty breathing and he suddenly understood why. The walls of
the room were made of metal-glass, which though as strong as the rest of the
alloys that held Deep Space 9 together was quite transparent and almost
invisible if you didn't look for it. To Kaela, who had never seen such a
material it was as if they had emerged into a room open to space and that
she was seconds from having the air removed from her lungs.

"Don't worry" Jake told her rapping his knuckles on the transparent wall
"It's just glass" Kaela slowly calmed down and looked around her.

"It's beautiful" she finally said. It really was. They had an unobstructed
view of the brightly glowing stars all around and they could make out the
small brown and green globe that was Bajor in the distance. Below them Deep
Space 9 rotated slowly in it's orbit around the currently invisible wormhole.

Jake told her "If you look carefully there" he pointed "you can see a comet.
It looks like a small white patch in space" Kaela couldn't see it and she
moved closer to Jake to see where he was pointing. Her head rested on his
arm and her body was so close to his that he could feel her warmth. Jake's
nostrils flared as he smelled the light perfume she was wearing. He stammered
"There ... see there it is ... just next to those two bright stars."

"Oh ... I can see it now" she said excitedly. "This is wonderful. I never
imagined that space can be so beautiful". As she said this she jumped up and
down happily. "Neither did I" mumbled Jake as each bounce she took caused her
rear end to touch the front of his trousers.

Out of the corner of his eye, Jake suddenly saw the flash generated by a
spacecraft coming out of warp. "Kaela, look there. A new ship has just

She turned her head just as another flash occurred. "I see it ... there's
another one." Jake squinted through the glass trying to make out
what type of ship it was when the sound of an alarm began to ring throughout
the station.

"Red alert ... Red alert ... all personnel to battle stations" the computer

Kaela's eyes opened wide as she asked Jake "What's happening?"

Jake told her "Those look like Jem'Hadar attack ships" as the two spacecraft
swooped closer to Deep Space 9.

"What shall we do, Jake?" Kaela said moving closer to him until both their
bodies were pressing together.

Jake could feel her shivering in fright and he put his arm around her
shoulders. "We'll be ok. Dad knows what to do. We're just as safe here as
anywhere else on the station."

One of the Jem'Hadar warships, looking very much like a scarab, with engine
nacelles glowing a deep bluish purple headed in towards the station phaser
beams stabbing out from it's nose. The station's shields glowed green where
the phasers hit them without causing any damage. The second Jem'Hadar ship
stood off at a distance and fired a pair of photon torpedoes as the first
craft ended it's attack run. The torpedoes looked like miniature purple stars
as they closed the distance quickly and impacted Deep Space Nine's shields
in quick succession. The station shuddered and Kaela and Jake were both
knocked off their feet. Kaela's fall was cushioned by Jake's legs and as she
tried to disentangle herself from him, he caught a glimpse of white panties
under the black mini-skirt. He looked away blushing, but Kaela had noticed
his gaze and smiled at him even though she was terrified by what was going
on around her. Between the excitement of being under attack and in being in
Kaela's company, Jake was feeling an erection growing. He tried to hide it
by crossing his legs, but another photon torpedo hit threw him onto Kaela,
his face cushioned by her chest.

Her breasts were soft, so soft, he thought as his cheek rested against them.
He could stay like this forever. "Jake?" It was Kaela "Jake are you ok? Did
you get knocked out?" Jake pushed himself up managing to place his hands in
all the wrong places ... he brushed a breast with his right hand and removed
it as if it had bitten him, only to put his left hand on her bare, inner
thigh where the mini-skirt had ridden up in all the commotion.

Jake was blushing furiously now and he stammered "I'm fine, I'm fine ... just
a bit dizzy, that's all. How are you?"

"I'm fine too" said Kaela "I hope the attack is over, though I can't say I
mind it all that much when you fall all over me" As she said this she lowered
her head and blushed, embarrassed at her own words. Up till today she had
never even been near to a man, let alone have such close physical contact,
and she certainly never had been wearing such revealing clothes.

Jake grinned "I don't mind either." He looked outside trying to spot the
Jem'Hadar ships and then began to point eagerly and said "It's the Defiant!
Worf is going to show those Jem'Hadar not to mess with Deep Space 9." Then
a frown crossed his face "My friend Nog is on board. I hope he'll be ok."

The Defiant's blunt snout undocked from the docking ring and turned swiftly
to point at a Jem'Hadar ship as it came around on another attack run. A burst
of the aft thrusters pushed the Defiant away from the station and when it was
at a safe distance, the fusion powered impulse engines came online
accelerating it towards the enemy.

The Jem'Hadar ship fired a single phaser burst at Deep Space 9 then noticing
that it was in danger banked away and tried to escape. The Defiant was locked
onto it and followed it through the turn. From the observation room high on
Pylon 3, Jake and Kaela watched as the Defiant opened fire with its highly
unusual multiple phaser banks spraying a stream of bright yellow energy at
the fleeing warship. The Jem'Hadar craft tried to dodge through attack but
multiple bursts reached their target and the aft shields began to glow a
shade of blue then disappeared in a flash of white light. The Defiant fired
another salvo which hit the now unprotected rear of the Jem'Hadar ship
causing a massive explosion and disabling its engines. The ship began to
coast through space, tumbling slightly, spewing air and chunks of metal from
the huge rent caused by Defiant's attack.

The other Jem'Hadar ship didn't wait for the Defiant to come around. It
accelerated swiftly in the opposite direction and disappeared into warp.
The Defiant stood guard some distance away from the tumbling wreckage of
the first Jem'Hadar craft as a runabout and a couple of Bajoran salvage
tugs detached themselves from Deep Space 9.

"What are they doing now" Kaela asked Jake.

"They'll try to see if anyone's left alive on board that ship to rescue them
and salvage any useful equipment. They won't find anyone alive though" Jake

"Why is that?" Kaela asked puzzled "The front is relatively undamaged. I'm
sure there are survivors."

"The Jem'Hadar and their commanding Vorta will commit suicide if there is no
possibility of escape. They will not allow themselves to be captured" Jake
told her as the tugs used blue tractor beams to snare some of the larger
pieces of wreckage.

"That's so cruel" Kaela shuddered. Tears welled in her eyes and Jake pulled
her close to him and hugged her. It was a combination of many factors: the
beauty of space surrounding them, the excitement and fear of the battle that
had just occurred, the adrenaline that still coursed through them, the
proximity of their bodies. Kaela looked up at Jake and tentatively placed
her pink lips against his. Jake was startled but to his credit he didn't
move back. It was just an innocent kiss but it was minutes before their
mouths separated. Kaela giggled "I've never done that before. That was very

"Let's do it again" Jake told her following his words with action. This time
Jake's tongue probed her lips and her amber eyes opened wide in surprise. She
separated her lips slightly and they felt what seemed like an electric shock
as the tips of their tongues touched. Jake raised his hand until his fingers
rested on her chest. When she didn't pull back, he cupped a small round
breast through her top and squeezed gently. Kaela's breath was coming in
short gasps and her eyes were half closed as she experienced these new
sensations. Jake leaned his head on her shoulder, feeling her soft hair
brushing his face. He began to kiss her long neck slowly while continuing to
rub her breasts. Using his thumb and forefinger he pulled at the nipple that
had risen through the elastic material. Her head leant backwards as he
continued to kiss around her neck.

His hands moved from her breasts to her back slowly tracing the outline of
her shoulder blades. They lingered at her waist before reaching the small
of her back. His hands roved over the leather mini-skirt feeling the supple
flesh of her tight little ass. Through the material he could feel the
outline of the panties she was wearing which he had caught a glimpse of
previously. The thought that he would soon be peeling back this skirt
excited him. He had kissed other girls and some of them had even allowed
him to touch their breasts ... Nog's step-mother, Leeta, had let him when
she still worked as a dabo girl at Quark's and he had a crush for her. His
father had put a quick stop to that though. He had never reached this stage
before and it seemed that little, innocent Kaela was willing.

The mini-skirt had ridden up to reveal the lower part of the cheeks of her
ass and his erection grew a couple of inches when he realized that he was
actually touching her skin without any material under his fingers. Kaela
felt this too and instead of stopping him she pushed herself against him,
rubbing his hard member with her thighs. He could feel the heat coming from
her crotch through his trousers. His hand continued on its journey between
her ass cheeks, down and down until he felt a wet spot on the silken panty
material. He was actually touching her most private spot! Jake thought. Lust
filled him and gave him the courage to start rubbing that wet spot which was
becoming damper and damper. Kaela gave out a low moan and with her eyes
tightly shut found his mouth and began to kiss him hungrily. Her hand reached
down and closed around the bulge of his crotch which she began to rub,
reciprocating his own action between her legs.

After a few moments she pulled back and Jake thought he had done something
wrong. "Kaela, did I hurt you?" hoping that he hadn't and that they would
continue. Kaela laughed and it sounded like bells ringing to Jake's ears
"Of course you didn't" she said "it would be better if we take our clothes
off first." Jake laughed too relieved "It would be much better. Let me help
you" as she used both hands to pull her top up over her head. She wasn't
wearing anything under the top and Jake stared at her small breasts. They
were a normal size for her sixteen years and they were perfectly shaped. Not
constrained anymore by the elastic material they stood out of from her chest
without the need of any support. Jake looked at them closely, taking his
time, since it was his first proper view of real breasts and not the holo
recordings that he and Nog had bought from a freighter captain years ago.
Kaela's amber eyes were glittering with amusement as she watched Jake Sisko
ogle her tits. "You may touch them if you want" she told him. Jake grinned
and placed a hand on each breast. It was one thing feeling them through
clothes and another having direct skin to skin contact. They were soft, yet
firm under his touch. He rubbed them and pulled at them and moved his
fingers in circles around the light brown nipples which were at the center
of barely visible aureoles.

After a few minutes of this he bent forward and placed a mouth on a nipple,
at first kissing it, then when Kaela didn't say anything he sucked at it and
nipped it slightly with his teeth. This caused Kaela to gasp and she told
him "That's very nice" reassuring him that he wasn't hurting her in any way.

He moved his mouth to her other tit and sucked at her other nipple. He would
have gone on forever if she hadn't told him, "Now it's my turn. Let's get
your trousers off. I really want to see it."

Jake stood up pulling his trousers down quickly. He was so excited that he
almost tripped over his own feet. Kaela giggled as she watched him and he
blushed at his clumsiness.

"Ohhhh" said Kaela suddenly "I've never seen one before. It's ... It's ...
It's so long". She had spotted Jake's erection that had sprung free as he
had dropped his pants. He stood before her, his seven inch cock standing at
attention at Kaela's eye level.

"You've never seen a man's ... dick?" he told her stumbling on the word he
had never expected to say to a girl.

"No, never. There were only girls at school on Bajor and the only men I ever
saw were vedecs and none of them ever dropped their robes before me!" she
began to laugh as she imagined the scene in her head of those old monks
walking around naked. Her aunt, the Kai, would have had a fit.

"You may touch it if you want" Jake told her.

She reached out her hand touched the very tip of it. A drop of pre-cum had
oozed out and stuck to her finger forming a strand between her hand and the
head of Jake's cock. She seemed mesmerized by this and moved her hand about
slowly examining the strand as it caught the starlight. Moving her face
closer she stuck her tongue out and brought her finger to her mouth. She
tentatively licked Jake's pre-cum off her finger. "That has a strange taste"
she said.

Jake moved his cock closer to her face. He had heard about girls who took
dicks into their mouths from Nog and he really wished that Kaela would do
this to him.

Kaela didn't take the initiative and Jake told her "Will you put it in your

She looked surprised and said "Can I really do that? I don't know if it
that will be ok" she said a bit worried, not having any experience in such

Jake calmed her down by saying "If you don't want to I won't mind. I think
you'll like it though and it's ok to do it. I've even read about it." He
didn't mention he had read that on Galactic Playmate and not on some school
text book as he had made it sound!

Kaela placed her hand around the length of his cock and moved it slowly
backwards fascinated at the way she could pull the skin back to reveal the
head. Making up her mind, she opened her mouth and delicately closed it
around the tip of Jake's tool. Jake remained motionless experiencing the
fantastic sensation of having a girl perform fellatio on him. At his age he
masturbated often fantasizing about sex, but jerking himself off paled in
comparison to what he was feeling now. Kaela's tongue continued to dance
around the tip of his cock, but she didn't try to pull any more of it into
her mouth. Jake didn't mind. It was hard enough keeping himself from coming
as it was.

"Ok, Kaela, you may stop now" Jake panted. He didn't want to spoil everything
and scare Kaela by coming in her face!

Kaela looked at him and said "What shall we do next?"

Jake didn't say anything. Instead he knelt before her and began to pull down
her leather mini-skirt. The tight skirt clung to her skin and she helped him
remove it by raising her ass off the floor and wiggling her hips about. Jake
threw the skirt into the pile of clothes already on the floor and looked at
Kaela. "Wow! You are so ... so ... sexy" he muttered.

Kaela blushed and giggled. She was still embarrassed that she was showing
a boy so much of her body and allowing him to touch her. Jake was looking
below her waist at her white panties. He could just make out the dark patch
of pubic hair and his hand reached out as if drawn by a magnet. His fingers
traced the outline of her bush through her panties and moved lower, feeling
the wetness he had encountered before.

Placing the palm of his hand flat against her stomach, he raised the hem of
her panties and moved downwards. Her pubic hair was very soft as his fingers
slid through it. His hand moved further down and he felt smooth skin. The
sudden realization that he was actually touching the lips of her vagina
startled him and he was about to remove his hand when Kaela pushed upwards
against him and said "Yes, Jake, rub it ... please ... yes, it feels so

Knowing that Kaela was liking what he was doing gave him the courage to
continue and he rubbed her mound gently. He could feel her skin getting wet
as her juices began to flow and he spread that wetness all over her crotch.
Her panties were getting in the way so he used his other hand to pull first
one side down off her hips and then the other. When they came off completely
he held them up in one hand as a sort of trophy and they both laughed.

Kaela bent forward to kiss Jake on the lips as he returned his hand to her
crotch. "Oh Jake, I never thought this could be so nice. If I had known I'd
have tried it before!"

"I must be really lucky then to be your first man" Jake replied. She was
still a virgin, he thought, and she seemed willing to go all the way! Just
wait till I tell Nog what's happened. He'll be green with envy.

Now that Kaela was totally nude before Jake, she seemed to have lost her
inhibitions. She opened her legs widely allowing Jake a full view of her
small, virginal slit. As he watched, the slit opened slightly revealing a
bright pink, wet, center almost the same color of her lips! Moving of their
own accord, his fingers dipped into this hole, rubbing against the hot
flesh. "Yesss, yessss, ohhhh yess" she hissed "Oh my, ohhh yesss" she said
loudly as Jake's fingers moved up and down the inner part of her cunt. Kaela
was panting as she lay back and raised her ass off the floor so as to push
her pussy as far as possible towards Jake's busy fingers.

While Jake was delicately probing her slit, she reached down with a hand and
began to rub the top of her snatch wildly. Jake watched with amazement as she
found her own clit and began to masturbate in front of him. "Jake, touch
here, oh please touch me her ... do it, do it" she told him suddenly between
moans of pleasure. Jake moved his fingers to the spot she was indicating and
rubbed the small, hard bit of flesh that had emerged at the top of her pussy.
Jake had heard about a woman's clitoris before but he had never seen one. He
also knew that it was very sensitive to touch, yet he was still surprised
that only after he rubbed it a couple of times, Kaela let out a long scream,
jerked her hips upwards rapidly against Jake's hand and then collapsed back
onto the floor with a sigh. Kaela had come! Jake had seen a girl having an
orgasm. Not only that, it was he who had brought her to an orgasm! Stunned,
and with his hand still trapped between Kaela's thighs which had closed
tightly, he lay on the floor next to her, face to face. She opened her amber
eyes which shone with a strange light. "Jake, that was such a fantastic
feeling. Thank you" she said kissing him and this time using her tongue
without being prompted.

After a while she said "Now that I've come I think it's only fair that you
do so also." Jake nodded grinning. He could feel his balls about to burst
with the pressure of his cum. "I'm still a virgin and for now I want to
remain that way", and after seeing the disappointed look on his face she
continued "but I might reconsider later during my stay. Anyway, for now
there's another way in which to make you happy." She explained what she had
in mind and made him straddle her stomach so that his hard cock rested on
her chest between her tits. Using her hands she squeezed her tits together
around his cock until only the head was visible. Using this improvised love
tunnel he began to jerk his hips backwards and forwards. While not exactly
as good as a cunt, Jake could hardly tell the difference as he humped her
breasts. Though inexperienced, Kaela was a natural lover - she used her
mouth to wet the tip of Jake's cock that was emerging at regular intervals
from between her tits. It was making Jake go wild. Not in his wildest wet
dreams could he have imagined that he would be doing this with this hot
little sixteen year old. Jake felt an ache in his balls and knew he was
about to come. He grunted a quick "I'm coming" to warn her and let go.

A stream of his seed shot out and hit Kaela just below the chin. The second
and third stream came out with less force and dripped onto the center of her
chest. He maneuvered his cock above her left tit just as it spasmed a fourth
time covering her nipple with drops of semen. He used his cock as a brush
and spread the cum over her tit concentrating on the hard nipple area. She
grinned and helped him with her fingers, pinching her own nipple lightly,
then licked her fingers clean.

"That was wonderful, Jake" she told him as he caught his breath and they
enjoyed the warm glow left after sex. "I didn't know that your ... errrr ...
thing there ... was going to spit that liquid. That surprised me, but now
that I know what to expect it looks kind of fun!"

Jake looked at her and said "I never did that to a girl before Kaela. It's
much better than doing it alone" he grinned surprised that he had admitted
to masturbating in front of a girl. She laughed "We're both new to this, and
we didn't do all that bad did we" and she leaned forward and kissed him.
"We'd better get going" Jake told her "or Dad is going to ask the computer
to locate us" he said pointing at his comm badge.

Kaela got up and recovered her panties and used them to wipe the cum off her
neck, chest and breast. Jake stood staring at her amazed as she actually wore
the soaking wet panties dripping with her juice and his cum. She realized he
was looking at her strangely and she flashed him a wicked grin. "I'll be
wearing these all day long" she told him in a low voice and batting her
eyelids "with your liquid mixing with mine right here between my legs." Then
she began to laugh as she saw the stunned look on his face.

"Oh, you're so wonderful, Kaela. I would never have imagined that you'd have
such a dirty mind!" he told her laughing too.

They finished dressing quickly and ran to the turbolift where they spent the
minute it took to reach their destination playfully grabbing each others
butts, giggling all the way. Kaela told Jake "I'd like a guided tour of the
station every day that I'm on board and make sure that it is just like the
one today" she ordered.

"Yes, ma'am" Jake replied smiling in anticipation of all the sex that he was
going to have during that month.

The turbo-lift arrived at the habitat ring and Benjamin Sisko spotted his son
and Kaela as they walked back to their quarters. "Jake, I hope you and Kaela
enjoyed yourself today. You were ok during the Jem'Hadar attack?" he asked
worried that he hadn't heard from them before.

"No problem, dad, we really enjoyed ourselves, we really did" he said
grinning. You can't imagine how much, he added silently. Kaela was doing her
best to stifle a laugh. His father looked at Jake then at Kaela suspiciously
then shrugged and told them to get back to their quarters for dinner.

Kaela had come of age.


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