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(An Ezri story before she got Joined with the Dax symbiont.)

Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: Counseling Therapy (bf,MF,inc,hand,oral)
by ErosTrek

Ship's Assistant Counselor Ezri Tigan looked out of the viewing port as the
U.S.S. Destiny cruised at a leisurely Warp 4, whipping past entire solar
systems and suns faster than she could blink.

"Arana, I can't do this, not on my own" she said.

Ship's Counselor Arana put an arm around her shoulders and told her in a
soothing tone "Ezri, don't underestimate yourself. I know you are ready for
your first solo counseling session. You've passed all the tests with high
grades and you've attended quite a few of my sessions as an observer. If you
weren't ready I wouldn't be taking this decision in the first place."

"But what if I tell him something that will hurt him or make him feel worse?"
Ezri said miserably "or maybe even suicidal" she added pessimistically.

"Oh come on now, Ezri" Arana said, patting her on the back "you're just
clutching at straws now. You are ready and you know it" and with that she
turned towards the door and called out "Enter."

The door slid aside and a young, tall, nervous looking Ensign walked in head
bowed towards the deck. Arana greeted him cordially "Good morning, Sam. I
hope you're fine today. Ezri here will be taking over your counseling today"
as she led him to a padded armchair in one corner of the room. When he was
settled on the chair she nodded at Ezri, turned and left. Ezri sighed. She
was on her own now and her stomach was churning. All the tests had never
prepared her for this she was sure. What if ... what if ....Oh stop it, she
told herself, grow up and behave like a Counselor not a little girl. Ashamed
at her own fear she turned away from the viewport, put a smile on her face
and sat opposite the Ensign who had begun fidgeting with the armchair
movement controls.

"Hi Sam. I'm Ezri. What do you want to talk about today?"

While he cleared his throat nervously she activated her padd and pulled up
the Ensign's records from the ship's database. Nineteen years old (her age
she thought), born on the earth-like planet New Paris. All his family lived
there with the exception of his elder sister who had been onboard this ship,
the USS Destiny until a couple of months ago. He was training as a science
officer specializing in starship sensors. She brought up his efficiency
ratings and noted that they had dropped off steeply two months ago, the
reason why he had been ordered to talk to the ship's Counselor. Ezri noted
that the change in the quality of his work coincided with his sister's
departure. She brought up more information on his sister. Her name was Anna,
24 years old, she had been a nurse in the USS Destiny's infirmary. Two months
ago she had received transfer orders to StarBase 103 which had a large
hospital facility and desperately in need of doctors and nurses. Due to the
war in progress against the Dominion, medical facilities in the quadrant were
being swamped with a high rate of casualties so medical personnel were being
pulled from the rear areas and transferred closer to the front lines. Ezri
saw that Anna had always been stationed on the same ship or StarBase as her
brother, ever since they had joined StarFleet together, except on this
occasion. He had asked to be sent along with her, even begged, but an
ensign-in-training hadn't been needed aboard StarBase 103. From that time
his efficiency plummeted and numerous complaints about his lack of attention
began to wind up the chain of command until he had been asked politely but
firmly to get counseling. Ezri could tell that the problem was his sister's
departure ... maybe he was very attached to her - she would have to find out.

Sam had begun talking about New Paris, about how he missed the 20th century
Parisian style buildings of the capital city, the fresh, unpolluted air, his
favorite cafe that made these incredible tasting baguettes. Ezri tuned in to
what he was saying and nodded. When he stopped for breath, she asked "What
about your sister Anna?"

His face clouded over and he seemed close to tears. "She's gone" he said
"They sent her off to a StarBase light years from where we are. I haven't
seen her for two months and I just can't bear it anymore."

"You're very close to your sister aren't you?"

"Yes, I've never had any real friends except for my sister. We've always
been together even when we were very small." He sniffled. "Can you tell
them to send her back here, please" he asked Ezri his eyes so large, round
and glistening that she really felt sorry for him.

"I'll see what I can do. But till then you really have to concentrate on your
work. I don't really want to tell you this but if you get any more negative
reports, the Captain will have no option but to send you back to StarFleet HQ
for re-training and maybe out of StarFleet forever."

"Oh" he mumbled "then I'll never see my sister again. I just can't think. I
can't. Not with my problem. Oh Anna, why did you have to go, you always knew
how to help me." Tears began flowing down his cheeks and he buried his face
in his hands.

Ezri looked at him crying. She was on the verge of tears herself, and that
wasn't so good for a Counselor. You couldn't let yourself get emotionally
involved with the patient since it wouldn't do them any good at all. She
cleared her throat "Sam, look at me." He stopped sobbing and raised his
face. "Sam, you've got to let me know what's your problem so that I can
find a way to help you out."

Sam nodded "I don't know how to put it ... it's ... er ... a rather personal
thing ... you know ... see, I can't just tell you like this ..."

"Don't worry, I'm a Counselor. Whatever you have to say won't go beyond this
room, I can assure you. Don't be afraid" Ezri said in as soothing a voice as

Sam came to a decision. He would tell her. She would understand. And she
seemed so sweet and cute looking, unlike the other Counselor. He would never
tell Arana anything, he was scared of her.

"This is my problem" and he pointed to his trousers.

Ezri didn't understand. What could be wrong with his uniform that had to do
with his sister? It seemed to fit him perfectly.

When he saw her confused expression he decided to be more explicit. He
pointed his finger directly between his legs and moved them aside. Ezri
looked closely at the dark material and saw that there was a large bulge
which she hadn't noticed before. She blushed with embarrassment, then
anger and she was about to tell him off when she looked into his face
and instead of the lecherous grin she had expected, there was only
embarrassment and fear. She calmed herself, and asked him exactly what
the problem was.

Stammering he told her the whole story. In an innocent way, he explained
that ever since he was nine years old he would get all hard and stiff down
there for no reason at all. Sometimes it would hurt so much that he'd lie
in bed all day and pretend he had a cold so that his mother wouldn't send
him off to school. One day his sister, then fifteen years old, had come
into his bedroom when he wasn't covered by the bed sheets and had seen him
naked. Instead of running from the room, she had looked at him with
fascination. He tried to cover himself up but she had stopped him and sat
on the edge of the bed unable to take her eyes off his crotch. When he got
over his initial embarrassment at being seen in such a condition by his
sister, she had explained that there were some boys much older than him at
school who had shown her their private parts which were smaller than his.
Surprised that his sister was actually telling him this, he could only
gasp when she reached out and touched him directly on what she said was
his penis. She told him not to be afraid, that she wouldn't hurt him and
that what she was doing was only natural. She had done this before, she
told him and he should just relax and enjoy the sensation. In fact, after
the initial shock, her hand moving up and down on his penis was quite
enjoyable and for the first time in his life he began to feel a little
relief of the pressure that had built up. After a minute or so, a thick,
white liquid had begun running out of the tip of his penis, flowing down
it and covering his sister's hand and pooling on his stomach. He had begun
stammering that he was sorry, that it had never happened before, that he
couldn't stop it, but his sister smiled at him and said that everything was
ok and normal.

Ezri had been listening to Sam's story with amazement and her mouth was wide
open in surprise. When he finished and looked at her expectantly she snapped
it shut and wondered what she was going to tell him now. Nothing in her
training had prepared her for this ... this ... almost-incest between brother
and sister. She would have to think about this and possibly consult with
Arana. However, Sam hadn't finished, for when Ezri didn't say anything he

That was the first time Sam said. For the next few weeks and months, Anna
continued to visit him in his bedroom either when their parents were still
sleeping or more daringly in the living rooms when their parents had left
for work. His condition was getting better and he could actually concentrate
at school now that his sister was releasing the pressure for him. Of course
he didn't tell her this because he had come to enjoy what his sister was
doing to him, and as she didn't seem to be upset about it either, he didn't
want her to stop. Over two years had passed since the first time his sister
had 'helped him' and she was now seventeen while he was twelve years old.
She had developed a great deal in those two years. Her previously flat chest
was now visibly larger and her hips wider. She had a perfect figure and
though Sam didn't know much about women he did overhear older boys talking
about girls at school so he had some idea of what places should be filled
out properly. Sam and his sister had an unspoken agreement that when they
were in a private place or when the house was empty she'd 'empty his milk'
as he had begun calling the white stuff and they had settled into a twice a
week routine.

One day, with the house empty, he had sat down on a couch and called Anna
over. However, this time she didn't sit down next to him as usual. Surprised
and a bit afraid that his sister was going to refuse, Sam asked her what
was going on. She told him that today she'd be trying something different,
something a girl friend had explained to her. Sam was excited now and he
eagerly pulled down his trousers liberating his massive penis. Anna knelt
down on the floor before him and reached out to hold his penis with one
hand. She lowered her head towards it and gingerly placed her tongue on
the tip. This brought an immediate reaction from Sam. His semi-stiff penis
leapt to attention and became as rigid as a flagpole which almost poked Anna
in the eye if she hadn't moved her face aside. Anna took that as an
invitation and opening her mouth wide she completely swallowed the head of
his penis and began to suck at it like one would suck at a straw complete
with slurping noises until Sam, now in complete ecstasy, let go of his
'milk' like he had never let go before. The thick white stuff pumped into
his sister's mouth who seemed to actually swallow some of it, while the rest
flowed from the corners of her lips, down her chin and dripped onto the

A shriek of astonishment brought Sam back to reality. Counselor Ezri was
sitting right on the edge of her chair, her cheeks blushing a bright red as
she almost shouted "What? But that's ... that's .... that's disgusting! You
mean to say that she put your .. your .." she couldn't even say the word
"in her mouth? She .. swall ..... swalllll ... swallowed!?!"

Sam shifted uncomfortably on his seat, studying the metal deck under his
feet. He had expected this sort of reaction of course but Counselor Ezri
had wanted all the details which he had provided.

"I'm sorry" he muttered, "my sister said there wasn't anything wrong with
that. And she said it tasted good too. Her friend told her that most boys
expected girls to do it to them."

Ezri couldn't believe her ears. Never, never in her nineteen years of age
had she heard such a disgusting thing. As all teenagers she had heard lots
of things about sex though she had never experimented. Schools on Trill
didn't permit the intermingling of boys and girls, and her elder brothers
usually discussed minerals and ores, and financial reports of the families'
mining concerns with her, certainly not sex. And this was not sex .. this
was perversion and incestuous at that! Ezri was going to end this session
now. She got up and was about to comm Arana and tell her that it was over
when Sam reached out and grabbed her hand.

He was crying now, tears pouring from his eyes and in between sobs he said
"Please, don't leave. I'm sorry if I said something that hurt you. But it's
the truth, I swear. Whatever my sister did, she did it to help me. That is
how I managed to join StarFleet with good grades. If it hadn't been for my
sister I'd have gone crazy and that's how I'm feeling now since she's left."

Ezri Tigan paused. She knew that as an Assistant Counselor on her first solo
counseling session, things had gone beyond her control. She should have left
right then and left Sam in more capable and experienced hands. But Ezri
couldn't bear to leave Sam crying his heart out. Her maternal instincts made
her reach out to him and hug him.

"Oh Sam. Please don't cry. It's going to be alright" her voice broke and she
felt tears welling up in her eyes too. This wasn't good. You couldn't get all
emotional with the patients you're counseling Ezri thought but she couldn't
help it.

Sam continued to sniffle for a while but his sobs stopped as she held him
close to her and patted him on the back. He looked up at her small, cute
face, at the beauty spot above her upper lip, at her glistening bright blue
eyes, at the pattern of spots starting at her temples beneath her short hair
and descending down both her cheeks and neck. Ezri's eyes locked with his
and deep within her she felt something .. something that made her heart miss
a beat. Sam must have felt that way too, as his upturned face moved towards
her until their lips were brushing. Without thinking she made contact with
his lips and kissed him. It was a gentle kiss, lips to lips only, but Ezri
felt an electrical tingle. Finally, their lips parted and they both giggled
like nervous teenagers out on a date.

"That was nice, Counselor" Sam told her still in a state of shock at what
had happened.

"Call me Ezri" she said, then "Don't talk now" and much to his surprise she
kissed him again.

When it was over she was stunned to see that while they had been kissing, he
had unsealed his trousers and the massive penis he had been telling her about
only minutes ago was exposed to her view. She jumped back removing her hand
from his and said "What do you think you're doing?"

"But Ezri .. I thought ... when you kissed me .. you were going to help me
out ......" Sam sounded like he was going to start crying again.

Ezri was feeling very confused. A part of her felt sorry for the young ensign
and wanted to console him in all possible ways. Another part was telling her
that it was wrong to get involved and what he wanted her to do was perverted.
She reached a decision, one that would astonish her if she had been thinking
straight. She chose to ignore her intellect and let her emotions get the
better of her. She sat right next to Sam on his armchair and she told him
"Don't worry, everything's going to be just fine." Her hand was only inches
away from his large penis and she reached out for it. It was warm to the
touch and she could feels the veins throbbing just underneath the skin. It
was the first ever penis she had touched. In fact it was the first real one
she had seen, though she had an idea of what it should like from biology
class diagrams. Those had been different though, smaller. This was huge, a
good ten inches long, and two inches wide.

Ezri didn't know what to do now and though Sam was embarrassed he placed his
hand on hers and showed her how to move it up and down along his length,
pulling the foreskin down until the purple head was revealed. Ezri got the
hang of it quickly and was soon pumping away vigorously. A drop of pre-cum
emerged from the head and a startled Ezri pulled her hand back expecting to
be showered but Sam said "Don't worry, it's only a little drop, it's like a
lubricant. The rest takes a while to come."

Relieved, Ezri poked at the drop with a finger. Suddenly understanding, she
used the palm of her hand to spread the liquid over the head of Sam's penis
and she now found it much easier to pull back the foreskin and there was less
friction when she moved her hand up and down his shaft. She glanced at Sam
and saw that he had placed his head against the armchair's headrest and his
eyes were half closed and glazed over, a smile on his lips as he enjoyed her
hand job. Minutes passed and nothing happened except more drops of pre-cum
appearing. Ezri thought she must be doing something wrong because Sam had
been telling her that his sister made him produce 'milk' quickly. She asked
him and he replied "That's when I was only ten years old. Now I can control
myself and it takes a longer while for the liquid to come. Especially if you
use your hand only." His fear had been overridden when she took hold of his
penis and he said bravely "If you were to touch me with something else, it
would come much sooner."

Ezri stared at him "Do you want me to ... to ... " she took a deep breath and
started again "Do you want me to use my mouth?" She was surprised at herself
that she had actually said it.

Sam blushed "Yes please. It would really be nice of you."

Amazed at herself, and almost in a trance-like state, Ezri bent over at
the waist until her mouth was almost touching the tip of Sam's penis.
Hesitatingly her tongue flicked out and tasted the transparent liquid
coating it. Salty, she thought, but not bad. Once she didn't gag or taste
something horrible, she tried again, this time her tongue lingering on
the head. Not bad, not bad at all she thought as she licked at the wet,
sensitive skin. Her previous thoughts of perversion were buried deep in
her mind and she was actually enjoying herself.

Sam was too from the sound of it, as he gasped and moaned as her small,
quick tongue flitted all over the top of his penis like a butterfly. A
larger drop of pre-cum oozed out and slid down the bottom of his penis.
Ezri's tongue followed it down the full length, right to the base where
Sam's balls nestled in a nest of black pubic hair. She licked them, each
time her tongue touched the sensitive area, his penis would jump and
bounce back hitting her face. She found this to be extremely arousing
and much to her surprise she was feeling a wetness between her own legs
that she had rarely experienced.

"Sam" she told him "touch me please."

"What?" he said surprised. His sister had always taken the initiative, but
he had never reciprocated in any way, nor did she ever suggest that he do.
Now Counselor Ezri wanted him to touch her. But where? She hadn't said.

"Oh please, touch me, I want you to touch me" she said again and continued
to lick at his penis.

Sam looked down at her. Where should he start? She was sitting next to him
bent over, so he placed his hand on her back. A back rub? Maybe that was what
she wanted. He rubbed at her shoulders and in between her shoulder blades and
down her spine, but Ezri shook herself.

"Further down" she mumbled her mouth full of his penis.

"Ok" Sam replied and moved his hand further down her back. As his hand
reached the small of her back, Ezri raised herself a couple of inches off the
armchair and Sam finally understood what she wanted. Her small, curvaceous
bottom was begging to be fondled as Sam placed his hand on the firm flesh
still covered by her black uniform trousers. With the palm of his hand he
cupped one ass cheek as she squirmed in his grasp. As Ezri pushed her bottom
backwards, Sam's cupped hand slid between her legs and before Sam could
remove it as he had been about to do, she slammed her thighs together.

"Yes, yes, right there" she said "rub in between, rub me hard."

Sam could feel something giving off heat between her legs and the material
of her uniform was wet. He could feel her grinding the wet spot against his
hand and it finally dawned on him that this was the 'pussy' that girls had
and all the boys at StarFleet academy had talked about. He had never seen
one let alone gotten a feel of one, albeit through clothes. His sister hadn't
shown him everything and now Counselor Ezri was asking him to rub her in the
same way she had rubbed him. It took lots of self control not to spurt
immediately! As he wiggled his fingers about, her thighs relaxed their grip
and he could move his hand about a bit more freely. Using an open palm he
found the wet spot between her legs and rubbed it gently, until she pressed
against him and he increased the rythm. He felt her getting wetter as he
rubbed and the heat coming from there had definitely increased. She also had
started to swallow the top three to four inches of his penis in her mouth and
taking care not to bite him, was moving her lips up and down rapidly. Sam was
in heaven, his penis being sucked just like his sister Anna did, and more so
he was actually touching this girl's cunt.

Ezri's eyes were glazed over as she stuffed her mouth with the large penis
and for the first time in her young life had a boy actually touch, rub and
effectively masturbate her. Thoughts of any form of Counseling disappeared,
she wouldn't have recalled the name of the ship they were on if she stopped
to think about it. However she didn't stop, she continued sucking like a
thirsty person in the middle of a desert. Her hips were bucking wildly
against Sam's hand and her panties were thoroughly soaked as was the entire
crotch area of her trousers. After what seemed like hours but was actually
minutes, she stiffened as she had an incredible orgasm, the first in her
life! Her teeth clamped involuntarily onto Sam's penis and though she stopped
just in time not to hurt him he was still surprised which caused him to lose
control and squirt what seemed like a gallon of sticky, white liquid straight
in her wide open mouth.

Ezri rose up quickly gasping for breath, swallowing as much cum as she
managed to spit out. It streamed out of her mouth, coating her red lips and
chin and dripped all over the front of her uniform but she didn't notice as
she continued to shudder with multiple orgasms. Finally, she settled back in
the armchair cuddled tightly against Sam, who still had one very wet hand
nestled between her legs. It took her awhile to regain her composure and
when she had she got quite a shock at seeing the state she was in. She
quickly rose off Sam's hand which had developed a cramp in the erotic but
uncomfortable position it had been in. Her hair was matted with sweat and
her face and uniform coated in drying cum. Sam brought out a large
handkerchief which he used to wipe her face clean, then proceeded to wipe
her uniform top. He stopped when he saw the way she was looking at him and
looked down at his hand. Oh, he thought, I'm actually rubbing her breasts
through the material and he blushed.

"Oh don't worry" Ezri said "after what we've done this is nothing" and
grinning she placed his hand still holding the handkerchief back on her
chest and made sure he wiped her uniform top as clean as possible while
getting a good feel of her small breasts.

When they were both in a semi-presentable state she said "I don't think
Counselor Arana will want to hear about this."

"Yes, I don't think she will" he said "it will be our little secret."

Ezri nodded "I think you need several more counseling sessions before I can
certify you fit for duty. Make sure you report back here in three days time"
and she winked at him. They both laughed, and he knew that he had found a
substitute for his sister until they were re-united.

When he had left, Ezri Tigan looked at herself in a mirror. Ezri, you know
you shouldn't be doing this, she told herself, but you just can't resist now
that you've tried it out and enjoyed it.

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