WARNING...this story contains SEX... If you dont like reading about sex,
dont read this.

Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: Dax And Worf...A Lust Story (MF,inter)
by Anonymous

Jadzia Dax krept slowly through the holosuite's simulated cave. Her long
dark brown hair, normally arranged in such a neat pony tail, was touselled
from the strenuous workout she was getting. Her blood-red leotard clung
flatteringly to her slender, six foot frame. Beads of perspiration formed
on her brow, running down the side of her face, along the soft mottling of
Trill spots down her hairline, and on down her long neck. She thought she
could here a noise coming from around a corner in the darkness. She hefted
her Klingon combat blade with both hands, just as a form lept from behind
the corner, brandishing another blade. It was Worf, the Klingon strategic
operations officer. He swung the bhat'leth sword, Dax blocked it expertly
with her MekLeth blade. Suddenly Dax felt something behind her ankle,
before she could move she found herself falling to the ground. Worf had
managed to stick his leg in between her's, and then pulled her foot
forward with hers, causing her to fall.

Dax looked up just as Worf's sword touched her neck. She surrendered.

"Computer, towel." commanded Dax. A small towel appeared in her hand and she
mopped the sweat off her forehead. "Good workout, Worf, that was clever,
knocking me off my balance like that."

Worf's eyes looked into her's intensely from under his dark, ridged brow.
"Well, done commander," said Worf, ever formal, "but it did not seem
difficult to trip you. You appeared to be distracted by something-- what
was it?"

Jadzia smiled up at the Klingon that towered over her prostrate form. "Well,
commander", she said playfully, mocking his formal tone, "you seemed a little
distracted yourself." Worf looked at her quizzically before she continued,
"I know these little excercises excite you, so how could you expect me not be
distracted by THAT?" Worf was confused until he saw Dax's sparkling blue eyes
drop from his face, down to his bulging crotch, just a few feet in front of
her. Dax returned her gaze to Worf's face, giving him a sly smile...and a

Worf could feel his Klingon manhood aching for release. His eyes followed
a bead of sweat from her forehead, past her spots, past her beautiful blue
eyes, and her stunning smile. He watched as the bead of sweat dripped from
her chin, down too her milky white cleavage....The sight of her in that
outfit had excited him before, but now it had become too much for him to
bare any longer.

This ravishing Trill beauty had been teasing him and flirting with him
ever since he came aboard the station. She could speak Klingon...and told
the most appaulingly dirty jokes in the language. She new great members of
the Empire. She had even beaten him a couple of times at his own training
holosuite program. Worf finally decided that Dax had teased him long
enough... she wanted a Klingon Warrior, then a Klingon Warrior she would
have. He approached her, and began to undo the fastener in the front of
his trousers...

Dax could hardly believe what was happening. Worf was coming towards her,
the bulge in his pants was rapidly growing. She felt herself getting flushed
and hot, she hadn't wanted it to go this far. Ever since Worf had arrived
on the station, she'd had the irresistible urge to tease him, it was just her
way. She loved teasing men, Bashir followed her around like a puppy, Quark
had lost a lot of money to her at the Dabo tables, even Odo was frustrated
when she continually broke into his quarters and moved his furniture around.
But when Worf arrived, Dax thought she'd have the time of her life with the
obstinate Klingon. He was so reserved, so formal.....and she knew that his
years in starfleet meant that he'd have difficulty finding a woman strong
enough to meet his sexual needs.

She'd fantasized about those needs, after so many centuries of sexual
experience, she enjoyed a wide variety of pleasure. Dax certainly wasn't
opposed to the occasional "rough stuff" ... and Klingon males were widely
known for being rough. She could remember some of the conferences that
Curzon had attended with Klingon delegates....and the howls that came from
their suites when the Orion "escort" girls arrived. She knew how frustrated
Worf would be, so she teased him mercilessly, speaking Klingon, beating him
at his holosuite programs, and wearing those tight revealing outfits....
They were blood red, a sexually arousing color for klingons. But that day
she'd done something different, she replicated a special "deodorant" for
her meetings in the holosuite with Worf, a deodorant which contained a
Klingon phermone. The phermone seemed to be working all too well. As they
had fought this day, Worf had become more excited than usual. Dax loved
listening to him snarl and growl, it amused her a great deal.....not to
mention how much it turned her on. But now, as Worf came to her, his
bulging crotch inches from her face...his hands working at the fasteners in
the trousers front, she knew that this could be a particularly strenuous
calisthenics adventure today.

"Worf," Jadzia started to say, "I think that this has gone far
win, I'll stop teasing..." Dax's voice trailed off as Worf finished undoing
his trousers, reached inside, and pulled out his big Klingon cock. Dax was
shocked, Worf's cock was huge. It was only semi-hard and it was already at
least 10 inches long. It was dark brown, with a ridge running along it's
length, similar to the one on Worf's forehead. Dax wasn't sure what to do,
she'd always found Worf attractive, but in the sexual rage he was in he
could be dangerous. Meanwhile, Worf's cock was getting harder, and bigger...
much bigger....

Jadzia cannot resist..

As soon as Dax saw Worf's cock reach its full 12 inches, she knew she was
unable to resist it. Her eyes widened as Worf hefted it in her face, bringing
the ridged head just under her nose. Dax looked up at Worf, her eyes met his,
and she wrapped her right hand around the base of his shaft and started

Worf moaned as he felt the soft, cool skin of Dax's hand pumping up and down
on his hot, hard shaft. Worf's moan turned to a howl as Dax's pumping got
faster and faster. He felt his knees begin to buckle and grabbed the cave
wall for support. But Dax's pumping suddenly subsided, Worf looked down at
Jadzia's pretty face, and as she looked him right in the eye she opened her
mouth and began to suck his cock ravenously. Dax's lips encircled Worf's huge
cock, running up and down it's length as she bobbed her head. Her tongue
tickled the bottom of his shaft, causing his howling to increase. Worf used
his free hand to grab Jadzia's hair and push her head up and down on his pole
as he began thrusting his hips violently.

Dax closed her eyes and sucked harder, occasionally letting out a muffled
moan of exstacy at the face-fucking she was recieving. Continuing to pump
Worf's cock with one hand, she began to grope herself with the other.
Closing her eyes, she let the physical feeling she was experiencing take
over. She started at her breasts, kneeding and rubbing each of them through
the thin leotard, then squeezing and pinching her hardening nipples. Her
hand slipped down over her tummy, and to her groin. There, her fingers
worked in time with her slurping on Worf's cock, she rubbed her groin
slowly, then faster, increasing her pace at the same rate at which Worf
fucked her mouth. She let out another moan, this time opening her mouth
wider. Worf used this opportunity to shove his cock in farther, stuffing
Jadzia's mouth. Dax continued to suck with enthusiasum, and soon Worf found
her tonguework too much to take. Jadzia could feel the pressure building up
in Worf's cock...

easy big fella...

Dax slowed down some, pulling off of Worf's spasming member. She wasn't
ready for him to come just yet. Worf calmed down some, but his cock remained

"Easy big fella," said Dax, "you're aren't finished yet."

"Of course not!" said Worf, feeling challenged by Dax's comment.

"It wasn't a question." said Dax. She leaned forward again, this time
taking her time to inhale Worf's manly sent, nuzzling his dick, kissing
it, and running her tongue along its length. Again, Jadzia closed her
eyes as she encircled Worf's shaft with her soft lips. She began her slow
sucking again. Dax swirled her tongue around and around Worf's cockhead,
sucking her cheeks in as hard as she could, letting the interior of her
cheeks rub the sides of Worf's dick. Jazia turned her penetrating blue
gaze upwards, looking Worf right in the eyes. When Worf saw those
beautiful blue eyes filled with lust, he lost all control. Letting out a
primal roar, Worf shot his load deep into Dax's mouth. Dax knew what was
coming when she felt Worf's cock jump, she let the surge of cum fill her
mouth before pulling away, letting the rest spill down on her chin, and
her sweaty cleavage. Worf's massive cock continued shooting cum, and Dax
wasn't about to let it go to waste, she rubbed her face all over the
spurting meat, letting it cover her face in cum. Still it continued
dumping out Worf's cream, Dax caught handfuls of it and rubbed it into her
cleavage and across the back of her neck and over her face. With the
final load of come that shot from Worf, Dax caught it in her hands and
rubbed it into the crotch of her leotard, bucking her hips wildly as she
did so. Worf had no problem maintaining his erection at the sight of
this beatiful woman bathing herself in his semen. He grinned at the
prostrate Trill at his feet. Her face was flush with lustful excitement,
causing the tan spots on the sides of her face to almost disappear.

Jadzia rose to her feet and leaned forward to kiss Worf, but he pulled
back at the sight of her cum-covered face coming towards his. "Oh," she
said in a mock-hurt tone of voice, "what's wrong...don't you want to kiss
me?" She smiled wickedly at Worf and reached into the V-neck of his
leotard, ripping it open. Leaning down she wrapped her arms around Worf's
waste and kissed his chest passionately, running her tongue along the
ridge down the middle. She held Worf tighter, grabbing his rear with her
long fingers and pulling him towards her. Dax parted her legs slightly,
allowing Worf's cock to slip between them. Trapping his cock between her
clothed thighs, Dax straddled Worf's length, grinding into it as she
hugged him. Dax squeeled in ecstasy as she threw her head back and
dryhumped the massive Klingon cock. This went on for another few minutes,
until Dax shuddered and groaned, collapsing into Worf's arms. Worf held
her for a moment, allowing Jadzia to regain her strength before he made
her stand up on her own two feet.

"Now it is YOU who is not done yet." Worf said with a wry grin. "Get
undressed, it is time!"

How far down DO those spots go?

Dax's and Worf's eyes met again, "Gladly," she said, "but first....COMPUTER,
WET TOWEL." A wet towel appeared in Dax's hand and she wiped the cum off her
face and neck. Then slowly, teasingly she dabbed the towel over her exposed
cleavage, enjoying Worf's wild stare as she cleaned herself. "I've always
noticed how men watched me," Dax said matter-of-factly as she tossed the
towel to the floor and began undoing the fasteners of her leotard, "I have to
admit, I LOVE IT." "I've never felt so desirable, not in ANY life. I've
loved teasing men, especially the alien men who like these." Dax paused in
undoing the leotard, bringing one hand up to gently caress the spots that ran
along the side of her neck...and further down. "They always want to know how
far down they go, they want to follow them down,....but few can." Dax
returned her hands to her fasteners and soon from the waist up the fasteners
were undone. "You can Worf," said Dax, peeling the the leotard open and
rolling it down her smooth shoulders, "follow them Worf. I'm yours." Dax
pulled the leotard completely aside, freeing her firm, full breasts. Worf
had stood silent, perfectly still until now, he had not wanted to interfere
in Dax's slow, sensual performance.
But now, Worf was invited. He was invited by Dax's voice, by the sight of
her bare alabaster breasts, by the spots that trailed from her forehead --
over her temples -- down her neck -- down along the sides of those beautiful
breasts, and the beautiful pink nipples. Worf fell to his knees in front of
Dax pulling her forward, he began sucking at her nipples and rubbing her
breasts. The soft skin felt so very good under his rough warrior hands. He
looked at the contrast of his dark green-brown skin, against her soft white
bosom. He squeezed Jadzia's breasts gently, then harder, and harder still.
His Klingon lust came more and more to the surface. Worf rubbed his hands
up along the sides of the breasts and along her neck, his fingers exploring
every inch of Dax, her nipples, her spots, her mouth. Worf felt Dax's soft
tongue as she began gently sucking his thumb after it penetrated her lips.
Then Worf decided it was time to follow Dax's suggestion. He followed the
spots. Worf slowly pulled his hands down along her sides, following the
spots. Dax close her eyes and wimpered at the feel of Worf's hot hands
running down along the erogenous zone. Her chest heaved with excitement as
she approached a powerful climax...but then they stopped. Dax looked down
at Worf, his hands now stopped at either side of her waist, where the spots
dissappeared below the bottom half of the leotard-- he looked up at her as
if he was asking permission to go further.. Dax looked Worf in the eye and
quickly pulled her long, sexy arms out of her sleeves, leaving her naked
from the waist up. Then, with her now free hands, Jadzia gently grasped
Worf's head and pointed his face towards her crotch. Worf took the signal
and began to push the leotard over Dax's hips. His hands followed the trail
of spots as he pushed the leotard down, further and further. As he moved it
down, his hands had to move from Dax's sides to her front, the trail lead
down, and the two trails seemed to be merging....the merged at Dax's bush.

All the way down...

Worf paused and took in the sight of Dax's steaming sex. A thick patch of
hair formed a beautiful triangle over her sweet cunt. Worf inhaled Dax's
aroma and let out a low, guttural growl. He felt Dax's fingers running
through his hair and her fingernails digging into his bony scalp. His
erection jumped again and the smell and feel of Dax.

"Well, Worf," Dax said quitely, pulling his face closer to her cunt, "what
are you waiting for? The Rite of Ascension?" With that said, Dax pulled
Worf's face into her crotch. She moaned in rapture as she felt his bony
ridge digging into her soft belly, and squeeled as he lapped at her cunt
like a tiger at a pond. Worf delved into Dax's folds, exploring every nook
and cranny of her pussy with his tongue, drinking the juices that flowed
from her spotted snatch. Dax screamed when she felt Worf reach her clitoris,
circling and flicking it with his tongue. Jadzia maoned bucked at Worf's
face, humping his tongue with full force until she began to lose her balance,
her knees buckled under the excitement, she fell forward slightly and grabbed
onto Worf's shoulders, leaning on them for support. As she did this, her
legs spread wider, stretching the leotard around her knees and allowing
Worf's invasive tongue better axcess. And he took advantage of this access,
Worf pushed his tongue deeper into Dax's folds and she wailed in uncontrolled
lustful joy. Dax's whole body shuddered as her orgasm arrived, the couple
toppled over.

Dax rolled off of Worf and he sat up and looked over at her. Worf began to
shed what was left of his clothing. Dax, watched as the rippling Klingon
muscles were revealed to her. Worf's cock stood out its full twelve inches
now as Worf watched Dax, watching him undress. Dax lay on the ground, almost
completely naked. Her hair was matted with sweat, barely in the pony tail
that she always kept it in. Her breasts rose and fell as her chest heaved
with her heavy breathing, the pink nipples stood at attention like proud
starfleet cadets. Her skin was a beautiful pale peach color, with a sheen
of perspiration, giving it a beautiful glisten. Her legs spread wide open,
the leotard clung to only one leg, her pussy hair fluffed and wet with
Worf's saliva and her cum. As she watched the large, muscular Klingon finish
undressing, Dax could not help but begin to grind her hips and buck into the
air wildly. She wanted his cock inside her and it showed.
"STAY RIGHT THERE!" Worf shouted grabbing his raging 12-inch hard-on and
staring at the open invatation that lay before him. Dax's eyes widened as she
saw Worf approach, walking on his knees, his huge dick sticking out between
his legs. She reached down to her pussy and, spreading it wide with the
fingers of one hand, she began to furiously finger fuck herself with the
other in anticipation. Worf positioned himself carefully between Dax's legs,
spreading them wide, he positioned the head of his massive dick at the mouth
of her beautiful, waiting pussy....

Worf's turn to tease...

Worf grabbed hold of Dax's knees and gently pushed her legs wide apart. Dax
lifted her head, her eyes focused on Worf's member, poised at the outside of
her cunt. She couldn't wait to get that monster inside of her.

"NOW WORF!" she screamed, "TAKE ME!"

Worf needed no encouragement, he grabbed his cock and rubbed the tip along
the outside of Dax's cunt. His cockhead gently carresed her labia, teasing
her, making her buck and writhe in lust. Worf smiled at the effect that he
was having on Dax. Now it was his turn to tease, she would be the one who
would have sexual frustrations built up. But Worf couldn't control himself
for very long, the sight of this gorgeous, Trill beauty begging to be fucked
was just to inviting to resist.

Dax didn't like to be kept waiting, she wanted that big Klingon cock in
her then and there! She reached down and grasped Worf's hot member in her
cool-skinned hand and guided it toward her steaming fuckhole. With Dax
guiding his cock, Worf's large dark hands were now free to grab Dax's
smooth, bare, alabaster thighs. Worf gently ran his fingertips along the
spots on Dax's legs, as she guided his cock towards its new playground and
moaned in ecstacy.

"Let's stop playing Worf," said Dax, then in Klingon.. "K'tagh M'QoNar,

Worf happily complies...

"AS YOU WISH!" shouted Worf. Looking her in the eye,Worf shoved the
entire 12 inch length of his ridged Klingon cock into Dax's dripping cunt
with one quick, violent thrust.

"OH! OHOOHOOOHOHOH OH OHFUCK! OH GOD YES!" screamed Dax. Dax's eyes fluttered
as Worf pounded away at her cunt. His length filled her, his thickness
stretched her , filling every part of cunt that ached for his cock. The bony
ridge that ran the length of his cock served to heighten her pleasure. Dax
tried to concentrate on contracting the muscles in her vagina, holding on to
the ridged length that pistoned in and out of her. Dax squeeled in delight
throughout the massive fucking she was recieving, feeling Worf's heavy balls
slapping against the crack of her ass. This was what she had fantasized
about, this was what she had been aching for, the massive cock fulfilled her
every desire. She grabbed her speckled breasts, which although they were
young and firm, flopped up and down violently in time with Worf's thrusts.
Dax moaned as she carresed the spots along the sides of her breasts, pinching
her nipples and looking down to flick at them with her tongue. She looked up
at Worf, his snarls excited her more and more.

Worf growled as he hammered in and out of Dax, bringing his cock out about 7
inches and then slamming in again and again. The feel of Dax's cunt on his
shaft was amazing, the soft walls of flesh hugged his cock. He looked down at
Jadzia, beads of sweat peppered her spotted forehead. She could barely keep
her eyes open as Worf pounded her with his rod. She squeezed at her
beautiful, speckled breasts, grimacing from the pain and pleasure that Worf's
cock gave her as it stretched her cunt. He leaned forward more, pressing his
cock deep withing Dax's womb, to suck on Dax's nipples.

Worf's teeth and tongue working on her sensitive nipples. Dax squeeled as
Worf began thrusting harder, drawing almost the entire length of his cock
out now, then thrusting it into her. He did this at an incredible speed,
nearly 30 times a minute. This was the fucking that Dax had dreamed of.
This was the Klingon fuck.

"OHHHHHHOHHOHHH", Dax moaned as Worf thrust in his full 12 inches, then
continued to press forward, grinding his hips, working the length of his
cock into every possible area of her dripping snatch. She was having
orgasm after orgasm, the best she'd ever had in at least a century. Even
as they continued, Dax wasn't sure, but she could swear that Worf was

Worf yelled as he felt his climax building, this woman knew how to please!
Worf could feel Dax's long fingernails digging into his back, tearing at his
skin. His thrusts got stronger now, but most of his length remained inside
Dax, grinding and stirring in her wet cunt. Sweat dripped from Worf's bony
forehead, onto Dax's heaving form. Worf looked down at her, the sight of
her shining naked body, covered in a film of perspiration, her blue eyes
wincing in rapture, her hair soaked with sweat.....the sight was incredible.
He could smell her sex and he could hear her moans of ecstacy, her squeels
of joy, her screams of delight....the sound of her cunt slurping on his cock.
Finally...all of these senses hit Worf and he felt a surge of thick, hot
semen shoot from his cock....deep into Dax's cunt.

lungs. She felt Worf's hot cum filling her cunt, surging across the walls of
her pussy, leaking from her cunt, out onto the ground. Worf pulled out,
almost flaccid, his length returning to a more managable seven inches. Dax
absent-mindedly looked up into Worf's eyes, he leaned forward and kissed her
deeply. Their tongues intertwined as Dax reached down, stroking her
well-fucked cunt. She let her fingers run through her sweat/cum soaked pubic
hair, snake into her pussy and grab some of semen and girlcum. She brought
her fingers up to her lips and sucked them clean. She savored the taste of
herself mixed with Worf's semen, swallowing it and sitting up. She leaned
forward and started kissing Worf's chest, pushing him down on the ground. Her
tongue snaked along the ridge, finally her head came to rest on his belly.
They both lay there like that in the holosuite for quite some time.

"Well," said Dax quietly, smiling, "that was a good work out!"


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