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Star Trek Deep Sex Nine Chapter 2
(The Personal Logs Of The Federation Station DS9's Senior Officers) Part 3
by Ithaqua ([email protected])

Personal Log: Commander Benjamin Sisko

After my liason with Major Kira shortly after my arrival on the station
things had been a little frosty between us. The incident with the Bajoran
terrorist group the Khon Mah and her going over my head to Starfleet had
soured things between us. Still she had visited me since that and apologised
to me on her knees my cock lodged in her throat. Unknownst to me I was about
to get to know another member of the station very well. My son Jake had
gotten into a bit of trouble with his friend, the Ferengi boy Nog. I wish he
didn't hang around with Nog but how can I tell him this without betraying all
my lectures on Starfleets policies of inclusion. So Mrs O'Brien, a noted
botanist and wife of our station Chief of operations, had come up with a good
idea of starting a school. Little did I know what this would lead to.

Cut to Interior Quarks Bar.

"Commander, I understand your dilema but I fail to see how its my problem.
That space is prime promenade shop front and I can get ten times what you are
offering in rent. And now you want me to get you computers as well." Quark

"Quark," Ben started.

"Commander. Why can't you find another space. And while were about it why
don't you get replicated computers yourself?"

"We are still repairing systems and a lot of replicators are off-line. As for
space the promenade is the prime location for a school."

"Well, you have my price." Quark said distractidly as Major Kira and Lt. Dax
entered and headed for a table. "Excuse me!" Quark exclaimed scurrying off to
serve them before one of his waiters could.

Sisko watched a nugget of an idea forming in his head. "I know I can get
Dax to go for it," he thought, "but Kira?" Slowly he departed to find Mrs.
O'Brien his plan still forming.

Cut to interior Sisko's quarters.

Sisko reclined in his seat awaiting his visitor. The door bleeped it signal.
"Enter!" He called.

Keiko O'Brien entered her oriental features wrinkled a little in curiosity as
to why she had been called.

"Ah,,Keiko. Good to see you take a seat!" He said motioning to the couch with
one hand.

"Commander. You asked to see me?" She said raising an eyebrow.

"Yes, it appears there is a problem with the school." He said pouring her a

"Problem," she said nervously taking a gulp of what turned out to be a sweet
syrupy beverage.

"Yes, it would appear that we are unable to replicate the computers you
need. Your husband is behind in his repair schedule and this is leading to

"Commander, Myles is doing his best he's working flat out." Without realising
it Kieko undid the top button of her top and took another big gulp of her

"I'm sure he is, but certain people back on Earth are asking if he's up to
the job."

Kieko was feeling really warm and she realised a little horny, okay a lot
horny, "If I wasn't married I'd jump him right now," She thought.

"Commander, what are you saying?"

Sisko smiled seeing her flush and undo another few buttons, now only one
remained and most of her front was dispalyed her pert breast's cupped nicely
in her lacy white bra. "I'm saying I'm finding it hard to cover up your
husbands failings, and due to his failings I can't give you the school.
In fact I may have to transfer him which will look bad."

"Comm.." Kieko started to say before he interupted her.

"Of course, he'll probably be demoted and lose any chance of promotion to a
place of importance in the future."

Keiko was really horny by now. The drink which Sisko had given her contained
the extracted venom of a Cardassian snake fatal to Cardassians but for some
reason an overpowering aphrodisiac for humans.

"Commander you can't do that, it'll destroy him!"

"There is a way out. I will consider continuing to cover for him to Starfleet
and I will obtain computers for your school from Quark but there is a price,"
Sisko said his face serious.

"Anything Commander!" Keiko said urgently whilst thinking, 'Damn I'm so horny
I've got to get out of here before I loose it.'

"You'll fuck me right here and now," Sisko said.

"What, I couldn't," Keiko said but the words sounded distant to the roaring
of her blood pumping faster at the thought.

"Well, then no school and no job for the Chief!" Sisko said standing and
motioning to the door.

"Okay," Keiko said surrendering to her chemically increased lust.

Sisko stood in front of her as she looked up at him. Fear, disgust and lust
dueled for supremacy in her eyes and after a brief struggle lust won out.
Slowly she took Sisko's hardening cock out of his pants and gave it a few
slow strokes before taking him into her mouth. She gently worked over the tip
of his cock before slowly taking in more. Gently she worked him till he hit
the back of her throat then she worked him back out. This was repeated
several times her tongue dancing around his cock as it pulsed in her mouth.
And then she suddenly took him into her throat. The change of pace startled
him as it went from gentle teasing to vigorous swallowing of his cock.

'Damn she's good, O'Brien's a lucky guy,' Sisko thought. He felt close to
cumming as he pulled her off his cock.

"Lets see what you have!" he ordered returning to his chair.

Keiko stood and undid the last button on her top shrugging it off her
shoulders it fell to the floor. Her trousers followed suit and Sisko saw
her white panties were almost transparent from her juices. His cock stuck
up throbbing as she reached back and undid her bra letting it fall to the
ground. Her rounded breast's stood high on her chest. Their dark nipples
pointed at him as if begging for his touch. She turned and bent over as
she slid her panties of exposing her well toned posterior to him.

"Damn, I have to have a piece of that," Sisko thought.

She turned and his eyes travelled to her exposed bush. She obviously trimmed
it but it was still quite bushy with her black hair. Sisko quickly removed
his clothing as she stood rubbing her breast's and squeezing her nipples

"Now come and sit down," He said returning to his slightly reclined position
on the chair.

She slowly swayed over and cocked her leg over him as she starddled him.
Looking into his eyes she lowered her hot cunt onto his shaft and was
gratified to see the look of sheer pleasure on his face as he was enveloped.
Inch by inch she sank onto him until he was buried deeply in her. Then she
started grinding herself against him before slowly raising and lowereing
herself on his hard cock. Sisko felt her cunt spasm on as she shook with her
first orgasm.

"Damn, that snake juice is potent stuff," he thought.

Grabbing her waist he started to move her faster as she rode through one
orgasm and into another.

"Fuck me, Commander!" She screamed, "Yes, treat me like the whore I am!"

"That's right you are a whore aren't you?" Sisko said, "Fucking your
husband's boss so he will keep his job."

"Yes, I'm just a whore and I love it" Keiko wailed as she shuddered to
another orgasm.

Sisko lifted her of his cock and shoved her to the table bending her over it.

"Well, whore ever had a cock up your ass?" Sisko asked as he thrust into her
cunt from behind.

"Oh, god!" She moaned in pleasure, "Yes, Myles like to fuck me like that
whenever he gets the chance."

She moaned a little as Sisko withdrew from her and eased his cock into her

"No wonder the Chief likes doing this," Sisko thought as he watched his black
cock disappear into her ass.

Fortunately for Keiko her ass was well used and coupled with the copiuos
amount of her cum that had been smeared over Sisko's cock he slid in easily.
Soon he was buried all the way in Keiko who moaned and squirmed against him
grinding back into him.

"Now you earn your computers whore," he said and he started to pound into her
hot ass.

Almost straight away she started to meet his thrusts with her own. The two of
them slammed together Sisko grunting as he built up to his climax. Feeling
his cum rising he pulled his cock out and spun her round. Knowing what was
cumming (Excuse the pun) she fell to her knees as he jerked his cock a few
times. His cum shot out The first spurt hitting her forehead and leaving a
trail through her black hair. His second shot left another trail in her hair
and his third shot splattered over her face some landing in her mouth.

The rest of his shots landed on her tits and she started to massage it over
them as he rubbed his cock over her lips. Talking the hint she started to
clean his cock with her tongue.

"Well, I think your husband will have a bright future hear and I think we
will have your school ready this week."

"Thank you, Commander," she said, "Now can I ask for something else?"

"What would that be?"

"Please, sir, can I have some more?" She asked a grin on her face as she
scooped some cum from her face and licked it from her fingers.

"I think we can arrange that," Sisko said his cock hardening again.


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