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Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: Star Trek Deep Sex Nine
(The Personal Logs Of The Federation Station DS9's Senior Officers) Part 4
by Ithaqua ([email protected])

Science Officers Log:

During a scan of the third planet in the Dwyer system of the Gamma quadrant
we have detected a human life form. I am beaming down to investigate.

Cut to surface of planet.

Dax materialised of the planet surface and opened her tricorder. Keying her
combadge to open a channel she reported, “I have arrived. The life form is
registering as a human. I’m heading in a northernly direction. Tricorder
indicates about 200 yards that would make it just round the hill.”

“Understood Lt.,” replied the young ensign.

Dax rounded the small hill and before her was a small camp. 'How odd,' she
thought recognising it as a standard Federation Field camp. And attractive
curly haired women clambered out of the tent. She froze when she saw Dax.

“Starfleet?” she exclaimed a look of shock on her face.

“I’m Lt. Jadzia Dax,” Was the response.

“How did you get here?” the woman asked.

“The wormhole. Who are you?"

“Wormhole?” The woman queried ignoring the question.

“The wormhole between Bajor and this quadrant.”

Dax handed the women her water bottle which the woman took and drank deeply
from. Dax smiled. The drug Sisko had given her in exchange for her help
with Quark should help get some info from this mystery woman. The woman
handed the bottle back. Dax took it and feeling her mouth dry took a swig.

'Oh shit!' she thought as she realised what she had done but it was too late
to correct her mistake.

The other woman held out her hand saying, “Vash,” Dax took it and shook it.

“I’m or should I say I was a member of the Federation Archaeological
Society,” Vash said.

“How did you get here?” Dax asked.

“I’d rather not talk about it!” Vash said eyeing Dax up and down. The drug
was working already. “Just how far down do those spots go?” she asked

“All the way,” Dax responded grinning.

“Say, my power generators packed in. Could you give me transport? I’m sure
I could pay you back,” Vash said undoing the buttons on her top.

“I’m sure that can be arranged,” Dax said smiling reaching for her uniform

Vash dropped her top to the ground and undid her bra quickly shedding it.

Dax stripped of her uniform tunic and vest watching as Vash undid her
trousers and lay down on a large blanket.

Vash lifted her legs and slid her panties down before throwing them to Dax.
Dax caught them and delicately smelt he aroma before placing them on the rest
of her clothes as she undid her bra and dropped that. Vash cupped her small
firm tits as she watched Dax remove her trousers.

Dax almost tore her panties off as her desire increased. Vash grinned at
this and dropped one hand down along her body and started to rub her clit.

Dax stood naked before Vash. Her nipples hard from the sight before her and
the cool breeze.

Vash went into a box and pulled out a strap on. As she put it on she said,
“I had a friend who liked me to use it on him.” In answer to Dax’s raised
eyebrow. The eyebrow went even higher and Vash added, “He was a bit strange!”

Finally adjusting the strap on correctly Vash lay back. “Why don’t you help
get it ready for you?” she asked.

“Oh, I will,” Dax said, “but you have to do your part."

Dax straddled Vash in a sixty nine and slowly started to take the fake cock
into her mouth. Vash watched Dax’s trimmed pussy descent upon her and
started to work on it with her tongue.

Dax slobbered over the fake cock as Vash’s tongue lapped at her driving her
crazy. She moaned around the hard plastic as Vash gently nibbled at her.
She raised her head and let out a scream as she came covering Vash’s face.

She lay down on her back and before she caught her breath Vash was kneeling
between her legs. Vash grabbed Dax’s long legs and bent them back toward
Dax’s shoulders before driving the fake cock deep into her cunt. Dax moaned
and bit her lip as the strap on penetrated her again and again building up

“Oh fuck. That’s good. Fuck me hard,” Dax said

Vash grabbed Dax’s large tits and kneaded the soft flesh as she drove the
fake cock into Dax. Dax squealed out as she came again.

Vash withdrew smiling, “Turn over” she ordered.

Dax rolled over onto her stomach and then felt herself get pulled onto her
hands and knees. She gasped as she was penetrated again. Just as she was
building toward another orgasm the cock was withdrawn. Dax pouted and was
about to complain when she felt the pressure at her ass.

“Oh,” she started and then screamed, “Fuck!” as the cock pushed in. “God
damn, you could have warned me,” she said through gritted teeth.

Vash let out a little chuckle and spanked Dax’s ass leaving a red hand print.
She then started to slowly slide in and out of Dax’s tight ass. Dax moaned
and hissed slightly at the pain which was already starting to recede.

“God, Julian is not gonna like having to fix my ass again,” Dax thought as
the pain gave way to pleasure and she started to thrust back onto the fake
cock. Vash pounded away at the reddened ass before her, her own orgasm near.
Dax reached a hand back and started to rub her own clit as she moaned hard.
With one last thrust and a guttered moan Vash came embedding the fake cock
deep in Jadzia who collapsed as her own orgasm ploughed through her.

The two lay for about a minute before Dax crawled over to her uniform.
Picking up her combadge a stray memory hit her. The channel was still open.
“Dax to Runabout beam two directly to crew quarters.”

“Aye, sir,” came the response.

Was it her imagination or had the ensign sounded a little flustered she
thought with a grin.

The two women, still naked, appeared on the Runabout. As Vash removed the
strap-on Dax replicated a new uniform and dressed. It was then Vash’s turn
to replicate some clothes and dress. The two went forward to the Runabout's
cockpit. The ensign sat staring straight ahead his cheeks red. Dax leaned
over him and keyed the transporter to beam all the equipment left on the
surface. As she did she looked down and saw the tell tale damp patch on his

“You’ve been relieved,” she said.

“Yes, sir,” the ensign said standing and leaving as Dax sat and plotted a
course home.

“I see what you meant,” Vash said after the ensign had left.

The two exchanged glances and burst out laughing.

Fade to Sisko's office - a few days later

Vash pressed the buzzer to announce her arrival. Sisko pressed the button
on his desk that opened the door allowing Vash to enter.

"Commander you asked to see me?" she said.

"Yes, come sit down. Drink?" he offered a glass of fruit juice.

"Thank you, Commander," she said taking the glass and tasting it.

Sisko smiled slightly. 'Amazing how easy it is to drug these people,' he
thought. "I thought you would like to know I have arrange transport to Earth
for you."

"Thank you, Commander," Vash said smiling at him. The drug was already
beginning to work as she drank more of it.

"So I understand you were close to Captain Picard," Sisko said.

"Is this just idle curiosity?" Vash asked her natural mischievous enhanced
by the drug in her drink which she had almost totally consumed.

"Partly," Sisko conceeded. "Though having a Captain as a companion I doubt
you would want to stoop to a Commander," he added.

"I stooped to a Lt. a few days ago," Vash said undoing the buttons on her

"Going for a full set?" Sisko asked.

"Well, your doctor seemed interested," Vash said dropping her blouse to the
floor and unsnapping her bra.

"A Lt. (jg) would leave only and ensign and a Lt. Commander before I go for
the big one."

Sisko sat back as Vash stood before him and slowly unzipped her skirt. He
massaged his hard cock through his trousers as the skirt fell to the ground
revealing suspenders and belt and to his surprise no panties.

"I hear Admiral Neyachev needs a good fucking," Sisko said, "But I think I
need it more right now."

He pulled his cock out of his trousers.

"Why don't you put that mouth to work?" he half asked half ordered.

Vash sank to her knees before him and took his cock in her hand giving it a
few strokes before lowering her head to it, her tongue flicking out to wet
the tip before she ran the tongue up and down the hard cock. As she reached
the tip again she enclosed the head of his cock with her wet mouth and gently
started to suck it into her. Inch by inch it slid further in till it wedged
against her throat. She moved her mouth up and down his hard shaft a few
times eliciting a groan from Sisko. He held the back of her head and forced
it down, forcing his cock into her throat. She gagged slightly at it before
adjusting. Her throat drove Sisko crazy till impatience caused him to grab
her off his cock and throw her over the couch her ass sticking up in the air.

He drove into her with no preamble. Fortunately her arousal had caused her
to get wet and his cock slid in with little resistance. She moaned as his
cock was driven deeper into her till his balls slapped against her. Sisko
pounded into her grabbing her ass in his hands for leverage. She moaned as
he squeezed at her cheeks. When he stuck one of his fingers into her ass
she shuddered as an orgasm rushed through her. Withdrawing he pulled her to
her feet and then lifted her off them and lowering her onto his cock. She
wrapped her legs around him as he slammed her against the wall and started
pumping into her.

"Oh fuck, you're good," she said as she slid up and down.

Her breasts crushed against Sisko's uniformed chest. She opened her mouth
as he leaned his head into a passionate kiss, his tongue invading her mouth.
He carried her over to his desk his cock still buried inside her. He placed
her on the edge of the desk and she lay back her legs still wrapped around
him as he started to drive into her again. Her hands reach up to cup at her
tits alternating between kneading them and rolling her erect nipples with her
fingers. Sisko grabbed her waist as he slammed into her again and again. He
felt her cunt tighten around his cock as she came again. With a grunt he
thrust forward again burying himself in her as he shot wave after wave of
cum into her hot cunt. With an audible plop he withdrew his cock and moved
around the table to her head. Without comment she opened her mouth and
started to bath his cock with her tongue. When she finished Sisko stuffed
his cock back in his trousers as she stood his cum running form her cunt down
her legs.

"I love booking transport through Starfleet," Vash said as she dressed.

"Feel free to cum by anytime you need a life," Sisko said.

They both smiled the pun as Vash slowly walked out of his office.


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