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Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: Deep Sex Nine
The Personal Logs Of The Federation Station DS9's Senior Officiers) Part 5
by Ithaqua ([email protected])

Personal Log. Lt Jadzia Dax.

What a day. For a long time the truth of General Tandro's death and his
wife's infidelity remained a secret. Now the truth is known and I blame
myself. Ah how Curzon fell on that one. I would have died to keep the
truth unknown but fate had different ideas. As Curzon would have said
"Damn I need a drink or two"

Fade To Quark's Bar.

Jadzia sat at a back table an empty bottle in front of her nursing the dregs
left in her glass. The area around her was empty as people picked up on her
mood and gravitated to the happier parts of the bar. Suddenly a young Ensign
dropped into the seat opposite her and placed a full bottle on the table.

"Lt Dax, a woman like you shouldn't be drinking alone," He said.

"Ensign Parr," Dax said, "Are you offering company or alcohol?" she asked
draining her glass.

"Both. It's no fun to drink alone," Parr said.

"What about your friends over there, won't they drink with you?" Dax asked
nodding toward two other Ensigns at a nearby table.

"Ah, them," he shrugged fractionally and poured Dax a drink. "All they talk
about is how good you'd look naked. And of course how much they'd like to see
you that way."

Dax downed the glass, "As would most of this station. I guess this body has
its plus points." Parr gulped as she ran a hand down her right side lingering
on her thigh before lifting it.

"So why are they over there and you here?" She asked him.

"Honestly?" he asked and she nodded yes.

"I kind off got pushed into it after accusing them of not having the balls to
chat you up. I said I did and they called me on it. So here I am."

Dax took the bottle and poured another large shot, which she downed.

"So are you celebrating or commiserating your court case?" Parr asked

"A little of both. Had the urge to get drunk and do something silly." She
glanced at him raising her eyebrows. "Any good ideas?"

"One or two, but I'm not that lucky," Parr said.

"You never know. Luck is just a question of seizing opportunities when they

Ensign Parr felt his cock stir in his trousers as Dax shot him an enticing
look and run her tongue over her lips.

Dax stood taking his hand and drawing him to his feet. Drawing him toward the
door she stopped to look at his friends table. The two occupants were almost
on the floor. Dax smiled at them and then crooked a finger at them and
motioned them to follow as she departed with Parr. The pair sat stunned
before almost falling over themselves to get to the exit.

Dax lead the way back to her quarters followed by Ensigns Smith, Landau and
Parr. Entering her quarters she motioned them to be seated and turned to face
them swaying slightly.

"Well Don," she said to Ensign Parr, "Just what was it Ensign Eric Smith and
Ensign David Landau were saying about me?"

The two Ensigns looked a little shocked that she knew exactly who they were.

"Well Jadzia. They were saying that you are the best looking babe on the

"Oh yes and that you Quote Don't get enough cock End Quote."

Jadzia looked at them and then asked "What have you got to say about that?"

The two Ensigns looked a little sheepish but before they could mumble out
excuses she added, "I'd bet you'd love to see me naked?"

The two ensigns looked positively out of their depth with this. Eventually
Landau nodded.

"Well, I need something from you," Dax said starting to remove her uniform.

"And that is?" Ensign Landau asked regaining his voice, which cracked as he

"Those hard cocks your stashing down there."

Both Ensigns realised they were extremely hard already. Dax finished taking
her uniform off and moved over to Ensign Parr who had also removed his
clothes while the others had been distracted. Ensign Parr sat back on a seat
his legs spread as Dax kneeled between them and took his cock in her hand.

The other two moved to get a better view stroking their hard cocks as Dax
ran her tongue from the base of Parr's cock right to the tip before bathing
it with spit. She looked at the others before engulfing the large cock
completely. Ensign Landau whimpered with longing as Dax bobbed her head up
and down on the cock in her mouth.

"Fuck what a sight," Ensign Smith said his voice cracking.

"It's a lot better from this angle," Ensign Parr said.

The two other Ensigns stripped of their clothes entranced by the scene before
them. Dax was getting impatient however. If she was going to make a mistake
like this she was going to enjoy it. She lifted her mouth from Parr's cock
and rearranged herself on to her hands and knees. "Are you two going to stand
there all day?" she asked before returning to Parr's cock.

Landau took the hint and moved behind her to her raised ass. He slid a finger
into her from behind and gave a few quick strokes feeling how wet she was.
Soon however he decided to go all out and as he slid a third and fourth
finger into her he lowered his mouth to her and ran his tongue along her ass.

"Quick hold her open," he called to Smith.

Both Looked hungrily at her puckered hole before Landau moved in and started
to run her tongue over it. Dax moaned around the cock in her throat as this
was done and wiggled her ass in encouragement.

Dax was extremely wet now and Landau added his thumb to her cunt slowly
pushing his whole hand into her. He paused allowing Dax to adjust before he
started pumping his fist into her. Ensign Smith slid a finger into her tight
ass and as all three holes were filled Dax shook with a massive orgasm.

Smith and Landau withdrew from Dax as she lifted herself from Parr's cock.
As she recovered her breath Parr lifted her till she straddled his cock. He
slowly lowered her onto his hard cock. She moaned a little as she sank down
its length till she rested against him. The slowly she started to move
herself up and down on him. Landau and Smith stood on either side of her
their dicks pointed at her. She raised her hands to them and slowly started
stroking them.

As a rhythm was built up she took Landau into her mouth still stroking the
base of her cock. She moaned in disappointment when he pulled back from her
and she reluctantly let go before turning her attention and mouth to Smith
who was more than happy to have her mouth on his throbbing cock. Dax
whimpered again as she felt herself pushed forward slightly and a cock
running along her ass before pressing at the tight hole. She tried to relax
as much as possible as Landau's cock pushed into her.

"Fuck her ass is tight," he said.

"This is one hot slut," Smith said.

Dax her brain fogged by alcohol barely heard their comments and continued to
suck Smiths cock. Landau and Parr got into sync and began thrusting deeply
into Dax causing her to moan louder around Smith's cock. Smith grabbed Dax's
head and began to use her mouth like a cunt forcing his cock in and out.

Dax came again and they withdrew. This time Dax was flipped over and Parr sat
here down on his cock again. This time however he sampled her ass. "Fuck your
right, this is one tight ass," he said.

Smith moved around and slid his cock into her cunt relishing the feel of the
moist hole round his cock. The two started to pump away at Dax while Landau
stroked his cock watching Dax's tits as the bounced with each thrust of the
other two men. Landau reached down and tweaked a nipple causing another gasp
from Dax. He then lowered his head and started to suck on her large tit
nibbling at the nipple.

Dax moaned again, "Oh fuck more, use me, fuck me like a whore," she said.

Whilst sucking her tit Landau reached over and pinched her other nipple
eliciting a shriek from Dax as she came again. Parr grunted and came shooting
his load into her ass.

As they withdrew again Smith pulled Dax with him till they reached the bed
and climbing on he kneeled and motioned to his cock. She quickly got on the
bed on all fours and took him in her mouth. Landau moved to a kneeling
position behind her and ran his cock over her before thrusting into her cunt.
The pair thrust into her from either end each forcing the other deeper in.

Dax moaned again and again round the cock that was forcing itself deep into
her throat. Landau reached down and placed a ringing slap on her upturned ass
causing Dax to whimper. More and more blows followed causing her ass to turn
bright red. Suddenly Dax shuddered as she came hard. The clamping of her
tight cunt sending Landau over the edge and he started to spurt his cum deep
into her coating her insides.

"Ah fuck!" he exclaimed in satisfaction as the last dregs emptied into her.

He climbed of the bed as Smith pushed Dax down and over onto her back. He
quickly straddled her and wrapped her tits around his cock as he started to
fuck her chest. The other two watched as Smith did this each stroking their
hard cocks as they did so. With a bellow Smith came, his cum shooting out of
the valley made by her tits to cover her face and neck. The sight almost set
of the others who quickly took up position on either side of Dax their hands
whipping up and down their cocks as they both started to cum.

Dax lay back watching the while one hand edged down to stroke herself as
the two men aimed their cock at her. Landau came first his spurt hitting
her forehead and her hair, his second caught her open mouth and the rest
splattered her face. The Parr started as well his shots aimed at her tits.
Several spurts lanced out. The three men stood back looking down at Dax as
she lay back playing with her cunt her upper torso covered in cum.

"What do we do now?" Smith asked.

"Maybe we should pay a visit to Kira" Parr suggested.

"Yeah right, come on I need a drink," Landau said as they got dressed.

Dax lay on the bed barely even aware of their departure as she fell into an
exhausted slumber.


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