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Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: Deep Sex Nine
The Personal Logs Of The Federation Station DS9's Senior Officiers) Part 7
by Ithaqua ([email protected])

Personal Log Miles O'Brien

What a hellish couple of days. First I get stuck with Dr Bashir on a trip
to Bajor and then some bloody village storyteller appoints me as his
replacement. Now I have people asking me to bless children or marry their
daughters. Bloody Bashir finds it funny. Still the presents they have been
bringing include real alcohol. It at least made his company less grating.

Fade in interior of Bajoran village house.

Bashir upending his glass draining it before letting out a sigh of

"Well chief this as turned out to be an interesting mission."

"That it has sir, sorry Julian" O'Brien said.

O'Brien wandered over and looked out the window. "Wish I hadn't rejected
those women" he muttered under his breath as he watched a group of Bajoran
women walk through the village.

"Yeah it would have been nice" Bashir said

O'Brien startled slightly at the sound of Bashir, he hadn't heard him come
over. "One word to Kieko and I'll bloody..."

"No problem Chief." Bashir said quickly cutting him off and added "besides
with what you've drunk I doubt you'd be able to do anything more than dream."

The women were hanging around outside the house as something snapped in
O'Brien's head "We'll see about that" he said opening the door.

The women noticed the door opening and moved across eager to serve the Sirah.
"How may we serve the Sirah?" the lead woman asked.

"We need somež" O'Brien fumbled for a word

"Companionship" Bashir said

The women's eyes lit up as they realised what was required, each thought the
same thing. The mistress or even wife of the Sirah or his chosen assistant
would garner great respect and power in the village.

"We are glad to serve the Sirah" all five said quickly, bowing slightly and
moving forward.

"Bloody hell" O'Brien said stepping back into the room "I didn't think they'd
all go for it"

"I'm sure we will rise to the occasion" Bashir said giving O'Brien that grin
of his.

O'Brien grunted slightly maybe it was the alcohol but he found that almost

The five women entered the house closing the door behind themselves. They
lined up in front of the two men...

"We are here to serve the Sirah" the lead woman said as they bowed deeply.

"I could get to like this job" O'Brien said.

"Okay ladies" Julian said "The Sirah would like to examine you before he

The women took the hint and started to remove their clothes. Now it was
O'Brien's turn to grin at Bashir.

The woman stood naked before the two men who found themselves getting hard at
the sight before them.

O'Brien finally chose a petite brunette with small firm tits. "My assistant
shall pick one of you now" he said as he sat down. The woman he had chosen
sat across his lap idly stroking his cock as Bashir stepped forward to the

Instantly he was drawn to the tall blonde woman who had an almost
unbelievably large chest. What was that line from that holoshow he had seen,
something about someone's perfect woman being a six foot Valkyrie Warrior
woman with a cleavage you could ski down.

This woman was close to that, "Well as close as you could realistically get."
Bashir thought. How the hell did her tits remain so high on her chest?

"I exercise. A lot." She said as if reading his mind.

"Well I'm sure we can exercise you some more" Bashir said smiling as he led
her over to the large bed.

O'Brien had watched Bashir make his choice while the brunette had stroked him
to hardness now she was riding his cock, her hair flailing as she bounced up
and down on his lap. O'Brien's hand sought out her pert tits squashing them
roughly as he bucked into her.

"This is the life" he thought as he saw Bashir lower the blonde to the bed
and then spread her legs before starting to eat her out. Judging by the
blonde's reaction he was good at it. "Must be why the women like him" he
thought as he returned to the woman riding him. He brought his mouth to her
tits and started alternating between them sucking and biting at her nipples
causing her to moan out. He noticed however that her place didn't slow.

He looked over as he heard the moan of pleasure from the bed. Bashir was
standing up his face covered in the blonde's juices. Obviously judging by
the moans and he flushed expression he had bought her off.

Bashir lifted the blonde's legs onto his shoulders and drove roughly into
her. She screamed out in pleasure as he started pounding into her cunt.
O'Brien felt his load rising as he watched her tits bounce about as she was
pounded by Bashir.

Grabbing the brunette's waist O'Brien slammed her down on his cock as he
stared pumping spurts of cum into her cunt. She threw her head back letting
out a loud moan as the sensation of his cum set off her orgasm.

She slid off him and stood awaiting orders. The other three women looked on
awaiting his next choice.

"You clean my cock" he said pointing to another brunette.

She nodded obviously not too happy about cleaning another women's cum off his

"You" he sad to a red head with a large chest "Get her cunt ready for me" he
indicated the brunette who smiled realising it could easily have been the
other way about.

The brunette had large tits as well and they hung down as she bent over his
lap on her knees and took his cock in her mouth.

The red head lay on her back and moved her head under the brunette's cunt and
gingerly ran her tongue along it.

The brunette decided to enforce the authority over the red head who had
spoken for them earlier and ground her cunt into the red heads face whilst
noisily slurping on O'Brien's cock.

Bashir was pounding away at the blonde as she tensed and came hard.

He pulled out of her spasming cunt and gave his cock a few tugs before shot
after shot of cum lanced out over her body. The blonde lay back rubbing the
cum into her skin causing his softening cock to twitch.

It was as stiff as ever as he looked across to O'Brien and saw the women at
work. The last woman was standing looking over the scene before her, face
slightly flushed. "Why not join in?" Bashir asked her indicating the red head
with her face buried in the brunette crotch.

Hesitatingly she moved over and spread the red heads legs before lowering
herself onto her hands and knees and gingerly extending her tongue. She
slowly started to run he tongue around the red head cunt. The red head moaned
into the cunt she was eating as the stimulation hit her.

Bashir got behind the last girl and ran his hand along he slit. Finding it
wet he slid a finger into her as she spread he legs to give him access.

Bashir grabbed her hips and drove his cock had into her wet cunt. This drove
her face deep into the redhead who responded by having a huge orgasm.

"Bet your glad you came on this trip now." Bashir said as his dick slid deep
into the women before him.

O'Brien didn't say anything he just pulled the brunette off of his cock and
then got to his feet as she did the same. She barely had time to breath
before she was over the edge of the bed. O'Brien aimed a few quick thrusts
into her cunt before withdrawing and running his dick along her ass.

He felt her tense as he started to push in. "Relax its easier for both of us
that way" he said.

Bashir noticed this and got ready for his move placing his cock at the
entrance to the women he was fucking. To his surprise he felt her relax, she
had done this before. Despite this as he pushed in she screamed.

The scream was exactly what O'Brien needed. It distracted the brunette enough
for him to ram home sending a second scream through the air.

Both men pounded into the asses in front of them. The moans of pain slowly
changed to pleasure as the women adjusted. The redhead had clambered up onto
the chair when Bashirs woman had stopped eating her. Now she sat with two
fingers buried in her cunt as she watched the two women sodomised.

Bashir looking directly at her doing this was first to cum. Yanking his cock
loose he shot several strands over his girls ass. Standing, he moved over to
the redhead and stood his cock aimed at her. She bent forward and started to
bath his cock with her tongue.

O'Brien mean while was still hammering away at the brunette. Her ass felt
like a vice squeezing his cock as it ploughed in and out. The woman had been
reduced to gasps and her ragged breathing was heavy as she came. O'Brien
grunted as the sensations wracking her body set him off and he came in her

O'Brien slid out of her and collapsed onto the floor. "Bloody hell I'm done
in" he said looking over to see Bashir moving away from the redhead to his
medical kit. "Don't worry chief. I still have a trick up my sleeve" Bashir

He hauled a hypospray out and pressed a few buttons before pressing it to his
own neck and then to O'Brien's. "What is it? O'Brien asked.

"Just a little mix a Starfleet Medical student finds out about. Should take
effect quickly."

As Bashir said this O'Brien noticed his cock was hardening again. "You on the
table" he said to the redhead.

She lay on the table legs hanging over one side and head on the other.

"Which end do you want?" Bashir asked.

"I need cleaned up so I'll take the mouth" O'Brien said moving over and
grabbing the side of her head.

As he thrust his cock deep into her throat. Bashir moved over and spread her
legs. He teasingly ran his cock over her pussy causing her to buck her hips
trying to pull him into her.

He quickly granted her wish and she found herself sandwiched between the two
men who pounded into her forcing her hard against the other maximising their

"Good stuff" O'Brien said.

"The slut or the drug?" Bashir asked

"Both" O'Brien said returning his attention to the throat encasing his cock.

The redhead was having orgasm after orgasm as they pounded into her. Her tits
flopped about being grabbed by both men who pinched the nipples and squeezed
the large tits.

"My turn" O'Brien said and he moved off to lie on the bed.

Bashir helped the redhead over to the bed and she climbed on top of O'Brien
impaling herself on his cock and sliding down till it was fully embedded in
her cunt.

Bashir climbed on and pushed her forward exposing her ass. He slowly pushed
his cock into her till he too was all the way in.

She bit her lip as she felt the cock slide in letting loose small whimpers
as she got used to the invasion of both holes.

"I've never felt this full" she gasped "oh god fuck me please!" she begged.

Both men started to slide in and out building up a rhythm. The redhead
gasped again and again as two hard cocks pushed her over the edge. Both men
thrusting as she came quickly. Her nails ran down O'Brien's chest leaving
large red marks and breaking the skin. This just caused him to buck harder
into her. The woman was lost in a haze as orgasm followed by orgasm tore
through her and still the two cocks kept filling her up. She could barely
support herself as each man gave a grunt and filled her up with cum. She
collapsed onto the bed as both men stood over her tugging on their still
hard cocks.

She could only watch as they kept going till yet again cum spewed forth this
time coating her face, hair and tits.

"Bloody good drug" O'Brien exclaimed collapsing into a chair.

Bashir slumped into another "Now all you have to do is tell the story

"Thanks for bloody reminding me" O'Brien said but his frown was quickly
replaced with a look of satisfied contentment.


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