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Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: Deep Sex Nine Year Two
(The Personal Logs Of The Federation Station DS9's Senior Offiers) Part 2
by Ithaqua ([email protected])

Personal Log Major Kira Nerys:

We are currently warping at maximum speed to the planet where I believe Li
Nalas is held. So far we have been lucky. I just hope our luck holds.

Fade to interior of Runabout

"Major we have a problem" Chief O'Brien said.

"What is it Chief?"

Cardassian vessel closing on our position. I'm reading it as a Gleki class
scout. The local moon hid it till we were right on it.

"Can they see us for what we are?"

The comm beeped as a broad band hail was put through "Federation Runabout
come to a halt and prepare to be boarded."

"Do we have any chance?" Kira asked O'Brien.

"None. They're faster, more heavily armed."

"Set a self destruct for five minutes. If we can't talk our way out of this
at least we won't be prisoners" Kira ordered "I'm bringing us to a halt and
dropping shields."

"Done" O'Brien said and the opened a channel. "We have received and obeyed
instructions" he reported simply.

A few minutes later the scout vessel swung into position above them. O'Brien
performed a quick scan hoping they wouldn't detect it due to the closeness of
the vessels and the static his modifications were sending out.

"Just two occupants" he reported quickly before turning to his console his
hands flying over the controls as a familiar whine filled the air.

The two Cardassians had rifles held ready. Kira still seated found herself
with one pointed at the side of her head. O'Brien found himself being prodded
in the chest with the other.

"A Human male and a Bajoran female?" the first said.

"Explain your presence. Is the Federation really this stupid?" The second

"This isn't a Federation vessel anymore. We liberated it three days ago from
the Federation supply depot Lya Station Alpha," O'Brien said.

"So why are you in our space disguised as Lisspians?"

"We are on our way to the camp on Hutep. She has an appointment with the camp
prefect." O'Brien said nodding to Kira.

"She's a whore is she? Turn around Bajoran let us see what you look like."

Kira spun her seat around and O'Brien barely recognised her. She was sitting
with her legs enticingly open and a finger delicately tracing around her
shoulder as she looked at both Cardassians.

"Fuck what a looker" The first Cardassian exclaimed.

"So how much does she cost?" The second said to O'Brien.

"Two strips and she's yours. Course if you both want a go I'll have to take
six strips in total."

The Cardassian looked at him darkly.

"I need her to have some energy left for the prefect." O'Brien said smiling.

The Cardassian just grunted. The first pulled his cock out of his uniform.
"Okay if she passes the first test we'll give you ten strips and we get to
have her together."

He tuned his gaze to Kira who found herself looking at a large piece of
Cardassian meat.

"Suck me bitch" The Cardassian said.

Kira glanced to O'Brien. There was no way she seemed to say. O'Brien just
shrugged it was this or death. Kira thought about the self destruct. That
was what he had done as they beamed aboard. He had disabled it in the hope
of finding a better way out.

"Oh shit" Kira thought as she opened her mouth and took the cock in her hand.
She slowly started to wank the Cardassian whilst running her tongue over the

The Cardassian moaned his approval and Kira felt a strange rush of pride. She
had never performed the acts some Bajorans had been force to and had made it
through the occupation unscathed mostly. Her recent experiences with Sisko
had taught her a lot and she was using all of it to convince this Cardassian
that she was a whore. "Then he'll drop his guard" she though as she took the
tip of the cock into her mouth and started to work more of it into her.
"Course you're not enjoying this" A dry voice said at the back of her mind
but Kira ignored it.

She worked the hard piece of flesh into her throat suppressing her gag
reflex. Slowly she began to work the Cardassians cock with her throat
and mouth making a lot of noise as she did so. The Cardassian seemed to
appreciate it and quickly sent a stream of cum into her stomach.

Kira slumped back into her seat and wiped her mouth clean of all the drool
she had shed. The Cardassian fumbled in a pocket and handed O'Brien 10 strips
of Latinum.

"You wait here while we go have some fun" the Cardassian ordered and he
lifted Kira to her feet and led her away.

The second Cardassian kept his weapon pointed at O'Brien until the door to
the habitat section of the runabout closed.

"Shit" O'Brien said pounding the console nearest him. He needed to think
fast. "Mind you the way Kira sucked that cock she may enjoy things" he
thought. "Computer do we have any anesticine gas?" he asked starting his
quest for a plan.

Meanwhile Kira had been hauled into the small mess which had a large table
as its centre piece.

"So whore ever fucked a Cardassian before?" The first said.

"Oh yeah lots during the occupation. It was the best way to good money and
food." Kira responded knowing a negative answer would have identified her as
a resistance member.

"Well you now get another tow. On the table and strip for us." The second
Cardassian said.

"I hope O'Brien's got something up his sleeve" Kira thought. She despised
Cardassians but getting treated as a whore was turning her on.

Slowly Kira mounted the table and started to say with and imagined beat. The
Cardassians watched hungrily as she unbuttoned her top. Her brain raced as
she reviewed her options and finding them severely lacking. Unless O'Brien
came up with a way to disable the pair she was going to have to go through
with this.

Her top was quickly shed and her plain bra was revealed.

"I expected a whore to wear something a little more enticing." The first
Cardassian said.

"I was going to change before arrival" Kira said whilst unsnapping the
offending garment and tossing it to him.

She started to sway again, her large chest jiggling with the motion of her

"Now that is a sight" The second Cardassian said.

Kira's brain was in a heated debate with itself. She was trying to ignore
the arousal she felt and to convince herself she was only doing this out of
necessity. However it was obvious how aroused she was her nipples were a
clear giveaway.

She turned as she dropped her trousers and bent over wiggling her ass at the
pair watching as she slid her panties down her legs. She was slightly shocked
at how damp her panties were but she put the thoughts aside as she turned
giving her audience its first view of her wet cunt.

The second Carddassian caught her panties when she threw him them and took a
deep sniff "She's fucking soaked these" he told his friend.

The two stood and stripped off their heavy uniforms never taking their eyes
off Kira who still swayed to an imagined beat on the table.

As they stood before her tugging their hardening cocks Kira began to move her
hands over her tits, pinching the nipples before allowing her left hand to
slip down to tease at her dripping cunt.

She was now horny as hell and beginning to admit she wanted to be fucked
hard. A small portion was still hoping O'Brien had everything in hand.
Strangely it was sort of correct.

In the runabouts cockpit O'Brien was sitting with his hard cock in his hand
as he watched Kira's show. He had all but forgotten his task as he watched
Kira strip.

The two Cardassians now moved over to the table as Kira sat on the edge her
legs open. A single finger teased around her slit gathering some of the
juices. The gulps of the two Cardassians were highly audible as she lifted
the finger to her mouth and slowly sucked it whilst moaning in contentment.

The two Cardassians started forward and then stopped turning to face each

"I outrank you" The first said.

"That doesn't matter here and now" The second said.

Kira, hot as hell burst out "Will you just decide and fuck me."

"Rock, paper, scissors" The first said and the second nodded. "On three" the
first said.

"One, two, three" he counted as both shook a fist up and down.

The first Cardassian choose rock a strong choice in his view. The second
smiled however as his paper beat it.

"Okay just leave some for me" The first said angrily.

The second moved between Kira's open legs and grabbed her waist. With one
last admiring glance he thrust into her cunt. Kira moaned in pleasure unable
to deny how hot she was. This was increased by his moving her tits up to his
mouth and alternating between sucking them. She wrapped her legs around him
trapping him in her steaming cunt.

Kira's brain was a whirlwind of sensations and ideas. A small voice at the
back of her head was telling her to just go with it. A tiny voice crowded out
by the rest was asking why she had become this way. She managed to silence
the doubts and succumb to the sensations rushing through her.

"If only I had some of Sisko's drug to enhance things" she thought.

A small flag was raised by this thought but as she tried to think the
Cardassian bit down on her nipple causing her to gasp loudly.

O'Brien was questioning his obsession with sex as well. A short while after
arriving on D.S.9 he had started lusting after more and more women. He had
even slept with some Bajorans on an away trip, and of course he fucked his
assistant Neela before her escape.

And now here he was cock in hand as he watched Kira fucking some Cardassian.
He switched the audio on as he watched Kira shift about the table under the
hard thrusts of the second Cardassian.

"Oh Prophets yes fuck me" he heard Kira moan.

"Take my cock you little Bajoran bitch" The Cardassian replied.

O'Brien leaned back in his seat slowly stroking his cock trying to hold off
cumming as long as he could.

The Cardassian was pounding away at Kira who writhed about on the table
moaning for more.

The lead Cardassian had his attention riveted to Kira's large tits as they
flopped about. Finally deciding he wanted some action he climbed onto the
table and straddled her resting his dick in the valley of her tits.

Kira took the hint and as soon as he was in position she squeezed her tits
together around the hard cock.

The lead Cardassian began to fuck her tits as Kira watched the head of his
cock move in and out of her cleavage. She extended her tongue and flicked it
over the tip of the cock everytime it came within range.

The sensation was proving to much for him and he granted as he shot a spurt
of cum over her face. Pulling back he aimed spurts over her neck and tits
causing Kira to gasp out loud.

As he moved off the other Cardassian caught sight of Kira coated with cum.
This set of his own load which fired deep into Kira's cunt. Kira felt spurts
of cum fill her and her won orgasm was set off causing her cunt to squeeze
the cum from the Cardassian. Both Cardassians appraised the beautiful Bajoran
lying covered in cum on the table before they moved over to the replicator.

"Kanar" The leader ordered.

"That beverage is not available" The computer responded.

"Damn" the leader said before moving over to his own uniform and activating
his comlink "Kovar to computer perform a link with this vessel and download
replicator files."

The harsh Cardassian computer voice responded "Working..."

"Kovar to bridge. My ships computer is going to link to yours. Do the
necessary. Out."

O'Brien almost shouted with joy. The Cardassians had just given him the edge
he needed. Now all he needed to do was use it. He set to work trying to
ignore his still stiff cock.

Meanwhile the Cardassians had settled for a cool water drink before returning
Kira. Grabbing her off the table the leader pushed her over a chair so she
was kneeling on it her top half hanging over the back of it. Kira was still
extremely horny and sensation caused by some of the cum escaping her cunt and
running down her leg was not helping.

The leader looked at her. "I don't want that cunt. I hope your ass is loose

With that he rammed his cock into her ass.

O'Brien jumped as the sound of Kira's scream reverberated around the cockpit.
Quickly he hit the mute button.

"Sorry Major just a little while longer" he said returning to his work.

Kira groaned in pain as the Cardassian pounded her ass. Usually she would
have had some of Sisko's drug and a little lubricated before having her ass

After a few minutes she began to adjust to it. At that point a new challenge
presented in the form of the second Cardassians cock waving about in front of
her face. Without hesitation she closed her mouth over it.

Her head moved up and down on the hard cock and her moans drove both
Cardassians crazy.

The lead Cardassian had been holding on desperately but the Bajorans tight
ass sent him over the edge and he came thrusting as deep as he could.

With the lead Cardassian no longer pounding her, Kira turned all her
attention to the cock in her throat.

The leader went over to his equipment checking the read out on his data pad
he saw the replicator files had been copied. His attention was distracted by
the bellow from the other Cardassian who was aiming spurts of cum over Kira's
face and hair.

Kira turned and slumped into the chair as the Cardassian leaned back against
the wall. The door to the room opened and O'Brien strode in, phaser in hand.
She went to stand but O'Brien motioned her to stay seated.

"Time's up boys" he said pointing the phaser above Kira's head.

The lead Cardassian however had picked up his phaser rifle and was pointing
it at O'Brien. "I don't think so" he said menacingly.

"Oh well" O'Brien shrugged and fired.

The beam lanced over Kira's head striking the second Cardassian who fell to
the floor stunned. The lead Cardassian pulled his trigger as O'Brien swung
his phaser around.

A stunned look crossed the Cardassian's face as his weapon failed to fire.

"Sorry" O'Brien said as another beam lanced out taking the Cardassian down.

"Chief?" Kira said surprise written all over her face, or at least the
portions not covered in cum.

"Sorry it took so long but we were helpless till they linked computers. I
was able to tap that link and take control over there."

"But the rifle" Kira said

"Each weapon has a code so that any weapon on board a ship can be disabled
to prevent use by hostile parties. I accessed the codes and disabled the
weapons which had been drawn from the armoury over there."

"Good work Chief. Now we better get on with our mission"

"Aye Sir. I'll get us underway while you clean up."

O'Brien turned and left. When he entered the cockpit he collapsed into his
seat and exhaled loudly. "What a body" he said before resuming course.

Fade to Interior runabout cockpit sometime later.

"Get us out of here Chief" Kira said.

"Yes sir" O'Brien said as the runabout left the ground.

He looked with concern at the monitor's. A ship was closing.

"Major get them settled in and get back up here were gonna have company."

Kira moved the rescued Bajorans from the prison camp back to the habitat
section and quickly returned to the cockpit.

As she sat down she felt an impact as something hit the shields.

"Warning shot" O'Brien reported.

"Take the helm. I have a surprise for them." He added.

Fade to bridge of pursuing Cardassian vessel.

"Sir a scout ship is on an intercept course dead ahead." An officer reported.

"We have them" The ship's captain said smiling.

The scout headed toward the Federation ship which seemed to be intent on
ramming it.

As the two vessels closed to point blank the Captain's smile faltered.

"Why haven't they fired?" he asked moments before beams lanced out from the

The Cardassian vessel's shield lit up as the beams struck.

"Evasive" The Captain screamed.

But it was too late the scout had fired photon torpedoes and at this range
they would hit before the ship could manoeuvre.

The ship shuddered from the impact and moments later impacts were felt on
hull as the scout fired phaser barrages.

Consoles shorted out or exploded as overloaded systems broke down.

"Front shields are down" An officer reported.

"Now tell me something I don't know" the Captain responded.

"Get us out of here best possible speed."

Fade to runabouts cockpit.

Kira watched as the Cardassian pursuer pulled off and headed away at impulse.

"Good work Chief."

"We got luck. Keep us going at maximum. I'll try and get more speed out of


Kira turned to look at him.

He smiled "We did it."

Kira returned the smile before he turned away and started working on a panel.


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