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Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: Deep Sex Nine Year Two
(The Personal Logs Of The Federation Station DS9's Senior Offiers) Part 3
by Ithaqua ([email protected])

Fade into Bajorans house interior

"So Trazko do you understand what I'm asking?" the blond Bajoran queried.

"My dear Pallra. You have made yourself clear. The Ferengi must be allowed
to gain the item you require. If he opens said item he must be dealt with."
The dark haired Bajoran male answered.

"Good. Then you must return the item to me." Pallra said.

"What about payment? As I understand things you are not able to pay your

"In one week I'll have more than enough to pay you twice your usual fee."
Pallra said her skin flushing.

Reading her rising anger Trazko held up a hand "Business is business are your
Ferengi would say."

"What do you want?"

"Your deceased husband Vatrick had a lot of contact in the Cardassian
military. I want put in contact with any you can remember."

"Is that all?"

"Well there is one other thing. You are an attractive woman. I'm sure you can
show me how grateful you are!"

Pallra went scarlet "How dare you suggest!"

"Quiet!" Trazko shouted.

"Look you have no choice. Without me you have no money. You pay me my
normal fee in one week and introduce me to your departed husbands Cardassian

Trazko stood and removed his top.

"And right now you give me a reason to do the job and not hand you over to
the government."

Quickly he shed his clothes while Pallra looked thoughtful as she
contemplated her options and found them lacking.

"Okay Trazko you have a deal" she said snapping open the buttons holding her
dress together.

"Good now get over here and show me how much this means to you." Trazko

Pallra shed her dress and stood in her thong. The dress had built in support
for her chest disposing of the need for a bra.

Her heeled shoes clacked on the floor as she moved to stand in front of
Trazko who ran his eyes over her.

"Very nice" he said.

"You better be worth a weeks interest."

"I've never had complaints in the past." She said.

"I'll bet" he said as he pulled the thong down her legs exposing her hairy
blonde bush.

"I thought you would have been tidy in all regards."

"The Cardassians don't have hair down there. Those of us who served were
encouraged to leave that area. They liked its exoticness."

"Kneel" Trazko ordered as he stood face to face with her.

Pallra sank to her knees staring his hardening cock in the eye.

"Suck it like you did the Cardassians. Suck as if you life depended on it."

Pallra started a little at the venom in his voice before she grasped the cock
in her hand and lowered her mouth to engulf the head.

Trazko groaned as she swirled her tongue about the head of his cock before
slowly easing inch after inch into her mouth whilst gently jacking him off
with her hand.

"Ah yes damn your good" he moaned swaying slightly as his legs trembled.

Pallra smiled around the cock in her mouth. The Cardassian overseers on Terak
Nor had been impressed by her skills.

Her husband's collaboration was only a minor help during the occupation.
It was Pallra herself who had managed to keep them in good stead with the
Cardassians especially Gul Dukat.

Pallra pulled here mouth off the cock and still jerking it looked up at

"Do I please you?" she said sweetly.

"Oh yes and now its time for the real fun" he responded.

Trazko sat on the couch.

"Now come here" he said holding his cock.

She rose to her feet and turned presenting her ass to him before lowering
onto his lap.

As she did so he guided his cock into her cunt which was surprisingly wet.

"Ah yes what a nice cunt you have."

Pallra moaned as she sand down onto his cock till it was buried in her.
Then Trazok grabbed her waist and started to move her up and down his cock.

"Oh fuck that's good" he said as the wet cunt slid up and down his hard

"Yes fuck me Trazko. Fill my cunt."

"Take it bitch. Fuck yes"

Both moaned louder and louder as they fucked. The room was filled with the
sounds of their lust.

"Oh yea fuck your good" Trazko groaned.

Pallra started to gasp as her orgasm approached.

"Fuck me, Fuck me YES! OHH PROPHETS!!"

She tensed as the orgasm ripped through her and threw her head back as a low
moan escaped her throat before she slumped into his lap.

"Ah I needed that" she said.

"Its not over yet" Trazko said lifting her up.

He raised her from his cock and laid her face down on the low table.

She moaned again as eh knelt behind her and rubbed his cock along her slit
before penetrating her. She raised her head from the table as he penetrated
her, sinking his cock all the way in her cunt. Her head slumped to the table
again as he grabbed her waist and started to pound her cunt hard and fast.

"Oh fuck yes. The Cardassians must have loved you" he said "What a fucking

Pallra just moaned louder as he call her a whore and a slut.

"Oh yes you fuck anything to get what you want."

His thrusts slowed as he felt his cum rising. He pulled his cock out and
fired several strands of cum over her ass and back before sliding it back
into her cunt.

"Ah thanks bitch." he said as he gave a few more thrusts before pulling out.

"Guess I better go I have a transport to catch."

Pallra turned to look at him as he dressed.

"Do a good job and there may be a bonus" she said smiling at him as he turned
and headed out the door.


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