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Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: Star Trek Deep Sex Nine Year 2 Part 5
by Ithaqua ([email protected])

Neela stepped through the door of the tavern. Eyes turned to regard her as
she scanned the room before heading for the bar.

The barman deposited a drink in the bar and nodded to the alcove. Neela gave
him an almost imperceptible nod as she picked up her glass and moved to sit
in the darkened alcove.

She sighed as she sipped at her drink and allowed her mind to wander back
over the last few months. The shocking revelation of the person behind her
rescue from Deep Space Nine to her current job with the Maquis it had been
a long and difficult journey.

"Am I disturbing you?" a steady voice asked.

Neela smiled at the sound of the voice.

"T'Nal please sit" Neela told the Vulcan woman.

"The mission proceeds as expected" T'Nal said as she sat next to Neela.

"Always business with you isn't it?" Neela said a little exasperation in her

She ran her hand along the Vulcan's thigh and leaned in close. T'Nal turned

"It is inappropriate to show such behaviour in public" she said her tone

"I don't know why after all we are lovers."

"It is still inappropriate to show such behaviour in public."

"You get quite emotional in private" Neela said.

T'Nal looked a little disturbed by that comment.

"Come on we better get upstairs" Neela said finishing her drink.

The two edged out of the alcove and headed for the stairs. T'Nal's eyebrow
arched as Neela's hand took hers but she put up no resistance as they climbed
the stairs.

At he top of the stairs Neela pinned T'Nal to the wall and their lips met
in a passionate kiss. Neela's hand found one of T'Nals pert tits and gently
fondled it.

The Vulcan female trembled at the touch, her emotional control wavering.

There was a hint of pleading in her voice as she looked into Neela's eyes.
"Please lets get to our room."

The two women were locked together as they stumbled through the doorway.
Their hands roamed each others bodies. The door was barely closed when Neela
felt herself slammed up against it.

T'Nal's hand slid into the waistband of Neela's trousers and rubbed at her

"No under garments?" The Vulcan asked raising her eyebrow.

"Less for you to take off" Neela responded grinning.

T'Nals response was to slip a finger into Neela's wet cunt.

T'Nal leaned in close and the pairs mouths met. T'Nal was unsurprised the
feel the Bajoran's tongue enter her mouth.

The Vulcan felt her top opening up under the ministrations of Neela's nimble
fingers. Neela's hands moved inside and cupped the Vulcan's tits.

"No underwear" Neela said imitating the Vulcan's manner and arched eyebrow.

"You have shown a remarkable talent for damaging my underwear. I decided to
attempt to keep the rest intact."

"Oh and there was me hoping you were loosening up a little" Neela said

T'Nal withdrew her finger and offered the wet digit to Neela who greedily
took it in her mouth savouring the taste of her own cunt.

"Maybe you are loosening up" Neela said.

"You are an accomplished teacher" T'Nal said.

In response Neela removed the Vulcan's clothing and led her over to the bed.

Seating the Vulcan on the edge she kneeled between her legs.

"Shaven!" exclaimed in surprise causing the Vulcan's cheeks to take on a
green tinge as she blushed.

Neela grinned at this and lowered her mouth to the Vulcan's cunt. A sigh
escaped the Vulcan as Neela's tongue gently brushed her cunt before becoming
more forceful.

T'Nal leaned backward onto her elbows as she watched Neela go to work on her
increasingly wet cunt.

The Vulcan trembled as the talented Bajoran tongued her hot cunt. Every
second she got closer to losing her emotional control. On hand reached
out and pushed Neela's face into her cunt as T'Nal orgasmed her control

Neela removed her face from T'Nals cunt revealing the glistening juices
covering the lower portion of her face. Her grin increased as she stood and
saw the passion in the Vulcan's normally stoic expression. Her expression
faltered as the Vulcan stood up and grabbed her.

Before she knew what was happening Neela found herself spun round and thrust
backward onto the bed.

She lay winded and surprised at this sudden burst. As she regained her breath
T'Nal straddled her face and lowered her cunt to Neela's face.

Neela found herself forced to lick at T'Nals wet cunt.

Neela was squirming in pleasure as the usually submissive Vulcan forced her
hot cunt onto Neela's face.

Neela reached down and slipped two fingers into her own cunt which felt on
fire. She came almost instantly at the sensations.

T'Nal continued to grind away her own orgasm approaching as she watched Neela
squirm in pleasure under her.

The Vulcan's normal stoic expression had changed from the passion it had been
expressing and was now one of pure animal lust. She threw her head back and
shuddered as she came all over Neela's face.

As she got off the bed she saw Neela's fingers had remained buried on her
cunt. A smile unseen by Neela broke the Vulcan's face as she moved off to the
dresser and opened a drawer.

Neela's fingers triggered another orgasm causing her to cry out. She lay for
a few moments regaining her breath. She felt the bed move and her legs being
parted. She smiled and went to open her eyes.

Her eyes flew open and she gasped as she was roughly penetrated. Looking down
she saw the last couple of inches of what looked like and enormous strap on
sink into her.

T'Nal grasped Neela's hips and lifted her ass off the bed as she slipped the
huge strap on almost all the way out of the Bajoran.

Neela gasped again at the sight. It must be as least ten probably twelve
inches she wasn't too worried however she had a lot of experience with big

The Bajoran grimaced as the Vulcan started to pound into her. Neela was used
to rough treatment and quickly found herself plunging into her first orgasm.

T'Nal didn't even slow as Neela moaned and shuddered her way through the

"Oh shit I can't take much more" Neela said.

"You will" T'Nal answered.

Neela found another orgasm strike her as the huge cock plunged in and out

She was reduced to incoherent gasps and moans as she was steadily pounded to
orgasm after orgasm.

By the time she withdrew T'Nal was perspiring heavily and Neela was almost
comatose. She gently kissed the Bajoran before climbing off the bed.

Neela smiled and rolled onto her side before drifting into slumber. T'Nal
watched her briefly before removing the strap on. Dropping it back in the
drawer she checked Neela to ensure she was sleeping. Satisfied she moved
to the communication terminal and opened the link.

"Plan is still on track for phase two" she reported then terminated the link.

The small crafts engines revved as the impulse engines were slammed to full
power. Climbing steeply the craft struggled against the planets gravity as it
headed towards space.

A mushroom flame enveloped the facility the ship had just departed. The whole
facility was engulfed in the explosion which sent out a huge shock wave in
all directions.

The little ship bucked wildly as it was buffeted by the shock wave. It
struggled and then evened out still in a steep climb.

"We're clear" Neela said.

"That statement is premature" T'Nal said "We still have to depart the

Neela was tinkering in an access hatch whilst T'Nal sat in the pilot's seat.

"Okay everything checks out. Prepare for warp speed." Neela said slipping out
of the hatch and into the seat next to T'Nal.

"Almost ready."

"Damn... ship approaching" A third voice said.

Neela tuned to look at the petite blonde that had joined them for this

Her name was Clara and she joined the Maquis recently. Neela didn't trust
her completely but she had to admit the human was attractive. She was
short around five foot but with a large chest which her outfits frequently

"Any ID on it?" Neela asked.

"Unidentified Vessel. This is Captain Chris Walker of the Starship Warden.
Power down your engines and prepare to be boarded."

"Starfleet" Neela spat "Get us out of here."

"That vessel is far faster than us" T'Nal said.

"What about weapons?" Neela asked.

"Our weapons systems are insufficient to penetrate their shields."

"Any options?" Neela asked.

"Working on it" Clara said hands flying over her console.

"Get ready for warp" she said.

"Unknown Vessel respond or we will open fire."

"Almost" Clara said.

The small vessel shook as a beam lanced out from the Starfleet ship. A small
explosion showed against space where the beam struck the hull.

"Shields are out, hurry up" Neela said.

"Done" Clara shouted.

The shields surrounding the Starfleet vessel lit up before they collapsed.
A second later beams lanced out to strike the Starfleet vessel striking
multiple points on its hull and causing ruptures of gas to escape as it

"Get us out of here while they're still off balance" Clara said.

The small craft leaped forward at the same time as Neela and Clara vanished
in the whine of a transporter beam. The two woman stood side by side on the
transporter pad eyeing the five Starfleet officers pointing phasers at them.
Before they could reach for their own sidearms the one wearing Lt Cmdr's pips

"I wouldn't bother we disabled your weapons in transport."

He motioned for them to follow him as he moved to the transporter room door.
Shrugging Clara stepped in behind him followed after a pause by Neela. The
other guards fell in behind them one removing their weapons as they went

The lights were on emergency power.

"Whatever did you do?" Neela asked Clara.

"She transported several charges into key areas. Took out the main computer,
environmental controls, disrupted the eps system. I'm more interested in how
she did it." The Lt Cmdr said.

"Your shield rotate in a specific cycle leaving a gap. I took advantage of
it." Clara answered.

"Why not the warp core?" The Charge in engineering was only enough to injure
those close to it."

"If I'd detonated the warp core and killed everyone then Starfleet would have
hunted us down." Clara said.

"How did you get power to the transporters?" Neela asked.

"We dumped the reserve phaser power into some systems. Managed to get a lock
but one failed so we only got the two of you."

The group entered the brig and the Lt Cmdr motioned for them to enter
separate holding cells.

Neela started pacing whilst Clara took a seat as the force fields were

"The Captain will see you shortly." The Lt Cmdr said before turning and

The two women were left under the watchful eye of a you ensign who looked as
if he was straight out of the academy.

For the next few hours the pair alternated between pacing and sitting in
their cells. Both stood near the entrances to their cells as the Captain
strode into the room. Pain and anger were etched on his face.

"Dismissed" he barked at the ensign who fled the room as quickly as he could.

"You sabotaged us!" he said to Clara.

Clara nodded slowly at the statement. A flicker of uncertainty crossed her
face. This was not how Starfleet Captains usually started interrogations.

The Captain smiled and pulled out his phaser and altered the settings.
Clara's eyes widened as he punched a few commands in and the forcefield to
her cell winked out.

"What are" she started as he moved towards her and fired. She slumped
against the wall shaking her head to try and clear it of the fog enveloping
her brain.

"Computer secure room" Captain Walker said as he tossed the phaser into a

"Now. You have caused the death of four of my officers including my closest
friend. Time to pay."

Neela screamed "You can't do this."

"Computer silence cell two."

Neela's voice cut off but her mouth continued to move as she shouted. She
threw herself against the forcefield and was sent flying backwards by it.

Clara tried to stand but her balance was still off and she wobbled before
leaning with her back to the wall.

As he reached her Walker grabbed at her tits through her tight top. Still
off balance Clara managed to swing a slap which barely made contact.

His resulting back hand strike sent her tumbling across the cell. "So there
is a little fight still in you. I'll soon sort that."

Grabbing her by her hair he hauled her to her feet and slammed her head of
the bulkhead. Behind him he could hear Neela slamming against the field to
her cell. Laughing he undid Clara's trousers and slid them down revealing a
tiny whit thong. Neela could only watch helplessly as he freed his cock and
bent Clara over slightly.

Once more the sound of Neela's forcefield being impacted on rung out. Walker
just ignored it as he pulled Clara's thong to the side and thrust his cock
into her.

Neela watched in horror as the grinning Captain raped her companion.

Clara was moaning in discomfort as the Captains cock pounded in and out of
her cunt.

"Fucking tight little cunt you have" Walker grunted.

"Now lets get a feel of those tits."

He pushed her top up and pulled Clara's large tits free from her bra.

He roughly kneaded her tits as he continued to slide in and out of her cunt.

Neela felt her own cunt moisten as she helplessly watched Clara. A part of
her wanted to be the one getting the cock forced into her and another wanted
to be the one fucking the hot little blonde. Without thinking she slipped her
hand into her trousers and pusher her thong aside before slipping a finger
into her wet cunt.

Walker caught her out of the corner of his eye and turned to smile at her.

"Computer remove silence field on cell two."

"Like what you see slut?"

Neela meekly nodded. Her skin was flushed as she fingered herself watching
the scene. Clara was moaning less audibly and Walker could feel her cunt
getting wet as her body reacted.

"Can't have you enjoying yourself" Walker said as he withdrew and with one
thrust buried his cock in Clara's ass.

She screamed as her ass burned from the entry. Walker gasped at the tightness
of her ass as it griped his cock. He grabbed her hair and yanked her head
back as he started to fuck her ass. Her screams rang out as he forcefully
plunged into her.

Neela could feel her orgasm approach as she watched the scene with two
fingers in her wet cunt.

"Oh yes your ass is mine" Walker grunted as he unloaded his cum into Clara's

Neela shuddered as she orgasmed.

"Computer deactivate cell twos field. Come here" Walker ordered.

Neela moved forward eagerly anticipating whatever awaited her. Walker grabbed
her and forced her to her knees behind Clara.

"Now clean her ass up" he ordered.

Neela nodded briefly before extending her tongue and running it along Clara's
ass before driving it in to the blonde's gaping hole.

"That's it, clean her ass" Walker said watching.

Neela turned her head to show him a glob of cum on the end of her tongue
before she swallowed it.

"Fuck that's hot" he exclaimed as Neela returned to Clara's ass.

His dick was once again hard as he watched this show. He moved over and slid
Neela's trousers down admiring her ass before sliding aside her thong and
sliding his cock into her ass.

"You've done this before then" he said as he easily slid into her.

Neela didn't lift her head form Clara's ass, instead she ground her ass back
onto Walker's dick.

He started to eagerly pound her ass as she thrust back against him.

"Take it you little slut."

Neela just moaned into Clara's ass as she felt his cock pounding her. All her
training since D.S.9 was put to good use as she took the hard cock deep into
her ass.

The Captain was moaning in ecstasy as he fucked the willing Bajoran. Grinding
into her ass he felt his load rising with one last thrust he buried himself
in her and began to fire his cum into her ass.

He gasped as his spent cock slipped from her his eyes closing as he savoured
the sensation. He grunted in pain as Neela straightened up and threw her head
back into his face.

Neela then rolled to the side struggling to pull her trousers on. As she did
this Walker rolled off his back and started to rise. He was lifted off all
fours to roll along the floor as he was kicked in the ribs. Before he could
recover he found more blows landing as Clara followed up her initial blow
with more kicks before finally landing a kick to the side of his head causing
him to lose consciousness.

"Come on" Neela said throwing Clara's trousers to her as she moved over to
the console.

"Damn I can't get in" Neela said.

"Let me. I know Starfleet systems pretty well."

Clara took over. "I have access" she said shortly.

"The ship is in bad shape. Most systems are offline. If we can get away now
we should make it."

"Beam us to the shuttle bay" Neela said grabbing the Captains phaser from the


The beam caught them and spirited them away leaving the Captain alone.


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