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Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: Star Trek Deep Sex Nine Year 2 Chapter 8
by Ithaqua ([email protected])

Fade to Interior of Conference Room D.S.9.

Sisko sat at the head of the table observing the worried faces sitting in
front of him.

"Are you sure Myles is safe?" Kieko asked her concern etched on her face.

"Yes he has been rescued from the rebels" Sisko replied wishing he could
reassure her more.

"And the doppleganger?" asked Dax interupting his thoughts.

"On its way here as we speak. We have to discover who his target is."

"Why not just arrest it when it arrives?" Kira asked.

"We need to know the target. This copy of O'Brien believes he is the chief.
If we arrest him then the rebel's will probably hear about it. So far they
don't know we have the real chief back." replied Sisko.

"So what we're supposed to sit back and act normally?" asked Kira sarcasm
dripping from every word.

"No we act normal but keep any eye on what he does." responded Sisko calmly.

"Can you handle that" Bashir asked Kieko knowing it would be harder on her
than any of them.

"It won't be easy but I'll do my best."

"Thank you Kieko, I'm sure your best is enough." said Sisko soothingly before
continuing. "We'll try and keep the Chief busy and away from the conference
plans without tipping him off. Doctor I want a full medical work up."

"His physical is due so it shouldn't ve hard to arrange."

"Good. Okay so I'll brief Odo when he returns. Dismissed." Sisko said turning
his chair and looking out into the stars.

* * *

Fade to Interior Infirmary

"Julian I think I'm going to go crazy living with that.. that.. that clone
of Myles. How can I live with him without him really being my husband. I'm
going to have to avoid being alone with him its the only way, but how am I
going to managed my own needs. God Julian I'm so horny and I don't have any
idea the next time I'll see my Myles!"

Sexual tension crackled about the room causing Kieko to freeze and blush as
she realised she'd uttered that last sentence aloud. Turning toward Julian
ready to apologise for her out burst Kieko caught sight of Julian's now
hardening cock.

"Julian" she purred "You could help me satisfy my needs couldn't you"

"That would be highly unethical" he spluttered "Not to mention the fact that
Myles is my best friend."

"Yes he is and I'm sure he would want you to help me through this dreadful
situation Julian. After all I surely not that repulsive to you. At least I
didn't seem to be at the christmas party, you seemed more than interested
then." she said pulling her top off to reveal her perfect breasts.

Unsure where to look Julian tried to change the subject. "About that have
you noticed an increase in your sex drive since the party?"

"No I haven't. Are you going to strip or do you need assistance doctor?"
Keiko said removing her trousers.

"Oh I think I need assistance." replied Julian his libido truely taking

As Keiko crossed over to him and started removing his uniform once piece at
a time he tried thinking of something else to help him maintain some control.
Julian Bashir had been genetically enhanced as a child. So whilst once part
of his brain had totally submitted to Keiko caress the other half was
desperatley trying to figure out if there was a patern to the increased sex
drives which now seemed to have infected a large number of the crew. Also
was it coincedence or did the party that Sisko had thrown have anything to
do with it. It had to tie in somewhere didn't it? his head asked getting to
carried away with what Keiko was now doing with her tongue to rationalise
all these thoughts.

"Computer seal Infirmary" Bashir commanded.

"Area sealed" confirmed the computer as Julian let out a groan of pleasure.

As Keiko's tongue swirled around his rigid staff he allowed himself a trip
down memory lane to the christmas party. That was the first time he really
became aware of his sexual attraction to Keiko before that he had known she
was beautiful but off limits because she was Myles wife. She belonged to
his best friend yet here they were naked whilst Keiko was sucking his hard

"Oh fuck thats good" he gasped.

Keiko ran her tongue over the head of his cock raising more gasps from the
young doctor as her teasing stimulated him. Feeling his hand on the back of
her head she allowed him to guide her deeper onto his shaft until she had
completely engulfed it and the end of it rested in her throat.

"Fuck he tastes good" she thought raising her mouth off of his shaft before
plunging it back into her throat.

"Oh yes suck me Keiko" he gasped whilst his brain waged its own war. One side
screaming that it was wrong the other telling the first to shut the fuck up
and don't spoil a good thing.

Julian was surprised at how easily Keiko's tight mouth swallowed his cock
never seeming to struggle or gag. Convinced if he went any deeper he would
melt into a puddle he closed his eyes and just let the sensations wash over
him carrying him toward orgasm. Sure he was going to explode any minute his
eyes flew open in surprise as Keiko started teasing only the tip of his cock
with her tongue. Looking into her eyes he saw the mischevious glint in her
eyes before she engulfed him again.

"God this is better than I ever dreamed it would be" he gasped causing Keiko
to moan as she visualised pictures of him masterbating whilst thinking of
her. Moving her hand between her thighs she rubbed at her clit bringing her
impending orgasm to an amazing conclusion. As it ripped through her she lost
control of her limbs and fell backward freeing Julians cock which sprayed his
seed wildly over her body. Keiko grinned using her fingers to scoop some of
it off her body and into her mouth.

"Mmm" she moaned moving over to the biobed. "I want you to fuck me now
Julian, give me that big cock."

Placing his body inbetween her thighs he entered he hot wet core easily.
She wrapped her legs around him trapping his cock deep in her hole. Julian
started rocking against her as her vice like legs left him unable to thrust
as hard as he really wanted too. Leaning down he kissed her their tongues
wrestling for control. Julian growing impatient grabbed Keiko's ass and
lifted it off the bed increasing the power to his thrusts. Harder and harder
he pounded into her using her like a ragdoll.

"Oh yes Julian, yes, yes aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh..." Keiko screamed as another
orgasm gripped her body making her shudder.

Julian anticpated it this time and pulled out of her cunt to stop his own
orgasm as her pussy clenched around his cock like a vice.

"Fuck Keiko your a hot little slut, no wonder Myles loves you" He gasped
spinning her around and pushing her down over the biobed.

"Come on open up that cute little butt for me slut" he grinned slapping her

With a moan Keiko reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart exposing her
last hole to him. He placed his cock at the entrance and pushed in with one
long slow thrust, not stopping till his cock was completely buried in her
tight ass.

"Fucking hell your ass is tight" Julian groaned, as he started pounding his
cock into her ass, the sound reverberating around the infirmary.

"Harder" Keiko screamed as her tight whole was plundered by Julian's rock
hard meat.

"God it fells so good," she thought.

Finally her needs were being filled all those urges were being met especially
the need for her ass to be filled with rock hard cock. Christ who was she
kidding she just needed any hole filled as long as she was fucked really
hard, really often.

"Take it you slut" Julian groaned as he felt her body starting to shudder as
another orgasm gripped her body.

"Aaahhhhhhhh FUCK!!!!" she screamed the orgasm overloading her senses.

Pulling out of her Julian stroked his cock sending strings of cum all over
her back. As the spurts slowed to a stop he gasped and moved to lean against
the bed before his knees gave way.

"That was so good Keiko. I have never had sex with anyone as responsive as

"Well you know where to find me big boy" she winked and started dressing.
"I'll be dropping by on a regular basis until my Myles returns!"

And probably after that Keiko thought. Now she had three Officers to fill
her holes and those two students of hers if that wasn't enough.

Life on DS Nine was looking up.


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