In case you didn't know, the Star Trek universe is owned by Paramount,
yada-yada-yada. And they rule it with an iron fist. I'm just borrowing it
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their permission to do this shit and nobody will be making money off this, so
don't get your feathers ruffled. Because I'm not getting paid, I'd appreciate
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Warning: if you think you might be offended by reading this, you probably
will be. (It is not very flattering toward the women of DS9--but that's an
essential part of the story.)

To everybody else: I tried to make this story look and feel like an actual TV
episode, so the characters stay, uh, in character, for the most part--which
makes the story NOT horrendously deviant, but somewhat deviant (to my
standards, anyway.) But, THIS IS AN ACTUAL STORY! There's even a moral
lesson, like in all good Trek episodes. There are those of you who may feel
disappointed or misled by the title--that's too bad, write your own damn

Distribute freely, but cautiously.

Star Trek Deep Space 9: Deviant Sex 9
by Jimt9999 ([email protected])

"Odo! Odo!" shouted a Ferengi across the promenade.

"Yes? What is it, Rom?" he said walking along, eyeing everybody suspiciously.

"I need to ask you a favor!"

"What sort of favor?"

"I-I..." Rom looked around the busy deck and pulled Odo into a private
corner. "I want you to sleep with my wife."


"Listen. I, duh-uh, we, had sex two times last night. That's eight times in
the last three days! I don't know what's gotten into to her, but I can't take
anymore! And it's okay with me, really!" he said shaking his hands in front
of Odo to clear away any bad vibes.

Odo folded his pseudo-arms and looked at him sternly. "Really? Now, why are
you asking me in particular?"

"Duhhhh... Because you're a shape-shifter. You can do anything! If you can't
satisfy a woman, no one can!"

"Well, Rom, I'm flattered..." he said warmly, then suddenly barked out. "But,
not interested in that sort of thing!"

Rom watched Odo disappear into the crowd. His Bajoran comm badge chimed in.

"Go ahead...?"

"R-o-m..." said his wife, Leeta. "I'm getting lonely... Tee-hee-hee!"

"Oh, no."

* * *

"Keiko?" said O'Brien. "Keiko."

Still no response.


She took his limp penis out her mouth. "What? What is it?"

"I...I've had enough, thank you."

"Oh, but I haven't! Me so horny! Me sucky-sucky!" She tried to put it back in
her mouth, but O'Brien gently pushed her out of the way.

"C'mon Miles!" said Keiko. "Me love you long time."

O'Brien tried to get out of bed, but his wife held onto his arm.

"I have to get to work!" he said. "So, stop with the Vietnamese Hooker,

"But, I've missed you!" she said.

"Keiko! You've been 'missing me' for three days now." He cradled her face in
his hands and kissed her. "I'll be back tonight. I promise."

He hopped out of bed and grabbed his uniform.

"I don't know if I can wait that long!" she said, sprawling all over the

He knelt back in bed and kissed her again. "Yes, you can."

Keiko pouted as she watched him throw on his clothes. He blew her a kiss and
scrambled out the door.

* * *

O'Brien ran down the corridor, passing the Infirmary.

"Late again, Miles?" asked Doctor Bashir leaning against the doorway.

"Oh, it's my wife. She can't get enough of me!" he said with his Irish eyes

The doctor grinned as he watched his only friend scuttle off to Engineering.

"Dr. Bashir?" said a quiet female voice.

He turned around and saw Ezri Dax, rubbing her thighs and looking more
sheepish than usual.

"What is it, Dax?"

"Let's talk inside," she said nodding.

She took his arm and pulled him into the examination room.

"Now, what seems to be the problem?" asked Bashir.

"Well, for the last couple of days, I've been feeling…anxious."

"How do you mean?"

"Um… Horny as a toad."

"Oh, I see."

"I find it difficult concentrating on work, or anything else besides sex for
that matter."

"Uh, huh." said the doctor waving a tricorder around her head. "There's a lot
of activity in the septal regions of your limbic system." He tapped a few
buttons. "Have you been engaging in sexual intercourse?"

"Ha. With who? I've been masturbating more than usual...a LOT more than
usual! But lately, it's only been helping for a few hours."

"Hmm. You'd better disrobe, so I give you a gynecological examination."

"Oh, good! I, mean...fine." She ripped off every stitch of clothing as
quickly as possible.

"" he said as her clothes flew in all directions. "Try to calm

She hopped on the table and spread her legs. Bashir immediately noticed the
nipples of her D-cups were fully erect. He put her tiny feet in stirrups.

"It would be more appropriate to have my nurse with me, while you're in this
condition. But, she's been having personal problems for the past few days."

Ezri slid her hands up and down her body as Bashir inspected her recently
shaved genitals. Her outer lips were engorged and red. Signs of abrasions and
tearing from frequent manual manipulation. He gently pulled them apart as her
breathing became heavier. Her clit was enlarged and extended out of its'
hood. She began dripping onto the table.

"My word."

Her pussy suddenly disappeared under blurry fingers. She rubbed herself
vigorously in front of the doctor.

"I'm sorry! I can't help it! I can't help it!" she cried and panted. "Oh,
this is so humiliating!"

Bashir went over to a cabinet and pulled out a flashlight-looking instrument.

"This device is for stimulating the nerves in reattached limbs."

He pointed it toward her vagina and turned it on.

Ezri moaned loudly and rolled her eyes up. Her hands immediately grabbed and
fondled her breasts as 10,000 tiny vibrators massaged and tickled her entire
pussy in a swirling motion. Her feet jumped out of the stirrups and her head
whipped from side to side. Her hips began rhythmically thrusting in the air,
simulating sex with an imaginary partner. Somehow she managed to grab
Bashir's hand and pulled the instrument closer. She then started rubbing the
device itself on her pubic mound.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!"

Within seconds, Ezri squinted, her body tensed and jerked and she let out
several long, painful groans. Then, collapsed on the table.

"Feeling better?"

She caught her breath. "Yes. But, it's not going to last."

"That's why you're staying here, so I can monitor you."

"I'm glad Jadzia was a scientist, or I'd be dead of embarrassment by now."

* * *

Odo sat in his office looking over last night's security reports. Another
incident involving lewd conduct. His doors opened.

"Nerys!" he said.

She stood at attention at the entrance.

"Hi. I'm glad I found you. Can we talk for a minute?" she said with the
utmost seriousness.

"Certainly." he said. "Is there anything wrong?"

"Yes. I have a big problem and a serious question for you." She sat on his

"What is it?"

She leaned over and whispered, "I'm wet!" with a girlish smile.

Odo smirked. "In the middle of the day?"

"Oh, I'm sure it's nighttime somewhere."

She walked around the desk and sat on his lap.

"I was wondering if you can do the 'tongues-thing' again, hmm? If you're not
too busy…?" she said rubbing his chest.

Odo smiled. "I'm never too busy to do the 'tongues-thing' for you."

He took her hand and walked into an empty interrogation chamber.

Kira's uniform fell to the floor. Odo placed his hands gently on her small,
but perky breasts and massaged them. A pair of lips formed out of his palms
and began kissing and nibbling on her already hardened nipples, then sucked
them alternatively. And then simultaneously.

Kira emitted soft moans as a tongue appeared out of each palm and began
licking and teasing her nipples. A second set of tongues joined them while
he kneaded her breasts with his fingers. Kira slowly lay down on the floor.
Odo's arms stretched with her, to avoid breaking contact. He smiled as he
watched her slip away.

Odo leaned over and embraced her, and then turned into gel, except for his
arms and back and anywhere else Kira groped, which became hard and muscular.
Odo spilled around and underneath her, creating a cushion and a warm blanket.
A piece of him covered her eyes, then became opaque, making a perfect
blindfold. Two fingers held her pussy open as an eight-inch tongue hungrily
lapped up her juices. Two more smaller tongues licked her inner lips. Once in
a while, a pair of lips formed a tight seal over her clit and sucked it.

Kira grunted loudly. A tentacle entered her mouth and became a humanoid
penis. She sucked it greedily. Another tongue licked her neck then made its
way behind her ear. The dick left her mouth, a hand grabbed her chin and
turned her head to the other side, and a thicker cock was put in her mouth.
She smiled as a pair of hands roughly took control of her head and moved it
up and down on the shaft.

Hands grabbed her ankles and wrists and pinned her down, spread-eagle, on the
floor. A tentacle popped inside her pussy, about an inch deep, wiggled around
a bit, then left. A moment later, it came back, again only one inch, but
remained motionless before it disappeared. Odo continued teasing her like
that, exploring a little, slowly licking his way out. Making her wait. Gently
penetrating her, fingering her. Making her wait for more.

Odo occasionally brushed her clitoris with a clump of feathery bristles, to
keep her attention there, while she waited for her fingerings. Soon she began
trusting her hips out into the darkness and grunting savagely. Odo patiently
waited for her to stop, then continued giving her clit more tickling sweeps
with his brush, which made her quiver.

"Oh, please don't make me BEG!" she cried, lying helplessly on the floor. She
wanted desperately to close her thighs together, to squeeze her pussy herself
and protect her throbbing clit from Odo's torturous feathers. But, he was
much too strong for her.

Finally, a phallic-shaped tentacle entered her vagina. It filled the canal
completely, up to her cervix. He made it throb and pulsate, to massage the
inside of her. Then it became wider, stretching her pussy ever so gently.
Kira squealed with delight as it became firm and began thrusting in and out
of her. She bit her tongue and made a goofy face when it started fluttering
millions of tiny, finger-like projections that suddenly sprouted on it's
surface. Another tentacle made it's way into her ass.

"Oh! For the Prophets' sake, DON'T STOP!"

There were now three tiny tongues flicking away at every millimeter of her
swollen clitoris, like a prizefighter on a speedbag. More tongues licking the
insides of each of her folds, even more tongues on her face and in her mouth.
Her nipples were being sucked hard while several tongues circled each of her
areolas as more hands caressed her breasts.

"OH! It's too much! UHHH! It's too much!" she cried, but Odo ignored her.

"STO-O-OP!" she giggled deliriously. The last time Odo stopped at this point
he was severely reprimanded.

Sensing her approaching orgasm, Odo licked and fluttered faster.

"No! NO!"

Kira screamed and convulse heavily, coming dozens and dozens of times, almost
knocking her earring off.

Finally, Odo slowed until he stopped completely. He turned back into a
humanoid form, except for a thin cushion to keep her off the metallic floor
and a pillow for her head, and cuddled her.

* * *

"Keiko to O'Brien."

"Go head."

"Miles, can you come home right now?"

"Why, what's the matter?"

"It's an emergency."

"I'll be right there. Rom can you take over?"

"Okay," he said and inched over to him, without moving his pelvis.

"Are you all right?"

"Duh…I'm just too happily married."

Not really sure what he meant, and not really caring, Miles took off.

He quickly entered his home and found Molly sitting on the couch, boldly
going where no one has gone before.

"Hi, daddy."

His jaw dropped. "Hi, Molly." he said as if in a trance. "Umm, sweetheart? Do
that in private, okay?"

"Okay," she said and skipped off to her room.

Miles frowned in the living room by himself, for a few seconds. The

"Keiko? Keiko?" he said heading for their bedroom. The door opened by itself
and Keiko jumped into his arms and hugged him tightly, but only for a moment.
She frantically began undoing his pants.

"What the hell are you doing?" he asked.

"Miles, don't argue with me. I need it now. I need it badly!"

"You dragged me all the way from work for..." A quick glance towards the
living room. "What the hell is going on around here?!"

* * *

Captain Sisko sat down at the head of the table in the conference room,
folded his hands and coolly gazed at his officers.

"Dr. Bashir, why don't you start by telling us what you have found out?" he

"It appears that all of the females on this station are suffering from

"What's causing it?" snapped Colonel Kira, trying to rub her clit on her

"Well, I don't know why, really. Possibly a virus. I've ruled out bacterial,
parasitical and known chemical aphrodisiacs. I'm still running further

Kira hunched over and continued squirming as her hands disappeared under the

"Can't you make an antidote or something?" she growled.

"Not without knowing the cause." said the doctor. "The only relief so far,
seems to be inducing orgasm, and the evidence suggests even that won't be
very helpful in a day or so."

Kira self-consciously looked in the eyes of the men around her. Nobody was
watching her touch herself, although she knew it wasn't a secret. She put one
arm back on the table and rested on her elbow then noticed the doctor wanted
to say something to her.

"I do have a theory to block the sexual impulses in the brain," said Julian.
"And I need a Bajoran guinea pig, sort to speak. Now, there's no guarantee
that this will work..."

"I'll do it! Anything to stop this… This aching!" she said.

"Fine, meet me in the Infirmary later."

"This could be a pre-emptive strike by the Dominon," said Worf. "To
incapacitate the women and distract the males."

"The Jem'Hadar are without mating instincts," said Bashir to the captain.

"Or honor," grumbled Worf.

"Before we all get paranoid, " said O'Brien. "This could also be some sort of
natural phenomenon. Or experiment by some non-corporeal aliens. The Wormhole
aliens, possibly."

"But, why only the women?" asked Bashir.

Kira got up and began to pace.

"This is not the Prophets' style," said Sisko. Suddenly, he bolted out of his
chair. "Q! Show yourself!"

No answer.

"Whatever's going on, it's been increasing in intensity for at least the past
three days," said Bashir.

"I'll conduct scans in and around the station," said O'Brien.

Benjamin noticed Kira rubbing her crotch on the corner of a desk.

Not really sure how to get her attention, Benjamin cleared his throat. But,
it didn't work.

"Colonel," he said.

"Yes…" she said, in a sultry whisper. "Sir?" she said more firmly.

"Let's be on the safe-side and quarantine the station."

She panted for a few moments, then finally squirmed off the desk. "All

She smoothed out her uniform and wiggled as she dragged hands over her

"I'll get right on it. I mean, I'll do him right now. I mean, I'll do IT
right now!"

She left and the rest of the crew followed with the exception of Doctor

He walked over to the corner of the desk that Kira used, and felt it. Moist.
Damp. Even through her uniform. Soaking wet, he thought. Bashir tasted his
fingers with a devilish smile.

"They all must pay," he said quietly. He looked at his fingers and started

* * *

Quark prowled the promenade wearing his evening clothes. He thought about
carrying a bottle of wine or maybe flowers, but soon realized it would have
been a waste of money. He quickly got out of the way of a naked, female
Klingon, her inner thighs glistening from her juices, beating up a fully
dressed, male warrior.

"Good evening, ladies," he said to two Bajoran women, who looked at him with
bedroom eyes. He waved and smiled at a few more, almost tripping over a
couple having sex on the floor.

Odo walked up to him. "Don't you have a bar to run?"

"Bar? What bar?" he mumbled. "Hello, Darrena! That's a very pretty sash
you're wearing."

Darrena smiled back and began undressing. But, Quark and Odo kept walking.

"Oh, look around you, Odo!" he said opening his arms. "We're walking in

"Lewd conduct, indecent exposure, debauchery," snarled Odo. "This is not my
idea of paradise! I don't have enough people or the holding spaces to
maintain order, otherwise, I would-"

"You just hate to see people having a good time, don't you?"

Odo grunted. "Quark, listen…"

"So, whom should I sleep with tonight? I can have ANY one! You choose for me,
Odo. I can't decide! Ha, ha, ha!"

Odo rolled his eyes. "Dr. Bashir wants to see you."

"Me? What in the world does he want to see me for?"

"He said to tell you it has something to do with helping Colonel Kira."

Quark stopped in his tracks and grabbed Odo's 'clothes.' "KIRA! ME?!" He
rubbed his hands together. "Whoa--oh, boy!"

Odo grabbed the bartender's robe with one hand and effortlessly lifted him in
the air until he was eye-level. "I'm sure you will not do anything you'll
regret later on, with my GIRLFRIEND, now would you?"

"Who me? Are you kidding?! I'll be a perfect gentleman. Kira and I go way
back. I wouldn't do anything that will jeopardize our friendship."

"That's what I thought."

* * *

Kira was sitting, fully dressed and sweating on an exam table, holding the
nerve stimulator between her legs, when Quark walked in.

She jumped off. "What's HE doing here?!"

"Relax, Kira," said Bashir.

"I WILL NOT... HE WILL NOT..." she said pointing to Quark.

"No, no, he's not going to do anything. He's the only Ferengi on board with
type G1 blood, that I need."

"Oh, this is...this is...OH!" she said shaking furiously.

"Colonel," said Quark softly. "I must say I'm offended."

"Offended?! You?!"

"I came here because I heard you needed my help."

"Oh, I know what kind of help you want to give me!"

"Come now, I think we can all behave like adults?" said Bashir. "Quark, why
don't you have a seat on that table?" he said pointing to the opposite side
of the room. "Why don't you have a seat as well, Kira?

Kira plopped on the table and stewed.

"And, uh..." Bashir whispered to Kira, "Try not to bring yourself to orgasm,
just now."

Kira looked at him like he was worse than scum.

"I'll-try-my-best," she growled quietly, each word saturated with venom.

Bashir walked over to Quark, put a hyposprayer to his neck and withdrew a
vile of his blood. He went into his office, threw the vile in the trash,
slumped in his chair and stifled a chuckle.

Kira began squirming on her seat again. Suddenly, she flicked a cold stare at

"Don't you look at me, you troll!"

"Sorry," he said and faced the floor, but strained his eyes to the top of his

Kira put the stimulator on her crotch again. It provided adequate relief, but
not the kind of over-stimulation she has gotten use to from Odo. She turned
her back to Quark as much as she could, until she faced the wall.

Bashir entered the room and walked over to Quark. He gave him a small cup,
leaned over and whispered. "I need a sample of your semen."

"My s-" he eyes popped opened. "My what?"

"Go in the back room."

"Sure thing," he hopped off the bed never taking his eyes off Kira cooing and
rocking back and forth.

"How are you feeling?" said Bashir as he approached her.

"Oh, ho! I'm just fine," she said with gritted teeth. "Humiliated, but fine.
Making me jerk-off in front of that…little..." she muttered as Bashir walked
away smiling.

* * *

"Well, that does it." said O'Brien. "There's nothing unusual going on in

"There's still those unexplained radiation spikes we keep getting," said Nog.

"Yeah, I'm working on that next."


"Huh?" he said adjusting some controls.

"I was thinking, maybe I can knock off work early tonight?" the young Ensign
asked with a big, crooked smile. "You know, to catch up on my studying."

"You mean your, 'stud-ing,' don't you?"

"Well, uh…"

"Nog, if you have sex with any of these women, not only will they all lose
respect for you when this is over, you'll blemish the uniform you're

"Well, I, wasn't planning on wearing the uniform for long…"

O'Brien gave him a dirty look.

"A joke! A joke!"

"I wear the same bloody uniform. And when one of ours gets blemished, they
all get blemished. Understand?"

"Perfectly clear, Chief," he said. "Why didn't I listen to my uncle?" he said
under his breath.

O'Brien smiled.

"Nog," he said. "You're a good man."

* * *

Nog's uncle emerged from the back room, looking refreshed and holding a cup
of white fluid. He handed it to the doctor.

Bashir took it over to a workstation, added two drops of glucose and stirred.
Quark scratched his head as the doctor took it over to the colonel.

"Nerys," said Bashir. She turned around.

"Drink this," he said smiling.

"Drink? Doctor, what are you…?" said Quark.

"It's all right, Quark," he said.

"What is it?" she asked.

"A little concoction I made with Quark's help."

She glared at the Ferengi and took the cup.

She took a sip and wrinkled her already wrinkled nose. She downed the rest of
the thick liquid in one gulp.

Kira gagged. Quark buried his face in his hands. Julian looked pleased.

"Well," she said coughing. "It's not the worst tasting medicine I've ever

The bartender lifted his head. "Really?"

"How long before this take effect?" she asked still looking wretched.

"Difficult to say. It…may not work at all," admitted Bashir. "Quark? Are my
holosuite programs still reserved?"

"Yes, all fifty of them. But you're not thinking of taking a vacation now,
are you?"

"No, no." he said. "It's not for me."

* * *

"There's goes another spike!" exclaimed Nog.

"Is it my imagination or are they getting closer together?" said O'Brien.

"No, definitely decreasing time intervals."

"Then, it probably does have something to do with it. Doctor Bashir said,
it's increasing in intensity." He walked over to Nog's control panel. "Can
you isolate the source?"

"It's inside the station...I can't get an exact fix. It's like it echoed."

"Let me try..." he pressed a few buttons. "These aren't echoes. They're
individual emitters placed all over the station...?"

"Placed by who?" asked the Ensign.

"I'm going to adjust the shield harmonics to try and triangulate the location
of one of the emitters, the next time it spikes."

* * *


Leeta answered her door. "Julian!"

"Hi, Leeta. I was in the neighborhood, and thought I would check in on you.
How are you managing?"

She ran her hands over her voluptuous body. "I'm, I'm climbing the walls!"

"Well, I'm sure it's going to be over soon."

"I'd heard you have some kind over nerve stimulation thing?" she asked coyly.


"Can I have one…please? My hands are getting tired," she gave him a nervous
smile, then bit her lower lip.

"I'm sorry, Leeta. I don't have any more. They all being used at the moment."

She twirled her hair. "Uh, huh."

"How's Rom holding up? Sort to speak."

"Oh, he was fine. For a while. But, he's, um…exhausted." Another nervous
smile and a chuckle.

"There's plenty of able-bodied men, out there, you know," he said.

"Oh, no!" she said touching his chest. "I can never do that! I can never
cheat on my husband, you know that!"

"Yes, I remember. We did have fun at times, didn't we?"

"Yeah, it was great being with you." she panted and then started masturbating
for a few minutes. "You did want to break up, didn't you?"

"Oh, yes. Certainly."

"That's what I thought… Oh, when is this going to end!"

"Perhaps, I can help you."


"I have a holosuite reserved for tonight. You can use it, and perhaps find
some 'relief' with one of the characters."

"Oh…" she said in shock. "Well, that won't be cheating, right? I mean,
they're not real, right?"

"Of course it's not cheating. It's just a tool, like the nerve stimulator."

"Yes! Okay, I'll go! Thank you, Julian." she said and gave him a kiss on the

* * *

O'Brien and Nog crawled through Jeffery Tube twenty-nine Beta.

"There it is," said Miles.

They crawled up to a small, sliver box, bolted onto the wall.

"I don't believe it!"

"What?" said Nog.

"It's a myxwhik."

* * *

"Computer, begin program," said Bashir. Suddenly, he and Leeta were
transported into a mountain cabin. A warm fire was going, snow was falling
outside. A German shepherd was curled up and sleeping near a pile of

"Oh, dear," he said.

"What? What's wrong?"

"This is that mountain retreat program," he said looking around.

"So? I kinda like it."

"So… There's no people in it!"

"What do mean 'no people?' None?!"

"Just Charlie," he said, pointing toward the dog.

"Oh-ho-ho, wait a minute!" she ran out of the suite and walked up to another
Bajoran behind the bar. Bashir followed nonchalantly.

"Excuse me, sir? Is there another program we can run? Something romantic?"

"I'm sorry," he said. "They're all reserved."

"What about a drama or a…a mystery?!"

"No, I'm sorry."

Bashir took her arm. "Come on, Leeta. It'll be all right."

Leeta turned towards the bartender one last time as she was being dragged
away. "What about a lecture?! Something with people...?"

The bartender frowned and shook his head.

She stood in the cabin and stared in horror, at the sleeping dog.

"I can't do it, Julian! This is impossible! It's immoral!"

"Well, it's not a real animal, remember? All holographic characters are
basically the same force-fields, you know. Just shaped differently."

"I suppose, but, I… Do you think the Prophets will be angry at me?"

"Nonsense. I'm sure they'll understand."

She squeezed her enormous breasts a little, pinching her nipples through her
blouse. She then rubbed between her legs.

"I don't even know how to begin…" she said.

"Hmm...." Bashir said. He folded his arms and put a hand on his chin. "I
suppose, just fondle his penis a little and let nature take its course. You
can always pour syrup on your genitals and let Charlie lick it off. There
must be some in the cupboards."

"Okay," she said and approached the shepherd while biting her lower lip. "Are
you sure this is all right?"

"Certainly," he said confidently. "Doctor's orders."

Leeta knelt down and gently massaged the dog's penis. "Ugh! This is so
degrading! Can I have some privacy, please? I don't want anybody to see me."

"Oh, of course!" he said.

"It's just a force-field. It's just a force-field. It's just a

Bashir stood outside the suite and grinned while he waited for the door to
closed completely.

"Fuck that dog, you slut," he mumbled.

* * *

"What's a myxwhik, Chief?" asked Benjamin Sisko in his office.

"They use it to create a sexual addiction in Orion slave girls, before
they're sold." said O'Brien.

"What are they doing on my station?"

"I don't know. Nog and Odo are going through the cargo manifests right now,
to see who brought 'em here."

"Have you removed them, yet?"

"No, sir. There's about three hundred of 'em. And they're being powered by
the station's life-support system. It'll be tricky. Shutting down one section
at a time, deck by deck."

"Chief, why don't you replicate yourself a big hammer and smash them?"

"Huh. I never thought of that."

* * *


Ezri Dax answered her door with a hand down her pants.

"Hi, Julian. Making housecalls?"

"Hello, Dax. Just wanted to check up on you."

"I'm uh, I'm okay." she said, then began rubbing Bashir's arm with her other
hand. "Julian?"


"You know how cute and sweet I always thought you were? And if it wasn't for
Worf, Jadzia would've pursued you…?

"Yes, I remember you saying that. I've always wondered why Jadzia chose a
Klingon that beat her up whenever they were intimate…rather than me, who
would've treated her like an angel. But, that was her prerogative, I

Dax moved closer. "Ezri doesn't like getting beaten up…" She gently squeezed
his bicep and put her other arm around him. "Make love to a human,"
she said, standing on her toes, silently urging him for a kiss.

"Dax, I'm your doctor. I can't take advantage of you. It's completely
unethical. I took an oath."

She nodded in disappointment. "And you're also a Starfleet officer."

"That's right."

"I understand," she said letting him go.

"I brought you something to help you sleep," he said holding up a

"Okay," she said and Bashir injected a Klingon aphrodisiac into her arm,
mixed with something that would make her lose her inhibitions.

"Well, sleep tight," he said.

"Good night, Julian." said Ezri with a smile.

The door closed and locked.

"You will have to pay for Jadzia." he muttered quietly.

* * *

"Anything, yet?" asked Odo.

"No, sir." said Nog pouring over the station's shipping logs.

"Remember, they each weigh at least 32 kilograms," said Odo at a different
panel. "There were probably one or two shipped, the rest were replicated

Odo continued his search at his console.

"Whoever put them here," said Odo. "Is one sick man."

"How do you know it was a man?" asked Nog.

Odo smirked at him. "Let's just say, I happen to know how deviant a man's
mind can be." Odo then gave him an uneasy glance to see if Nog wished to
continue this conversation. Thankfully, he didn't and went back to work.

* * *

It was late, 2300 hours. Benjamin was getting ready for bed when his door
chimed. He closed up his bathrobe. "Who is it?"


He froze. He cocked his head to one side. "Uh… Can it wait until tomorrow?"

"No. Don't worry, it's about Jake."

"Oh! In that case, come in."

Dax scurried through the door. "I lied. Ben, take me now, please!"

"Come on Old Man, you know I can't do that."

"No! Don't call me 'Old Man.' Don't even call me 'Dax.' I'm Ezri now. And I
want you! I need you so bad, I can't stand it!"

"Dax, I'm a Starfleet officer AND your superior. There's a certain conduct-"

"I'm a Starfleet officer too! It's okay, I'm totally aware of what I'm doing,
and I'll make sure any and all charges are dismissed when this is all over.
Please, Ben, please!"

"Dax, no. It's completely out of the question."

"Remember when you and Kurzon took showers at that club? He caught a glimpse
of you washing that big, juicy cock you have, a few times." She stared
dreamingly at his groin area. "Please let me touch it. Let me taste it!"

Sisko turned to the side and tightened up his robe. "Dax, either you leave
now and go to your quarters, or leave now and go to the Infirmary."

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

"Okay, Benjamin…I understand."

"Good and good night."

Ezri stuck him in the arm with a hypospray.

"Hey!" he said and fell to the ground.

Dax tapped her comm badge, and fondled her breasts a little.

"Computer, two to beam to the Infirmary."

* * *

"You know," said Nog. "There was something odd about the placements of the

"What do you mean, 'odd'?" asked Odo.

"Well, most were scattered randomly throughout the station. But one was in
Colonel Kira's quarters..."

"Kira?!" he shouted.

"One was in my father's quarters, who lives with my stepmother," he said

"Go on."

"And another one was in Worf's quarters. But he doesn't live with a female

"No, he doesn't." said Odo. "That means, it must've been put there before
Jadzia's death. You just took a few months off our search."

* * *

Sisko slowly opened his eyes. A white light in his face.

"You're awake already?" said Dax.

"Where am I?" he was laying flat, but couldn't sit up.

"I'm sorry Benjamin. I knew you were a man of high moral caliber, that's why
we have to do it like this."

"Do what? Where…?" He realized he was in the Infirmary, on a bed and he was
naked. "What happened to my clothes?" Sisko looked over to Ezri, who was also

"I need to do this," she said firmly. Ezri slid her hands over his chest and
gently glided them down.

"Dax! What are you, crazy?! Get me off this table!" He struggled, but
couldn't move an inch.

She wrapped her hands around his massive, black, tool like a baseball bat
and practically drooled. She carefully took his testicles with one hand and
weighed them. "Aw, poor Benjamin." she said. "Your balls are so heavy. You
need relief, too. Don't worry, I'm..."

"Computer, deactivate the restrai-"

Ezri jumped back and covered his mouth with her hands. "Oh, no, you don't!"

"Please restate your command," said the computer.

"Computer, belay that order!" she said.

She looked around for a gag. Only one object was in reach. She stuffed her
sopping wet panties into his mouth. "I'm sorry, old friend, but you can't
leave, until I have you."

She went back to his penis and continued groping.

"Would you like to know how wet I am?" she asked. She rubbed her bare pussy
a little, then slowly wiped her drenched hand down his cock.

"Can you feel it? You don't want to leave me dripping like this, do you?"

She fingered herself and brushed him again with her wetness. But, he remained

"Just relax. You're in for a treat."

She began by kissing and tasting her own juices at the base of his cock and
worked her way toward the head. She moved it around and lifted it up to
worship every possible square inch. She licked his heavy balls and gently
sucked them into her mouth, one at a time. Her tongue slid all the way up to
the tip and began darting in and out, tickling the groove on the head of his
penis. She played with and scratched his balls while nibbling and licking all
around the 'fireman's helmet.' She tilted her head to the side and gently bit
the shaft, with just enough pressure for Sisko to feel her teeth and held him
firmly like that for a few seconds. She then soothed away all the bite marks
with her tongue.

Still, he was flaccid.

"C'mon, Benjamin! Any one of my male hosts would've loved that."

She choked the base of his cock with her hand and gave the very tip of the
head a deep, long kiss. Then sucked as much as possible into her mouth. She
kept a good suction going as she moved his dick in and out of her mouth. She
held onto the head, tightly with her lips, and deep-throated him again and
again. She inserted a finger of her other hand, in his anus and wiggled it
around. Ezri closed her eyes and purred as she continued to suck and nibble
on Sisko's entire cock.

She tried working on just the head on his penis, sucking, nibbling and
massaging it with her tongue, occasionally biting it gently, but still
couldn't get him hard. She looked up at him and Benjamin seemed to be staring
at the ceiling, focusing on...probably baseball or something.

Ezri had to masturbate again for a few seconds. "Well, Benjamin...I admire
your discipline, but I don't have time to break you of your Starfleet

She quickly went over to a supply cabinet and started digging in the
equipment. At last she found what she needed.

She held up a butterfly-looking device. "You probably didn't know this, but
Kurzon had an impotency problem in his later years. Let's see if I remember
how to use this…" she said, looking at the device closely.

She switched it on and attached it underneath his testicles. It vibrated and
became warm. Sisko's eyes widen as his manhood suddenly became engorged.

"That's better," she said smiling. She sucked it a little, just to get a feel
for it hard.

"Mmhmm! MmMhmh!" protested the captain.

Dax climbed on top of Sisko and worked his enormous dick inside her.

"Uhhh! That feels SO good!"

Ezri bounced on the Captain's cock, while playing with his curly chest hairs.

She watched him focusing on the ceiling again.

"Good boy, Benjamin. That's right," she panted. "Fight it. Stay hard as long
as you can."

Sisko leered at her, but she didn't mind.

They didn't hear the door open.

"Captain?" said Worf. He was rubbing the ridges on his forehead, as if he was
in pain.

"Hi, Worf," she said, without even slowing down. "We're kind of busy right
now. Why don't you talk to him tomorrow?"

"MMMHRMMRM!" pleaded Sisko.

Worf stared at the impossible scene. "Why is the Captain gagged? Computer,
release the restraining field."

"NO!" cried Dax.

Sisko immediately took her underwear out of his mouth and angrily pushed her

"Worf, throw her in the brig!" He sat up and carefully pulled the butterfly
thing off his body.

Dax walked up to Worf seductively, wearing nothing but a smile. In her
lowest, deepest voice, she gave him a throaty growl, baring her teeth, and
then giggled.

Worf stood at attention, in more ways than one.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Did I make you hard?" she asked, then grabbed his crotch.

Worf smacked her hand away. "You will come with me."

"Oooh!" she said gleefully, then looked disappointed. "Oh, you probably meant

"Put on some clothes."

Sisko already had his bathrobe on. Ezri reluctantly got fully dressed.

* * *

Worf left, once Dax was placed inside a holding cell. He still had a
headache, but decided to keep it. A young, attractive, female Klingon passed
him outside Odo's office.

"Grrrrr..." she said eyeing him with a vicious smile. "I shall have you as
well, Worf."

"Who are you?" he said.

"I am Saroo, daughter of Goleb."

"We have not bonded, Saroo."

"You do not need to bond with a harlot!"

"I am not interested in mating with a harlot!" he said and began to walk

"The son of Mogh is still a little boy?!" she taunted.

Worf stopped instantly, his eyes burned with rage as he scowled.

"I can teach you to be a man, little boy…" She crept up behind him.

Worf spun around and backfisted Saroo in the mouth. She landed on the floor,
bleeding from the nose.

Saroo smiled, jumped up and kicked Worf in the stomach. He buckled, but was
still on his feet. Saroo tried to punch him in the face, but Worf blocked and
caught her arm.

"No!" he shouted. "You are suffering from a medical condition." She struggled
to get free, but Worf held her tight. Saroo melted in his arms. "Come to me
when you are cured of your affliction..." She struggled and grunted some
more. "And I promise you, exquisite pleasure."

He threw her arm down and walked away.

Saroo watched him, longing for his punch again. But, quickly became bitter.

"I will not waste my time with boys!"

She turned and walked the other way down the corridor. Another Klingon
warrior walked passed her at the intersection. She grabbed him.


* * *

Dax was placed inside a holding cell with two Bajoran women, both of whom
were dressed, but had their hands busy under their clothes. Having been a man
several times, she enjoyed the show and began removing her clothes.

"Trills have no pubic hair?" asked the middle-aged woman.

Dax stood and began touching herself in front of her. "Not necessarily. I
just like shaving mine off."

"Interesting," she said. "I'm Lorona."

"I'm Setel," said the younger one.

"Ezri Dax."

"It looks very smooth…" said Lorona, studying it carefully.

Dax smiled. "Would you like to feel it?"

Lorona looked at her and smiled back. She glided her fingertips all over her
naked pussy. Dax's legs sprung open by themselves and she closed her eyes.

"Yes. Very nice," said the Bajoran.

The Bajoran women smiled broadly as they watched her heave and pant.

"I forgot how gentle…a woman's touch is…" she moaned.

Setel laughed. "Mmmm…" she said. "You'll do ours and we'll do yours!"

"Deal!" exclaimed Dax.

"You'll go first," said Lorona.

Dax sat down next to Lorano and Setel crawled between Dax's legs. She
immediately began licking her clit. Lorona got on the floor with Setel, put
one hand under her chin and grabbed her hair with the other.

"That's it. Lick it good." said Lorona. "Lick her the way you want your pussy
licked. She's going to learn the way you like it, and do it on you."

Setel kept working Ezri's clit with her playful tongue and started
finger-fucking her.

Lorona sat back on the bench and helped Dax play with her tits.

"You…" She said pinching her nipples hard.


"You better be paying attention," she demanded. "This is what you're going to
do to her. So, you better learn her technique."

Setel bit Dax's clit and twirled her tongue around it, which sent the petite
Trill into orbit for a few seconds.

"I'm learning!" she finally cried.

"Yes. Memorize what she just did. Learn it well!" said Lorona. She moved back
to a corner and undressed. She watched scene as she played with herself.

Dax began thrusting her hips involuntarily.

"Oh, God! I'm cuming!"

Lorona smiled and concentrated on Dax's face.

"Ohhhh! Ohhh! Ahhh…!"

Ezri spasmed uncontrollably, drenching Setel's face as waves of pleasure
ripped through her body.

"My turn! My turn!" cried Setel. She jumped on the bench and quickly threw
off her clothes, while waiting for Dax to recover and get into position.

Ezri got on her knees and started working Setel's clit, the same way she
worked on hers.

"How is she?" asked Lorona still fingering herself. "Is she doing it right?"

"Yes!" gasped Setel.

"Was she a good student?"

"Oh, yes!" Setel twitched around like she was zapped with an electric
current, as Dax bit and spiraled her tongue around her clit.

Lorona got back on the floor and spanked Ezri. "Lick that pussy!"

Erzi groaned with delight. It reminded her how much Jadzia loved to be
dominated by Worf.

"Don't stop until she cums all over your face!"

Lorona got up and pulled Setel off the bench. "Get on the floor. You eat
mine, while I'll eat hers."

The three women lay naked on the floor, their arms and legs an entangled
mess, in a tri-69 arrangement and happily licked the night away.

* * *

"Here's one from Rigel for sixty-seven kilograms," said Nog. "Medical

"Medical supplies from Rigel?" asked Odo. "I don't remember that. Doctor
Bashir usually gets everything he needs directly from Starfleet."

"It's his ID," said Nog.

Odo pressed a few buttons and inquired further about that shipment. "The
Ferregi cargo vessel Oomlok Bek dropped it off. Her first stop was the Orion

They looked at each other for a moment.

"Wait a minute, this file is flagged," said Odo.

"What does that mean?"

"It means the computer just informed someone about our inquiry," he said
"Computer, locate Doctor Bashir."

"Doctor Bashir is in the Infirmary."

Odo left without further comment.

Not sure of what to do next, Nog began following the shape-shifter, but
changed his mind when the doors closed in front of him. He tapped his

"Ensign Nog to Chief O'Brien."

"Go ahead."

"Chief, we know who did it. It's Doctor Bashir!"

"Are you out of your mind?"

"No! Odo's going to arrest him right now."

"Oh, shit!"

* * *

Miles and Odo arrived at the Infirmary at the same time. They entered and
found Julian sitting quietly in his office, waiting and looking defeated. He
didn't bother to look up at them.

"You think you know a guy," said O'Brien.

"I've never trusted him," said Odo.

Bashir sat sullenly, playing with a tricorder.

"Why?" asked O'Brien. "Why, Julian? Are you mad? Are you completely

"They all rejected me, Miles." said Julian. "All of them. Kira, Jadzia,
Melora, Ezri and countless others. Leeta actually left me and married a
short, dimwitted toad! Even Sarina rejected me after all I've done for her.
So, that's it. They've broken me--I admit it. Now, they all must pay. Every
one of those bitches on this station. They all must pay. I left them all
frustrated and humiliated--the way they left me."

"Julian!" O'Brien cried out in exasperation. "Have you any idea what you've
done! To my wife? To my daughter?! To your career? I oughta stick my foot up
your genetically-engineered ass!"

"Yes, genetically-engineered," Julian said nodding. "Even the Federation has
rejected me."

"Come along, doctor," said Odo.

Suddenly, a man pushed his way into the Infirmary. He was wearing a worn,
tattered Starfleet uniform. His hair a mess, his face cut, bruised and dirty.
It was Julian Bashir.

"You bastard!" shouted the real doctor.

"You're supposed to be dead!" shouted the Bashir sitting in the chair. He
got up and morphed into a fearsome, lizard-like creature about a meter taller
than the others in the room. "I guess I'll just have to do it now!" he

The creature lunged at Bashir, but the doctor fired a Breen weapon and
vaporized him.

"What the bloody hell is going on?!" yelled O'Brien.

Bashir dropped the weapon, placed his hands on his knees and caught his

"About eight months ago, on my way back from a conference, I picked up a
distress call from my Runabout and investigated. I met this perverted
bastard, who read my mind, took my shape, and stole my ship! I made it back
to he station yesterday on a Breen transporter, but met him again in the
shuttle bay. I came to in a storage compartment a few minutes ago."

"Why didn't you contact us from the Breen ship?" asked Odo.

"Their bloody comm system didn't work!"

"It's all right, Julian. Calm down." said O'Brien. "I'll go inform the
Captain." He patted him on the back and left.

"It's a pity you had to kill him." said Odo picking up the weapon. "I
would've enjoyed talking to another type of changeling. Even a perverted
bastard, like him…"

"It was self-defense."

"So it would appear," said Odo, eyeing him suspiciously. "I would like a copy
of the report you're going to file to Starfleet, for my records, doctor."

"Of course," he said.

Odo eyed him a little bit more, grunted, then left.

* * *

The next day...

"Station Security log: Supplemental, Odo reporting. The captain and first
officer of the Breen transport ship do confirm that part of Doctor Bashir's
story. Although, I can't seem to find anyone else who actually saw him
onboard. There was also plenty of genetic evidence inside one of the storage
lockers where he said he found himself, as well as some unknown organic
material on the floor of the Infirmary. The case has been closed, although
I'd feel better if I knew why Bashir's Breen weapon doesn't function
properly. I suppose I just have to believe it was damaged when he dropped it
on the floor."

* * *

O'Brien entered Sisko's office and found him talking to Bashir.

"And you have no idea, " said Sisko. "Why this unknown species of changeling,
would seek revenge against the women on this station. Specifically, the women
who rejected your advances?"

"Not a clue," said Bashir. "He did seem to have a morbid facination with
humanoid sex and my love life."

"You realize, this is the second time you went to a conference and got
yourself imprisoned and replaced by a changeling," said the Captain.

"A run of bad luck, I imagine."

Miles took advantage of the break in the conversation.

"Captain," said O'Brien. "The last of the myxwhiks have been destroyed."

"Finally," said Sisko.

"Miles!" said Julian. "I didn't get a chance to mention it before, but it's
good to see you again."


"I am shocked to learn about Jadzia. How did Worf take it?"

"Hmm. Like a Klingon, I suppose." he said. "How 'bout a game of darts later?"

"You're on. Well, if you'll excuse me, Captain, I'd like to see what else
I've been up to for the past eight months."

"You're dismissed."

* * *

Kira marched into the bar, walked up to Quark, planted both hands firmly on
the counter and peered into his eyes.

"What EXACTLY did that thing make me drink?" she demanded.

Quark's jaw hit the floor. "You don't want to know."

"Yes, I do!"

"No, you really don't want to know." He furiously began wiping down the top
and refused to look her in the eyes. "You really, really don't want to know."


He held the rag with both hands and bowed his head.

"My...seed...?" he said cringing.

"No," she said hoping it was a joke.

"I'm sorry!"

Kira looked mortified. "Oh, no."

"I had no idea what he was going to do with it!"

She encaged her face with her fingers. "Oh, no. Oh, I'm going to be sick..."

"You have to believe me! I had no idea!" A chill ran down his spine, which
lit up his eyes. "Odo has to believe me! You... You have to convince him, I
had nothing to do with it!"

* * *

Ezri and Leeta walked together towards a turbo lift as if they had just come
from a funeral.

"Well," said Dax. "I guess, we learned a lot about ourselves."

"Yeah, a lot of what I never wanted to know," said Leeta.

"I can't believe I almost made love with that…to that creature," said Dax.

Leeta burst into tears.

"Oh, I'm sorry. It's all right," said Dax putting her arm around her.

Kira ran by with a hand over her mouth and clutching her stomach. Quark
followed closely, trying to hold her up.

The turbo lift door opened and Sisko stepped out. Dax shrank three feet. She
pivoted Leeta, and tried walking away.

"Dax." he said.

"Don't talk to me… Please don't talk to me, Benjamin."

Leeta continued sobbing.

"It's not your fault," he said. "It wasn't you. You were both under some sort
of mind control."

Leeta jumped into Sisko's arms and tugged on his uniform.

"Please forgive me, Emissary!" she wailed. "Tell the Prophets how truly sorry
I am!"

"You are forgiven," he said warmly. "Whatever you've done under the influence
of a madman, doesn't affect the way the Prophets think about you."

"Thank you." she said, sniffling.

"Can you spare some of that forgiveness for me, Ben?" said Dax with tears
streaming down her face. "I've never been so ashamed in all my lives."

"Of course, Old Man. It'll pass. You'll move on. Both of you."

* * *

Worf ran into Saroo on the promenade. She stood proudly, but nervously
avoided eye contact.

"I...I am NOT a harlot!" she said forcefully.

"I do not think you are one."

She began looking more at ease. "You are a man of honor, Worf," she said.
"But, I will not be able to experience your 'exquisite pleasure.' My husband
awaits me."

"Then go to him. He is a lucky man to have you."

"And I am lucky to have him."

"Be well," he said.

Saroo continued on her way.

* * *

Doctor Bashir entered the Infirmary, walked over to the replicator and
ordered a tea. He sat down inside his office and put his feet up on the desk
and took a sip.

"Computer?" he said and it beeped. "Delete the back-up of the Emergency
Medical Hologram and restore it with a copy of the original." It beeped in

Bashir took another sip.

"," he said coldly.



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