By Wonder Mike

Major Kira and Ezri Dax were sitting at Quark's, they were drunk. Kira was
sick and tired of synthahol, she wanted the real thing. Quark gave it to her.

Kira had decided it was time to relax, they were holding their own against
the Dominion finally, she had earned a break. Kira decided it was time to get
to know the newest officer on Deep Space Nine. Ezri Dax.

Ezri hadn't adjusted to being a symbiont, she was also not the military type,
she found herself thrusted into that role though, she had also been married.

When Dax switched bodies, the marriage was over, it was hard for her
ex-husband to accept her though. Worf was deeply in love with Jadzia Dax, he
was not pleased with Ezri taking her place.

A drunken Kira suggested one night of sex with Worf, Ezri was terrified at
the thought, she had memories of how rough sex was with a Klingon, and he
size of their cocks, she didn't think her body could handle it, Kira knew the
test she could take.

The two drunken girls staggered back to Kira's quarters, Kira called on Odo
to pay them a visit. He didn't know what they wanted but Odo would do
anything for Kira.

Odo was buzzed into the room, Kira ran over and jumped into his arms, he
gently put her down and exclaimed "Your drunk." Sleep it off and don't leave
your quarters. He then saw Ezri.

Kira reached between his legs, she felt nothing, she told Odo what she
wanted. She told him she wanted him to put on a show like he used to do when
the Cardasians ran the station. Odo refused.

He was ashamed at the sex show he had put on for the former owners of the
station, of the torment he put the poor Bajoran women through, he would never
do it again.

The thought of another night with Odo, and Dax watching was sobering Kira up.
She told Odo she wanted him to do them both, she explained that it was for
Ezri, it would also benefit Worf too.

Sex didn't excite Odo, but he did love Kira, and could refuse her nothing,
Kira reached between his legs again, this time she found what she was looking

The shape shifter started to grow a cock for Kira, it grew to eight inches in
length, Kira laughed at him, she told him you know what I like. The cock
doubled in size.

Kira wrapped her lips around the cock, she started licking up and down the
shaft, it was too thick to get more than a couple of inches down her throat,
she slowly licked up and down the shaft.

Kira instructed Ezri to join her, Kira licked one side of his cock, Ezri
worked her tongue along the other side, Odo patted each of them on the head,
he didn't enjoy the sensation but the sight of the two officers servicing him
was exciting.

Ezri was scared to wrap her lips around the head of his cock, Odo assured
her that he couldn't cum, Ezri then began to lick the top of his cock, she
had never done this before, but she did have memories, Jadzia had been
particularly good at it.

Kira soon joined her at the head of Odo's cock, she shoved it into her mouth,
she made a note to herself to make Dr. Bashire find a way to make Odo
ejaculate, she would be content to just suck on him for now though.

Ezri couldn't believe what she was seeing, Kira wrapped both hands around his
cock, Ezri covered her mouth and began to giggle, Kira told her, "You ain't
seen nothing yet." The head of Odo's cock began to expand.

Odo's cock looked like a giant mushroom now, Ezri knew that there was no way
that Kira could get that thing inside her tiny body, Kira told her she was
correct, it wouldn't go in her.

Odo walked over to Ezri and ripped off her clothes, Ezri looked at the cock
and swooned, she knew that there was no way, Odo told her there was nothing
to worry about, the head of the cock shrunk back to the regular 16 inches, he
laid down at told Ezri to sit on him.

Ezri straddled his cock and slowly lowered herself onto his cock, she went
down a couple of inches, then she lowered herself a little further, she kept
going like that until the entire 16 inches was inside of her.

Odo then made his cock shot up another eight inches, Ezri started to work her
way slowly down on it inch by inch until she got the entire thing all the way
in, again.

Ezri started to bounce up and down on the giant cock inside of her, she
panted and screamed, she knew she could accept the size of Worf, but she
didn't know if she could withstand his fury.

Ezri let out a scream, Odo had made the tip of his cock expand to the
mushroom size again, Ezri was stretched like never before, she slowly managed
to start riding him though.

Odo started to slowly pump his cock up into Ezri, he lifted her off the
ground with every stroke he took, Ezri had completely stopped moving now.

Odo stood up, Ezri wrapped her arms around his neck, Odo began to slam her
up and down on his cock, she screamed at the top of her lungs with every
stroke she took.

Odo made his cock grow another three inches in diameter, Ezri wrapped her
legs around him and used them to pull her closer to his body, Odo gave a
mighty thrust into he once again managed to get his entire cock all the way
inside of her.

Odo started to ram his cock like a piston into Ezri, she was feeling more
lightheaded then usual, she didn't know how much more of this she could take,
she would disappoint Worf.

The thought of disappointed Worf gave her a new resolve, she wrapped her legs
harder around Odo and started rocking back and forth as hard as she could,
she would satisfy Worf.

Ezri finally stopped screaming, Odo knew she was done, he lowered her to
the ground, she curled up into the fetal position looked up and purred like
a kitten. Odo knew she wouldn't have any trouble with Worf.

Kira giggled "My turn." "Let's show Ezri what you can really do. Odo nodded
and shrunk the head of his cock back to normal size, he told Ezri to watch
and see what you could have had.

Ezri watched with her eyes wide open as what would have been Odo's balls
turned into a cross, the tip of his cock then did the same. His cock then
turned into a triangle eight inches across at the base, one inch across at
the tip, it then reversed eight inches across at the tip and one at the base.

Odo told Ezri' "That's not all." His cock then took the size of a football,
then it took the size of two triangles sitting tip to tip, he asked Kira
if she was ready, she just drooled.

Odo explained to Ezri, that is not the best part, he then grew a second cock,
he should Ezri that he could form all the same shapes with the second cock
too, he then showed her he could mix and match them. Kira screamed "Fuck me."

Odo instructed Kira to lay down, he laid between her legs and grew a tongue,
he shoved his tongue into Kira's pussy, it started to grow, and grow, and
grow. Odo soon had eight inches of tongue buried inside of his lover, she
wrapped her legs around his head and began to squeeze, his tongue grew
another two inches.

Odo signaled with his fingers for Ezri to join them, he wasn't finished with
her yet, Worf wouldn't be, as he waved her over, two of his fingers morphed
into eight inch cocks.

Ezri was worn out, she didn't think her cunt could withstand anymore, but she
was willing to try, Odo assured her that he wouldn't cause her any pain, Ezri
bent over in front of him.

Kira rolled and bent over next to Ezri, she started to wiggle her ass, Odo
kissed each one of them on the cheeks, he then shoved a fourteen inch cock
into Kira's cunt, that was just the warm up.

Odo took one of his fingers and slipped it into Ezri's tight ass hole, she
slowly began to rock back on it, Odo was empressed that she took it so
easily, especially since she was so small, in fact the two of them combined
barely outweighed him, he would put them through the paces though.

Odo doubled the size of his cock inside of Kira, she groaned under her
breathe, it was barely audible, but Odo heard her, he new he had the major
right where he wanted her, completely under his control, he shrunk his cock
back down to ten inches, Kira groaned "No" and started to rock back onto it.

Odo slipped his second finger into Ezri's cunt, she began to rock back onto
the fingers double penetrating her, she rocked back harder and faster with
each stroke, Odo worked them into her ant a slow and steady pace.

Odo doubled the size of his new cock inside of Kira, she started to slam back
on it as hard as she could, Odo grabbed her around the neck to slam her back
even harder, he then formed a triangle with his cock, Kira cooed, it was one
of her favorite shapes.

Odo doubled the size of his fingers inside of Ezri, she screamed at the top
of her lungs, Odo was scared that he had hurt her so he immediately shrunk
them again. Ezri told him it was o k, so he doubled the size again.

Ezri managed to ride the two 16 inch cocks inside of her, Odo started to
shrink then double their size each time she slammed back onto him. Ezri was
going wild, she was slamming back onto Odo so hard he had to bolt his arms
to keep from falling over.

Kira managed to get the entire cock inside of her now, she rested her ass
against Odo'd chest and began to wiggle it from side to side, Odo began to
rock from side to side going the opposite direction as Kira, he then turned
the triangle upside down.

Kira screamed at the top of her lungs, she tried to pull away fro Odo, but
he formed the cross at the top of his cock, she was knotted to him, he
started to slowly pump his cock in and out of her, all Kira could do was hold
on for dear life.

Odo pulled his fingers out of Ezri, she was too weak to do anything, he then
joined them together to form one giant cock, he then shoved it into her cunt.
Ezri fell face first to the floor, this enabled Odo to ram it to her.

Odo shrunk his cock back to ten inches, he then pulled it out of Kira, he
knew she was ready to be finished off, he then formed a second ten inch cock,
he shoved one into her ass and one into her cunt, Kira started to pull her
own hair as she slammed her ass back against Odo.

Odo doubled the sizes of his two cocks, Kira howled but she barely slowed
down ramming onto Odo, he formed a third fifteen inch cock, Kira screamed
"Yes" she needed it more than she ever needed anything before, this is why
she loved Odo.

Ezri was flat on her face humping her hips onto Odo's hand, Odo used another
finger to form a second fifteen inch cock for Ezri, he slammed it into ass
without warning, Ezri laid perfectly still, this was all she could take. Odo
rammed his hand into her as hard as he could, Ezri was going into

Odo slipped his third cock into Kira's pussy, it was stretched like never
before, she had finally slowed down, she collapsed face first next to Ezri,
Odo began pumping his three cocks into Kira without mercy, all she could do
was hump her hips up onto him.

Odo rolled over onto his back, lifting the to small girls up into the air,
Kira was forced to ride his three cocks while Ezri was forced to ride his
three giant fingers, they both did so wildly, Odo couldn't believe they were
still going, but they were.

Kira leaned over and grabbed Ezri by the hair, she rammed her tongue down her
throat, Ezri returned the favor, Kira began to jump up and down on Odo, he
knew she was getting close, Ezri started to jump up and down on him also, it
had become a contest between the two girls.

Odo decided to finish them both off at the same time, he made one of his
fingers double in size inside of Ezri's pussy, he did the same to Kira, they
both screamed, embraced and fell over, the were both out cold, their juices
flowed freely out of their cunts.

Odo stood up, looked at what he had done and exclaimed "Another day at DS9,"
he returned to his station, there was still work to do.



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