Star Trek - DS9: Interspecies Relations Part 2 - A Trill And A Bajoran
by Anonymous (FF,ws,scat,lact)

"And what are they then?" asked Dax, licking the cum and milk away from
around her face, then giving Kira's face a tongue-bath to clean that up too.

"Well, I think we may be able to play a few tricks on our good Doctor" smiled

"Julian? I suppose that could be fun, maybe later on though, it's still quite
early at the moment." Dax returned the smile.

"Jadzia, come here, come on" said Kira tenderly.

The two slowly, and gently kissed, with no violence of the previous hour or
so. Eventually, they broke the kiss, and embraced each other, sitting still
on the floor of Kira's quarters.

"Kira, I love you." whispered Dax into the Bajoran's ear.

"I feel the same about you Dax, I have since you arrived on board, I always

They returned to their embrace.

* * *

Several minutes passed with the two unmoving, before Kira finally decided to
get up.

"I'd like to introduce you to a good friend of mine, but first, I need to
take a piss."

"Well, if I refer back about one hundred and fifty years, I think we can find
a way to spice that up too." Dax smirked, then moved to kneel up by Kira's
dark red pubic mound. Carefully opening her mouth, and sticking out her
tongue, Dax uttered, "go for it."

"HERE?" Kira replied, shocked for once.

"Sure, it'll be really great, I for one like the taste!"

"If you're sure..." sighed Kira, relaxing her bladder and spraying a high
pressure stream of piss straight onto Jadzia's tongue. Jadzia lapped it up
like honey, swallowing all that she caught, before moving forwards to clamp
her mouth over Kira's pee-hole. It wasn't long before Kira ran out and slowed
to a dribble. Dax stood up and shared the juice with her lover - who after
initially refusing it gulped it down greedily.

"mmmm, that was good, you wanna pee?"

"I thought you'd never ask..." replied Dax as she placed her hands on Kira's
shoulders and pushed her to her knees. Kira Opened her mouth wide and stuck
out her tounge just as dax had. jadzia moaned as she released her hot yellow
spray. kira caught it full in her mouth and was a bit shocked by the almost
citrus taste of the Trill piss. She allowed her mouth to fill up before
swallowing, making a great show of it for Jadzia, never breaking eye contact.
Jadzia moaned loudly and pushed her spraying vulva directly onto Kira's mouth
and let go full stream. kira swallowed as quickly as she could, but she
spilled a bit of it. Trill must have extremely large bladders she told Dax
after she had swallowed the last drop.

"You're not done yet," Dax told Kira when she tried to get up. She pushed her
back down and told her to lick her clean. Kira happily obliged, then Dax told
her to lick her ass clean. Kira did so with gusto, sticking her tounge deep
in Dax's asshole, tounge-fucking it. Jadzia began to writhe wildly, and
grabbed Kira's head behind her, shoving her face in her ass. At Kira's peak
of lust, Jadzia let out a nasty wet fart that surprised Kira. But this only
seemed to turn Jadzia on more as she gyrated and thrusted back against Kira's
tounge more uncontrollably. Despite the fart, Kira was getting more and more
turned on. Suddenly, Jadzia froze up, grunted loudly, and laid a soft, nasty
strong smelling turd right in Kira's mouth. Kira gagged and almost choked,
but Dax kept her there.

"Eat it!" she ordered. Kira was so shocked, she couldn't react. but when she
heard Dax's orgasm, she lost all inhibitions and did as the Trill woman
desired of her.

"Oh yeah," said Kira, licking the piss from her lips. "Come into my bedroom
and I'll show you". The two naked women walked over the now [very] wet floor
into the bedroom section. Kira picked up the strange looking device she had
retrieved from her wardrobe earlier.

"What is it... ? as if I couldn't guess!"

"Well, originally, it was a Cardassian torture device - it feeds high
voltage electrical signals straight into the nervous system. But with a
few modifications, I've found it can be used quite safely, and what's
more, very pleasurably - it does have a few extra's that I'll show you..."
Kira reached into her drawer and produced three small black circles.

"What are they for?"

"I'll show you. Lie on the bed please Jadzia."

"Okay." Dax lay down and without Kira asking, spread her legs wide apart,
opening her soft inner vaginal-lips.

"Riight, just power this up..." Kira tapped her tricorder, the long device
came to life. "Okay, it's set to zero power... let's get it into you!"

Gently, Kira worked the tube into Dax's tunnel, making sure it slid in
easily by coating it in her own, plentiful, juices. Once it was fully in,
and butting up against Jadzia's cervix, she picked up the black discs,
and attached one to each of Jadzia's nipples, and one directly onto her
clitoris which was now jutting up slightly.

"Ready there?"

"I'm ready, give it to me gently Kira!"

Kira tapped a few buttons on the tricorder, and the flashing on the end of
the tube poking out of Dax's hot-box increased - at the same time, indicator
lights on each of the clip on discs lit up. Dax began moaning - her mind
began to become aroused with the feelings coming from her erotic zones.

"That's setting 1, ready for some more?"

"Uuuh, how, aah, higgh does it gooo?"

"Well, 10 is the furthest I've taken it - and that's where the cutoff is."

"Take me up slowly - all the way."

As the levels rose, Jadzia's body began tossing and turning on the bed with
her muscles spasming from the pleasure being generated by the alien device
shoved up into her most private place. She wanted to delay an orgasm as long
as possible, so she decided to have Kira change the game plan slightly.

"Kiiira, I waan't you to puuut it, aaahhh, uppp myy annuuusss," she moaned
through her enjoyment.

"Okay, hang on."

Kira removed the tube from Dax's cunt and checked how wet it was - not enough
for an anal penetration, that's for sure!

"Computer, a glass of medical lubricant, grade one."

The computer faithfully replicated the lube, and dipped the tube into the
long glass, she then turned Jadzia over. This had the effect of pressing the
pleasure generators harder onto her nipples, in turn giving her an even
greater level of sexual excitement.

Kira bent over Jadzia and gently licked her anus, slowly letting her tongue
enter and probe the rear end of the ecstatic woman. Again slowly, she
withdrew her tongue, and slapped some of the lubricant up and into Jadzia's
ass using her fingers - this made a big groan. Finally, all was ready.

Ever so gently, Kira began working the device up into Jadzia's chute,
reducing the power level to 1 again, she gave it one final press home past
Dax's sphincter, causing it to enter in a rush.

"AAaghaahh!" groaned Dax.

"Nearly there, just gotta switch on now."

The effect on Dax was amazing, she rolled over so that the device pressed
even more firmly into her anus and was driven even crazier. All this was
too much for Kira, she needed to get off. Again, she dangled her breasts in
front of Dax's face, who hungrily grabbed them and began suckling at them,
squeezing the milk out yet again. Kira was enjoying herself so much, that
when she put one of her hands down to balance herself over Dax, she didn't
notice the tricorder underneath. Her hand touched the panel, and sent the
power output straight to 10.

Jadzia instantly orgasmed - too tired even to groan. Kira rolled her over,
turned the power down on the futuristic vibrator, and pulled it out. It was
coated with a thin film of Jadzia's shit and medical lube, but Kira didn't
care, she wanted this beast up her ass too - she'd never dared put it up
there before, and had never really thought of it. She rammed it up, and
turned the power to 5, she then lay down on top of Jadzia (who was by now
groggy to say the least!) and began masturbating, she inserted 3 fingers
into her cunt straight away, and began pumping in and out at a great speed.
She then took her other hand down there too and started tweaking her clit.
Girl juices began pouring out of her vagina, and Dax started to get wet.
Jadzia woke up while Kira was wanking on her, and gently put her arms round
onto the Major's back, drawing her to Jadzia's mouth. The two began kissing
while Kira was still wanking, this extra action only heating up the moment...
Eventually, all of the excitement proved to much for Kira, and she orgasmed,
sending massive gobs of cum all over Jadzia and the bed.

She then switched off and removed all of the devices from their bodies.

"We must try that again sometime," smiled Dax.

"Sure thing," gasped Kira.

The two kissed and fell asleep in each other's arms.

* * *

"Nerys, we've been asleep half an hour."

"I'm not surprised! You ready for more?"

"Sure am, and I think now would be a good time for Doctor Bashir to make a
house call."

"Okay, we've gotta set this up right... how about..." whispered Kira to Dax.

Dax laughed. "Perfect."

Kira swung around onto the bed so that she was facing upwards, and her head
was pointing towards the wall. Dax climbed on in the 69 position so that her
cunt filled Kira's mouth, and Kira's cunt was directly below Dax's mouth.

Kira grabbed her commbadge, and, freeing herself temporarily from the erotic
prescence of Dax pressed it:

"Kira to Bashir."

"Bashir here, how can I help you Major?"

"I could use some help with something in my quarters. I would ask Chief
O'Brien or Commander Sisko, but they're on duty at the moment."

"I'm on my way. Bashir out."

The two resumed the 69 position.

Moments later, the door bleeped.

"Come!" Laughed Kira. The Door opened. "In here Doctor," Kira swung back
under Dax.

Julian Bashir walked into Kira's bedroom and stopped in shock at what he saw.
Dax had her head between Kira's legs and was gently licking Kira's vagina,
savouring the taste apparently. She looked up, and then propped herself up,
letting Julian have a good view of her breasts - his eyes widened.

"Care to join us Doctor?"


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