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Date: 09/03/2004

Warnings: Male/female sex, strong language

Rating: NC-17

Category: Het

Pairing: Julian Bashir/Ezri Dax

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Other Notes: This story is an answer to Arachnethe2's challenge.

Summary: In order to spice up their love life, Julian and Ezri decides to
do it in the command chair after the Defiant returns to Deep Space Nine .

Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: Into The Command Chair
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

If I'm not mistaken, there some people who would be willing to try something
new to spice up their love life -- even in the future, like for example, it
was on Stardate 122711216512489.52 that a Federation starship known as the
USS Defiant (NX-74205) has returned to its home base -- which was a space
station known as Deep Space Nine -- after having accomplished another
successful mission for Starfleet Command.

Just then, after the ship has docked itself inside the station's hanger bay,
each and every member of the Defiant's crew had gotten off the ship and
returned to their regularly assigned duties inside Deep Space Nine.

Well actually, two of the ship's crew members, Doctor Julian Bashir and Lt.
Ezri Dax had remained aboard the ship -- and after all of their fellow
crewmates had finally left the ship, both Julian and Ezri had made their way
back up to the bridge and looked around to see if there was no one else

"I really don't know about doing this, Julian," said a reluctant Ezri, after
they had noticed that they were the only ones on the bridge. "Suppose someone
comes in here and sees us doing it."

"Let's not worry about that right now, Ezri," said Julian, after he had
placed Ezri into the command chair. "Besides, if I'm not mistaken, it might
become your night to remember."

And then, after Ezri had thought about it and realized that he had presented
her with a very good point, both she and Julian had kissed each other ever so
passionately on the lips.

Meanwhile, inside the control deck of Deep Space Nine, Captain Benjamin Sisko
has done a head count and noticed that the entire group was two heads short.

"Could someone tell me where Lt. Dax and Doctor Bashir are?" asked a curious
Benjamin, just before one of the other members of the Defiant crew had stood
up, cleared his throat and answered, "Ah, Sir. I really don't want to get
anybody into any trouble, but if they're not here with us, then they must be
back aboard the Defiant. As for why they've done that, I really don't know."

"Well then, I guess that I need to send someone back aboard the Defiant to
get them out of there," said Benjamin, after he had turned towards Lt.
Commander Worf, a Klingon officer who has been transferred from another
Federation starship known as the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701 E). "Mister Worf,
would you like to do the honors?"

"Indeed I do, Captain," answered Worf, before he had left the room and
started walking his way back to the Defiant, where -- at that very moment --
both Julian and Ezri had removed all of their clothes and he had started
licking all over her nude body -- all the way down to her hot, wet pussy.

"Aaaahhhh, yes! That's it! Do it, Julian!" said Ezri, while Julian was
carressing her firm breasts. "Touch me! Touch me there! Suck my hot, wet
pussy dry! Aaaahhhh!"

And then, at that very moment, Ezri has suddenly realized that she was
experiencing something that she hadn't experienced in the Captain's Chair
before, for she was experiencing pure, untamed erotica -- and enjoying
every minute of it.,

Meanwhile, after he had gotten himself aboard the Defiant, Worf had tapped
on his comm-badge and said, "Captain Sisko, I'm back aboard the ship and
about to look for Doctor Bashir and Lt. Dax."

"Do so, Worf," said Benjamin, whose voice was on the other end of the
comm-link call. "By the way. When you do find them, contact me immediately
and inform me on that secret project of theirs."

And then, after Worf had acknowledged Benjamin's message and started looking
for Julian and Ezri, he had placed his stiff cock inside her asshole and used
each of his hands to carress both her breasts and pussy.,

"AAAAHHHH, YES! THAT'S IT! DO IT, ASSHOLE!" yelled a sexually energized

And then, after they had started moving harder and faster and their
lovemaking has reached its final wormhole, the two newly - reenergized
lovers had cum and collapsed due to exhaustion.

After they were finally able to catch their breath, Ezri had placed her
head on Julian's, let out a sigh and said, "You were right about one thing,
Julian. It really was wonderful."

"So are you, Ezri. So are you," said a smiling Julian, after he had placed
his gentle hand on her cheek -- and then, after they had snuggled up to each
other, both Julian and Ezri had fallen asleep within their naked arms.

But then, after the turbolift doors had opened and Worf had stepped out of
the turbolift, he had looked around the room, noticed Julian and Ezri's
uniforms on the floor and tapped on his comm-badge to inform Benjamin of his

But just as he was about to do so, Worf had looked over at the Captain's
Chair and noticed Julian and Ezri peeking out of their little love nest,
which had gotten Worf to realize that there was something else going on
between them.

"Worf, what is it? Have you found them?" asked Benjamin, whose voice was
coming from the comm-badge -- and after he had heard that, Worf had cleared
his throat and said, "You could say that, Sir."

And then, after he had stepped back into the turbolift, both Julian and Ezri
had looked at each other and let out a good hearty laugh, for they had both
realized that not only were they able to spice up their love life, but also
to enjoy a humorous moment in the process -- and it was all done while they
were sitting in the command chair.



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